September 16th, 2018

Shige: glance


♪ I saw JUMP in Miyagi on both Saturday and Sunday last weekend! Saturday we had the expected seats, in the back few rows, but Sekisui Heim Super Arena is so small that honestly the third to last row wasn't even bad. With binoculars I was able to watch Inochan quite closely, and we were near to the center stage, so that was good! But then on Sunday, my friend hit for arena A2 block!! We were 8 rows from the stage and it was AMAZING. I got to see Inochan up close so many times; he came by us on the carts 3 times, and the main stage and the center catwalk were really close as well! They're probably some of the best seats I've ever had for a concert, so I'm really grateful for my friend!

♪ This weekend I saw KAT-TUN in Yokohama yesterday with yomimashou and two KAT-TUN fan friends, and somehow, yomimashou hit for arena seats literally one row away from the center stage. It was insane. They were about the same as the seats that I hit for for Neverland in Sapporo in 2017, but mine were one row to the side of the center stage and hers were one row back from the front, so whenever they were on the center stage they were looking right at us. These were ALSO some of the best seats I've ever had in my life, so I'm still shocked that I had them two weekends in a row. Kame definitely looked right at me several times (and sort of had a mildly surprised "huh, foreign people" expression seeing our row of 4 foreign people together; when I'm by myself I can often blend in since I'm half, but with other foreign people I always stand out XD;). I hadn't listened to the CAST album, but they did a lot of old songs that I really like, so I had a really good time even though KAT-TUN isn't a group that I mainly follow.

♪ Episode 9 of Zero last weekend was good enough for me; nothing can compare to episode 8 (seriously, someone please tell me you're watching the drama and talk to me about the beauty of Seigi and Yuuki, lol), but I enjoyed it and the characters I like had some good parts. I'm questioning why some of the early episodes (particularly 2 and 3) spent as much time as they did on really stupid things and then Shirube only got one episode of character development despite that the show made him out to be so important from the beginning, but that's okay. XD; However, seeing the previews for episode 10 has me deeply, deeply concerned, so I'm really hoping they don't somehow screw literally everything up in the last episode. They mentioned on Shuuichi this morning that they're going to touch on "how the characters' lives go on from now" which has me bracing myself to have the whole drama ruined Harry Potter Epilogue style, but since I've really enjoyed the characters a whole lot, I'm really disappointed even in the chance of that happening. I guess we'll see in about 11 hours, lol.

♪ Today I'm going with yomimashou to get a new phone. Wish me luck that I don't spend as much time in the AU store as I did last time, because I'm still traumatized from it, lol.