April 30th, 2019

Hokuto: oshare

Updates once again...

(This was supposed to be posted in April and somehow I was unaware that it didn't get posted o_o; So please pretend that it was posted at the correct time...)

What's been going on over the past couple months?

♡ Worldista! I saw it on opening day in Shizuoka and then twice in Miyagi. It's not as good as Epcotia or Neverland in my opinion, but it's still quite good! My seats were fine in Shizuoka, but I was in the arena both days in Miyagi, so from my subjective standpoint I've certainly been enjoying it a lot XD; I'm seeing it again twice in Saitama and twice in Nagano (I hit for both the shows in Nagano, thank god, so I'm done buying tickets for this show), so hopefully I'll have good seats for those, too!

♡ I saw SixTONES in Yokohama, and it was a good show! I'm happy for them that they've been doing so well recently. Kouchi's Magical Song was really cute, and I also enjoyed Hokuto's artistic solo (though I'm honestly crushed that I missed him performing Ayame last year). I hope that they have more success from now on!

♡ I had a good Spring Break and am currently enjoying Golden Week! I ended up going out a lot during Spring Break and was pretty tired, so I'm enjoying mostly relaxing during Golden Week XD; I did hanami in Meguro during Spring Break, though, and saw all the paper lanterns for JUMP members! It's really fun that the trend of buying lanterns for your tan is spreading; I spotted 4 for Inochan!

♡ The season of Kaseifu no Mitazono with Inochan started! Inochan has been super cute. It's funny and easy to watch, so I'd definitely recommend checking it out!

♡ I saw the Shounentachi movie, and, despite that it was terrible, I really enjoyed it, lol. They adapted it a lot from the regular SixTONES and Snow Man version of the play (can't speak to older versions or Osaka versions since I haven't seen them), which made it a lot better, especially for the movie format, but the script, the filmography, and a lot of the acting was really just horrible. XD; Still, it was also really gay, so I mean, what else could you want. It had similar elements in terms of the gay aspects to Bakaleya, which was very cute and nostalgic, and Reia's role was extremely brief but also amazing, which I enjoyed a lot. XD All in all, if you want to see a good movie definitely don't go, but if you want to see a movie about Johnny's Juniors forming ~bonds of companionship and what have you, I recommend it XD;