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Dirty Trio!

As promised, Dirty Trio (sort of)! XD; Poor Piyoface, I'm mean to him, but I do so love him to bits. XD; Please enjoy!

Title: A Dilemma

Disclaimer: They're Konomi's, not mine

Rating: Hard R for self-lovin'

Warnings: BL, vague solo, language, Piyo being an emo-face

Author's Note: I love Piyo and his awkward crush on Gakuto. XD;; His and Gakuto's scene in Imperial Presence is like, one of my favourite scenes in the entire show (up there with Koori no Sekai XD), and I just find him utterly adorable. I'm hoping to write a sequel to this that involves porn, but we'll see how it goes. XD;

Hiyoshi did not want to fall for Mukahi Gakuto. After all, Mukahi was bitchy and whiny and a wimp when it came to pain and didn't like hard work and wasn't even particularly good at tennis and had next to no stamina and a was too full of himself and when they first met, Hiyoshi found him downright irritating. After all, why should this whiny bitch get a spot on the Regulars when Hiyoshi was dedicated and hardworking and most probably better at tennis, too? Gekokujyou, he had thought to himself with much annoyance, and was sure he would never find Mukahi anything but obnoxious.

But unfortunately for Hiyoshi, besides being downright annoying, Mukahi was downright gorgeous. Tiny and slight, he had a perfect, slender figure, pretty blue eyes and little pink lips, smooth, pale skin of which he seemed determined to show as much as possible, gorgeous legs, and that ass. As time went on, where Hiyoshi used to look on in annoyance, he found himself now looking on in a sort of awe that made his mouth dry and his stomach flip inside of him. He told himself it was stupid, it was nothing, but it certainly didn't help that, despite being quite taken, Mukahi was a merciless flirt, always batting his eyelashes and giggling and wiggling those tantalizing hips with such an innocent look on his face that Hiyoshi was almost, almost fooled into believing that he didn't mean it to be sexual.

Somehow, however, mostly through denial and a lot of hard work, Hiyoshi managed to survive. He did his best not to look at Mukahi, not to think about him, and getting on the Regulars helped, really, because he had to work harder than ever and his mind was kept busy, kept from wandering to thoughts of the boy on the court next to his. But being on the Regulars also posed its own problem-- the problem of the Regulars' private locker room. Since the beginning of Hiyoshi's unfortunate attraction, he and Mukahi had been changing and showering in separate locker rooms, because Mukahi had been a Regular and Hiyoshi a mere first year, but now... now he was forced to be tantalizingly close to Mukahi as he took off his clothes, and to make matters worse, it seemed Mukahi enjoyed parading around the room wearing as little as possible, as if just to drive Hiyoshi insane. But somehow, somehow he managed to survive, managed to keep his hands and eyes and thoughts to himself. Hiyoshi was most certainly not attracted to Mukahi Gakuto. He just wasn't. He couldn't be. After all, Mukahi had a steady boyfriend and was all types of aggravating and there was simply nothing likable about him!

But then, one day, Hiyoshi had walked in on the worst. His last class had let out early and, as such, he had arrived at the locker room early, thinking he'd get in some extra practice before everyone else showed up. He'd only just stepped through the door, however, when he registered the sound of heavy breathing interspersed with what sounded like whimpering. What could possibly be going on? Turning the corner into the room from the entryway, Hiyoshi was greeted with a piercing wail and a sight that made his heart skip a beat in pure shock. There, spread out on his back on the locker room bench, was Mukahi, perfect skin all flushed, eyes squeezed shut, pink lips swollen and parted to let out another shrill cry. His legs were spread wide, and between them was none other than Oshitari Yuushi, sans glasses, wearing an absolutely wicked expression on his face. His hands were pinning Mukahi's above his head, and, oh god, he was inside Mukahi and practically growling, and Hiyoshi was paralyzed for a second, his eyes unable to move from the scene playing out before him. But then Oshitari lifted his head and looked up at Hiyoshi, and it was at that moment that Hiyoshi ran.

Minutes later, locked in the closest bathroom in the main school building that he could find, one hand pressed over his eyes, the other wrapped tightly around his aching cock, and imagines of Mukahi, all naked and laid out on his back and legs parted, playing across his mind, Hiyoshi experienced the quickest orgasm of his life. It was only afterward, when he realized the keen, painful squeezing in his heart was the desire to be in Oshitari's place, was jealousy, that he came to the depressing realization that he had been denying more than he even knew. Not only was he desperately attracted to Mukahi Gakuto, he was in love with him.

Hiyoshi continued to survive, though he wasn't quite sure how. Suddenly, it seemed as if there was no way to get away from Mukahi; he was always in vision, if peripheral, always on Hiyoshi's mind. On the courts, he was always bouncing in and out of (and mostly into) Hiyoshi's awareness, all bare legs and tight ass and cute smile. At lunch, Hiyoshi found himself eating on the roof more and more often, so that he might catch a glimpse of Mukahi, or even, on rare, wonderful days, eat lunch beside him. In class, Mukahi was always in Hiyoshi's imagination, whether he liked it or not; on good days, he wore short shorts and sundresses and the Hyoutei girls' uniform, on bad days, he was all laid out on Hiyoshi's dorm room bed, completely naked and with that stupid grin on his face and the word Hiyoshi knew he'd never hear on his lips.

And in the locker room, it was the worst. In the locker room, it wasn't enough for Mukahi to strut around in next to nothing, forcing Hiyoshi to run laps for being late to practice because he spent just a little too long locked in the bathroom, it wasn't enough for Mukahi to sway those little hips and shake that little ass stripped down to nothing but his spandex shorts... no, Hiyoshi would have considered that lenient. But at least three times a week, Hiyoshi had the pleasure of witnessing Mukahi with Oshitari in various stages of undress and intimacy. It made his heart twist painfully inside his chest and his throat tighten, and, unlike that first time, he always had the mind to duck out of the way, escape somewhere, anywhere safer.

But there was nothing he could do. Sure, he was willing to admit that he was completely in love with Mukahi Gakuto, but that was where it stopped. After all, all other matters aside, Mukahi was very much in a relationship-- and not just with anyone. With Oshitari Yuushi, number two heartthrob in all of Hyoutei Gakuen, and for good reason; Oshitari was tall, dark, and handsome, deep-voiced and sporting an attractive kansai drawl that made it seem as if nothing was good enough for him and yet, when he spoke to Mukahi, it was obvious he had all the time in the world. If it had been a fling or an obviously emotionless relationship, Hiyoshi might have considered desperate measures, but it was very, very clear that, despite all the sex that they seemed to enjoy having everywhere, the two were enamoured of one another, and Hiyoshi didn't have the heart to ruin something like that. And besides, even if Mukahi were to break up with his perfect boyfriend, he was attractive and flirty and half the school wanted him, Hiyoshi aside. There was no way he'd ever win out over hoards of more attractive, more popular sempai. There was just no way.

And so, it was secure in the knowledge that his chances were similar in probability to those of hell freezing over that Hiyoshi struggled to make it through each day alive, struggled to make back it to his dorm room fast enough after practice each day so that no one would notice the obvious bulge in his pants. It was from living under such conditions for almost two months (and oh, god, having to play doubles with Mukahi certainly didn't help, though it was nice, in the way that it was perfectly legitimate, perfectly platonic proximity) that drove Hiyoshi to his current state of depravity. With nothing else to cling onto, no end in sight, no solution available to him, in the past few weeks, he had taken to lingering about the shower rooms, the locker rooms, just watching. He could watch that beautiful form for hours on end; even if Mukahi was doing absolutely nothing, looking over the expanses of smooth, pale skin, looking at the perfectly formed body, the lovely hair, the breathtaking features... Hiyoshi would never get tired of staring. And so, terrible as it was, he hung around in the doorways, just waiting and watching, because Mukahi liked to take his time, and it was just so easy to give in and look, it was just too hard not to.

It was while he was lingering in the doorway to the shower room one day, his eyes fixed on Mukahi's slender form under the spray of warm water, that Hiyoshi suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. His heart practically leapt out through his throat, and he started, turning abruptly to find Oshitari leaning down so that he was at the same level as Hiyoshi. Eyes wide, Hiyoshi could find no words, no explanation for his behaviour-- the only thing that he could think was fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckhe'sgoingtomurdermeFUCK-- but then Oshitari spoke instead, his voice low, that Kansai drawl on his breath warm against Hiyoshi's ear, a ring of amusement in his voice. "Pretty little thing, isn't he?"

It was only years and years of practice keeping his expression entirely emotionless that kept Hiyoshi's jaw from dropping. "W-what?"

Oshitari seemed to consider Mukahi for a moment. "I think you get a better view of his ass from this height, though. I'll have to keep that in mind... you've got quite the view, Hiyoshi-kun."

At this point, Hiyoshi wasn't sure whether Oshitari was just toying with him for the amusement quality before he ripped him to shreds for eyeing his boyfriend, or if he was genuinely asking for Hiyoshi's opinion. "O-Oshitari-sempai...?" he managed to stutter out, getting the feeling he was failing at being emotionless and was looking confused beyond words, and possibly vaguely terrified.

Oshitari laughed, his deep, amused chuckle ringing in Hiyoshi's ears. "No need to fret, Hiyoshi-kun. I certainly don't mind if you look; he is rather a work of art, and I don't see why you shouldn't enjoy it." He was looking at Hiyoshi now, rather than at Mukahi-- who still seemed to be entirely oblivious to this conversation going on about him literally right behind his back-- and his tone sudden took on a bit more of a serious edge. "Look as much as you like, but don't touch, not unless he comes to you first. Are we understood?"

Hiyoshi blinked. Unless Mukahi came to him first? What was Oshitari talking about, saying something like that? Obviously, Mukahi wasn't going to come to him when he was dating Oshitari, and should the break up, then... well, what say in what Hiyoshi did did Oshitari have, then, anyway? It was entirely, frustratingly confusing, but Hiyoshi nodded, untrusting of his voice as he glanced back to Mukahi before meeting Oshitari's eyes again.

Oshitari nodded. "Good boy. Now if you'll excuse me, it's seeming like Gakuto will be needing someone to wash his back soon, and he'll be cranky if I'm not waiting for him." He rose, taking a step through the doorway before turning back to Hiyoshi and nodding down towards his waist. "Oh, and you may want to take care of that."

Flushed, embarrassed, and still completely confused as to why he was still alive, Hiyoshi packed up as quickly as possible before making the mad dash back to his dorm room.
Tags: bl, tenipuri

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