September 25th, 2018

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Old shiritori drabble

I realized there are a few fics I posted to shiritori that I didn't ever put on my journal; this is one of them. It's just a short goofy drabble, but... here it is for posterity.

title: Snack
rating: g
pairing: Yamada/Chinen if you like; Hey! Say! 7 centric
warning: This does center around dieting, albeit in a lighthearted, silly way, so if that might be stressful to you, please read with caution!
word count: 607
beta: yomimashou
author's note: I wrote this for Shiritori @ writetomyheart a while back. Just a really brief, goofy drabble, though I enjoyed using the ending words I got!
summary Yamada can't resist temptation, but Chinen helps.

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NEWS drabble from July

Yet another old Shiritori drabble!

title: Give Up
rating: pg
pairing: Kusano Hironori x Kato Shigeaki; some background Koyama x Tegoshi
warning: It's pretty innocuous in my opinion, but it is generally linked to the scandals, so if that might upset or offend you, please read with discretion.
word count: 1,039
beta: yomimashou
author's note: This is a late, short reaction to all the crap that went down with NEWS in June. Not really anything about the incidents themselves, but just my hope as a fan that Shige had someone supporting him. ;__; Written for shiritori @ writetomyheart!
summary: No matter how much Shige wants to feel like the main character in his own tragedy novel sometimes, he knows that Kusano won’t let him, and perhaps that’s for the better.

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Zero fic!

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I fell in love with these goofy characters from Shige's drama, and I'm not even embarrassed (or at least, not as embarrassed as I should be...). Their love is beautiful, ok.

title: courage
rating: pg
pairing: Suezaki Seigi x Hikawa Yuuki (Mamiya Shotaro and Koseki Yuta’s characters in the drama Zero: Ikkaku Senkin Game)
word count: 1,742
beta: yomimashou
author’s note: I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Shige’s drama this summer, but somehow it happened…! This is set after episode 7, so please be aware that there may be spoilers up until that point! Also, as a note, "we get along well" is my translation of "ki ga au", which is one of the first things Yuuki says to Seigi when they meet in episode 1. I’m not sure how it’s been translated in any subtitles that are out there, but that’s the reference I’m making!
summary: Yuuki realizes that maybe, just maybe, he isn’t as cowardly as he’d always thought.

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