May 22nd, 2018

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[report] NEWS "Epcotia" in Shizuoka Ecopa Arena, 2018.4.14

My apologies that this is almost a month late, but here's my report of the Epcotia tour show I attended in Ecopa Arena in Shizuoka! I was only able to attend the Saturday show for this venue, but since I hate trekking to Ecopa, that wasn't the worst thing in the world. XD; For more information on the venue, please check out my comprehensive venue guide! This will also rely on my first report of the Epcotia tour, for the show I saw in Miyagi on 4/7, so please feel free to check that report for a detailed account of the setlist, costumes, and choreopgraphy. This is just going to be the highlights from the 4/17 show, specifically!

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I'm sorry this are all so behind! I'm at the halfway mark now with reports. XD; I still have to write up my experience in Nagoya on May 12 as well as the afternoon show and all last on May 20. I'm going to do my best though! Sorry again for all the lateness.