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23 May 2009 @ 03:45 pm
Star Trek!  
Just got back from seeing the new Star Trek movie! 8D It was amazing. I had quite a few fangirlgasms in the midst, and it definitely had enough foe yay and slashability and what have you to make me happy. Of course, I have to rave about it here, despite the fact that I'm not sure if anyone on my flist is familiar with the oldest Star Trek (I've only seen the original but I love it dearly). Sorry to everyone who's spammed by this but I've gotta flail somewhere. XD;

So, before I rant away, I have to mention: the fact that it doesn't line up, continuity wise, with the original Star Trek kind of bothers me. If the Leonard Nemoy!Spock had just said that Kirk's father was dead in his version of time, it would have been fine. But like, the whole "let's destroy Vulcan and Spock's mommy" part totally doesn't align properly and it bothers me because it's not technically a prequel to the series because of the discontinuity. COME ON GUYS, WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT. But either way, I still loved most of it, that part just irked me a little.

I have to say, anyone who sees this movie without seeing the original Star Trek is missing out. I squee'd so many times that normal people wouldn't... XD;;; And waiting for everyone to show up and stuff was amazing... it reminded me why I watch OVAs and prequels and sequels... because seeing everyone I know and love always makes me squee. XD;;; And they were all so ADORABLE. All the baby Vulcans at the beginning were sooooo cute. *_____* Baby Spock especially. He was entirely filled with aww and squee. But my favourite: BABY CHEKHOV WAS SO ADORABLE OMFG. Young Sulu was pretty adorable, too [tangent: I find it amusing that when the original was made, they didn't know what brand of Asian, so to speak, Sulu was, so they gave him a "generic Asian sounding name" and then later decided he was Japanese and named him Hikaru. So yes. Technically, his last name is "suru". XD;;;; This makes me lol.] And there was this adorable moment when Sulu and Chekhov just looked at each other and grinned and squeeeee yes I totally ship those two, stfu.

As for the plot and stuff, it was all really good. I don't have much to comment on because, hey, it was an action movie, and it was filled with action. For those of you who know how I am in movies, I had my eyes covers approximately 30% of the time, so that's a bit of an indicator as to how much was really suspenseful or potentially really violent (I don't know if it actually was, because my eyes were closed, lulz.) The "red matter" kind of filled the camp requirement for the movie (it is Star Trek after all) and I was kind of amused, if for nothing else, because they kept calling it "the red matter" the entire time. Also, Romulus is the name of my cat and therefore that had me giggling just a little bit. XD;;; I was waiting for Pike to get messed up more than he did, because in the Menagerie arc of the original series, he's like, semi-veggie, but they never did that. Oh well. Whatever.

... I didn't get the thing with Uhura and Spock because that was totally never in the series. Uhura wasn't quite that kickass in the series, either, but... it's all good. Besides, we all know I hypothesize that Spock is totally in love with Kirk anyway (potential threesome with McCoy? I think so!) and I was pleased with the foe yay bits between them. There were totally some camera angles between the two of them that reminded me of that time in DL3 (you know what I'm talking about. XD) but they weren't actually that close... however, I did miss having McCoy and Spock bicker... alas.

Anyway, overall, I really enjoyed the movie. It was really good, and I recommend it a lot!

... yay inappropriate icon. XD;;;;
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Hyoutan: mtnn rape facehyoutan on May 23rd, 2009 05:16 pm (UTC)
Weeell, you know the original OT3 is Kirk/Spock/McCoy, so...Honestly, I ship 'em. And Uhura didn't piss me off, unless she was sucking face with Spock. But, I suppose that her hooking up with Spock before the ship set off would explain why she was so disrespectful towards the ship's CAPTAIN in the original series. I mean, she's a Lieutenant, wtf?! But, if she had a romance with the science officer (and Kirk's best friend), and Kirk had the hots for her, he might grant her some lee-way, I suppose.

But, omg. Gay. I ship Sulu and Chekov too!

And the AU storyline worked surprisingly well. Made me happy too!
ミランダ (大丈夫): squee!faded_lace on May 23rd, 2009 05:21 pm (UTC)
Oh, that's totally the OT3 that I meant. I totally ship them, too, though more Kirk/Spock with McCoy occasionally thrown in for the shits and giggles. But yeah, I guess that would make sense. I don't know, I liked her in the original series but I didn't really care either way for her in the movie (though she was hot...) The sucking face with Spock did bother me a little, but since it's really and totally not there in the original series, I tried not to think about it too much. XD;;;

Yes. Yes indeed. My family makes fun of me for it, but I think they're adorable together. XD;

Yeah, it did work, and I really enjoyed the movie. The discontinuity was the only thing that bothered me, but, as a whole, I really liked it. I was a little afraid they'd butcher it, but it was total and utter win~!
moonlightlady14moonlightlady14 on May 24th, 2009 03:30 am (UTC)
Although i havent seen the original, I saw the movie. I liked it a lot more that i thought i would. It was pretty epic :D (and i did a bit of background work before going to see it) and yes. The Spock/Uhuru makeout this was a little weird, but i lived with it. And yes. Sulu and Chekov.... totally doing it in the back. And it seemed Chekov was also attracted to Kirk... At least that's what i saw.

Oh! And i totally know the part you're talking about. With the in-your-face-so-close-i-could-kiss-you scene. Yea. Too bad they werent actually that close....
ミランダ (大丈夫)faded_lace on May 24th, 2009 11:33 am (UTC)
The movie is still awesome even without seeing the original, and it's good that you did a little background check beforehave :D I just don't get the Spock/Uhura thing because it totally wasn't in the original at all and there was like no basis for it-- she just randomly kissed him in the elevator. Like... out of nowhere. XD; And yay, OTP~ Sulu and Chekov are adorable. XD; As for Chekov to Kirk... Probably, but I saw more Sulu → Kirk in the movie... like when he saved him from falling off the drill and stuff. idk.

Yeah!! I was like HEY IT'S LIKE ATOBE AND TEZ XD;;; Except it wasn't. But I wanted them to kiss. XD;;