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Last part!

They divided really unevenly, so three is short and 4 is long... sorry!

Even after everything, Ryoma was startled at the number of text messages he received from Atobe in the next few hours. Though it was irritating (like everything else about Atobe, Ryoma reminded himself with a small smile), it was also kind of endearing how excited he obviously was, and so Ryoma did his best to answer usefully (he liked Japanese food best, he was free all weekend, he was fine with being picked up at home), if a bit sharply. He couldn't let Atobe know he had gone soft, after all.

But, even if he kept his sharp tongue when corresponding with his newly-acquired boyfriend, truthfully, Ryoma was just as excited. When he was alone, he let himself grin, let himself check his phone every five seconds to see if he had a new message, let himself ponder over what he ought to wear on his first date. By the time Saturday night rolled around, Ryoma was more anxious than he had ever been for anything that he could remember, be it tennis or life, and, after dressing in one of his few nice shirts and black slacks, he made his way outside to wait for Atobe a whole half hour early. After twenty minutes, his father appeared out of nowhere to harass him, asking if he was waiting for a girl, and it comforted Ryoma that, without missing a beat, he was able to reply with a smirk, "No, a boy."

That stunned Nanjirou into silence, and soon enough, the limo pulled up, and Ryoma half-waved with a smirk of absolute glee at his father's floored expression before walking at a leisurely pace to the car, pausing only to kiss Atobe quickly when he got out to hold the door. Though he was nervous, Ryoma was beginning to feel a little better... after all, without even knowing it, Atobe had given him one of his greater pleasures in life, and that certainly was something.

In the end, Atobe decided on a nicer-than-average restaurant that would carry much the same fare as a standard japanese restaurant but used materials of a much higher quality. It required dressing up to some small degree, which Atobe was thankful for, because even if Echizen looked slightly uncomfortable in clothing better than T-shirts and tennis shorts, his appearance was stunning.

"Your father appears to be charming enough," Atobe said as the car began to drive. "I can see the family resemblance."

"Don't even joke," Ryoma mumbled entirely seriously, glowering. Watching with relief as his father disappeared into the distance, he sighed and sat back into his seat, looking over Atobe, dressed in a less dressy but somehow just as breathtaking white jacket and pants, instead and blushing slightly. Cocky as he was, Atobe really was very attractive, especially in white. Swallowing, he did his best to cover for his moment of distraction, asking off-handedly, "So where are you taking me?"

"It's a nice little place called Okura. I suppose you probably haven't heard of it before, because it's a bit above your normal price range," Atobe replied. "I tried to find a place that you would feel comfortable at while enjoying, and this seemed like the best choice."

Atobe tilted his head, then glanced out the window before turning his attention back to Echizen. "Is there any sort of cuisine you'd like to try in the future, so that I can make plans for the two of us?"

Ryoma shrugged, irritated at Atobe's jab at his relative lack of wealth... why had he decided to date an arrogant bastard again? Crossing his arms, a smirk crawled across his lips... if Atobe was going to be that way, why not make the best of it? He could have whatever he wanted because he didn't have to pay. "Oh, I'm easy," he replied emphatically, slouching slightly as he grinned up at Atobe. "I'll try anything, really... as long as you like it, I'm sure I will." Looking out the window, he added, just to be obnoxious, "Are we there yet?"

"We will arrive shortly," Atobe replied, shrugging and trying to think of a proper way to answer Echizen's other question in a way that would also answer the unspoken challenge that was appearing more and more frequently in their conversations. "Perhaps I should take you out for French next time. Between the cervelles, the escargots, and the frog legs I think we'll make you quite the foreign connoisseur."

Glancing out the window again, Atobe was pleased to see that they had arrived. "If it pleases you to get out of the car, we may proceed to the restaurant."

"You're not going to take my arm like the 'gentleman' you are, Monkey King?" Ryoma taunted, not waiting for Atobe and opening the door, sliding out into the cool evening air. They were in a part of town the Ryoma had never been to before, and he looked around, irritated that he would, indeed, have to wait for Atobe to lead the way.

It was so cute, Echizen being at a loss for what to do for once in his life. Holding back his laughter (because really, that wouldn't have helped the situation in any way) Atobe did, in fact, take Echizen's arm and the proceeded to lead him to the restaurant despite the younger boy's protests.

Once they were in, and seated with their menus open and drink orders placed, Atobe finally spoke. "What do you normally like to eat? We can get anything that you'd like, even if it's more than we can both eat."

Despite being an absolute bastard, Atobe really was rather charming, and Ryoma couldn't help but blush again. Covering his face with his menu for a second, he swallowed and cleared his throat. "Unagi. Salmon. Yellowtail. Tamago, " Ryoma listed off, "Crab. Oshinko. Tuna. Is that all okay with you?" He couldn't help it, he grinned slightly, setting the menu down and putting an elbow on the table, resting his face on his palm. "If it's too much, let me know."

"It's not a problem," Atobe returned with a smile. When the waiter came, he repeated everything Echizen had listed, adding a few of his favorites to the end of the list. The waiter seemed slightly shocked by the shear amount of food they were getting, but Atobe had no doubts that, between to active teenage boys, there would not be much left at the end of the meal.

"So Echizen, tell me something interesting," Atobe said with a smile while they waited for the food.

Ryoma blinked; it hadn't occurred to him that he might be called on to make conversation. After all, he knew Atobe loved talking, especially about himself, and Ryoma figured that he wouldn't need to fill much time at all after Atobe had relayed his life story or something of the sort. Now that he was suddenly in the spotlight, he hesitated, trying to think of something intelligent, or at least acerbic, to say. As he stumbled for words, however, something occurred to him, and he looked up at Atobe. "Ryoma's fine. If you want," he stated blandly but honestly, blushing faintly again. He couldn't remember ever actually asking anyone to call him by his first name before... some people had decided without his permission, but this, as far as he could remember, was a first. Hopefully, Atobe wouldn't let it go to his head.

Atobe made sure not to let his shock and pleasure at Echizen's statement show. He made sure that when he smiled it was his usual confident and composed smile. "Well then, Ryoma," oh, Atobe very much liked how that sounded, "I think in that vein of conversation, I should insist on you calling me Keigo as well. I think I should quite like to hear someone other than my family calling me by my given name." Atobe leaned forward so that he could speak to Ryoma without prying ears from other tables overhearing the conversation. "I would very much like to hear you calling me by my given name, Ryoma."

"Keigo," Ryoma tried it out, grinning slightly. "'Monkey King' fits better." Still, he liked having Atobe inches from him this way, and he leaned in, too, so that their noses were almost touching. "But if it's what you want, I suppose I can't deny you, right?" He had made that fairly clear with the weighted wristbands, though Ryoma wasn't about to let Atobe's ego get the best of him. Sitting back in his chair, he raised an eyebrow. "So, where are you taking me after this, Keigo?"

"Well, Ryoma..." Atobe decided that he was going to use Ryoma's name as often as possible in their conversation, and see if he could goad Ryoma into doing the same. "My original plan was to simply go walking, possibly through the park, as I've heard it's quite the sight after sunset. However, there is shopping in the area if you would prefer that sort of activity."

Ryoma scowled; Atobe was apparently having too much fun with his given name, and he almost regretted offering it. Setting that aside, he weighed the options Atobe set forth before shrugging. "Park's fine," he replied; despite the prospect of Atobe buying him more things, Ryoma didn't really care for that sort of thing, and it could certainly wait for a later date. Ryoma had never been to the park at night, and besides... well, being really alone with Atobe might be nice. Even if they bickered, Ryoma just liked talking with Atobe, and the park seemed the better option. Giving Atobe a half smirk, he added, "Keigo," emphatically on the end, since Atobe seemed to like to hear the sound of his own name, as well as his own voice.

Atobe nodded in agreement with Ryoma's decision, and the the waiter appeared with their many dishes of food, and then there was no chance for more conversation, because it was impolite to talk with one's mouth full, and Ryoma seemed intent on eating as much as he could in as little time as possible. Finally, after watching him wolf down three pieces of sushi when she should really be taking his time and enjoying it, he felt that he had to say something. "You know, Ryoma, the food isn't going to stand up and run away, and we do not have any pressing need to be anywhere." To illustrate his point, he gracefully picked up a piece of yellowtail roll and slowly chewed and swallowed it.

Ryoma intended to ignore Atobe, but something about his eating caught his eye, and he couldn't help but watch as he placed the sushi against his lips, chewing slowly before swallowing... Ryoma didn't know what it was about it, but he couldn't tear his eyes away. And the the face--! The face that Atobe made as he was eating, like it was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted, and suddenly Ryoma was all flushed and felt a little uncomfortable and his heart was beating fast though he couldn't understand why, and he shifted a little, swallowing. "You're ridiculous," he managed finally, but it lacked any bite, and, as an excuse to make himself look away, he turned back to his food, eating more slowly without consciously meaning to.

Well now, that hadn't been the reaction Atobe had been aiming for, but it wasn't a totally undesirable reaction despite this. Ryoma had slowed down the pace at which he was eating, and even now had the remnants of a blush that he probably wasn't even aware was as bright as it had been.

"So," Atobe began when most of the sushi had disappeared. "Would you care for dessert now, or would you prefer to wait and get something at the park?"

Ryoma shrugged. "Whatever. At the park, I guess," he replied casually, glancing around the restaurant disinterestedly. Atobe didn't question and got the bill, and Ryoma momentarily debated changing his mind, just to be obnoxious, but decided against it. After all, despite still being an egotistical bastard, Atobe was being relatively sweet to him... he'd save that bit of contrariness for when he was actually irked. With everything taken care of, he followed Atobe back out to the limousine, blushing slightly when Atobe took his arm again and internally berating himself for it.

Atobe smiled as he helped Ryoma to the car, catching sight of yet another blush. It was endearing, and also made him think he should start keeping count, as tonight was probably going to set some sort of record for the number of times Echizen Ryoma could be embarrassed in one night.

The ride to the park was relatively short, and Atobe got the door and held out an arm to Ryoma as he exited.

"Care for a stroll?" Atobe asked as he closed the door.

Walking arm in arm with Atobe, Ryoma felt like a girl, and, at first, couldn't help but be glad it was dark enough that anyone he knew wouldn't recognize him. But, as the evening moved on, he couldn't help but notice how warm Atobe was in the chill of the night, how nice it felt to be touching, to be this close, and, much to his dismay, Ryoma couldn't help but want to be closer. Still, he still had enough restraint to resist that impulse, and tried his best to think of something obnoxious to say to distract himself from ever-increasing and yet still not entirely comfortable feelings of attraction towards Atobe.

Luckily for Ryoma, in the distance, he spotted a stand selling crepes, and pointed, looking up at Atobe. "I want one," he said flatly, hoping this was obnoxious enough to be irritating while still getting him desert.

It had been a very pleasant, if quiet walk through the park, during which Atobe and Ryoma had been steadily walking closer and closer together. In the beginning, it had been due to Atobe slowly and carefully moving his arm so that Ryoma would have to walk closer. However, as time passed, the temperature slowly dropped as well, and Ryoma began to walk closer of his own accord, until the two of them were almost touching as they walked.

Then, Ryoma decided that he wanted his dessert, so Atobe steered them towards the crepe stand that was sitting on the side of the path. "What would you like?"

Ryoma took care to pick the most expensive option from the small menu on the side of the stand and pointed, waiting for Atobe to order for him and hoping that he noticed the price, even if he didn't say anything, because even knowing he was being irritating gave Ryoma some small pleasure. When Atobe handed him his crepe, he nodded towards a bench a small distance away, walking towards it without any verbal announcement of his attention - he had to keep Atobe on his toes, after all.

Upon reaching the bench, Ryoma dropped onto it in a rather undignified manner, looking up at Atobe, waiting for be scolded, or at least given a look of annoyance... something to start a conversation, an argument. Being silent felt... more intimate, somehow, and it made Ryoma a little nervous, because, despite how much he wanted this, it made him feel entirely on a different playing field than Atobe, who was suave and flirtatious and knew everything about dating. Ryoma, who was used to being the best, who was used to being able to be an arrogant brat, who had never been on a date before in his life, just couldn't handle it-- he needed to have the upper hand somehow, and an argument was the easiest way.

Atobe noticed that Ryoma was being quieter than he had been the rest of the night, so he took it to mean that he it was once again time to make conversation and attempt to involve the freshman as many times as possible. Hopefully the conversation would follow naturally.

"Is your crepe good?" Atobe asked. Ryoma took a bite of it, and shrugged. That either meant he didn't like it and didn't want to tell Atobe that, or he did like it and was simply being himself and not giving a straight answer. "Is there anything else you'd like to do after this?" Again, Ryoma shrugged. "What time did you need to be home by again?" Shrugging wasn't really an answer to that question, and Ryoma knew it. "Is there a reason you don't want to actually speak to me?" Atobe asked, a bit more sharply than he had meant to.

Ryoma was startled by Atobe's sudden sharp tone and looked up at him, expecting him to be angry or something of the sort, but he was surprised to see the expression on his face was one of worry, almost, and Ryoma felt something in his stomach that he got the feeling was guilt. Looking at Atobe for another moment, Ryoma was suddenly overwhelmed with the urge, and, without warning or hesitation, he leaned up and kissed Atobe firmly on the lips.

He held it a bit longer than he was originally intending, simply because it felt good and right and he liked it, but then Ryoma drew back ever so slightly, looking into Atobe's eyes with a bit of a grin. "Yes, whatever you want, and whenever."

Hearing Ryoma say that, Atobe's mind automatically went places that it probably wasn't supposed to be going. After all, Ryoma was attractive, as Atobe had already stated many times, and if he went around kissing him and saying things like that, Atobe didn't know if he'd be able to hold himself back. Because, all things considered, he was a teenage boy and he had certain urges and needs that he could only suppress and ignore for so long.

As it was, Atobe bit back a groan and leaned forward to kiss Ryoma again. "Finish your crepe," he ordered when he pulled away. "Then we're going back to the limo to continue this."

Ryoma smirked victoriously; Atobe might be the one with the charisma and experience, but knowing that he held that much of a sway over him was certainly empowering, and Ryoma liked it. Still, he was surprised to find, he was as upset by Atobe pulling away as Atobe seemed to be, and so he did as told without a word of complaint, rising as he finished and waiting for Atobe to follow.

Atobe was up and ready to go half a second after Ryoma was, and they didn't say a word as they walked out of the park. Atobe couldn't remember what the last few bites of crepe tasted like, could barely remember the majority of the walk they were taking, all he could think about was what he was about to do, what he was finally allowed to do.

The minute they were in the car, and the door was closed, Atobe had Ryoma's face in his hands and was pulling him back to kiss him again.

Ryoma kissed back, letting his eyes fall shut and parting his lips obediently when he felt Atobe's tongue pressing for entrance. Still, he wasn't just going to sit back and take it, and fought for dominance over the kiss, moaning softly, much to his own embarrassment. The battle didn't last as long as Ryoma might have hoped, however; Atobe was just far too good at this, and Ryoma surrendered, allowing him control. Still not prepared to sit back and take it, however, he wrapped his arms around Atobe's neck and resituated himself such that he was straddling Atobe's lap. Even if he couldn't stand up to the incredibly good feeling that was Atobe's tongue, at least he was on top.

Atobe was using every ounce of ability and skill he had gathered over the years, and he was certainly thankful that Ryoma had the talent of stealing skills from others, because he was picking starting to do what Atobe had done to him already, and it was certainly becoming an intense kiss. And with Ryoma seated in his lap and otherwise occupied with Atobe's mouth, Atobe decided that it was time to otherwise occupy his hands.

He slowly slid them down Ryoma's neck, across his shoulders, down his sides, and then settled them on Ryoma's hips, with the full intent to get his shirt untucked and his hands on bare skin without Ryoma noticing.

All of a sudden, Ryoma felt Atobe's hands beneath his shirt, sliding over the skin of his chest, and he couldn't help it, he broke the kiss to gasp, his fingers finding Atobe's hair and knotting there. Ryoma hadn't spared much thought about relationships and such until very recently, but damn, he had had no idea what he was missing. Squirming on Atobe's lap, he groaned again; Atobe was doing absolutely wicked things with his fingers now, and Ryoma wasn't even sure he knew what it was he was doing, but it was good. "Keigo--" he ground out, rocking his hips forward and hissing at the unexpected pleasure it caused.

"Ryoma," Atobe breathed back, accidentally digging his nails into Ryoma's back as their hips rocked together. Ryoma's fingers tightened and tugged at Atobe's hair, and Atobe almost winced but ignored it and leaned forward to renew the kissing, more intensely than before. He continued to run his hands across Ryoma's chest, bringing them up to flit across Ryoma's nipples before sliding them back down to his hips and rocking them together again.

Then, suddenly, the car began to slow down and then stopped, and Atobe suddenly realized that they had actually reached his house. Pulling back, he realized he loved the look of Ryoma, flushed and rumpled. "Inside."

Ryoma swallowed and nodded, not trusting himself to be able to speak effectively and not wanting to make a fool of himself, especially not in front of Atobe, not now. Following Atobe out of the car and into the ridiculously gigantic house at which they had arrived, he did his best to look nonchalant, just in case Atobe's parents should decide to make an appearance. They did not, however, and Ryoma followed Atobe an ungoldly long way up an ungodly number of stairs until finally, Atobe opened a door and pulled him into a room.

Ryoma didn't get much time to look around, but he did become aware of the fact that the room was enormous. Not that he was surprised, and he didn't have enough time to make any other observations before he heard the click of a lock, and then Atobe was pressing him against the door and kissing him again, and Ryoma certainly didn't have any complaints about that. Wrapping his arms around Atobe's neck, he did his best to pull him closer, anything for more contact.

The walk to his room had never seemed so long to Atobe as it did when he was trying to resist the urge to just grab Ryoma and just push him against the wall and start kissing him senseless again. However, the moment they were in his room and his door was safely locked and there would be no interruptions, Atobe had him against the door and engaged in a fierce kiss that Ryoma was returning very enthusiastically.

And there was the heat and the friction, and Atobe could clearly feel Ryoma getting excited when he ground their hips together and he pinned the younger boy quite effectively against the door. Pulling away from Ryoma, he couldn't hold back a smile and a raised eyebrow. "Getting a little excited, ahn?"

Ryoma whined when Atobe pulled away from him, and the teasing certainly didn't make him feel any better about it. Glaring at Atobe as best he could while flushed and panting and with swollen lips, he tried to make a smug expression and ended up pouting. "Put that stupid mouth of yours to better use," he shot back, though it was a little too breathy to sound anywhere near serious and came out more flirtatious than anything, but Ryoma didn't think about it and drew Atobe into another heated kiss.

If Atobe's mouth hadn't been otherwise occupied, he would have smirked. Really now, if Ryoma wanted him to put his mouth to better use, he'd just have to show him what other, even better uses there were. So, as he continued the kissing, he ran his hands down Ryoma's sides then along the line of skin right about his pants, then went to short work unbuckling the belt and unbuttoning the pants.

Ryoma was surprised when he felt Atobe's fingers deftly beginning to rid him of his clothing, and he started, his eyes snapping open for a moment. He supposed he hadn't really thought this far in advance... but, really, when he thought about it, Ryoma was unexpectedly less apprehensive than he even thought out ought to be, and so he leaned back against the door and let Atobe do the work, allowing himself to get lost once more in the sensation. After all, why fight back if he was going to win without any effort at all?

Atobe continued kissing Ryoma, slowly transitioning it to more gentle as he slowly pushed down Ryoma's pants. He continued the kissing as he pushed his underwear down as well. He felt Ryoma's gasp when he gently ran a finger down his half-hard length. He pulled away and smiled as he carefully wrapped his hand around it and moved it, once, twice. "Still excited to see me make better use of my mouth?"

Ryoma swallowed, trying as hard as he possibly could to maintain control, despite the fact that oh, fuck did it feel good and he could barely force his eyes open partially to look down at Atobe who was entirely too smug and there was nothing Ryoma could do about it. Taking a shaky breath, he nodded once, sharply, because he didn't think he could possibly speak right now and it felt like his knees might give out any minute. He clutched at the door behind him, as if that would help, somehow, and squeezed his eyes shut again, deciding somehow, some way, he would have to get revenge after this, because it was ridiculous how shamelessly he wanted Atobe right now, and despite his desire not to let it go to Atobe's head, his desire for something else entirely was far to overwhelming. "Well-- what are you waiting for?" he somehow managed to gasp, despite his hopeless state of need. "Scared, Monkey King?"

"I assure you, I am anything but scared," Atobe replied. Leaning forward again, he gave Ryoma one more brief kiss, before pulling away and flashing his most brilliant smile and then bending down to face his next task.

Ryoma was proportional (smaller than Atobe, but that went without saying, as Atobe was all-around larger than Ryoma was) and Atobe was looking forward to this a bit more than he had first thought he would be. He had only limited experience with blowjobs, but he knew what would feel good, and he also knew that his glorious self was quite excellent at such things, and would excel at doing this for Ryoma. He could feel Ryoma's thigh muscles tensing under his hands as he leaned forward and slowly gave Ryoma's head a lick.

Ryoma couldn't help it, he cried out sharply as he felt Atobe's tongue on him, and it took all the restraint he had in him to keep from rocking his hips forward. Hot damn... Ryoma hadn't known what to expect, but this... this was indescribable. And then he could feel Atobe's tongue sliding forward and then he was suddenly enveloped in the hot wetness of Atobe's mouth, and it was entirely out of his control, he was crying out again, louder than before. Trembling, he managed to lift one of his arms so that he could bite down on his right hand, anything to keep himself quieter, and his head fell back against the door as he felt his whole body shudder with pleasure. Even with his hand, he couldn't stifle a nasal whine as he felt Atobe's tongue doing god only knew what, but oh god was it torturous, and Ryoma couldn't keep it in check anymore, he rocked his hips forward slightly, flushing a deeper red than he already was at his own lack of restraint.

Atobe did his best to accommodate Ryoma's thrusting, but even for all his talent there was only so much he could do to suppress his gag reflex. Atobe finally put both hands on Ryoma's hips and pushed him back against the door then dragged himself back before giving his best attempt to take all of Ryoma into his mouth. He could hear Ryoma making the cutest noises, and he knew that he was trying not to. Thus, Atobe made it his mission to not only make Ryoma's first blowjob the best of his life, but also to make him let go enough to stop holding those noises in.

As he felt Atobe pull back and then slide ever further in, taking almost all of his length into his mouth, Ryoma simply couldn't help it anymore. Somehow, his hands found their way to tangle in Atobe's hair, but that left his mouth open again, and Ryoma was still coherent enough to know that he didn't want to give Atobe the pleasure of hearing him lose control. Biting down on his lip, he made the mistake of letting his eyes flutter open and looking down to see Atobe there, on his knees, hands on Ryoma's hips, doing his absolute best to please Ryoma, and it was just too much. All restraint forgotten and with Atobe's name on his lips, he came before collapsing back against the door, gasping.

Atobe felt Ryoma tense up again the moment before he came. He held him back once again, and did his best to swallow everything as Ryoma gasped his name and then sagged against the door. Atobe pulled away, then quickly stood and turned Ryoma's face up for a brief kiss, distracting him long enough to scoop Ryoma into his arms and start carrying him towards the bed.

Ryoma protested, as Atobe knew that he would, but Atobe didn't put him down until he actually was on his bed, which Atobe knew he wouldn't want to get up from. He carefully stripped Ryoma out of his shirt (throwing it onto the floor) before likewise ridding himself of his own outerwear and joining him.

Ryoma didn't really have the strength to do much of anything at the moment, and so he let Atobe remove the rest of his clothing without complaint. Only when Atobe moved back on top of him, kissing him again, did Ryoma feel any motivation to move, and that was only to wrap his arms around Atobe's neck again and pull him closer, because, already, and almost to his embarrassment, Ryoma felt himself getting excited again, and he wanted to feel Atobe's skin against his own. It was just so amazingly good, and Ryoma didn't know how else to describe it, nor did he care. He was much more concerned with Atobe's lips and tongue and body all pressed up against his own and how somehow, even that wasn't enough. Whining softly, he hoped Atobe would get that message, because he knew what he was doing, and Ryoma just wasn't feeling the motivation to compete right now.

Atobe could barely take it: Ryoma was whining and pressing against him and Atobe could barely stand it because he wanted to move faster but he knew that it was important not to. So, Atobe kissed Ryoma and ground his hips down against Ryoma's, and ohthatfeltsogood and apparently Ryoma liked that as much as Atobe did because he whined again and pushed his hips upwards. Atobe broke away from the kiss and ran his hands across Ryoma's chest, making sure to pay extra attention to all the spots he had noticed Ryoma reacting to before.

Ryoma gasped and squirmed under Atobe's touch; it was all just so overwhelming, Ryoma already felt desperate again, and he arched up against Atobe, anything for more contact. Suddenly, however, he felt Atobe leave him, and he opened his eyes, whining and seeing Atobe walking back towards the bed, something Ryoma couldn't quite make out in the dark in his hand. He knew Atobe knew what he was doing, but Ryoma was confused. Still, he did his best not to show his inexperience and looked up expectantly at Atobe, pouting slightly and hoping he would return quickly.

Atobe settled back into the bed, tossing the bottle of lube onto one of the pillows and then kissing Ryoma again. He could feel Ryoma's erection pressing against his hip, knew that his own was making itself quite evident to Ryoma in the same manner. He gave Ryoma one last hard kiss, then reached out and grabbed the lube, flipping the cap open and squirting some onto his fingers. He then ran his fingertips down Ryoma's chest, tracing the muscle contours and delighting in the way Ryoma shivered and bucked against him.

As he moved lower, he traced a hipbone, purposefully skipping the parts he knew wanted his attention, and traced down one thigh and up the other, before fondling Ryoma's balls and then inching his was back. He fingered the pucker of Ryoma's opening, but didn't move any further, returning his attention to Ryoma for a moment. "Tell me if it hurts, even a little bit."

Ryoma didn't know what Atobe was doing and he was too overwhelmed to care; if something hurt, he was sure he could take it, and he didn't believe that any of this could possibly hurt, anyway. Still, he nodded in order to get Atobe to keep going, because Ryoma was not going to stand for any stopping now, and he trusted Atobe knew what he was doing.

The moment Ryoma nodded, Atobe began to push his finger forward. He made sure to move slowly, to allow Ryoma to get accommodate (because he knew that it felt very strange the first time). Ryoma had gone still, and except for the slightly heavy breathing from earlier exertions really wasn't giving any signs that he was feeling anything at all. So, as Atobe moved his finger in deeper he began to feel around; he knew exactly when he hit the spot that he had been looking for, because there was a sharp intake of air accompanying the small bucking of Ryoma's hips.

Atobe smiled: it was only going to get better from here.

Ryoma had been biting his lip, determined not to let Atobe know of the small discomfort he was feeling, when all of a sudden, Atobe's finger touched something inside of him and he was overwhelmed with an amazing feeling and he couldn't help it, he rocked his hips up with a gasp, anything to get that feeling again. He knew he ought to be embarrassed and yet he didn't care; squeezing his eyes shut, he squirmed again, hoping Atobe would do whatever it was he just did again.

Atobe ran his finger over Ryoma's prostate one more time, before pulling his finger out, then adding a second and pushing them back in. He moved them a bit faster, pushing in and then scissoring his fingers. He could feel Ryoma stiffen the tiniest bit, so Atobe went for the spots that would make him feel good with is other hand. Hopefully it wouldn't be much longer before he was ready, and they could really begin.

Ryoma fidgeted slightly, allowing himself to be distracted by Atobe's other hand as the fingers inside of him continued to cause some discomfort. Ryoma was too out of it to fully comprehend what, exactly, Atobe was preparing him for, but he wished he would hurry it up, because he could still remember that feeling and he was hoping that Atobe was going to make it happen again.

Atobe continued to stretch and prep Ryoma until he felt the other boy relax. Only then did he pull his fingers out. He leaned down and kissed Ryoma again, feeling around for the lube, using one hand to open it and squirt more onto his hand. He continued kissing him as he spread it over his own cock and lined himself up. "Ryoma," he breathed, his lips still touching Ryoma's. "I'm serious this time. If it hurts at all, tell me to stop."

And then he began to push in.

Inhaling sharply as he felt Atobe begin to press inside of him, Ryoma squeezed his eyes shut, nodding. He was touched by how gentle, how sweet Atobe was being about it all, but Ryoma had no reservations. He wanted this, he wanted Atobe, and he could take whatever pain was involved. It was only a little discomfort... but then Atobe stopped, hesitating a moment before withdrawing slowly and thrusting back in, a little faster than before, and then Ryoma was suddenly overwhelmed with that amazing feeling all over again, and he couldn't stop himself. Letting out a surprised cry of pleasure, he wrapped an arm around Atobe's back, clutching at the sheets beneath him with the other hand, all discomfort entirely forgotten.

Atobe set the pace slow, and was quite pleased to see Ryoma reacting so positively right from the start. Atobe knew that it felt amazing on his side, because Ryoma was so warm and tight, and it felt amazing. He kissed Ryoma, slow and sloppy, and tried to adjust his hips to find just the right angle that would make Ryoma squirm and gasp every single time.

Ryoma broke the kiss to cry out as Atobe adjusted his angle, his nails digging into Atobe's back as he rocked his hips up to meet Atobe's thrusts. Still, it seemed like Atobe was going so slowly... swallowing and forcing his eyes open, he somehow managed to flash Atobe a grin. "Is... Is that all you got, Monkey King--?" he gasped out, bucking his hips up again sharply, hoping Atobe would get generally the right idea.

Atobe responded to Ryoma's taunts by thrusting just a little bit faster and harder than he had been before, inwardly pleased when Ryoma began to meet his thrusts and helped to establish a rhythm. Atobe began to kiss a trail away from Ryoma's mouth, along his jaw line and up the side of his face, where he paused, then slowly traced the shell of his ear with his tongue. He kissed him again, let it transform into a smirk that he knew Ryoma could feel, and gave a sharp thrust that made Ryoma jerk and gasp. "Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na."

Ryoma was struggling to stay coherent; with Atobe's new pace, the feeling was simply overwhelming, and Ryoma couldn't subdue the small noises of pleasure that continued to come from his lips. Still, he simply couldn't let Atobe win, and so he rocked his hips up particularly hard, pressing Atobe even deeper inside of him with a gasp and a smirk. "Mada mada da ne."

Atobe couldn't keep himself from smiling, really smiling, because even during sex when Atobe was (clearly) in control, Ryoma was still challenging him. And, in the end, it was better this way than any of the other times. "We'll see who's mada mada," Atobe threw back, pausing his movements in order to lift Ryoma's legs up onto his shoulders. He pushed back in, reveling in the way Ryoma almost immediately recovered and began to thrust back.

Knowing Ryoma wasn't expecting it, he used one of his currently unused hands, and wrapped it around Ryoma's cock and began to move it in time with his thrusts.

It had been a struggle to stay coherent before, but when Atobe began to touch him as well, it was just too much. Losing control over himself entirely, Ryoma cried out loudly, forgetting, even, to be embarrassed. Flexible from constant stretching at practice, he bent easily, and in this new position, Atobe was able to thrust deeper still; it was entirely overwhelming. Soon, Ryoma couldn't take it anymore, and he was coming a second time, arching against Atobe and sobbing his name even louder than before.

Atobe only lasted a little longer than Ryoma did. He felt him come, felt him buck up and tighten around him, and two, three, four thrusts later, Atobe followed, calling Ryoma's name.

They both collapsed onto the bed, breathing heavily, and Atobe pulled out as soon as his thoughts became coherent again. He lie on his side, watching Ryoma simply lie back and breathe, and wondered if maybe he should say something, or just enjoy the silence.

Slowly, Ryoma's vision returned to him, and, when he felt like he had the strength again, he rolled onto his side to grin at Atobe. "I guess you're not half bad, Monkey King," he taunted lazily, leaning in and kissing him briefly. He felt entirely contented right now... but that didn't mean he couldn't start a fight.

Atobe rolled his eyes, because really how could he expect anything else from Ryoma even during what should have been their postcoital happiness period. "Ore-sama is much more than half good," he replied, punctuating the statement with another kiss. Ryoma just raised an eyebrow at him, and Atobe smirked and reached out to pull him forward and against his chest. "This is more comfortable, no?"

"Whatever," Ryoma replied, muffled by Atobe's chest, but really, he didn't care, and he certainly didn't want to move. Snuggling in slightly and moving to rest his head against Atobe's shoulder, he suddenly felt sleep tugging at his eyelids, and yawned. "G'night, Keigo," he mumbled, already half-asleep.

Atobe laid an arm across Ryoma's waist after he stopped squirming and chose a position that he wanted to sleep in. Closing his eyes as well, he nuzzled against the top of Ryoma's head. "Sleep well, Ryoma."

The first thing that registered to Ryoma when he awoke in the morning was that he was comfortably warm... but a different sort of warm, really, than being under blankets... He was still attempting to figure out why when his mind registered the distinct soreness coming from his rear... which only made things more confusing. Where was he, again?

It was only when he attempted to roll over and found that he was inhibited by an arm wrapped around his waist that he suddenly remembered where he was and what was going on. That was right-- he had spent the night with Atobe. Smiling softly to himself, he sighed, relaxing back into Atobe's embrace. There was certainly no hurry to get up... and now that everything was all cleared up, Ryoma was comfortable, and had absolutely no desire to move.

Atobe, who was used to waking up early in order to prepare for his days at school, was up long before Ryoma was. However, as comfortable and content as he was, he chose to doze and enjoy the warmth radiating from te body next to him. He knew when Ryoma woke up, felt him shift just the slightest bit, but he continued to sleep and relax, and Atobe felt no desire to stop him.

Finally, when he couldn't ignore the sun or the faint sounds of the maids outside of is room an longer, he began stroking his fingers through Ryoma's hair, and when his eyes fluttered open, Atobe smiled and murmured, "Good morning."

Ryoma grinned back; it was too early in the morning for him to attempt to hide his simple pleasure at the current situation of things, and so he simply nodded with a contented sigh. "'Morning."

Atobe smiled, then tilted Ryoma's face upwards to steal a kiss. "Would you like some breakfast? I can have the servants bring up some food for us, and we'll--"

Atobe was interrupted by his cell phone, and he decided that it would be best to ignore it. In fact, it would have been his choice to ignore it, had his phone not gone off two more times in short order. So, Atobe got out of bed, where he was quite comfortable and had to actually find his jacket and his phone and then got right back into bed so that he could deal with it and then go back to breakfast.

However, he wasn't quite expecting three messages to be from one of his teammates and all three to be tennis related.

atobe, need help! come 2 street courts, asap!
dont ignore me! seigaku will nvr let us liv it down!
srsly atobe, it has 2 b u!

Ryoma looked over Atobe's shoulder, reading the messages as he did. All three appeared to be from Mukahi, and Ryoma could gather from them generally what was going on. "Looks like you're needed elsewhere, Monkey King," he commented blandly, not necessarily minding the disappointed edge in his voice. After all, if it was possible, Ryoma was all for guilt-tripping Atobe.

Atobe knew that Ryoma was angry, and he was seriously considering ignoring the text messages and following through with the breakfast plan, when his phone rang again,and he saw Mukahi's name once more flashing on the screen. He knew Ryoma saw it too, because he glared at the phone for the briefest instant, so Atobe dropped the phone and pulled Ryoma into a kiss that lasted through yet another text message arriving. "What do you say," he said when he pulled away. "That I get the breakfast prepared to go with us, and we go together?"

"Che," Ryoma shrugged, pleased with the reaction he had elicited. "Whatever." Blinking around the room, he noticed the articles of clothing they had been wearing last night strewn about, dirty, and pointed, adding, "I don't have anything to wear."

"I'm sure we'll find something for you," Atobe replied, slowly slipping out of his bed and walking to his extensive closet. He began to look around, finding an outfit that would work well for playing tennis in if it really did come down to that, before looking for clothing that would suit Ryoma.

However, it soon became apparent that borrowing Atobe's clothing was not a feasible option, as Atobe's clothing did not fit Ryoma, and while Ryoma had no problem with this fact, Atobe downright refused to have Ryoma dressed anything less than impeccably. He finally decided that, having found no other option, his first Hyoutei team jersey (from back when Atobe himself had been a freshman) would be the only thing that Ryoma would properly fit into.

"You have got to be kidding," Ryoma said flatly as Atobe handed the items to him. "I am not putting that on my body. Why can't I just wear something that doesn't fit?" Honestly... Atobe couldn't possibly expect... but he was wearing that stupid, smug smirk and Ryoma got the feeling that he wasn't going to win this one. Still, he wasn't going down without a fight. "Seriously. I'm not."

Atobe held the jersey out. "You will not wear something that does not fit you. This is all that I have at the moment." Ryoma continued to glare at the jersey, and Atobe stepped closer. "Just think about it, Ryoma. If you wore this, I could pretend that that you were totally mine. In fact, I think that you should keep this, and next time we're together, you can wear it, just for me." He leaned closer, to whisper into Ryoma's ear, "I want to see you hot and bothered and wearing my jersey, and I want to see you as you come with it pushed up and showing me all of your lovely skin, and I think that you should keep it so you can think of all those things and more every single time you see it."

And with that, Atobe pulled the jersey over Ryoma's head and went searching for a pair of shorts and underwear that would fit him.

Ryoma flushed hotly as he felt Atobe's breath against his face, and was too distracted to struggle as Atobe pulled the abhorrent item over his head. Sputtering, he pulled his arms through the sleeves as Atobe moved away, accepting a pair of boxers and shorts when they were handed to him, still pouting as he finished dressing. When he was done, he crossed his arms, trying not to notice the fact that the Hyoutei jersey was obviously made of some really nice material and was actually rather comfortable. "Hurry up, Monkey King."

"There's no real need to rush, Ryoma," Atobe replied, even as his phone began to ring again from where he had left it on the bed. "Come brush your teeth and do something about that hair, and I'll call down for some breakfast and then we can be on our way."

It turned out, even when he spent much less time than usual doing his hair, Atobe still took much longer than Ryoma did (because it seemed as though Ryoma wouldn't even have brushed his hair if Atobe hadn't insisted) and by the time they were in the limo and on their way, with the promised breakfast, Ryoma had already complained several times about Atobe and his vanity. Atobe ignored them, and simply enjoyed his food.

Irritated that his taunts were being ignored, Ryoma ate his breakfast poutingly, jabbing at the omelette with his fork and pushing the pieces around his plate before reluctantly eating them. He should have known Atobe would prepare some pretentious Western breakfast... but there was not much he could do about it now. Chances were, he was going to end up playing tennis, and he couldn't very well do that on an empty stomach. Still, he continued to make faces and play with his food, shooting Atobe an annoyed look from time to time.

Atobe ignored Ryoma's looks in favor of finishing his food. Ryoma was, at least, eating despite apparently being annoyed with Atobe. At least he knew where his priorities should be.

"So, if we do end up playing tennis, are you okay with using one of my rackets?" Atobe asked when his food was gone. Hopefully that would give Ryoma something else to think about, and he would stop with the petty annoyance.

Ryoma shrugged. "Not like I have much of a choice," he replied flatly, looking out the window. He wasn't really that particularly irked at Atobe... but acting that way was a good way to get attention, and he liked making Atobe squirm (even if he was good at hiding it). It was empowering to know that he could, if nothing else.

"Ryoma..." Of course he would pick right now to decided to be obstinate and annoyed for no apparent reason. "So, who from our respective teams do you think are the culprits for dragging us out and away? I personally think it must be Oshitari as Mukahi's accomplice, they love causing trouble."

Ryoma shrugged again, still looking out the window. "I don't really know." After all, he had no idea who from Seigaku was present. Whoever it was, Ryoma hoped rather strongly that it wasn't Momo, because then he would certainly never live down showing up in a Hyoutei jersey, and Ryoma got the feeling that he would end up picking a fight with Atobe, too. It seemed, however, like a distinct possibility... Sighing, he added, "Probably Momo-sempai..."

Atobe barely kept himself from grimacing at the mention of the obnoxious junior. "I must say, if he acts the same way he has in the past, I make no promises of what may happen to him in response." Atobe gave a small smile. "Will that offend you overmuch? If it will, I will try to refrain."

"I'd prefer you didn't disfigure my friends," Ryoma replied offhandedly with a shrug, finally turning back to look at Atobe with a grin. "If you embarrass him at tennis, though, I really don't care. Just try not to let your ego envelope the entire world."

"My 'ego' as you've so eloquently put it, is well deserved, as I have all the necessary skills to back it up," Atobe answered. He glanced out the window, and noticed that the car was slowing down. "It appears we've finally arrived. Shall we go sort out the silly squabble our teammates seem to have?"

Ryoma wordlessly complied, getting out of the car and following Atobe down the path to the courts, where, sure enough, they found a cluster of Hyoutei and Seigaku players gathered. Even from the entrance to the park, Ryoma could pick out Mukahi jumping around beside Oshitari, and Akutagawa leaning against a tree nearby, dead asleep, and then Momo making rather violent gestures next to Kikumaru, who was also waving his arms about, next to Oishi, who seemed to be trying to calm the both of them down, next to Kaidoh, who appeared irritated but still. Ryoma didn't even want to know what had started this, and felt the desire to turn and walk away, but he followed Atobe anyway, sighing resignedly.

As they approached, someone finally noticed their presence, and everyone turned. After a second, Ryoma realized that all the Seigaku Regulars, as well as some from Hyoutei as well, had begun to stare at him, and he felt his face heat up slightly, but without his hat, he had nowhere to hide. As per Regular, Kikumaru was the first to speak, and bounded towards him, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him slightly away from Atobe. "Ochibi! What are you wearing?! He didn't recruit you, did he?! Do we have to steal you back?"

Ryoma blinked at Kikumaru for a second, feeling overwhelmed, before turning to Atobe, giving him a semi-plaintive look. This was al his fault, after all.

Atobe stepped forward, and took hold of Ryoma's other arm, then pulled him away from Kikumaru. He shot a glare at the redhead when he looked as though he wanted to try and take Ryoma away from Atobe again.

"Ore-sama supposes it was bad planning on ore-sama's part, because yesterday night's events went a little bit differently than planned, and this was the only thing in ore-sama's closet that Ryoma would fit in." Atobe realized in hindsight that maybe he shouldn't have called Ryoma by his first name in front of his teammates who could barely accept the fact that they were interested, because not they were all staring at him like he had said something completely insane.

Ryoma shifted uncomfortably again as everyone continued to stare again. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Oshitari snigger and Mukahi making some sort of wild gesture at Atobe that ended in a victory sign with one hand and a thumbs up with the other, and he tilted his head down further out of habit, despite his lack of hat, as he felt his face heat up. This sudden revelation was less than planned for, and he was in the process of trying to figure out how exactly to escape when a dramatic gasp from the Seigaku midst took his attention again.

"Ochibi-- you--?!" Kikumaru was now staring at him once again, mouth open, a look of horror on his face. He started back towards Ryoma, but Oishi put a hand on his shoulder, holding him back at least temporarily with an "Eiji--"

Momo, on the other hand, had no one to restrain him, and barged forth towards Atobe, fists balled, anger clearly evident on his face. "Why you--"

"Let's call the cops on him!" Kikumaru interrupted, despite still being held back by Oishi, "We can get him arrested, right?" Oishi, for his part, was flushed with what appeared to be embarrassment, a trait which he currently shared with Kaidoh, who was intentionally looking another direction. Ryoma, too, couldn't hide his blush, and wished that he could somehow teleport away from here, or else rewind time and somehow keep Atobe from bringing him here in the first place. Why did everyone always have to overreact to everything? Honestly...

Atobe was shocked. Shocked and furious, and even a little bit disheartened that he was apparently so disliked by his boyfriend's teammates they they wanted to have him arrested. For rape. They actually regarded him as such a dishonorable person that he would actually force Ryoma to have sex with him. And, apparently, they didn't see Ryoma as an adult in any way, shape, or form, because he clearly couldn't have defended himself if such a thing were to happen.

Atobe turned away before he lost his temper. "I'm leaving. And Ryoma, until your team learns some manners, they can rest assured that they will not be seeing me."

Ryoma looked up at Atobe as he turned, surprised that they had even pushed him past the point of dignity and all that. Ryoma knew Momo and Kikumaru had a habit of blowing things out of proportion, but, he supposed, Atobe really didn't, and now, somehow, it had become his job to make this better. This sucked, but Ryoma didn't know what to do besides simply turn to follow Atobe without so much as a glance back. That, he decided, was the most effective way to show them exactly how much deciding power he had in the situation, and so he quickened his step for a stride or two to walk beside Atobe, taking his hand for lack of any idea how to comfort anyone, not to mention Atobe, about anything.

"Hey-- Atobe, wait--!" he heard Mukahi calling above the quiet but distinct sound of Oishi scolding Kikumaru about that inconsiderate behaviour of his. Mukahi called once more, and then there was the sound of two sets of running footsteps, and suddenly Oishi, Kikumaru in tow, stood in front of them. He looked from Ryoma to Atobe for a moment, swallowed, then bowed as Kikumaru crossed his arms and looked defiant. "Please forgive us. Really, we didn't mean anything of the sort-- did we, Eiji?" He gave Kikumaru a look, and Kikumaru sighed, looking at Atobe distastefully before nodding to Ryoma. "Yeah... sorry, Ochibi. I guess it's your choice if you wanna date absolute pricks." That earned him another dirty look from Oishi, but Ryoma looked up to Atobe, to gauge his reaction.

Atobe looked from Oishi to Kikumaru, from one face that was sincerely apologetic to the other that looked as if it couldn't care less. And Kikumaru hadn't really apologized to him, but in the end at least he'd admitted that Ryoma had the right to make his own decisions. That was good enough for Atobe.

"Apology accepted," he replied, and he felt Ryoma's had tighten slightly around his. He glanced over, but Ryoma's face was carefully neutral, revealing nothing about what he was feeling at the moment. "However, ore-sama will be taking my leave. Hopefully ore-sama's presence was enough to settle your silly little squabble. Ryoma, will you be joining me or would you like to stay here?"

Ryoma shrugged, keeping the fact that he was extremely glad everything had been settled on the inside. After all, it would be rather unfortunate if his team hated his boyfriend, and vice versa. "I guess I'll come," he replied, not removing his hand from Atobe's. After all, he didn't particularly want to stay and listen to stupid people argue, and maybe he could get Atobe to take him to lunch, too.

Atobe was quite pleased with the hand holding. It was the sort of little gesture that, when Ryoma initiated it, really showed the relationship was more than one-sided. Logically, Atobe knew that it was more than one-sided at this point, but even his completely confident self needed reassurance on rare occasions. Such as the ones that called for hand-holding.

"So, Ryoma," Atobe said, stopping just outside his car. He carefully took Ryoma's other hand, and pulled the boy so that they were facing one another. "I think you just picked me over your friends." Ryoma looked like he was about to deny it, so Atobe leaned forward and pecked him on the lips. "You did. And I appreciate it. Now, where would you like to go to eat?"

Ryoma, who had been wearing a bit of a pout at Atobe's announcements of his victory over the Seigaku Regulars, couldn't help but grin slightly at that. This was simply how things worked with Atobe, he was beginning to discover; he lost some to Atobe's ego and won some all the same, and, Ryoma realized, he liked it that way. Standing on his toes, he kissed Atobe again, more forcefully, before rocking back on his heels thoughtfully. After all, having Atobe take him out presented a limitless number of possibilities. "You know of any good Chinese places, Monkey King?"

"Of course I know of good Chinese place, Ryoma," Atobe replied. Considering the number of Chinese businessmen his father regularly associated with, Atobe wouldn't be surprised if he actually knew every Chinese restaurant in the city limits. However, he didn't say any of this to Ryoma, but instead followed it with a question of his own. "Are you interested in dim sum, a more traditional meal, or one of those Americanized buffets I know many people are so fond of?"

"You choose, Monkey King," Ryoma replied with a shrug, leaning in closer and looking up into Atobe's eyes. "You're pickier than me." Lingering with a grin, he pulled away from Atobe altogether, opening the car door and climbing in less-then-gracefully. "Well? Are you coming, Keigo?"

"Just for that," Atobe replied, following Ryoma into the car and pulling the door shut after himself. "I think we'll go to dim sum instead of the buffet. I'll order everything by it's chinese name, and I'm not going to tell you what any of it is." Ryoma pouted at him, and Atobe threaded both of his hands into Ryoma's hair in order to pull him closer. "And if you're going to look like that, I have to choice but to do this." Without further explanation, Atobe pulled Ryoma the rest of the way closer and made good on continuing the kiss Ryoma had started outside of the car.

"But you know," Atobe murmured when he briefly pulled away some minutes later. "The food threat is only really effective when eating french cuisine."

"Insufferable bastard," Ryoma replied with a smirk, not meaning it for a second, before kissing Atobe again. After all, Atobe was his insufferable bastard, and he wouldn't have it any other way.
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