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Wrote this at 3:30 yesterday when I was having chronic insomnia... fun times. XD;;; It's kind of random, but I hope it's enjoyable anyway...

Title: Forgive Me, Father, For I Have Sinned

Disclaimer: You would know if Prince of Tennis belonged to me.

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: BL, unrequited love, language, possibly inappropriate use of religious imagery

Author's Note: I'm firmly of the belief the Hiyoshi doesn't jump Gakuto because poor Piyo has morals and he doesn't want to undermine what makes Gakuto happy (being his relationship with Yuushi). This is kind of a strange take on that... forgive me, it's 3:30 am. XD;

Laying spread out on the bench with his head resting on Oshitari's lap, he's breathtakingly beautiful. Red hair fanned out around his head, pink lips slightly parted, the most angelic expression on his slumbering face, the feathery white wings embroidered on the back of his camisole almost seem believable, almost as if they might flutter at any moment, just as he knows Mukahi's long, red eyelashes will flutter with wakefulness in the far-too-soon future. Like an angel in a fresco, too, Mukahi sleeps with his hands cushioning his face, even though Oshitari's thighs are between his sweet, soft cheek and the hard concrete. His small body lies almost prone, the thin, gauzy material of his shirt pulling up slightly to reveal just a small stretch of pale, flat stomach, of the creamy, tantalizing concave of his back. His legs are both bent slightly, comfortably, one resting atop the other, and his sinfully short, white shorts don't leave much to the imagination where smooth, perfect thigh intersects with the round, full curve of his ass, yet somehow, it's alluring without being showy, as if Mukahi just happens to be gorgeous, just happens to be wearing something so revealing, and none of it was planned beforehand. Whether or not it's intended, however, the effect is magnificent. Hiyoshi doesn't believe in God, but if he did, he would have thanked him for dropping this stray seraph on earth, because it seems impossible that Mukahi might be anything but.

Awkwardly, Hiyoshi sits beside Oshitari on the bench off to the side of the courts, watching Mukahi breathe out of the corner of his eyes and trying not to get caught in the act like a child who knows he's sinning; thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, he knows, (though it's more the fear of Oshitari than the knowledge that what he's doing is wrong that keeps his hands to himself) and besides, he's supposed to be running practice right now, and what kind of buchou is he when he's more occupied being hopelessly in love than preparing the team for Nationals? Of course, that's why Oshitari and Mukahi are here, to watch him prepare the team for Nationals; unfortunately, at the beginning of the year, Atobe had been unable to pull the stunt he pulled in his freshman year of junior high, and only now that Hyoutei high is out of the race has he been instated as the captain of the high school team and the old team instated as the high school regulars. And so, with time to kill and nothing to practice towards, Oshitari and Mukahi are making use of Hiyoshi's hospitality-- Oshitari actually seems interested in watching the tennis, Mukahi seems much more interested in a mid-afternoon nap. But Hiyoshi can't hold it against him, not when he's laying there practically radiating beauty with that seraphic look on his face. Hiyoshi wants so badly to forget practice and forget Oshitari and just lean over and kiss him, but that would be sacrilegious; it seems, almost, like his adulterous kiss would sully those pretty lips, and as much as he wants it, Hiyoshi can't bring himself to justify it.

He isn't paying attention to where Oshitari's gaze lies until he hears, in that low, easy drawl, "Go ahead, then." When his head snaps up, Oshitari is looking straight at him, a bemused look on his face, gently running long fingers through Mukahi's hair with one hand. His expression is indulgent, reinforced by a small nod, and with this sanction, this preemptive absolution of his sin, Hiyoshi's restraint dissolves. Carefully, he leans forward and brushes a gentle kiss against Mukahi's lips before walking briskly away to continue with practice and isn't sure whether he feels better or worse for it.

When Gakuto blinks into wakefulness up a few second later, rubbing at his eyes as he adjusts to the late afternoon sun, he feels as though he may just have been kissed. Yawning and adjusting himself in Yuushi's lap, he smiles sweet, perfect radiance up at him and kisses him back, informing him that he loves him more than anything else in the world. In his preoccupation, he entirely fails to notice Hiyoshi silently praying to a God in whom he's never believed for forgiveness.
Tags: bl, one-shot, tenipuri

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