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Dirty dirty dirty!

Part 2~

All warnings and shit are the same :D

The next morning, he woke up early, which was downright odd for Gakuto, who loved to sleep in. He was ready a good forty-five minutes early, and paced around his room waiting for Yuushi to show up. This was really stupid, this anxiety... But today was going to be the day, damnit! He was going to do it, he was going to win Yuushi's heart.

Oshitari spent the morning leisurely preparing for his outing with Gakuto. He hesitated to call it a 'date' as he knew Gakuto probably was, but he was still in the 'waiting' stage of his plan. So, he put on relatively normal clothing, and left so that he'd arrive 10 minutes early at Gakuto's room.

He was the tiniest bit surprised to find Gakuto completely ready for him when he showed up, but didn't give any indication of his surprise, and instead smiled and greeted Gakuto warmly. He waited while Gakuto locked his door, and then they headed off to catch the bus. The walk and subsequent ride were relatively quiet, interrupted only by a discussion of where to eat lunch.

In the end they went to a family restaurant with a large menu and where Oshitari knew Gakuto liked the desserts. And, well, if it was crowded because it was noon on a Sunday and they had to sit a little closer than normal on a bench, Oshitari decided to let Gakuto consider it a small victory on his part.

Gakuto was almost sad to get off the bus, to leave the closeness that he was forced have with Yuushi, but he was looking forward to lunch, and so there wasn't much of a setback in his mood. He bounced all the way there, chattering cheerfully with Yuushi. It was easy to chat with Yuushi, and it was something Gakuto rather enjoyed, so he decided to put the flirting off until they were seated together in the restaurant-- then, surely, would be the ideal time for heart-winning.

Almost the second they were inside the restaurant, however, Gakuto's eyes narrowed; of course, already inside, sitting together at a secluded table off to the side and staring lovingly into one another's eyes were Shishido and Ootori. Goddamn Shishido, Gakuto swore internally; it wasn't fair that he always got what he wanted!! But, Gakuto told himself, he would let his annoyance at Shishido only fuel his desire to win Yuushi over-- he would certainly do it today! And so, with new determination, he sat across from Yuushi, fingering his menu but not picking it up yet, smiling as sweetly as possible. "Thanks for taking me out today, Yuushi," he practically cooed, batting his eyelashes, laying it on thick.

"Of course Gakuto," Oshitari replied automatically, immediately trying to figure out what suddenly had Gakuto so fired up. He had seemed just fine before, and now he appeared to be jumping full throttle into the flirting. Well, this could either go very well or very badly, depending on how hard Gakuto decided to push the flirting today. Oshitari, for the time being, was going to play it safe. "Although I'm not sure what to get to eat. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Mm..." Gakuto hummed, opening the menu. "I think the pasta here is really good, if you want to try that..." He smiled up at Yuushi, doing his best to be cute. "What sort of pasta do you like, Yuushi? I'm sure there's something you'd like."

"Oh, I'm easy," short pause for effect, "I like pretty much anything. Marinara sauce, alfredo sauce, spaghetti noodles or shaped pasta. Ravioli or anything with filling. I don't really care as long as it's made well. I have an idea." Oshitari paused again and smiled. "If there's two things you know are particularly good, you can get one and I'll get the other and we can share a little so I can try both."

"Okay!" Gakuto replied a little too eagerly, then hid his blush behind his menu. Sharing food was always a good way to flirt, and perhaps today he'd have more luck than yesterday. "How about I get the tortolini and you get the fettucini, okay?" Setting the menu aside, he smiled charmingly again, inclining his head to the side slightly in his best attempt to look appealing. "And we should definitely get ice cream afterwards, too!"

"I assumed dessert went without saying." Oshitari smiled and set his menu on top of Gakuto's. That tipped the waitress off that they were ready to order, and within seconds she was there and waiting. "I'd like an order of fettucini, please." She wrote it down quickly, and took Gakuto's order as well, and then they were alone at the table again. "So, do you have anything exciting planned for the day after we see the movie?"

Gakuto batted his eyelashes again, for good luck, before placing his elbows on the edge of the table and putting his face in his hands. "No," he replied sweetly, "You're the only exciting thing I have planned... I didn't want to plan anything else that might interrupt our time together." After a moment, he frowned slightly and added, "Why, do you?" He better not. Yuushi was Gakuto's, goddamnit, or was going to be, one way or another.

"No, I can't say that I've made any plans. I think after the movie I was just planning on going back to my room and doing something boring like studying. Or possibly watching another movie. Not anything nearly as exciting as our day out on the town." The conversation lapsed into a lull, and Oshitari spent a large amount of the time until looking around the restaurant and periodically glancing back to see Gakuto staring at him. Lovingly of course.

When the food arrived, Oshitari used it as an excuse to surreptitiously watch Gakuto eat again, knowing Gakuto was doing the same. A few minutes in, he reached over and, with a quickly murmured, "May I?" stabbed one of Gakuto's tortellini.

Gakuto was doing his best to making eating look as much like various sexual acts as possible when Yuushi reached across the table. Licking his fork, he watched as Yuushi wrapped his lips around his own, flushing slightly before replying, if a little delayedly, "Of course. You can have anything you want from me," in his most inviting voice.

"I always knew I could count on you Gakuto." Oshitari let his eyelids droop just the tiniest bit and his smile stretch a little bit wider than usual. He took another bite of his fettucini, chewing and swallowing slowly. It almost turned into a game, and Oshitari had to try his hardest not to appeared to be purposefully responding to Gakuto's obvious flirtations.

Gakuto did his best for the rest of the meal to be as flirtatious as possible, but, it seemed, Yuushi was still as oblivious as he was at the beginning by the time the waitress came back to ask if they wanted the check. Gakuto was feeling a bit like despairing; he had been being so obvious! You would think, with all those romance books that he read, Yuushi would pick up on his flirting... but no. Apparently all he was good for was looking sexy without trying to and making Gakuto want him even that much more. This sucked... with a sigh, Gakuto rested his head on his hand, letting Yuushi deal with the waitress. On the bright side... at least he was paying.

"Would you like some dessert?" Oshitari looked away from Gakuto to the waitress, who was waiting expectantly for him to say something. With a last glance at Gakuto, he turned back to her and with a smile replied, "Of course. I can't say I know what's good here, could you recommend something for me?" He turned back to Gakuto, who was doing his best to look bored out of his mind. "You like sweet things, right Gakuto? I know," and his attention was once again on the waitress. "How about you bring us something just as sweet as you look?"

Gakuto felt as if someone had punched in the in the stomach. Yuushi... Yuushi was flirting with the waitress. Some random girl he had never met. Just like that. After not even noticing Gakuto's attempts for the past year, and especially the last couple of days... he was hitting on this girl that he had never seen and would most likely never see again. That... it was just too much for Gakuto to bear, and, after everything, he snapped. As the waitress walked away, he gave up, dropping his head and clenching his jaw, but he couldn't hold it back. Piteously, he began to cry, clutching at his pant legs as if holding onto something was going to be able to steady him after such an emotional blow. He tried his hardest to just sniff the tears away but... it was no use, now they were coming harder, his small body trembling with his sobs as he realized it was no use; no matter how much he loved Yuushi, Yuushi would never, ever love him.

Oshitari realized almost as soon as the waitress left that he had screwed something up. He had anticipated a typical reaction of getting kicked or punched and told to stop flirting around, or possibly a redoubled effort at flirting, not to have Gakuto start crying. That was the first and last indication Oshitari needed to see that he had pushed the game far enough and it was finally time to play his own hand.

He pulled out his wallet, and took out enough money to cover the food, the desert they weren't going to eat, and a generous tip for the waitress, left it on the table and then got up and pulled Gakuto out of his seat as well. He led him out of the store, highly aware of the muffled sniffles, and eventually slowed his pace enough so that they were walking side by side. He not-so-subtly wrapped an arm around Gakuto's shoulders and used that to guide him, as Gakuto was wiping at his eyes and not looking at where they were going. Oshitari used this to his advantage, and actually managed to get Gakuto back to the bus stop and onto their bus without Gakuto noticing.

When they were safely seated in the back of a relatively empty bus, and Oshitari was sure nobody was paying any attention to the two teenage boys in the back seat, he turned Gakuto's face toward his and without any silly preambles, kissed him. "Gakuto." He couldn't hold back a smile when he pulled away. "You're the one I like."

Gakuto wasn't even entirely sure what was going on by the time he was seated at the back of the bus. He was feeling emotionally broken up enough that he didn't really care; Yuushi would never do what he wanted him to do, so there was no point in even wondering anymore. His tears were beginning to slow now, and he sniffed, wiping at his eyes before, all of a sudden, Yuushi's hand was gently against his cheek and then Yuushi's lips were on his, and Gakuto's eyes shot open, tears momentarily forgotten. As Yuushi pulled away, spoke, Gakuto felt his jaw drop, and he stared. "You-- wait-- you... what--?" He fumbled for words, unable to comprehend, unable to believe... but Yuushi was smiling at him like that, a real sort of smile, though it still had that smug edge, like he had just won a tennis match... and suddenly, Gakuto was overflowing with emotion again and broke down with a loud sob, arms hanging limply by his sides and he descended into tears once more.

Oshitari sighed and put an arm around Gakuto's shoulders again, drawing him close as he started crying again. "C'mon Gakuto, it can't be that bad, right?" He heard Gakuto sniffle a bit, so maybe his good natured teasing was getting through. "I think I still owe you a dessert. Should I get you one once we get back, and then maybe," he paused, and then leaned down to whisper directly into Gakuto's ear, "maybe we can start making up for lost time. Or maybe you'd prefer if we postponed dessert and started making up that time right-" he punctuated the word with a kiss on the lobe of Gakuto's ear, "-now."

Gakuto sniffed, feeling stupid for his tears and doing his best to wipe them away with the backs of his hands without moving any farther away from Yuushi. He still couldn't quite wrap his mind around it, but... here he was, in Yuushi's arms, and he could feel Yuushi's breath against his ear, and it was heavenly. Swallowing, he got a hold of himself, grinning weakly at Yuushi. "I can't help it that you're a terrible kisser," he replied to Yuushi's first comment, though his voice was a little too wobbly still for it to come out quite as teasingly as he had meant it. As the options Yuushi was offering sunk in, however, Gakuto shivered slightly, letting his eyes fall shut for a second. This was all too good to be true... but Yuushi was right here, holding him, whispering amazing things in that sexy dialect right into his ear, and Gakuto couldn't help but melt. "...pinch me, Yuushi..." he breathed, feeling his heart already beating faster in his chest, "... and if this isn't a dream, then I guess I'll take that second option." There, that sounded a little more normal... but still, Gakuto was having a hard time hiding the fact that this was exactly what he wanted, what he had been wanting for so long now.

Oshitari took the request at face value, and let his hand wander down to Gakuto's backside (the very nice backside that Oshitari had been admiring for years) and gave it a hard pinch. He covered Gakuto's resulting squawk with a kiss, and used his hand's current location as an excuse to fondle the aforementioned backside.

"This isn't a dream, Gakuto." Another kiss. "I'll show you just how much it isn't a dream the minute we get back, and," a firm squeeze of his hand, "you'll be hard pressed to find a better kisser than me."

Yuushi's hand on his ass was enough to make Gakuto melt entirely with joy (or maybe desire); his heart was beating so fast, and he was already having difficulties trying to think clearly. "Yuushi--" he gasped out in protest to having to wait until they got back to school, forcing his eyes open to look back into Yuushi's. But then, it was suddenly glaringly obvious that they were on a public bus, and Gakuto blushed brightly, leaning forward to press his face into Yuushi's shoulder in embarrassment. He didn't know if he was going to survive until they got back... and even this didn't help, because Yuushi smelled so good, and he was so big and strong and warm, and Gakuto just wanted--

But they had to wait, it wasn't like they could do anything right here in front of all these people (though... Gakuto couldn't help but wonder just how far they could go before people began to notice...), and so he rested his head on Yuushi's shoulder, tilting it slightly to look up at Yuushi with a sheepish smile. "I love you, Yuushi."

"I love you too, Gakuto," Oshitari replied, removing his hand to curl it around Gakuto's shoulder again. It was comfortable, and it removed the temptation to continue any sort of activities that could and probably would get them thrown off the bus and possibly even arrested. And, well, they had all day and the dorms really weren't that far away.

Hearing Yuushi say that was just too good to be true, and Gakuto grinned, letting his eyes fall shut contentedly as he snuggled more into Yuushi's embrace, not caring what anyone else on the bus might think. Still, the ride back to Hyoutei Gakuen felt longer than ever, and when they did finally make it back, Gakuto was too impatient for formalities. Taking Yuushi's hand at the gate, he dragged him back towards the dorms with a, "Come on, Yuushi!" Gakuto was not a very patient person to begin with, and Yuushi had made him wait long enough, damnit!

"I'm coming Gakuto, don't worry," Oshitari replied, walking sedately while Gakuto jumped and looked as if he was ready to attempt picking Oshitari up and carrying him just to move faster. And well, even if they were technically "together" at this point and it really wasn't necessary, Oshitari couldn't help the teasing and pushing at Gakuto's limits. "Shall we go to my room? It's a bit closer and, it seems like you simply can't wait any longer." He grabbed Gakuto and pushed him against the nearby (and, in Oshitari's opinion, conveniently placed) wall, taking the opportunity to kiss him again. "I'll admit, I really don't feel like waiting much longer either."

Gakuto shivered, looking up at Yuushi as he was pressed up against the wall. This was... this was everything Gakuto had ever wanted and more, and he couldn't help but be anxious! The way Yuushi was looking at him, like he was a particularly desirable food item... Gakuto wasn't sure he had seen anything quite so perfectly sexy in his entire life, and he let his eyes fall shut for a moment as he tried to find words. As it was, his body was beginning to feel like it was made of jelly, and so he reached up, wrapping his arms around Yuushi's neck and swinging one leg around Yuushi's back-- easy for someone flexible as he was, of course. "Take me wherever you want," he replied breathily, his eyes fluttering to stay open.

"Gakuto." Oshitari wondered if it would be easier, at this point, to just carry Gakuto the rest of the way to his room. "As much as I would love to continue this right here," he ground forward, trapping Gakuto between his hips and the wall, "I think that our first time together should be a bit more...romantic."

He took a step back, tried to take a few more, before he realized carrying Gakuto in this manner wasn't going to be very expedient nor very easy. "Gakuto, you need to get off me." He felt Gakuto's hands tighten their grips, and he almost thought he was going to forcibly remove him, when the fingerholds loosened and Gakuto fell to the ground.

Of course, it was half a second before Oshitari was down and hefting Gakuto up and over a shoulder. There was a strangled, "Wha-wha-wha?" from Gakuto, and Oshitari took the opportunity presented, and smacked Gakuto's bottom before beginning the trek to his dorm room. "I'm kidnapping you, in the spirit of one of the oldest romances in the world. I'm kidnapping you just like the Romans kidnapped the Sabine women, and I'm going to keep you and make you totally mine."

Gakuto keened when he felt Yuushi smack him, arching his back and pressing his hips against Yuushi's shoulder instinctively; normally, he might have complained, but, despite the sting... damn, that felt good, and he didn't think he was supposed to be enjoying this as much as he was, but he was definitely enjoying it. The situation was entirely out of his control now, he was at Yuushi's mercy, and he liked that, liked it very much. Still... appearances must be kept, his hazy mind reminded him, and so he squirmed slightly (but not nearly enough to make a difference). "Yuushi~i!" he whined, gasping slightly at the delightful friction his movement against Yuushi's shoulder caused. Yuushi's proposition sounded perfect, to be honest, but Gakuto didn't want to let it go to his head, after all! "Don't kidnap me~e!"

"Be quiet, Gakuto." Oshitari punctuated the statement with another smack. "Prisoners don't get to talk back." And if certain parts of Gakuto's anatomy were telling Oshitari anything, Gakuto was quite enjoying being kidnapped, and their silly little role playing was really only adding to the excitement on Oshitari's part.

When Oshitari finally got to his room, he had to fumble out his keys (which took longer than he really wanted to admit) and once he got in he made sure he locked the door and then cross the room and tossed Gakuto onto the bed. "Now then, where were we?"

Gakuto let out a squeak as Yuushi flung him onto the bed, but lay where he fell, sprawled, legs spread, on his back. Though, technically, they were making progress, Gakuto missed the feeling of Yuushi's body close to his own and whined softly. Looking up at Yuushi through his lashes, he did his best to smile coyly, though his flushed face and heavy breathing probably rather gave him away. "You were going to keep me and make me totally yours, remember? I'm completely at your mercy..."

"Of course, how could I forget?" Oshitari took a second to admire Gakuto, flushed and visibly aroused, sprawled out on his bed and just waiting for what he knew was coming next. What Oshitari was now completely ready to give. So, without further thought, he got onto the bed as well, immediately moving to press Gakuto down and kiss him as senseless as he could manage.

"Now then, Gakuto," he murmured when they broke apart. "How should we do this? Fast? Slow? Hard or gentle? Or maybe, since you're my prisoner, I should decide everything for you, hmm?"

If Gakuto had been anywhere near coherent before, he was definitely not now, not after Yuushi had been kissing him entirely senseless... but when Yuushi spoke to him, he pried his eyes open, doing his best to process the question. When it finally worked its way through his brain, he whimpered a little; how was he supposed to choose? He wanted all of it, everything-- this was what he had been waiting for for so long! How could Yuushi expect him to make a decision now, when he really couldn't think beyond want you want you want you now? Gasping softly at the feeling, he squirmed slightly beneath Yuushi. "I'm defenseless," he breathed, doing his best pout despite his state of utter need. "Do what you like with me... I can't fight back." Though perhaps not in the way he implied, he certainly couldn't; he was putty in Yuushi's hands now, and oh did he want to be in Yuushi's hands.

"Well, if you can't fight back..." Oshitari let the sentence trail off, and leaned forward to kiss Gakuto again. While his mouth was occupied, he let his hands trail downward, tracing along the line of skin above the waistband of Gakuto's pants, then wasting no time in unbuttoning them and dipping a hand in. He immediately found Gakuto's growing erection, and brushed against it, once, twice, then inched his hand into Gakuto's underwear and grasped it firmly. Gakuto bucked up against it, and Oshitari used his other arm to push him down again. He pulled away from the kiss, and slowly and as torturously as he could manage, traced a line of intermittent kisses and licks along Gakuto's jaw line and to his ear. "Liked that, did you?"

"Y-Yuushi--" Gakuto ground out, struggling, squirming against Yuushi's firm hold. "D-don't be such a tease!" Doing his best to wriggle out of his pants further despite Yuushi's hand pinning him down, he let out a frustrated whine. Feeling Yuushi's breath against his face, his hands on his body... Gakuto thought he might die of an overload of pleasure, because everything Yuushi did to him seemed to send a jolt of electricity through his body. He shouldn't be so sensitive, really; it wasn't like this was his first time, or something, but it was Yuushi, and he supposed that really did explain everything. Wrapping his arms around Yuushi's shoulders, he knotted his fingers in his shirt before frowning slightly despite his rapid breathing. "Too... too much clothes..."

"Too many clothes, Gakuto," Oshitari responded. "But...proper grammar aside, I think I have to agree." Without further statement, he pulled away, sat up and when he could feel Gakuto's eyes on him, slowly began to unbutton his shirt. He paused on the last button, met Gakuto's eyes, then popped it open and then slid the shirt off his shoulders. He pulled his arms from the sleeves, and, making sure to appear careless, dropped it on the floor. Oshitari knew that Gakuto was still watching him, and so when he was halfway through working his belt off, he turned his gaze to meet Gakuto's once again. Making his smile as tempting and suggestive as he could manage, he asked, "Shouldn't you be joining me?"

Gakuto couldn't help but watch hungrily as Yuushi took off his shirt... after all, Yuushi was just so sexy, he couldn't help but stare! But when Yuushi spoke, he blushed, biting his lip and struggling to sit up. His shirt caused him more problems than he would have expected; it was tight-fitting and tangled around his arms and head. Finally, however, he got it off and tossed it vindictively across the room before wriggling the rest of the way out of his pants. Only once he had kicked them to the floor as well did he realize how impatient he must seem and flushed again, fidgeting as he waited for Yuushi to come back to him.

Oshitari managed to both watch Gakuto struggling to unclothe himself and remove his own clothing much more gracefully than Gakuto had. But then, Gakuto was naked and looking like he wanted (needed) some attention, and Oshitari was more than willing to give it. Kicking his pants the rest of the way off, not bothering to see where they fell, he leaned forward and grabbed Gakuto, pulling him upright and against him, reveling in the skin to skin contact for a moment before taking Gakuto's mouth in a another kiss.

Mewling into Yuushi's mouth, Gakuto wrapped his arms tightly around Yuushi's neck, so to assure that he wouldn't leave Gakuto again. Winding his fingers in Yuushi's hair, he squeezed his eyes shut at the overwhelmingly good feeling of Yuushi's skin against his own. Unconsciously, he rocked his hips forwards, but when he did, he couldn't help but break the kiss to moan his pleasure. Feeling a little more adventurous (or perhaps needy enough to warrant doing anything, but really, Gakuto wasn't exactly shy in bed), he leaned in again to nip at Yuushi's lower lip before throwing all his weight backwards so that he could drag Yuushi back down on top of him against the bed, giving Yuushi as much of a sly grin as he could muster in his state of incoherent need.

Oshitari followed Gakuto easily, pressing him against the bed again, pressing everything together that he could manage. He moved his mouth to the side of Gakuto's neck, kissing and sucking his way down, spending longer at the junction of his neck and shoulder, making sure to leave a mark that was going to be very visible the next day. He ran his hands along Gakuto's sides, up and down, flitted across his nipples, touching everything he could and memorizing the places that made Gakuto gasp and buck against him.

Finally, he ran his hands down Gakuto's sides again, moved further than he had before. He found the crests of Gakuto's hips, traced them backward, let them drop a bit more, so he had a firm hold on Gakuto's bottom, and then jerked up while he ground his own hips downward.

Gakuto couldn't help help it; fingers knotting in Yuushi's hair, he cried out at the top of his lungs, his back arching instinctively, pressing him harder against Yuushi's body. "Yuushi--" he gasped out, wrapping one of his legs around Yuushi's and doing his best not to loose that sweet friction, not when it felt just so good... but then, in an instant, he was distracted again by Yuushi's mouth against his neck, Yuushi's hands against his ass, writhing mindlessly in pleasure.

"Mmm, yeah, I bet you like that, don't you?" Oshitari moved his mouth again, taking one of Gakuto's nipples into his mouth, sucking, gently biting at it, then licking until he knew the sting was gone. "I have a very talented mouth, don't I? I've been told that I do." Oshitari ran a finger up the underside of Gakuto's cock. "Is there somewhere else you'd like my mouth, Gakuto?" Oshitari heard an unintelligible moan that was probably supposed to be an answer. "You need to enunciate Gakuto. Now, was there somewhere else you'd like my mouth?"

This was so not fair! How was Gakuto supposed to answer when Yuushi was doing... well... everything that he was doing? Gakuto wasn't even entirely sure of everything Yuushi was doing to him at this moment, but whatever it was, Yuushi was a bastard, because there was no way Gakuto was going to be able to speak coherently when Yuushi was touching him like that and it was just so good. Swallowing, he squirmed, whining softly, but Yuushi seemed like he wasn't going to give him any mercy whatsoever, and so Gakuto opened his mouth, trying somehow to form words. "Y-Yuushi..." he managed, squirming impatiently, "Yuushi, please--" Well... that wasn't exactly clear, but Gakuto was amazed that he managed to even be that coherent.

"Hmm? Please what Gakuto? Please touch you here?" Oshitari teased Gakuto's nipples again. "Or maybe here?" He pumped a hand down Gakuto's cock. "Or did you want another kiss?" He took Gakuto's mouth in a sloppy kiss, but pulled away after only a few seconds. "Or maybe you want my mouth down there." Gakuto gasped and arched up, and Oshitari smiled. "I suppose I can do that." And without further ado, he sat up, took one look at Gakuto's straining erection, then leaned forward and without any preamble took Gakuto into his mouth.

"Yuushi!" Gakuto cried, surprised at the sudden jolt of pleasure sent through his body, and knotted his fingers in Yuushi's hair, squeezing his eyes tightly shut. It took a great deal of conscious effort for him to keep his hips from bucking up, and he let out a moan, unable to keep himself quiet. Of course, Gakuto had had a few blowjobs before (he'd given more than he'd gotten, but that was beside the point), but nothing had ever been like this before-- no one just dove straight in like that... and hot damn, Yuushi was good with his mouth, but then again, he was Yuushi.

Oshitari could feel Gakuto trying not to thrust into his mouth, and couldn't keep himself from smiling despite his mouth's other occupation at the moment. Honestly, he wouldn't have minded if Gakuto did, because he could have handled it (yet another of his talents). But, well, maybe he should surprise Gakuto with it. Yes, Oshitari liked the way that sounded.

So, he pulled back almost all the way, lavished some attention on the head of his cock, then dropped his head and deep throated Gakuto.

Gakuto couldn't hold it back; he screamed, his toes curling as he arched in reaction to the amazing sensation he was being given. Any coherency he had been retaining up until this point was entirely gone; all he could do now was feel the pleasure of Yuushi-- holy fuck-- swallowing him entirely and writhe beneath him, letting out a symphony of unintelligible cries and moans.

Oshitari bobbed his head, running his teeth gently along the length of Gakuto's cock, before taking him all in again, then following the same path with his tongue, soothing away the sting and burn he had left before. He could feel Gakuto twitching, and new that if he kept this up it wouldn't be much longer now. So, he swallowed Gakuto once more, and sucked hard as he pulled off, releasing Gakuto with a quiet pop. "I think that's enough of that. Time for something else now, hmm?"

Without waiting for a reply, Oshitari sat up and slid off of the bed, taking the few steps to the dresser he kept his supplies in, and yanking the drawer open. He picked through the bottles of lube, trying to decide if it was best to use plain, or one of the many flavored ones he had bought on a whim, before settling on the strawberry flavored one. The sweet and tart was a perfect match for Gakuto, really. Oshitari grabbed a condom as well, then leisurely walked back to the bed, enjoying the view as he went.

Gakuto whimpered pitifully when Yuushi left him; it wasn't fair that he could work him up into such a state of need and then just waltz away like that. His muscles all felt like rubber, but he somehow managed to turn his head, craning his neck to watch Yuushi move to his drawers. Whining louder when Yuushi seemed to be hesitating, he squirmed more against the bed, completely impatient. "Come on, Yuushi!" he managed to complain, "Hurry up!"

"Of course. Anything you want Gakuto," Oshitari replied, flipping open the cap to the bottle of lube. He squeezed some onto his fingers, waited a moment for it to warm up and the scent of strawberry to permeate the air, and then without any warning, leaned down to kiss Gakuto and simultaneously pushed one finger in. He only half payed attention to the kiss, more preoccupied with wriggling his finger and finding that one spot that was going to make Gakuto feel even better. He knew the moment he hit it, because Gakuto arched up and broke the kiss to gasp.

Oshitari smiled. "You want another one, Gakuto?"

Gakuto nodded hurriedly, rocking his hips down against Yuushi's, trying to press his finger further inside, anything to get that feeling again. "More, Yuushi-- more, please--!" he heard himself crying, and it surprised him that he had been able to string that many words together coherently, but, he guessed, desperate times called for desperate measures, and Gakuto was definitely desperate.

"Mmm, you really want it, don't you?" Oshitari pulled his finger out, then paused before pushing two fingers back in. He scissored them, stretching Gakuto out in preparation, used his other hand to play with his nipples and fondle his sensitive spots, then pressed deeper and aimed for his prostate once again.

"Gakuto," he murmured, pulling his fingers out. "Tell me you want me."

Gakuto whined slightly at the loss of Yuushi's fingers, squirming against the bed beneath him. Forcing his eyes open to meet Yuushi's, he had to remind himself to breathe-- Gakuto couldn't understand how Yuushi could remain so composed, so... hot at a time like this. It took a moment for the words to register in his hazy mind, when when they did, Gakuto bit his lips, wriggling more and squeezing his eyes shut again. Yuushi's voice, deep and throaty, was so sexy, it sent a thrill through his body. At this point, he would do anything-- he needed Yuushi, now. "Yuushi--" he gasped out, his voice breathy and high, "I want you, I need you inside me... please, fuck me!" There weren't many people in the world who could reduce Gakuto to begging, but... well... It was Yuushi.

Oshitari smiled and leaned forward for a brief kiss before reaching for the bottle of lube again, squeezing some into his hand and then slathering it onto his own cock. He moved, positioning himself over Gakuto and shifting Gakuto the tiniest bit, so that it would be that much better for both of them in a few short moments. He aligned himself, about to begin, and then caught sight of the condom lying forgotten on the bed. "Fuck," he growled, looking up and meeting Gakuto's eyes. "I'm clean Gakuto. You?"

It took Gakuto a minute to comprehend why Yuushi was stopping, whining pathetically when he paused. After his mind processed the question, it took another minute to respond, and he licked his lips, trying to find words. "Of course--" he finally managed, but despite that he had intended to snap back, it came out as more of a moan, because, fuck, this wasn't fair, how could Yuushi just stop when he was so close?! "Come on, please--" Gakuto managed to gasp out, straining his hips up in vain against Yuushi's hands, he was so close, so close--

"Good," Oshitari replied, and without further statement, he began to push forward. It wasn't long before he was fully seated, and paused briefly before pulling out slightly, then pushing back in a little more quickly and at a slightly different angle that he knew was going to make Gakuto respond just the way he wanted him to. "Mmmm, Gakuto, you feel so good. I have been waiting--" he pulled back and thrust back in again, "--so long for this."

Gakuto bit his lip, trying to hold any noises back, squeezing his eyes shut as-- finally!-- he felt Yuushi press inside of him. It was a little uncomfortable at first, it always was, but then Yuushi adjusted slightly and thrust back in harder, and suddenly, all of Gakuto's restraint was out the window. He couldn't help it, he cried out loudly, digging his nails into Yuushi's shoulders, hooking his legs around Yuushi's back. This was amazing, this was better than anything Gakuto had ever experienced before, and he wanted more. Rocking his hips up to meet Yuushi's thrusts, press him deeper inside, Gakuto let out another moan which transformed mid-way into a shrill cry of Yuushi's name.

Oshitari couldn't help but appreciate just how perfect Gakuto was at this sort of thing. He hadn't ever had a partner who was quite as flexible, or who could keep up with his pace so well, or who made such perfect little noises that Oshitari just wanted to lose control and just ravage him completely. Really, he should just have seduced Gakuto all those years ago.

Still, he leaned forward and kissed Gakuto, groaning as Gakuto met this thrust. Moving slowly, he snuck a hand between their bodies, and began pumping it along Gakuto's shaft in time with their rhythm.

Gakuto's yelp of surprise melted into a moan as he arched up, rocking his hips up against Yuushi's hand. It was so overwhelmingly good, how could he possibly keep quiet? Forcing himself up off the bed, he caught Yuushi's lips in a kiss again only to break it again a second later in another cry of pleasure. Having Yuushi inside him, touching him-- it was so good, but he wanted more, still more. "Yuushi--" he ground out, looking up at him through thick lashes, "'m not... not gonna break-- harder--" Hopefully, he'd understand what Gakuto meant, but, just in case, he slammed his hips up against Yuushi's, to emphasize his point.

"Of course Gakuto," Oshitari replied, pulling out slightly then slamming back in. "Anything--you--want." He punctuated each word with another brutal thrust, each of which Gakuto met. "You feel--so good--Gakuto." He tightened his grip around Gakuto's cock and began to jerk it harder and faster. He leaned forward and kissed Gakuto again, and when they broke apart, he moved down to the neck, kissing and licking a trail down to where he had left his original hickey, nipping at the area. "You are--so--perfect."

It was all getting to be so much that Gakuto knew he couldn't hold on much longer, but to hear Yuushi say that-- that was what finally pushed him over the edge. Throwing his head back and wailing Yuushi's name at the top of his lungs, he came before collapsing back into the bed, absolutely overcome with pleasure.

Oshitari didn't last much longer than Gakuto did, and thrust once, twice more as Gakuto spasmed around him before calling his name and coming as well. He waited a moment, then pulled out and dropped onto the bed next to Gakuto and taking a moment to just breath. He could feel Gakuto breathing beside him, feel the heat emanating off him, and was suddenly overcome with the urge to have Gakuto even closer.

So, he rolled onto his side and sidled closer to Gakuto, and propped his head up on his hand. "I trust that was as good as you were expecting?"

Still catching his breath, Gakuto grinned, rolling onto his side to face Yuushi as well. "You're all right, I guess," he replied with a cocky grin before leaning in and pressing another kiss to Yuushi's lips. Drawing back, he moved closer still, burying his face in Yuushi's neck. "I love you, Yuushi."

Oshitari wrapped one hand around Gakuto's shoulders, buried the other in his hair, and held him close. He nuzzled his face into Gakuto's hair, breathing in the scent of strawberries and sex and something that could only be Gakuto. "Love you too Gakuto." Closing his eyes, he forgot all about things he should probably do, like cleaning them up, or finding the lube bottle, or even taking his glasses off, and for the first time actually enjoyed his postcoital nap with another person.

Gakuto smiled softly, sighing contentedly and snuggling further into the embrace, feeling sweaty and sticky and a little bit sore and happier than he had been in a very long time as he drifted off to sleep, warm in Yuushi's arms.

The next day, in the locker room before morning practice, the first thing Gakuto did was strip out of his uniform shirt, and the last thing he was planning on doing was putting on his Regular jersey. That morning, in the mirror, he had noticed a wide array of hickeys all the way up his neck and across his chest, and, he decided, it was time to take his revenge on Shishido. Now, parading around the room only in spandex shorts and socks, he grinned up at him and Ootori, who happened to be standing next to him at the time. "So, Shishido," he asked pointedly, looking entirely smug, "how was your day yesterday?" He reveled in the way Ootori was entirely red in the face and Shishido looked as if he were searching for words.

Oshitari walked into the locker room to see Gakuto walking around nearly naked, clearly showing off his signs of yesterday's activities. As would be expected, he had targeted Shishido (and by default Ootori was also involved) and was clearly doing his best to antagonize him into saying something. Oshitari smiled and decided it would be best not to be involved at the moment, and walked to his locker as Shishido spluttered something along the lines of 'none of your damn business'. Oshitari shook his head and stripped off his shirt, fully intending to at least get changed before he absolutely had to get involved.

"Oh?" Gakuto asked, feigning surprise and tilting his head slightly to the side, doing his best to show off the especially large hickey at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. "Not feeling so exhibitionistic today? Hmm~?" At that, Ootori turned positively scarlet, and Shishido glowered, to which Gakuto absolutely glowed. "I bet you can't guess what I was doing yesterday~"

Shishido made a noise of distaste, and silenced Ootori's "Shishido-san--" with a wave of his hand. "I thought you got tired of being a slut last year," he shot back at Gakuto. "Who was it this time, a high-schooler or a college student? Did you even know his name?"

Oshitari could hear everything Shishido was saying loud and clear. He was even willing to admit he wasn't happy to hear Gakuto called a slut, nor the implication that he was indiscriminate about his partners. So (and well, it wasn't so bad that he hadn't had time to put his jersey on) he strolled over to where Gakuto and Shishido were standing, draping his arms around Gakuto's shoulders and perching his chin on Gakuto's head. "Actually, I happen to know that he was a high schooler and you did know his name." Oshitari glanced over at Shishido, quirking an eyebrow as he did so. "At least, you seemed to know my name well enough yesterday. I would certainly hope you still do."

Gakuto grinned as Shishido stared in disbelief, taking Yuushi's hands in his own and sticking his tongue out at Shishido with a victorious smirk. "You're not the only one with a boyfriend now, so there." And with that, he twisted in Yuushi's arms and pressed a kiss to his lips-- Shishido wasn't the only one who got to make out in the locker room, after all!

Oshitari eagerly returned the kiss, and if he was putting on a little bit of a show with Gakuto at the same time, well, it was for everyone's benefit in the end. He broke away, and smiled down at Gakuto. "I think you need to go get dressed." Then he looked up at Shishido, smile not wavering a bit. "And I just want you to know how happy I am that we're having a practice match today. It will be the perfect opportunity to defend my boyfriend's honor, that you've so kindly questioned."

And with that Oshitari turned and began to walk back to his locker, using his arm that remained around Gakuto's shoulders to take Gakuto with him.

With one last triumphant look at Shishido, Gakuto allowed himself to be led back, smiling up at Yuushi. It gave him a sort of warm feeling inside, what Yuushi had said... after all, no one had ever defended Gakuto's honour before, and though it was a little silly, it was a really sweet thought. As they made it back over to their lockers, Gakuto caught Yuushi's hand in his own, standing on his toes to press a quick kiss to his cheek. "I love you, you know, Yuushi."

"I know Gakuto," Oshitari replied. He thought for a moment, then leaned down and whispered into Gakuto's ear, "I love you too." He straightened, and continued walking until he got to his locker, then had to let go of Gakuto in order to actually get his jersey on. "I'll take you to get that ice cream after practice."

Gakuto was about thank Yuushi when another thought struck him, and he gave a cocky grin. Putting on his most innocent, sweet voice, he appropriately changed his expression to a demure smile. "Can we take it back to your room and eat it there, Yuushi?"

Oshitari pretended to consider the request for a moment, then nodded. "Of course we can Gakuto. I was just about to suggest that myself." Because there were so many more things one could do with ice cream in a private setting. And, after all, Oshitari did have 2 years of lost time to make up for. Today seemed like a good day to start.
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