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02 March 2009 @ 05:55 pm
Err. I'm cool.  
Um... I don't even know what possessed me to do this. XD;;; You're not going to understand this unless you're yomimashou, basically. XD;;; Because she's the only one familiar with both things I'm making fun of here.

THE DDC BOYS TENNIS CLUB REGULAR MEMBERS!! yes I gave everyone Japanese boys names for anonymity's sake stfu

Singles 1 - "Ryou" - Friendly, hardworking, captain of the team. His specialty is endurance and power. He always plays by the rules, and will tell the line judge if he knows a shot went out. An all-rounder.

Singles 2 - "Akira" - Competitive, untrusting, a prodigy. He can return almost any shot with pinpoint accuracy to the furthest corners of the court. He puts on a smile but generally feels coldly about everyone. A counterpuncher.

Singles 3 - "Akito" - Boisterous, fun-loving, a rascal. He can psyche out the opponent with tricks like the buggy whip shot. However, he tends to be irresponsible and ends up with a lot of injuries because of it. Cannot play doubles. A counterpuncher.

Photobucket Photobucket
Doubles 1 - "Ayame" and "Arata" - Ayame is carefree but a hard worker, the team's second tensai. He got onto the team when he was only a freshman. He is tall and energetic, and his specialty is a lob which drops abruptly to land on the baseline. A serve-and-volleyer.
Arata is determined and strong. He has a powerful serve, and stays at the baseline and plays defensive for Ayame's offensive, but is still the weaker of the two. Unrelated to tennis, he is rather vain, but, being attractive, has a lot of fans. A counterpuncher.
Arata and Ayame's doubles strategy is for Ayame to play at the net while Arata stays at the baseline.

Photobucket Photobucket
Doubles 2 - "Kouga" and "Osamu" - Kouga is shy but determined. His specialty is a surprise drop shot. He has very good form and accuracy, but cannot perform the flashy tricks of the other members of the team, leading to a sense of inferiority. When he first became a Regular, he was almost always the alternate. A serve-and-volleyer.
Osamu is energetic and outgoing. He is the team's acrobatic player. Despite all of his tricks, however, he is also a dependable doubles partner. An all-rounder.
Kouga and Osamu's doubles strategy is for the two to switch who remains at the baseline and who volleys, confusing the opponent.

Alternate - "Hikaru" - A competitive, ambitious powerhouse. He has the fastest serve on the team, as well as very good endurance. Kouga's younger brother who always seems to outshine him. A counterpuncher.


I should be more embarrassed than I am about this... XD;;
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