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04 March 2009 @ 12:49 pm
Band of Princes  
Band of Princes makes me LOL.

Atobe is totally hitting on Ryoma there for a moment, though. XD;;;


That's all.

[EDIT] So, I finished Season 2, and the end of the season is like OMG DRAMATIC. Though, like. They beat Yamambuki AND St. Rudy AND had another ranking tournament AND had like 3 filler episodes in this season... how is Season 1 so fucking long and boring? XD;; Seriously, like. Nothing happens in Season 1.

But yeah. The end of the season was like ZOMG EVERYONE HATES EVERYONE ELSE NAO. XD;; I feel like Eiji is the type of guy to change his facebook status to "single" every time he gets in a fight, considering he was like "NO I WON'T PLAY DOUBLES WITH YOU ANYMORE" (read as: "I'm breaking up with you") when they got into a fight. Granted, Oishi did smack him across the court, but. XD;; I guess it's a good thing they don't fight very often (this is like. the only time?) because I would get annoyed if Eiji was my friend on facebook and my newsfeed got all cluttered with his breaking up and getting back together. XD;; Though, I feel like Eiji would change his facebook status every five seconds, so. I guess it's a good thing neither of us have a facebook. XD;;;

Uhh. I have a (not so) secret love for Mizuki and Yuuta, but I didn't care as much for Yamabuki. Sengoku was okay, Dan was a redeeming factor, but in general. Didn't care for them. Yeah.

Uhh. I have no other real comments. I'm going to rewatch Hyoutei now XD;

Expect caps in the near future.
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