December 31st, 2018

Inoo&Hikaru: upward

Where did December go?

Wow, where the heck did December go? And all of November, for that matter, lol. I just got back from JUMP in Tokyo Dome and I have to get to bed before heading to Osaka for NEWS tomorrow, so I'll post more in depth in the new year, but just to recap...

In November, I...
→ Spent most of my time with friends! I helped several friends clean their apartments, and went to Disney (which was actually October 30, but shh...) with a friend as well!

→ Saw JUMP in Big Hat in Nagoya, which is the first place I ever saw them, so that was nostalgic! Also we had arena seats, which were amazing

→ Continued to be obsessed with Shige's summer drama Zero Ikkaku Senkin Game.

→ Also celebrated Thanksgiving with friends, and had an early birthday party! I got the first two Junior Meikan that Shige was in and an adorable illustration of Inochan. ♥ Thank you!

In December, I...
→ Went to Osaka to see JUMP in Kyocera Dome on December 1 and 2! On December 1, they celebrated Chinen's birthday, and then on December 2, they did a really cute birthday surprise for Hikaru! December 2 is also my birthday, so I was very happy about that.

→ Made friends with a Japanese JUMP fan who I happened to be seated next to on the shinkansen back from Osaka!

→ Finished work in mid-December and have been enjoying my winter break!

→ Celebrated my birthday and Christmas in various ways at various times with various friends! Home-cooked Christmas food, KFC, and Outback were all delicious. XD;

→ Became mildly infatuated with Koseki Yuta, the actor who played Yuuki in Zero, and saw his goofy romance movie twice.

→ Watched Ooku for the first time! Nino is always a great actor, though I found his character a bit annoying (I mean, he was supposed to be 19...), and the sets and costumers were absolutely gorgeous! Okura was really pretty too, lol, which wasn't something I was expecting since, while I'm not too familiar with Kanjani8, I always saw him as more of a "handsome" guy. Also does Sasaki Kuranosuke play the exact same character in everything that he's in? XD; (As an aside, Koseki Yuta has an extremely tiny bit part in it, lol).

→ Saw JUMP again in Tokyo on the 28th, 29th, and 30th (today). Sense or Love isn't my favorite album or my favorite tour, but there have been some really good parts ♥

And that's about all! I hope that everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season! Happy New Year in advance, and I'll see everyone in 2019!