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15 April 2009 @ 04:30 pm
I'm so cool.  
So uh. This is my productivity for yesterday. Just a little something I doodled in class. Medium is bic coloured ball-point pen, and it took me around a half hour XD;;; So uh, enjoy.

Um, I think that quote is like, my catchphrase for Gakuto now (rather than the "miso!" thing.) I'm sure it can be like, twisted to become dirty in this case... X3;

Now, before you get on my case, I KNOW Gakuto doesn't actually dress like that. I know Gakuto likes wearing hoodies and baggy pants and being gangsta like that, but in my mind (and, of course, you're always allowed to disagree), post-pubescent Gakuto is going to figure out how to play up his good points one way or another, being the attention whore that he is, of course, and I definitely think he would like the sort of attention he would get from being pegged as like. Sexy. You know.

So yes, maybe he would never wear a belt with a heart on it. Maybe that's just my wishful thinking. But those hotpants? Definitely. XD;;;

In other news, room draw was yesterday... and I got fucked. I'm in Brecon; it was my only choice for singles. For those of you not familiar with Bryn Mawr, Brecon is across city lines. It's almost, for all intents and purposes, off campus. Granted, it's a very nice place. But fuck is it out of the way. XO; I *may* get the opportunity to trade, but I'm not planning on anything yet, because I don't want to be disappointed. And Brecon is a nice place...

I wish Dirty Pair would get off my mind. I don't have so much inspiration in particular for them, and I ought to be writing on OTJN... but... but... Dirty Pair ;____;
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: Saitou Takumi and Aoyagi Ruito//Do Your Best! Rap Ver.
vtheyoshivink_sama on April 17th, 2009 04:03 pm (UTC)
Ohh, he came out very nice indeed. i like his expression a lot. XD

Sorry about your room draw... Ours is soon, too. Hopefully you'll get the chance to trade, but if not, good luck in your new far away dorm! :D;
ミランダ (大丈夫)faded_lace on April 17th, 2009 06:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks :D; It's tough when you're using ball point pen XD; But I'm glad you like the face, I wasn't sure about it but there was really no way for me to undo. XD; (Me, I like the hipbones. XD)

Thanks ;; But you at least know what building you'll be in... and know that you won't be like, practically off campus. But thanks. ;