May 24th, 2019

Tetsuya: skeptical

Shounentachi fic

Well, I wrote fic for Shounentachi, because I'm ridiculous, lol. I don't know if anyone else has seen the movie, but if you have please come talk to me about it because it was terrible but also great!

title: predawn
rating: pg-13
pairings: Daiken/Hiroto (Matsumura Hokuto/Morimoto Shintaro's characters from Shounentachi)
warnings: Major spoilers for the end of the movie!! This also deals with character death, so if that might be upsetting to you, please proceed with caution!
word count: 1,525
beta: yomimashou
author's note: I was not expecting to love the stupid Shounentachi movie as much as I did. I really enjoyed Hokuto and Shintaro's characters' goofy flirting on screen, but I wasn't actually expecting them to be the first pairing I wrote fic of from the movie. This was written for Shiritori @ writetomyheart!

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