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Dirty Pair RP!

So, chiachiaamichan and I have done another one! This time it's Dirty Pair :D Hope everyone enjoys!

Part 1

Disclaimer: Konomi's dirty boys!

Rating: NC-17!! Not for the faint of heart!

Warnings: BL, m/m sex, a bit of kinkiness, dirty talking, Silver Pair and Golden Pair in the background, language... but it's all consensual!

Note: Takes place in high school :x Because middle schoolers aren't quite so kinky. Probably. XD;

Gakuto was in a bad mood. His bad mood had started second period, when he had realized he had forgotten the homework, and carried over to lunch, when he realized he had forgotten his wallet and couldn't buy any food, and carried over to fifth period, when he twisted his ankle and fell on his face in front of the entire class, and carried over to tennis practice, when he landed wrong on his previously twisted ankle and fell on his face again. He was of the opinion that his day couldn't get any worse when, limping to the nearest convenience store to pick up some bandages and an ice pack, he caught that stupid Kikumaru and that boyfriend of his coming out of the cafe next door, hand in hand, all laughing and smiles. Gakuto meant to ignore them, he really did, but he felt his stomach clench up with jealousy, and he somehow couldn't tear his eyes away as Kikumaru leaned over and pecked the other boy on the cheek before pulling him in the opposite direction with mentions of ice cream.

Back in his dorm, hours later, wrapping his injured ankle, Gakuto was still fuming. It simply wasn't fair. Kikumaru always got everything he wanted, and Gakuto got nothing. After all, he had been subtly flirting with Yuushi for months now with no avail. It wasn't fair.

But after another hour or so of feeling sorry for himself, Gakuto decided he simply had to take action. Somehow, he would figure out the best way to win over Yuushi, and he would do it, somehow, he would win. Because if stupid Kikumaru could have a romance, so could he, damnit. He would win over Yuushi... he just had to figure out how.

Oshitari noticed that Gakuto was in a bad mood. It had been quite apparent at lunch, and increasingly apparent  every time Oshitari saw his doubles partner. Oshitari was quite prepared to invite him out for food or snacks, or anything Gakuto wanted at the end of tennis practice, but Gakuto had been emanating near killer intent, and Oshitari decided it might be best to leave him to his own devices for the day.
As he was musing later than night in his dorm room, he decided he would have to buy something for Gakuto at lunch the next day. It would be sure to cheer him up, and Oshitari knew, as Gakuto's doubles partner, it was his job to take care of such things.

The next day, Gakuto had developed a (mostly) stealthy plan in order to win Yuushi's heart once and for all.  That morning, before classes started, he sought out Atobe, who, he knew, always arrived to school at least a little early.  Finding his classroom, Gakuto elbowed a few of those annoying fangirls he always seemed to have out of the way before making it to his desk.  Atobe, after all, was the one who Gakuto figured knew Yuushi best, so he would be the best person to ask for tips.  Gakuto just had to be discreet about it, so that Atobe didn't know why he was asking.  "Hey, Atobe-buchou.  You've gotta know this, right?  Just wondering... uh."  Maybe he should have planned this out better.  "Uh... what is it that Yuushi finds... you know.  Attractive, or whatever.  Like, in someone else.  Who he might.  I dunno.  Date or something."  That was smooth... and not as stealthy as Gakuto had planned it, especially since he was blushing slightly in embarrassment now, but, hopefully, Atobe would answer the question, and it would all be worth it.  

Atobe raised an eyebrow, wondering why Mukahi decided on today of all days to start actively pursuing Oshitari. And why he thought he needed to keep it quiet that he wanted a relationship. As though Oshitari hadn't been catering to his every whim like a good boyfriend should, over the past three years
Still, Atobe shooed the fans away as best he could and made Mukahi come closer, in order to increase the conspiratorial atmosphere. "Ore-sama has heard that he likes girls who are shorter than he is. However, the one definite thing Oshitari looks for is girls with shapely and well-formed legs."

Gakuto blinked, leaning in a little closer.  "Girls?" he asked downheartedly, then, realizing his mistake, did his best to cover.  "I mean, I guess that makes sense.  Uh... thanks.  If you find anything else out... you know, lemme know."  And with that, he turned to head back to his own classroom, lost in thought.  Did Yuushi only like girls?  That wasn't possible... that couldn't be.  Maybe that was all he had said to Atobe.  But... even so... did it apply to boys, too?  Gakuto was certainly shorter than Yuushi was, and... well, he hadn't really thought about it, but he had good legs, right?  He played tennis all the time, after all, and with all the acrobatics and things... certainly he had nice legs.  So that solved that problem... now Gakuto just had to somehow emphasize these qualities for Yuushi and combine them with his new, more aggressive flirting-attack-plan in order to win Yuushi for sure.  

However, it was all easier said than done, and Gakuto still wasn't quite sure exactly what he was planning when lunch rolled around.  Still, it was always easier when he was actually around Yuushi, and so, when he spotted him in the hallway, Gakuto hurried to catch up, putting on his most winning smile.  "Hey, Yuushi!  What's up?"  When Yuushi looked back down at him, he did his best to give him his cutest look, hoping he would notice.  He had all those romance movies, after all.  He ought to catch on, right?  

Oshitari very carefully kept his expression neutral as Gakuto very clearly attempted to look cute and enticing. Well, this was certainly an interesting development, and one Oshitari had been waiting for ever since they had started playing doubles back in middle school. All things considered, Oshitari was quite keen on seeing where Gakuto was about to take this; or, more importantly, what had finally spurred him into action.
Giving his best clueless male love interest smile (oh, there were thousands of smiles, and Oshitari could drop them all in the blink of an eye, thanks to his many romance movies) Oshitari slowed down so that he and Gakuto could walk side by side. "Nothing much, Gakuto. Just going to lunch, like usual."

Displeased that Yuushi failed to catch on, Gakuto tried again.  Putting his arms behind his back, he continued to smile up at Yuushi.  "Let's eat lunch together today, okay?" he asked, doing his best cute voice.  It wasn't as if this was an unusual proposition; they usually ate lunch together, but it seemed the thing to say in order to be flirtatious and that sort of thing.  
"Of course, Gakuto," Oshitari replied shifting his smile ever-so-slightly to the "I don't know why you're spending time with me, but I'm never going to question your reasoning" one. "Should we eat with the team or ditch them today?" Thinking to the miniature teacake Oshitari had gotten up early to buy for Gakuto that morning, he hoped for the second option. Not to mention it would be an ideal situation to test the limits he was working with: how clueless could he act before Gakuto realized something was up?

Gakuto hesitated a moment, pretending to think about it. He was excited that Yuushi had given the option; that meant that he wanted to spend time alone with Gakuto, right? Doing his best coy smile, he shrugged. "Um... let's just have lunch together, okay? It's nice out, so we could go on the roof," he suggested, knowing that it was just chilly enough, being early autumn, that they would have it to themselves. "I mean... if you want to have lunch with the team, it's fine and all... I just want to spend time with you." He looked at Yuushi sidewardly, in his best cute-coy-appealing manner, hoping it was having some effect.

Oshitari wondered if Gakuto actually had been taking notes when they sat down to watch romance movies. He was certainly touching on all the right looks at all the right times, and Oshitari briefly thought, it would be so much fun to actually flirt back and see how long it took Gakuto to catch on.
Alas, Oshitari knew that Gakuto would be incensed at him if he didn't let Gakuto keep the lead in this, so he held back the appropriate flirty response, and simply turned his smile up another degree. "The roof sounds fine, Gakuto. Let's head up there, then, so that we can get a good spot."

After buying himself lunch, Gakuto followed Yuushi to the roof which, sure enough, was empty. Finding a seat against the railing, he pressed his thighs together down to the knees and let his calves stay apart with his feet turned in slightly, trying to emphasize, as Atobe had said, his legs. It was a little silly, but all was fair in love and war, he supposed, and so he did it anyway, laying his lunch out on his lap. "Come sit next to me, Yuushi!" he invited with a smile after a moment, looking up at Yuushi expectantly.

Really, as they had come to eat lunch together that went without saying, but Oshitari gave Gakuto points for trying everything. So, when he sat, he made sure he was closer than "just two guys eating lunch" but not close enough to consider it "boyfriends eating lunch" and made sure he was right in the range of "friends eating lunch on the roof". Not that Gakuto actually understood the differences in ranges down to actual distances, he would probably just notice that Oshitari wasn't "too far away".
He set out his lunch, making sure it was positioned just right so that Gakuto could see everything that was in it, and tried to plan how to bring up the teacake.

Gakuto was glad that Yuushi didn't sit too far away, though he did wish he had sat a little closer... Still it was better than nothing, and so he began opening the bag to his melon bread, trying to think of something to say, some way to start the conversation. After a little while, he was hoping to sneakily ask Yuushi about his preferences in romantic interests, but for now... "Uh... so, what do you have for lunch?" That was lame but... normal sounding? Right?

Oshitari glanced down at his bento, because he really wasn't sure what he had bought (it had been listed as the 'special' and it was cheaper than the normal bentos for the same amount). "Well, it appears I have a shrimp tempura bento with....salad and some sort of roast vegetables." And there was the perfect segue into offering Gakuto the little treat he wanted. "Are you planning on eating anything other than that bread today? You might be able to convince me to share what I have."

Gakuto's heart skipped a beat when he heard Yuushi's offer. This was perfect. Perhaps his cunning plan was already beginning to work? Whatever the reason, it was exciting, but he did his best not to show it, did his best to be cute and flirtatious about it. "This is all I got, but... I'd hate to take anything from you, Yuushi..." he whined the last bit a tiny bit, experimenting, and decided that he liked the sound of it. Looking up at Yuushi for a moment with wide, hopefully attractive eyes, he then turned back to his break, taking a small bite. "It's fine, don't worry about me."

Really, the fact that Gakuto was trying so hard to seduce Oshitari was making it almost too easy. "If you're sure..." Oshitari looked down at his lunch, counted to five,  then looked up sharply and announced, "Wait, I know!"

He knew Gakuto was watching as he abruptly stood and ran towards the door, yelling to wait there and that he'd be back soon. He then proceeded to stroll down the stairs, walk to his classroom, retrieved the teacake, strolled back to the roof, then ran up the last ten stairs and slammed the door open. Gakuto looked like he was about to jump up and chase after him, melon bread forgotten in it's position halfway to his mouth. Oshitari walked over and sat down again. "Here," he said, holding out the teacake.

Gakuto blinked at the item being handed to him, only able to kick his body into moving after a second of surprise that Yuushi had really gone through all the trouble to get this just for him. Setting his bread aside, he accepted the cake, blushing slightly and looking up at Yuushi, trying to read his expression, hoping against hope that this meant what Gakuto thought it did. Maybe... maybe it wouldn't be so hard after all? Maybe Yuushi really was interested in him?

But he didn't think it was such a good idea to jump to conclusions just yet, so he smiled his cutest. "For me? Oh, thanks, Yuushi!" Taking a bite in the most aesthetically pleasing manner he could manage, he was surprised at how good it was, and grinned back at Yuushi after swallowing. "Wow, this is really good!"

Well of course it was good, given how much Oshitari had spent on it. It wasn't that Oshitari wasn't willing to spend the money on Gakuto (and it really was a trivial amount to a Hyoutei student), and it was just adorable. But again, Gakuto was going up against a Master of the Romantic Arts, and he should have taken either a slightly smaller bite or one that was as large as possible.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it, Gakuto. I bought more than I meant to for lunch, and realized I wouldn't have room for it, and I certainly didn't want it to go to waste." Oshitari flashed the happy and clueless smile again as Gakuto took another bite of the cake.

It was rather disheartening how clueless Yuushi really seemed about everything... one minute, he was doing something really sweet, and then the next minute, he seemed as if he had no idea that Gakuto might ever flirt with him. It was mildly upsetting, but Gakuto told himself not to let it get him down. After all, if Yuushi didn't know, then he could be perfectly at ease asking about what he found attractive, right?

"Well, thanks for sharing, then," he replied with his best upbeat sort of smile, and finished the cake in relative silence, at least enjoying it and the fact that it was a gift from Yuushi either way. Returning to his melon bread after that was a little sad, but Gakuto was still hungry, and so he picked it back up from where he had left it, trying to be stealthy and casual about it. "So, uh, Yuushi... something Buchou said earlier reminded me, and I was just wondering... what kinda stuff do you... ya know... find attractive?" That... was really not very smooth, but oh well... blaming Atobe always helped any matter, because Atobe was likely to do just about anything, so hopefully, that was believable.

Oshitari felt his mouth twitch, and had to keep himself from smiling in a more understanding way. "Well, the things I find attractive, hmmm." And if he was trying to hint that he had heard from Atobe, well, Oshitari should sort of let it be known without coming out and saying that he did, in fact, like boys. Atobe would have said girls, just to be obnoxious and meddling. "I do like legs, nice shapely legs. Toned and muscled though, no flabby flimsy stick legs. And I suppose I do like shorter people, possibly even the tiny ones, you know, more than a few centimeters of height difference."

That was what Atobe had said, and Gakuto was glad he had both of those covered. However, whereas Atobe had definitely said "girls," Yuushi had most certainly not, and Gakuto felt a bit of hope bubble in his chest. Once again putting on the cutest, most innocent expression he possibly could, he looked up at Yuushi. "Buchou said you liked short girls and girls with nice legs... but is there anything else?" Hopefully, hopefully... but he couldn't get too bold, or else Yuushi would suspect something, so hopefully, he'd answer the way Gakuto was hoping...

"I guess it's the same for boys," Oshitari replied, trying his hardest to keep a straight face, and not respond at all when Gakuto's face lit up. "Or did you mean anything else appearance wise? I suppose if they're not unattractive or have some really weird disfigurement, and have a good personality. I guess I don't like computer nerds or greasy people either..." He shrugged and turned back to his lunch.

Gakuto barely even heard the rest of what Yuushi said, he was so relieved, so happy. Yuushi liked boys-- that meant he definitely had a chance! And he wasn't greasy or nerdy or weirdly disfigured, so far as he knew, and he liked to think he had a good personality... so really, there was nothing in his way. With new strength in his resolution, he did his best to act innocent(ly attractive). "Oh, I see. I was just wondering."

"Of course. I suppose it's weird that we've never actually talked about this before, considering how long we've been friends." Oshitari shrugged, and turned back to his lunch. They ate in silence for a few minutes, and then Oshitari turned to look at Gakuto again. "I think at this point, it's only fair for me to ask you the same thing. What sort of things do you look for in a possible significant other, Gakuto?"

Gakuto couldn't help but blush, fiddling with the wrapper from his melon bread. "Well... I definitely like people who are easygoing, like, who I can hang out and have a good time with," he started; after all, he enjoyed hanging out with Yuushi more than anyone else. "And I want a person who's really nice and really cares about me. As for looks... he has to be taller than me, and really cool... you know, tall, dark and handsome... he could have long hair, I think, and..." Flushing brightly, Gakuto realized that he had gotten carried away; not only had he let it slip that he was solely interested in boys, but he had almost flat out described Yuushi! It was okay, he rationalized, since he was trying to win Yuushi over, but... still! It was embarrassing, and he looked down, wringing the wrapper between his hands. "Yeah... I guess that's about it..."

"I'm sure you'll have no problems finding someone who fits your criteria Gakuto," Oshitari replied with a smile. Granted, he was sitting right in front of Gakuto and really it would take about two more hints or questions from Gakuto to count as non-flirting flirting in Oshitari's eyes to stop waiting and just start kissing Gakuto senseless. Oshitari would be quite happy to skip right to that step.

But, again, Oshitari had already determined that he was going to wait for Gakuto to make the first move, so wait he would have to. "Would you like of of these shrimp?"

Gakuto blinked at the abrupt change of subject. "Yes... please," he responded, and quickly, thinking of a wicked plan. Fighting back a grin, he leaned in a little closer to Yuushi, batting his eyelashes and opening his mouth expectantly, waiting to be fed. Hopefully... hopefully Yuushi would play along.

Perfect. Oshitari carefully picked up one of the shrimp in his bento. "Open up a little more Gakuto," he murmured, and had to make sure not to look to closely at Gakuto's mouth and keep his eyes locked somewhere near his cheeks. He popped the shrimp into Gakuto's waiting mouth, carefully not removing his chopsticks until Gakuto had nearly closed his mouth.

Before Yuushi could pull back, Gakuto closed his lips around the chopsticks, looking up at Yuushi through half-lidded eyes. Slowly, carefully, he let his tongue run over them, around them in the most seductive fashion he could manage before letting them go. Letting his eyes fall all the way shut, he slowly chewed the shrimp, doing his best to make it seem as if it was absolutely the best thing he had ever tasted, making a soft, throaty noise of pleasure. Swallowing, he let his eyes flutter back open and smiled cutely up at Yuushi. "Thanks... it was really good."

"It certainly looked like you enjoyed it." Oshitari took another shrimp and ate it in much the same way Gakuto had. After all, two could play that game. "Now eat some of these vegetables Gakuto, they're good for you." He held up a piece of squash and tried to make it look as enticing as one could with a vegetable.

Gakuto felt his face heat up as he watched Yuushi eat; certainly he had to be doing that on purpose? But, he reminded himself, really, everything Yuushi did was sexy, and he shouldn't let his hope get the best of him. Concentrating on the food item presented to him, Gakuto smiled flirtatiously up at Yuushi before closing his lips around the chopsticks again, this time taking much more of them into his mouth than necessary and slowly sliding back, running his tongue along the bottom side of the chopsticks as absolutely obscenely as he could. Once again making an appreciative purring-sort of noise as he chewed and swallowed the squash, he licked his lips afterwards. "It's so nice of you to share with me, Yuushi."

"Of course, Gakuto. I'm always happy to share with you." Oshitari took a piece of vegetable for himself, making sure to keep his eating more toned down. So that Gakuto couldn't tell for sure if he was flirting back or not in response to Gakuto's rather obvious attempts. He glanced at his watch, and was somewhat surprised to see that lunch break was almost over. That presented the perfect opportunity to forcibly postpone the current activities. And give Oshitari time to plan for said future activities. "Gakuto, we need to go back to the classrooms, lunch is almost over."

Gakuto was disappointed to find that they would be forced to part ways until practice, but didn't let it show. Standing, he held out a hand to Yuushi, offering to help him up. And perhaps... well, perhaps he wouldn't feel the need to let go...

Oshitari accepted the hand Gakuto offered, and if he allowed his hand to linger a little longer than perhaps was necessary, it was worth it to see Gakuto's eyes light up and watch him walk with a little extra bounce in his step all the way back to his classroom. Gakuto's classroom came first, so Oshitari stopped outside the door and Gakuto continued on into the classroom. "I'll see you at practice, Gakuto."

Gakuto smiled back brightly, for the first time today not trying, but simply allowing his happiness at being with Yuushi to show through. "See you then, Yuushi! I can't wait!" Maybe it was going to be tough, but... well, something about the warmth of Yuushi's hand against his own had given him a feeling of optimism that maybe, just maybe, something would go right.

Gakuto's good mood lasted through the end of the day, but was beginning to wear off as he entered the locker rooms to change for tennis. He had done poorly on an exam and had been asked to stay after to speak with the teacher, and, as such, was late getting to practice. Already, Yuushi, along with Buchou and everyone else, was on the court and beginning to warm up, and it was disheartening to know that he wouldn't really be able to chat (or flirt) until after practice. With a sigh, Gakuto made a show of hurrying when Buchou shot him a nasty look and darted into the locker room.

Upon entering the room, it became very obvious that everyone one out on the courts already, everyone but a particular Regular doubles pair who had taken the opportunity of the empty room to, as they would put it, spend some quality time together. Gakuto rolled his eyes and coughed into his hand politely, to clue them in that they were no longer alone, but his noise was lost under a breathy whine coming from the silver-haired boy currently pressed against the lockers, eyes squeezed shut, a particular sempai's teeth against his neck and hands beneath his jersey. Irked, Gakuto opened his locker and slammed it shut again, glowering back at Shishido and Ootori when they finally noticed his existence. "Get a room, will you?"

Ootori at least had the decency to blush and look embarrassed and attempt to cover up the obvious hickey now residing above his collar and mumble an apology, but Shishido looked equally irked to be interrupted, and shot Gakuto a scowl. "You're just getting your panties in a bunch because you're not getting any." And with that, he took Ootori's hand, and, together, they went out onto the courts, leaving Gakuto in peace.

He knew it was just Shishido being stupid, probably pissed because Gakuto interrupted before he could get Ootori's clothes off, but Gakuto was irritable for the rest of practice. It wasn't his fault that he wasn't getting any! Yuushi was just being... was just being stupid, that was all, but Gakuto would win him over somehow! Stupid Shishido and his stupid easy boyfriend. Gakuto would show them.

But by the end of practice, he certainly wasn't any closer to winning Yuushi than he had been at the beginning of practice, and, from the shy looks Ootori had been giving Shishido all practice, Shishido was a lot closer to getting some, and it made Gakuto want to hurt someone. This just wasn't fair!

Gakuto was focused during practice today, but there was something in his behavior that was off, and even trying as hard as he could, Oshitari couldn't work out exactly what it was that was bothering him. Shishido and Ootori had left the locker room before Gakuto, but he couldn't say that Gakuto was bothered by walking in on them during "private time" because everyone had walked in on Shishido and Ootori at some point. He almost wanted to say that Shishido and Gakuto had had an argument, but they argued about trivial things on an almost daily basis and that wouldn't cause this kind of change in behavior.

Oshitari decided to chalk it up to whatever the teacher had kept Gakuto after class for, and continued supporting him throughout practice. The minute Atobe dismissed them, and everyone started heading for the locker room, Oshitari caught up to Gakuto and fell into pace beside him. "You want to do anything tomorrow?"

Gakuto had been on an internal tirade at Shishido when Yuushi surprised him out of his thoughts. Brightening, he nodded quickly. Sure, maybe today was lousy... but the prospect of going out tomorrow with Yuushi meant more chances, and a little bit of the optimism returned to Gakuto's demeanor. "Yeah, sure!" he responded with a smile. "What do you wanna do?"

"Oh, I don't have anything particular in mind." Oshitari replied. Even though he did and was about to attempt to trick Gakuto into doing exactly what he wanted. "Or we can go with something simple. Go out and eat someplace, and there's a new romance movie out in theaters that I've heard is supposed to be good." He smiled charmingly and waited for Gakuto to change the plans to something he would really want to do.

As unappealing as a romance movie sounded... well, that was the sort of thing people did on dates, right? And if he could get Yuushi to take him on a date, then perhaps it would be easier to flirt with him, easier to win him over. Smiling back as sweetly as possible he nodded. "That sounds good. When do you want to go? Come pick me up at my room, okay?"

Oshitari very nearly stopped in shock. He hadn't expected Gakuto to agree to the movie, he had expected him to insist on a different movie, and action flick or a horror film or something. But, again, if Gakuto really was trying to flirt with him, this was a perfect opportunity. Oshitari smiled. "How about we aim for an afternoon movie, and we can go for lunch before that? I'll come by around 11 I suppose, and we can take the bus to the city and decide on lunch from there?"

Gakuto grinned, nodding. "Sounds good to me!" Despite everything, with the thought of a date tomorrow, Gakuto was beginning to cheer up slightly, and he bounded a few steps in front of Yuushi, turning back to face him with a wicked grin. "Your treat, right?"

"I think I can manage that, if you're going to sit through my romance movie afterward," Oshitari replied with a shrug. "Although if you eat as much as Shishido I might be reconsidering that before next time." That resulted in the intended snickering from Gakuto as well as a shout from Shishido of, "I heard that!"

"You were meant to!" Oshitari called back, and shot a secretive smile at Gakuto. "I think I'm going to go back to the dorms to shower instead of fighting for space in here. I'll see you tomorrow, then?"

Gakuto smiled his cutest, waving. "Bai bai, Yuushi~ See you tomorrow!"

However, it seemed like tomorrow was never going to come. After practice, back in his dorm, he absolutely couldn't think about his homework or anything like that; after all, he was going to win Yuushi over tomorrow! Eventually, he gave up and spent an hour picking out his outfit for the next day, and when he still had time after that, he watched some TV, took a walk... but nothing could hold his attention. He ended up going to bed early and laying awake in the dark for hours before finally falling asleep.
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