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18 March 2009 @ 11:19 am
Here it is.

This is kind of ridiculous. XD;; Prince of Tennis is making me update my archive like every day. XD;;; I guess that's a good thing, but. XD;

Also, I feel like I ought to mention that Prince of Tennis now has the most diverse assortment of pairings that I've written of any fandom. At 8 different pairings, it beat out the next most diverse, Saiyuki, which has 5. Granted, two of the pairings listed were written entirely because of a request and one of them is really non-con, but regardless. XD;; EIGHT PAIRINGS IS A LOT. XD;; Yay Prince of Tennis! You're SUPA GAY.


In other news,


stfu I love that song and it's made me inexplicably attached to Silver Pair...
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