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moar Fujis.

Part 2; LJ won't let me post it all in one shot because it hates me.

Part 1

Yuuta spent the next few weeks in much the same way as the last few--trying very hard not to think about Mizuki. The rumor mill sometimes made that difficult, though. He tried not to rejoice too much when he heard that Mizuki had dumped Saeki, because really, what did it matter? Yuuta could still never have Mizuki back. When he overheard someone talking about "that new slut at Rikkai," he tried not to feel anything at all, but he didn't even know what to feel when that failed. Guilt? Regret? Anger?

He was mostly over being angry these days, though, and now that a couple weeks had passed, he'd settled instead into mildly depressed. He'd been off his tennis game all week as well, which didn't help his mood at all, and today he took his time changing out of his tennis uniform, not wanting to have to talk to anyone on his way out. He was the last one to leave when he finally finished, and he began the walk back to his dorm alone and sullen.

Bolstering his courage, after a moment of hesitation, Dan ducked inside the gates of St. Rudolph Gakuin, looking around frantically. He did his research well enough to know the layout of the school, but that didn't mean finding who he was looking for would be easy. He'd never been to the school itself before, and he'd only seen his target once or twice. But he had to find him, he had to. It was the only way he could think of to make thing right again.

He decided to head towards the tennis courts, his objective in mind in order to keep him from chickening out. After all, he had to do something about that horrid slut who had affixed himself to Akutsu-sempai as of two weeks ago. It just wasn't right, wasn't right at all! He obviously didn't care about Akutsu-sempai at all, it was clear as day, and Dan had been sure it wouldn't last more than a weekend, but then it had, and so now he was down to his last resort. If only he could find--

He was almost to the tennis courts, but then, all of a sudden, he spotted who he was looking for. Dan was surprised to see how poorly he looked with his shoulders hunched and his head hanging and his eyes on the ground, but perhaps it might be easier to get his help this way. Biting his lip and telling himself that this was what he had to do one final time, he burst into a run, coming to a stop right in front of the other boy in the path. "Fuji Yuuta!" he proclaimed, inhaling and trying to stretch past his full height of 147 centimetres. "I need your help desu!"

Yuuta turned at the sound of his name. Someone was asking for his help? He stared at the small boy for a few moments before he recognized him--Dan Taichi, the manager from Yamabuki. "Dan-kun?" he said, confused. "Why do you need my help?" Why would Dan come specifically to find Yuuta?

"Fuji-san!" Dan remained polite as ever, especially since he was trying to convince Yuuta not to just turn his back and walk away. "It's... it might seem a bit strange, but... well, I just thought that since Mizuki-san is your ex-boyfriend and everything..." This was harder to say than Dan had imagined, but then again, it wasn't a very simple situation, and he blushed slightly, trying again. "It's just that Mizuki-san is dating Akutsu-sempai desu! And... and it's not okay! Because Mizuki-san doesn't care about him at all, and it just isn't fair desu..." He looked down slightly, biting his lip at the thought of that whore with his Akutsu-sempai, but swallowed back his anger and bitterness and frustration and met Yuuta's eyes again. "So I've come to ask you to take him back desu! Because otherwise I don't know how to get rid of him desu... Please?" He looked expectantly up at Yuuta, his large eyes watery and hopeful.

"What?!" Yuuta practically yelled. "Mizuki-san is dating Akutsu?" How could Mizuki stoop to the level of dating delinquents? That was just...wrong... The fact that this kid seemed to harbor some sort of feelings for Akutsu was also a bit disturbing, but Yuuta really didn't have space in his head to think about that right now, nor did he want to. But Dan was asking him to take Mizuki back... "I...I'd love to have Mizuki-san back, Dan-kun... But it's impossible." He sighed. He did wish there were something he could do to help. Yuuta still cared about Mizuki more than he would have liked to admit, and imagining him with Akutsu was just awful. Dan's hopeful, puppy-dog eyes were also awfully hard to say no to... "It's impossible for us to get back together...but maybe I could try to help you," Yuuta said hesitantly. "Did you have some kind of plan?"

"It can't be impossible desu!" Dan exclaimed, his voice raising an octave as he got ahead of himself. "Mizuki-san just isn't right for Akutsu-sempai desu!" Swallowing, he took a deep breath, trying to calm himself slightly. It was just hard, when he would do, had been doing anything and everything for Akutsu-sempai for the past year, and then some stupid pretty boy with fancy clothes and curled hair could just waltz in and take Akutsu-sempai away from him with a sway of his hips... it was terrible! Personally, Dan questioned Yuuta's judgement in boys at all-- who would want to be with a mean, lying slut?-- but that didn't really matter right now. So long as they could work together, they'd both get what they wanted out of the situation.

"I sort-of have a plan desu!" he continued eagerly, more in control of himself. "I know where they are right now desu. It's a place in the city... I can take you there desu! And then you can see if you can talk to Mizuki-san, okay? Please? It won't take very long to get there desu. And... and it's really important to me desu! Please, Fuji-san?"

"Well..." Yuuta wavered, "I really don't want to talk to Mizuki-san..." It was so hard to say no to Dan's pleading, though. "I'll come with you," he said, "But I'm not promising anything. If I try to talk to Mizuki-san, things might go really, really badly." He sighed and shrugged. "Lead the way."

"Okay!" Dan chirped, bounding back the way he had come. True, things hadn't gone perfectly as planned, but Yuuta had agreed to come along, and that was what mattered. Certainly once they got there and Yuuta saw Mizuki with someone else, certainly then he'd help... at least, that was what Dan was hoping.

It was a bit of a walk, but Dan was practically running the second half of the way with anticipation, and though he had a feeling that his run was about equal to Yuuta's regular pace, it felt quicker that way, and finally, he led Yuuta to a small, somewhat run down looking American restaurant in the less-than-nice part of town. Stealthily, Dan held the door for Yuuta before slipping inside as well and finding a table with a clear view that wasn't in the direct line of sight. Yuuta seemed rather less capable at being sneaky than Dan, but then again, Dan was smaller and did have practice gathering data, so he let it slide. Instead, he poked Yuuta's shoulder to get his attention silently and pointed across the restaurant to a booth in the opposite corner.

And there it was, the bane of Dan's existence: Akutsu-sempai, with two of his friends across from him and Mizuki right beside him, dressed, to Dan's disgust, in rather tight pants and some ugly purple floral sweater thing, and with one of Akutsu-sempai's long arms wrapped around his waist. To make matters worse, Akutsu-sempai's fingers were running up and down along the inside of Mizuki's thigh; Dan's only comfort was in the fact that Mizuki looked slightly uncomfortable with the whole situation. "See?" Dan whispered to Yuuta, "Isn't it terrible desu?"

Yuuta's eyes widened. He hadn't quite believed it could really be true, but seeing the two of them together in person, there was no denying it. "Oh my god, that really is terrible," he agreed. The way Akutsu was groping Mizuki, right in the middle of the restaurant...the way he was acting like he owned him or something... It made Yuuta want to punch him, but that was definitely out of the question. He wondered what Mizuki could ever be attracted to in Akutsu--he didn't look too happy at the moment, that was for sure. "So...what do we do now?" he asked.

Dan looked up at Yuuta sheepishly, fingering the collar of his shirt as he pressed his arms against his chest in nervous habit. From here on was where he really didn't have a plan-- he was hoping Yuuta would know what to do. "Um... this is where you should go and talk to them desu. I'm... I'm way too small and I'd never be able to make a difference desu. But you're so tall and strong, they'd definitely listen to you desu! I just don't know what else to do desu..."

"But...I don't think I can make a difference either," said Yuuta. "Mizuki-san kind of hates me now, so I really don't think he wants my dating advice..." Dan looked so hopeful, though, that Yuuta couldn't bring himself to make any more excuses, and he stood reluctantly. His heart was beating loudly as he walked towards Mizuki and Akutsu's table, terrified of what might happen to him.

Once he reached their table, he stood awkwardly for a moment, realizing he hadn't planned what he was going to say at all. "Hi," he said, not meeting Mizuki's eyes. "I...I just saw you over here, so I thought I'd come say hello." He swallowed. "Um...how have you been, Mizuki-san?"

Mizuki looked up, surprised at the voice. He couldn't believe it... but sure enough, it was Yuuta standing beside him, looking awkwardly at the ground. Mizuki couldn't help but wonder if he was suicidal, especially as he felt Akutsu's arm wrap more tightly around his waist protectively. He eyed Yuuta suspiciously, and Mizuki was suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to tell Yuuta to run, because even if Yuuta didn't want him anymore, even if Mizuki didn't want to, he cared enough about Yuuta not to want him beaten to a bloody pulp. "Yuuta-kun--" he started softly, but was cut off by Akutsu, who was still looking less than kindly at Yuuta. "Who's this?"

"An acquaintance," Mizuki lied, looking away and squirming slightly, not very pleased with his personal space being so thoroughly invaded. In fact, this whole deal with Akutsu was working out less and less like he had planned, and Mizuki was less than surprised, despite hoping otherwise, when Akutsu raised an eyebrow at him, taking Mizuki's face in his hand. "Come on, baby, don't lie to me."

Mizuki squirmed again, despite the fact that he knew there was no way he could overpower Akutsu, and hesitated for a moment before mumbling, "He's my ex-boyfriend."

"Ahh." Mizuki really, really did not like the look on Akutsu's face, nor the tone in his voice as he manhandled Mizuki out of the booth and stood beside him, still holding onto him rather possessively. The look he was giving Yuuta was similar to the sort of look Echizen Ryoma gave a much weaker opponent before he destroyed them at tennis, except with a slightly feral edge to it, and it was not comforting in the least. All problems between them currently forgotten, Mizuki bit his lip, entirely worried for Yuuta's safety, but there was really nothing he could do, especially as Akutsu drew him closer again and pressed a rough kiss to his lips. Mizuki made a bit of a face, but luckily, Akutsu wasn't really paying attention to him, anyway; he was looking back towards Yuuta. "So, ex-boyfriend, what do you want?" Silently, Mizuki prayed that Yuuta would just leave, but, somehow, he was afraid that he wouldn't.

"I-I was just coming to say hello, is all..." The look in Akutsu's eyes was terrifying, and the fear Yuuta felt was beginning to completely overpower his anger at Akutsu's manhandling of Mizuki. It was obviously a terrible situation for Mizuki, and it pained Yuuta to watch them together, but he didn't think trying to do something about it now would end in anything besides Akutsu beating him up. "I should be going now," he said, glancing back towards Dan, who was currently peering around the edge of their booth. He felt awful just leaving Mizuki there, but...there was really nothing he could do.

Mizuki couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw Yuuta turn to go; at least Yuuta wasn't going to get beaten to a bloody pulp. However, as Yuuta turned, Akutsu grabbed him by the collar and hauled him back around, for the first time that evening letting go of Mizuki, who gasped despite himself. Akutsu glowered at Yuuta, and looked about to slug him when he suddenly noticed something across the room, and Mizuki followed his eyes to see Dan Taichi, peering over the edge of a booth. To Mizuki's surprise, Akutsu stared a moment before shoving Yuuta down with a growl and grabbing Mizuki once again. "Don't even think about it. He's mine," he spat, before pulling Mizuki towards the door with a, "Let's go."

Yuuta stumbled back across the room, his heart pounding. He'd really thought Akutsu was going to punch him just then--for just saying a few words to Mizuki. Yuuta collapsed back into the booth across from Dan and said, "I failed... I'm sorry." He sighed. Dan sounded disappointed when he told Yuuta that it was all right, that Akutsu was a lot bigger than him, after all, and Yuuta was disappointed in himself, too. Really, he should just stop trying to help Mizuki. It wasn't any of Yuuta's business who Mizuki dated, although he really couldn't fathom why Mizuki would want to date someone that violent. He just hoped it wouldn't last too long. Even if Yuuta had no business caring about Mizuki anymore, he couldn't deny that he still did, and he didn't want Mizuki to get hurt.

After the incident with Akutsu and Yuuta in the restaurant, Mizuki couldn't help but feel unsettled. For one thing, Mizuki had, no matter how much he wanted to deny it, definitely been worried for Yuuta. It was true, Yuuta had been the one to break up with him, not the other way around, but Mizuki had been trying so hard to forget him... he was disappointed in himself, really. What was it about Yuuta that just wormed its way into Mizuki's heart? It was really a problem, because now that Yuuta didn't want him anymore...

But, more distracting that his issue with his ex-boyfriend was his issue with his current boyfriend-- that was, Mizuki absolutely hated being treated like a possession. As much as he hated to admit it, this plan had been an utter failure, and Mizuki decided that something needed to be done about it, because he was sick of being thrown around and treated like shit and used for sex. And so, a week after the run in with Yuuta, Mizuki headed to Tokyo with the intent to break up with Akutsu.

He returned to Kanagawa four hours later with a bit of a limp, a large purple bruise on his right cheek, several cigarette burns on his neck and the side of his face, a split lip, and a hand-shaped bruise on his neck, and that was only covering what was visible. He was looking forward to the solace of his own apartment so that he could drop onto his own bed and cry, because everything in his life, it seemed, was going to hell. Ever since Yuuta had broken up with him, things were going from bad to worse, and Mizuki was really very tempted just to lay down and die. He had never been so down on himself in his life so far as he could remember, he had never been so depressed that he just wanted to give up. But that was precisely what he wanted to do right now, give up. What else was there that he could do? He couldn't ever go back to Yuuta, he had left all his old acquaintances behind, and even sleeping around was making his life miserable. As he made it down the hallway to his apartment, he took a deep breath; he couldn't cry, not just yet, no matter how much pain he was in.

Fuji left school the minute it ended, begging out of any after school excursions, stopped at home only long enough to change his clothing and take two carefully prepared plates out of the refrigerator, carefully packed everything he needed into a bag, then was out the door and on the next train to Kanagawa.

When he got off the train, he followed directions to Mizuki's new housing (carefully bargained from from Inui, in return for random information he apparently considered data) and spent a minimal amount of time picking the lock and letting himself into Mizuki's apartment.

After making sure he was leaving no trace that he was there, he made his way to the kitchen, then opened his bag and, with the items inside, set two places forks, knives, napkins, and pieces of homemade raspberry pie. He took the seat facing the kitchen entrance, and waited.

After fumbling with the lock, Mizuki stumbled into his apartment, ready just to collapse in bed. He was stopped in his tracks, however, when he stepped into his kitchen to find Fuji Syuusuke waiting for him. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came; perhaps he was too tired, or else too shocked. It occurred to him that he must look like shit; he ran his fingers through his hair a couple times and straightened his clothing before swallowing and trying to speak again. "... Syuusuke. What a surprise. May I ask... what you're doing in my apartment?" He supposed he shouldn't be surprised; it was Fuji, after all, but honestly, this was about the last thing he had been expecting to come home to.

Fuji carefully took in Mizuki's appearance, and it was very, very obvious what had transpired while he was out. Fuji even felt a bit sorry for him, because Akutsu was unpleasant at the best of times, and this was far from a good time. "I came to talk, Hajime-chan," Fuji returned with a smile. "I even brought snacks for you, so I think you should sit down and talk with me. Now." He motioned to the empty seat across from himself.

Even if any part of Mizuki thought it was a good idea to disobey Fuji (who had, after all, broken into his apartment in the first place), he simply didn't have the energy, and he dropped into the chair opposite Fuji, eyeing the plate set out so nicely before him. It was pie-- raspberry pie-- Yuuta's favourite. It made Mizuki's heart wrench painfully in his chest, but he did his best to ignore it, looking up and meeting Fuji's eyes instead. "What do you want to talk about, then, Syuusuke? We don't have any points of contention anymore... or have you come to gloat?" His voice came out more bitter than he had intended, but worse than that, he sounded defeated. It was terrible, but he was bruised and bleeding and now Fuji Syuusuke was sitting in his apartment and he really just wanted to wake up from this nightmare.

Fuji leaned forward, resting his arms on the table. "I just want to talk about how miserable Yuuta has been since you two broke up. And how the rumors say you've been quite busy since you two broke up. And how those rumors about how busy you've been have been making Yuuta miserable." He leaned back, then took a bite of his piece of pie. "Also there were rumors that you were dating Akutsu Jin, but it appears I won't have to worry about those any longer. You really should eat that pie you know, my sister worked quite hard to make it."

Mizuki stared at Fuji, even as the other boy began eating casually. "Yuuta-kun is the one who dumped me, you realize," he stated flatly, not knowing what to say. He knew it wasn't the best idea to open up to Fuji Syuusuke, but, at this point, Mizuki wasn't even sure how much it mattered, anymore. "I know you won't believe it, but I love Yuuta-kun. I'm miserable, if it isn't obvious. I don't know what you want from me." He looked down at the pie, but he didn't have the heart to eat it, especially not when he knew the taste would remind him of Yuuta even worse.

"And did you ever once ask Yuuta why he chose to break up with you? Or did you just take it at face value and then spend the rest of the time feeling sorry for yourself, jumping around from boy to boy and trying to forget Yuuta instead of trying to reconcile the situation?" Fuji leaned forward again and opened his eyes, looking directly at Mizuki. "From what I've heard, you've been treating Yuuta quite badly since the break up, and he has every right to feel miserable. You said that you love him, but I have yet to discern that you do from any of your recent actions." Fuji leaned back again and closed his eyes. "I know you're not the dominant one in your relationship, but you are the older one, so maybe you should try to act it."

Mizuki blinked, staring at Fuji in disbelief. He knew Fuji was blaming him for a lot of things Mizuki didn't consider his fault, but that aside, he couldn't quite wrap his mind around this argument and which side Fuji was on. "... Let me get this straight. You want me to get back together with Yuuta-kun? Because usually you're on the other side of this argument." The bitterness was still there a little bit, but it was mostly replaced by confusion.

"I suppose you could put it that way," Fuji replied with a shrug. "I can't promise that I will ever like you, but Yuuta is my one and only little brother, and if you make him happy then I suppose I will have to learn to tolerate you. Although if you pull any more stunts like this one, I can't even promise you tolerance."

Mizuki frowned. "I really don't see how you're pinning this on me. Yuuta-kun is the one who dumped me. I've been just as miserable as he's apparently been. It hardly seems to me that I deserve all the blame." Strangely enough, Mizuki was beginning to feel better, despite everything... Fuji was insinuating that Yuuta wanted him back. And as much as Mizuki would never admit it to anyone else, hell, Fuji Syuusuke's words, vaguely threatening as they were, were the best thing Mizuki had heard in quite some time. He was feeling well enough even that he could find it in him to bicker with Fuji... Mizuki wanted him to stay, even, now. It seemed that lifelines came in the most unexpected forms. "And besides, everything else aside, and assuming this is all my fault, as you make it out to be, what do you have me doing to fix it, Syuusuke?"

"Well Hajime-chan, as much as you believe you shouldn't have as much of the blame, as Yuuta's aniki I'm honor bound to take his side every time." Mizuki had almost visibly brightened all of a sudden, and that was just the sign Fuji needed to know that his work was done. "And as for fixing it, isn't plotting and planning your forte? I think I should leave it up to you, although if you need a hint or two I would suggest transferring back to St. Rudolph and looking up a certain Fuji Yuuta." He glanced up at the clock on the kitchen wall, and changed his expression to one of slight regret. "And would you look at the time? I should go so that I can catch my train home."

Fuji carefully got up and went to retrieve his shoes that he had previously hidden, came back to collect everything on the table except the pie (which he insisted on leaving as a gift). Just as he was about to leave, he turned back. "Oh, I nearly forgot, Hajime-chan." He opened his eyes and glared. "If your recent stint with Akutsu brings any harm at all to Yuuta, I'll be dealing with him first but you will be second on my list, understood?" He closed his eyes again. "Enjoy that pie, and I'll be expecting good news in the future~"

And with that, he turned and walked out of the apartment.

Mizuki stared after him, completely unsure how to feel. A few minutes after Fuji left, with a sigh, he finally willed himself to take a hesitant bite of the pie, pondering what he ought to do now. One piece of raspberry pie later, however, he still wasn't sure, and so he took a shower, wincing at the feeling of the water on his burns, and went to bed, hoping that maybe, as threatening and vaguely terrifying as he was, Fuji Syuusuke was right.

The following weekend, Mizuki found himself back at the gates of St. Rudolph, still feeling unsure of what exactly he should do. He was here to make sure that all of his academic records had been transferred without a hitch, but he couldn't convince himself that he really wanted them to be. As he made his way to the records office, he tried to tell himself not to think about it, but the idea of picking up a transfer application was tempting...

Yuuta was on his way to the tennis courts for some extra practice when he saw Mizuki walking toward him. What was Mizuki doing back at St. Rudolph? Yuuta had no idea, and more pressingly, he had no idea what he was going to say when they inevitably reached each other. After seeing Mizuki with Akutsu, Yuuta was more sure than ever that he still cared about Mizuki, but at the same time, he was also sure that he had absolutely no chance of getting back together with him.

As he drew closer, Yuuta noticed several burns and bruises visible on Mizuki's face and neck. This was extremely distressing to Yuuta, and after a moment, he decided that he just needed to speak his mind. Mizuki already hated him, and Akutsu wasn't here to threaten him, so what did he have to lose? "Mizuki-san," Yuuta said, slowing to a stop in front of him, "You...you really shouldn't date Akutsu if he's hurting you like that!"

Mizuki slowed as well, noticing the concern in Yuuta's voice right away. The boy was practically as easy to read as a book, after all, and this definitely supported all that Fuji Syuusuke had said to him, all the reasons Mizuki was feeling so indecisive at the moment. Was it possible that Yuuta really did still love him? The only way to find out, Mizuki supposed, was to test him, and, feeling bolder than he had in some time, he shrugged with a dramatic sigh. "I'm not dating him, not anymore. Where do you think I got all these from, Yuuta-kun?" Sitting into one hip and twirling a strand of hair around one finger, he sighed again, looking away. "No, I'm single again, as disappointing as that is... Thank you for your concern, though, Yuuta-kun." At the end, he gave Yuuta a small smile, the sort he used to hand out like halloween candy back when he was trying to win Yuuta over for the first time. Hopefully... hopefully it would work again, or else he might have to throw himself at the feet of Fuji Syuusuke after all and ask for a painless death.

Yuuta heard none of the cold tone that Mizuki had used the last couple of times they had seen each other, and he didn't know what to think. Could it be that Mizuki didn't hate him after all? But it had seemed so clear, and Yuuta had done so much to deserve it... When Mizuki smiled at him, though, Yuuta couldn't help it, his heart began to beat a little faster and he felt a little glimmer of hope. "You...you are?" he said, trying and probably failing to keep from sounding too happy about it. Standing there in suspense, possibly on the brink of what Yuuta had been wishing for for almost two months now, was almost unbearable, but he didn't know what to do. What if Mizuki was just happy to be rid of Akutsu, and that's why he'd smiled? He was probably still upset at Yuuta about the whole incident with Syuusuke, after all. Yuuta didn't want to risk making things worse again, but at the same time, this could be his only chance. He should at least apologize, he decided, and maybe...maybe Mizuki would forgive him. "Mizuki-san..." he said, gathering his courage, "About...what happened with Aniki, that day. I'm...I'm so sorry, I really should have done something, instead of just going along with everything Aniki was doing. And that's what I should have said, when I--when I broke up with you, and I also should have said," he swallowed and looked Mizuki in the eyes, "That even if you don't want to see me anymore, I still love you, Mizuki-san."

Even with the warning from Fuji, even with how obvious Yuuta had been making it, hearing those words come from Yuuta's lips caused a wave of emotion to break over Mizuki and soak through his entire body in a way that was all too overwhelming for him to quite be able to take it the way he wanted to. Ideally, he would have been able to smile, say something witty, or at least vaguely intelligent. Ideally, he would have been able to look Yuuta in the eye and kiss him, or ask him for a kiss, or something similar. But instead of any of that, Mizuki felt his knees buckle, and, overwhelmed, he began to cry. It was terrible, it was embarrassing, it wasn't at all how he wanted to present himself to Yuuta, but just knowing that his life wasn't going to keep falling apart, wasn't going to continue in an endless spiral of meaningless and borderline abusive relationships (if one could even call them that) was almost too much for him to handle.

Even before he started, though, to his defense, he was trying to get a hold on himself, and after a moment, he swallowed and wiped futilely at his eyes with delicate fingers. "Yuuta-kun..." he managed to choke out, hiccuping in the most embarrassing way and coughing to cover for it, "I've-- I've always loved you."

"Mizuki-san..." Yuuta stepped toward Mizuki and wrapped his arms around him. Overwhelmed with emotion, Yuuta had no idea what to say as he hugged Mizuki tightly and tried not to cry himself from sheer relief. "Mizuki-san," he said again, whispering it into Mizuki's ear as he stroked his hair. It felt so good to have Mizuki back in his arms, and Yuuta wasn't planning on letting go again anytime soon.

Mizuki let himself cry into Yuuta's chest for just a moment, because it was simply too hard not to. Yuuta loved him, wanted him back. It was a fact he had taken for granted for so long, a fact that he thought would never be true again... but now, just those words were enough to break down all of Mizuki's carefully crafted defenses, enough to make Mizuki even lose control over himself.

After a moment, though, he sniffed, wiping at his eyes again and trying to get a hold on himself. "Yuuta-kun," he tried again, not even caring as his voice cracked from emotion, "I thought you didn't want me anymore..." But there was no point in trying to figure things out now, because what mattered was the Yuuta did want him, did love him, and Mizuki felt like he'd never been happier before in his entire life. Pressing his face into Yuuta's chest and hooking his arms around Yuuta's back, with his fingers knotting in Yuuta's shirt like he would never, ever let go, he murmured, his voice muffled in Yuuta's shirt, "I love you, Yuuta-kun."

"I love you too," Yuuta said into Mizuki's hair. "I...I thought you didn't want me anymore..." Had it really just been an awful misunderstanding? That seemed almost unbelievable, but Mizuki was here in his arms, now, so really, it didn't matter. Gently, he lifted Mizuki's chin and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. "I missed you so much..."

Kissing Yuuta again almost, almost sent Mizuki back into tears, but he held onto himself this time, looking back up into Yuuta's eyes before laughing softly. "Yuuta-kun... you're the only one for me. No one could ever replace you in my eyes... You're special. You're... you." Standing up on his toes, he kissed Yuuta again briefly before his smile quirked up at the corner slightly and he shook his head. "And if you ever doubt it again, I'll have you running laps until you puke blood, got it?"

At Mizuki's words, Yuuta pulled him into another tight hug. "Don't worry," he said, "I won't." Spotting a group of students coming towards them, Yuuta realized that the middle of the road probably wasn't the best place for them to be standing. "Come on," he said, taking Mizuki's hand, "Let's go back to my room." He set off back in the direction he had come, unable to keep from running out of sheer happiness. Once inside his room, Yuuta flopped down on his back on the bed, pulling Mizuki down next to him. Slightly flushed from running, he turned his head to smile at Mizuki. "I'm so glad you're back, Mizuki-san."

"Well," Mizuki frowned teasingly, "I was actually back to make sure my transfer went through without a hitch, you know, Yuuta-kun. You distracted me." When Yuuta frowned back at him, he put a finger to Yuuta's nose, feeling practically giddy and unable to keep from smiling. "Maybe I'll just let things fall through, after all." Sighing contentedly and knowing he ought to be keeping up appearances a little better but incapable of making himself care, he rolled onto his back, thinking Yuuta's ceiling was possibly the most beautiful ceiling he had ever seen. After another moment, he looked back to Yuuta, a few stray curls falling into his eyes as he batted his eyelashes almost playfully and let his smile soften. "Kiss me, Yuuta-kun."

Yuuta wiggled a little closer to kiss Mizuki briefly on the lips, but after a moment he sat up and turned around so he was on his knees, straddling Mizuki. He leaned forward to kiss him again, really kiss him, because god, he was pretty, and Yuuta could never resist Mizuki when he asked that way.

Mizuki smiled slightly against Yuuta's lips before kissing him back in earnest, wrapping his arms tightly around Yuuta's neck. It felt so amazing to be back together, to allow himself to be in love again, and Mizuki squeezed his eyes shut, arching up against Yuuta slightly. When they broke apart, it was to breathe, and Mizuki gasped, knowing his face must be flushed, his lips pink and swollen. Perhaps it would make up for the ugly bruises still apparent on his face, he thought vaguely as he smiled up at Yuuta, who looked even less coherent than Mizuki was feeling. Laughing softly, he leaned up and pecked Yuuta on the lips again. "Do you love me, Yuuta-kun?"

"Mizuki-san," Yuuta said breathlessly, "I love you so much..." He leaned down to gently kiss the bruises and burns on Mizuki's face, one by one. In Yuuta's opinion, the marks didn't detract from his attractiveness at all, they just made Yuuta angry at the person who'd put them there. "I love you, and I wanted to punch Akutsu so bad that day in the restaurant," he said, laughing slightly at the impossibility of that desire. After a moment, Yuuta's gaze was drawn back to Mizuki's tempting, pink lips, and he leaned down for another heated kiss. It had been two months since Yuuta had done anything sexual, or even desired anything sexual, really--he'd been too depressed. Now, suddenly, Yuuta felt almost overcome with desire, as if the whole two months' worth was suddenly spilling out from somewhere inside him. He kissed Mizuki deeply, urgently, moaning quietly. His pants were beginning to feel very uncomfortable, and he longed for more contact after so much time apart. But taking off his clothes would mean he would have to stop leaning on his elbows, and stop kissing Mizuki...

Yuuta was northing if not sweet, and Mizuki was reminded of why he had fallen in love with him in the first place. Punching Akutsu would have indeed been unwise, and Mizuki preferred having Yuuta in one piece, but the sentiment was adorable nonetheless, and Mizuki kissed Yuuta back again, mewling softly in response. In the past two months, Mizuki had kissed dozens of boys, had had sex more times than he cared to count, but there had been nothing like being with Yuuta, nothing had been quite the same. He had been kidding himself when he had thought he could fill the hole in his heart with sleeping around, and as much as he had felt it at the time, he knew it for sure now. After a few minutes, however, he willed himself to pull back, looking into Yuuta's eyes. "My white knight," he teased softly, running his fingers through Yuuta's hair affectionately. Arching up, he kissed Yuuta again once, twice, and didn't pull away. "I've missed you..." Mizuki murmured against his lips, still meeting Yuuta's gaze through thick lashes. "Make love to me, Yuuta-kun."

Hearing those words on Mizuki's lips made Yuuta's breath catch in his throat, and he felt his stomach tighten with desire. He sat back on his heels, pulling off his shirt and then reaching forward to take Mizuki's off as well. Noticing more bruises on Mizuki's shoulders and neck, Yuuta paused for a moment. "Can I...kiss them better?" he said softly. It was silly, Yuuta knew, but...he wanted to. So he did, kissing each bruise and burn on Mizuki's neck and shoulders, before moving on to one of his nipples, sucking and teasing it with his tongue.

"Yuuta-kun--!" Mizuki gasped, his fingers knotting in Yuuta's short hair as he arched his back at the feeling of Yuuta's mouth against his skin. Yuuta was always so gentle, so loving, and it was almost as if all of the injuries did feel better somehow just from Yuuta's kisses. It was stupid, Mizuki knew, but he was just so glad, so relieved to be here that he couldn't bring himself to care, and melted into Yuuta's touches, letting out another soft noise of approval.

The noises Mizuki was making went straight to Yuuta's groin, and after a few minutes he just couldn't take it anymore--he had to get his pants off. Moving away from Mizuki reluctantly, Yuuta stepped out of his shorts and his boxers and retrieved the lube and a condom from inside the nightstand. Straddling Mizuki again, Yuuta fingered the button of Mizuki's jeans for a moment before undoing it and sliding the very tight pants slowly down Mizuki's hips. Achingly hard and eager for what was to come, Yuuta wasted no time in removing Mizuki's underwear as well before kissing him again, rubbing his erection against Mizuki's hip.

Mizuki kissed back, moaning softly into Yuuta's mouth, and rocked his hips up to meet Yuuta's. While it was usually Mizuki's preference to take things slowly, it was obvious that Yuuta was eager, and, after spending two months apart, Mizuki couldn't really blame him. It seemed that everything Yuuta did was entirely earnest, a quality which Mizuki had definitely missed. Still, he couldn't help but tease, and so he pulled back slightly, nipping at Yuuta's bottom lip and smirking slightly despite his gasping for breath and deep flush. "Anxious, are we?" he asked with a bit of a laugh, punctuating the question with another kiss and grinding his hips up against Yuuta's a little more sharply.

"A-ah-- Mizuki-san--" Yuuta gasped as their hips ground together, blushing at Mizuki's words. There was no denying their truth, though, and Yuuta didn't know how much longer he was going to last if he didn't get on with it. "Mizuki-san..." he said between kisses, "I want...to make love to you...now..." After one last, lingering kiss, he sat up and knelt between Mizuki's legs, squeezing some lube onto his fingers. His eyes on Mizuki's face, Yuuta gently rubbed Mizuki's opening before pressing one finger inside. Taking Mizuki's cock in his other hand, Yuuta stroked him as he slowly added a second finger. "How...how are you doing?" he asked, still always a little nervous when it came to Mizuki.

Mizuki made a noncommittal noise and squirmed slightly, grinding his teeth. He was always impatient when it came to the uncomfortable parts, but Yuuta had gotten good at making it tolerable, and so he nodded, hoping Yuuta would understand and get a move on. He tried to concentrate on the way Yuuta was touching him, and it was a good distraction; still, the sooner this step was over with, the better.

Impatient as he was, Yuuta took Mizuki's nod to mean he was ready. He took his fingers away and then quickly rolled on a condom and slicked himself with lube. Already breathing hard in anticipation, he lined himself up and began to press inside, trying not to go too quickly. Mizuki felt so amazing, and once he was fully inside, it took all of Yuuta's willpower not to start moving right away. "Ahh... Mizuki-san... Can I...?"

Squirming slightly in an attempt to adjust, Mizuki looked up at Yuuta through half-lidded eyes. Even now, he was so considerate, so caring, and Mizuki couldn't help but smile slightly, despite his heavy breathing. Reaching up and brushing his fingers against Yuuta's cheek, he swallowed and nodded. "Move, Yuuta-kun."

Yuuta began moving immediately, letting out a low moan at the feeling. Being surrounded by Mizuki, the heat and the friction, felt so good, and he could hardly contain himself as he began thrusting in earnest. Moaning Mizuki's name, he changed his angle slightly, hoping it was as good for Mizuki as it was for him.

As Yuuta began to move faster, Mizuki was suddenly overwhelmed with pleasure, and he rocked his hips up to meet Yuuta's thrusts, crying out sharply. Clutching at Yuuta's shoulders and digging in his nails, he wrapped a leg around Yuuta's back, pressing closer with another breathy moan. "Yuuta-kun--" he gasped out, "god, Yuuta-kun--"

With Mizuki's leg wrapped around him, Yuuta was able to thrust even more deeply. As his moans increased in volume to match Mizuki's, he increased his pace even further, feeling overwhelmed with pleasure. He reached down and grasped Mizuki's cock, stroking it in time with his thrusts and reveling in the sounds he was eliciting from Mizuki.

Mizuki cried out shrilly as he felt Yuuta's hand on his erection, arching up further against him and tightening his arms around Yuuta's neck. He could feel Yuuta's thrusts speeding up inside of him, and it was almost too much to take; despite how quickly everything had gone, it was only a few more minutes before Mizuki was coming, holding tight to Yuuta's shoulders and sobbing Yuuta's name in overwhelming pleasure.

Yuuta was close to the edge, the pleasure of each thrust nearly too much to bear. As Mizuki came, Yuuta felt his muscles tighten and spasm around him, and he cried out Mizuki's name, coming deep inside him. He collapsed on top of Mizuki, breathing hard. "Mizuki-san," he whispered, trying to find the will to move, "I love you so much..."

Mizuki smiled softly, gazing contentedly up at Yuuta's ceiling and slowly, absently running his fingertips up and down the length of Yuuta's muscular back. It felt good to be here, to be back where he belonged, and he breathed deeply, feeling warm and happy and comfortable for the first time in a long time. "Don't ever let me go again, Yuuta-kun," he murmured quietly against Yuuta's ear, "Not ever."

"Never," Yuuta promised. He pressed a soft kiss to Mizuki's lips and then rolled over onto his side, gathering Mizuki into his arms. It felt like they fit together perfectly, and Yuuta felt his eyelids begin to droop, despite it being mid-afternoon. "I'll never let you go," he said drowsily, snuggling closer to Mizuki.

"Good," Mizuki replied, unable to stop smiling as he let Yuuta hold him close. He was sweaty and a sticky mess, but, honestly, he couldn't quite bring himself to care. Being in Yuuta's arms felt simply perfect, and he had absolutely no desire to pull away. He could tell that Yuuta was beginning to fall asleep on him, but where, in anyone else, it might have irked him and most certainly would have drawn condescension from him, in Yuuta he only found it endearing, and he let his own eyes fall shut as he felt Yuuta press closer still. He didn't really need to be anywhere for the rest of the day... a little nap couldn't possibly hurt.
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