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夏休みのF o r g e t M e N o t ! Mix

This post is for britkit27 and moonlightlady14 in reference to the mix I made you guys for summer break. Herein will be titles, lyrics, short explanations, and what have you. Lyrics in italics will be translations of Japanese, lyrics in regular typeface will be lyrics that were originally in English. I really hope you guys enjoy your mixes and don't forget me over break!

So, without further ado:

夏休みのF o r g e t M e N o t ! Mix
Kounai Ranking Sen (School Ranking Match)

Honestly, there's nothing really special about the lyrics to this song. It's just obligatory because we were the ichinen trio and we'll hopefully be able to pass the titles along to ichinen next year. I don't know about you guys, but I had a great time with you as first years, even if we had some embarrassing times... we can't forget about it, now can we? ♡

Minami no Shima Kara Kita Shikaku / Dark Horse (Asassins from the Southern Island / Dark Horse)

Again, nothing this song is more meaningful in that it exists rather than anything it says... Dark Horse will always make me think of May Day and how it was gross and rainy and we sat in my room and learned parts of the dance to Dark Horse. XD; Higa: the team that transfers most easily from the tennis courts to the brothel. This song will always make me look back and giggle.

Type wa D! (Doubles Type!)

But the answer is just like that, right?
Not gonna hand it over~
Yeah, I know,
The unshakable bond,
I created with you on this road to victory.

Okay, so this is obviously a love song, but it's sweet and the sentiment is there. Let's create more bonds together next year!

On My Way

Where are we heading?
We're each leading our own soul-filled life
The end destination of our journey is up to us

On my way!

This song will always make me sad thinking of Dream Live 3rd, but it holds true- we've finished our first year of college and we're on our way! It's happy and sad at the same time...

Soramimi Keki (Ears-Playing-Tricks Cake)

The piano is a melody in the world's field of blooming dreams
Believe in the broken clock and who's side will time be on?

Okay... actually, this song makes little to no sense. But... it's cute, if you think about it! And it's from that one MAD that was really well done, so that's why I put it on XD;

Omaera Gakuppuchi Giri Giri (You're Close to the Edge of the Cliff)

Err... this song is just hot. Yeah.

Run Run Run

We're ready with our refreshed hearts and minds
We make a tapestry woven of guts and fighting spirit!

Having a good time, even those steps become light as a feather
We'll finish this game beautifully!
We all line up straight; lean forwards, don't back down!
We always fight a close a match
It helps to cultivate the team's strength!

Run Run Run
The reason we're running is to reach our goals
Run Run Run
The reason I'm running is because I don't want to lose to you!
We are running forever!

... I wrote out most all of the lyrics because I don't really know what else to say. It's a good sentiment, right?

Sayonara Bye Bye (So Long, Bye Bye)

Don't be sad 'Coz it's all right
A "thank you" hides in the casual greeting
byebye, Stay fine
'Coz it's a distinction from me, do catch it

Don't be sad, we'll see each other again next year ♥

Little My Star

Couldn't find any lyrics to this one, but honestly, what do you need to know besides that there's an adorable TeniPuri MAD of Oishi being a magical girl from a porn game? That's win, right there. XD;

Long and Winding Road

I don't know what it's saying, but I love this song because it's cute and sweet and Golden Pair and it's perfect for sunny weather and summer!

Makezu Kirai (The One who Hates to Lose)

Err... yeah, again, I just think this song is sexy. There's not much sentimental value. XD;

Kurutto Mawatte Ikkaiten (Spin Around Once)

The opposite of tears are, just as I thought, tears.
Completely happy is, in the end, happy.
The child that cried yesterday will laugh tomorrow.
Today, today, today, something will change completely.

Where I was originally creeped out, I really like this song now. It's kind of philosophical and fun. Also there's a cute video of bouncing buchous to it, which helps. XD; And now I know like half that dance to it, thanks britkit27 XD;;;

Hitomi wo Tojite Kokoro no Mama Boku wa Kimi wo Omou (I Close My Eyes and in my Heart I Think of You)

I think the title is enough to say what I mean to say... I'll be thinking of you guys over the summer!

Caramelldansen (Err... Caramel Dance...?)

Again, references to all the AMVs we've watched together. Fun times. ♥

Make You Free

Make you free! Facing the wind
Make you free! Change it
Shake your soul, just as you like!
From the distant morning, pull sunbeams
Overtake the lingering shadow of yesterday

Again, it's a good sentiment... we're on to the next year of college, so go for it!

Good Combination!

It's a little embarrassing,
But I'll say it anyway.
Thanks! You and I are a

Good Combination!


F • G • K • S (Fight on, Get on, Keep on, Step up!)

Fight on! Keep on fighting
Get on! Because victory is in our future
Keep on! High energy everywhere
Step up! Until our blood heats up!

Okay so... this song is like way too much about tennis for me to find really meaningful lyrics, but in essence... F • G • K • S, GUYS!!

Many things happen in life
Everyday becomes yesterday
But I'd welcome a brand new tomorrow with you
We're growing little by little through various experience
Our bond gets stronger every time we overcome the hardship
The word I want to tell you now
is the word we already both know
It is..

Then again, it's spring...
The seasons will change.

This whole song is amazing and if you want the lyrics, let me know and I'll email them to you... they're so sweet and sad and perfect. The word I want to say right now is the word we both already know, it's "LOVE"! The seasons will change, but I definitely won't forget you guys!

Sannin de Doubles (Doubles for Three People)

We won't lose, because it's doubles for three people!
Golden Trio
Nothing can replace it, it's a
A perfect triangle.

Because we are Golden Trio. ♥

I hope that wasn't too pointless or sappy for you guys... enjoy your mixes!
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