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Fic for genicheerios!

Haha, I've done it! As I promised at Otakon, I have written L/Gakuto! Now, quick, pimp it everywhere and we can start a new fandom, muahahahahahahaha! XD;;;

That is to say, please forgive me for this one. It's basically pure crack. XD;;; Sorry!

Title: Stay

Disclaimer: If I owned both Death Note and Prince of Tennis, this world would be a crazy place.

Pairing: L/Gakuto. Yes, you read that right.

Rating: PG

Warnings: CROSSOVER CRACK. BL, Gakuto's bad words...

Author's Note: This is for genicheerios, with whom I watched L: Change the WorLd. We totally ship this after seeing that movie. *nods* So, yeah, blame all this craziness on her, not me. XD;;;

It was a warm, sunny afternoon; pleasantly but not unbearably hot and only vaguely humid, the perfect day to spend outside, the perfect weather for tennis. Of course, Gakuto wasn't going to pass up an opportunity like that, not even when he had homework to be doing and a still-messy dorm room to be cleaning. After all, this was the perfect opportunity to explore outside the grounds of Hyoutei Gakuen, maybe even find those street courts everyone was always talking about. And so, after bumping into him at breakfast, Gakuto challenged Ryou to match that afternoon, who agreed to meet him wholeheartedly, despite the fact that neither of them knew where said courts were and they may just as well have used the Hyoutei courts.

Gakuto left campus entirely confident that he would be able to find the courts perfectly easily without a map or anything of the sort, but, after an hour of searching, he began to realize otherwise. After all, in his defense, he was still in his first months at Hyoutei! It couldn't be expected of him to know everything. And everyone made the street courts sound so easy to find! What liars... Gakuto couldn't find them anywhere. Right now, he had found himself in a public park, with benches and walking paths and a small lake... but no tennis courts. Fuck this. Watch Ryou find the courts out of dumb luck and then call him a coward for showing up late, because Ryou was always a douche like that... this really sucked.

Glancing at his watch, Gakuto was dismayed to realize he was already half an hour late. Making a noise of frustration, he broke into a run, determined to make it to the courts, no matter what. Maybe, if he just made it through this park, it'd be obvious from the street or something...

Of course, he wasn't really paying attention to where he was going, and he realized far too late that right in his trajectory was a boy sitting on the ground, hunched over his knees, staring off into the distance. The boy obviously didn't notice him, either, and before anything could be done about it, Gakuto was screeching rather effeminately and launching himself over the boy in an extravagant display of flailing limbs and spur-of-the-moment acrobatics.

By some miracle, he managed to land on all-fours on the other side of the boy, who was now looking at him in what Gakuto assumed was surprise, although the expression was so vague on his features that one would be more likely to guess that he had just see a rare bird rather than a twelve-year-old boy fly over his head. Gakuto straightened, brushing off his clothes and rolling out one of his shoulders. "Hey, sorry 'bout that," he said, but the boy only continued to stare at him, which was really kind of creepy. Gakuto swallowed and wasn't sure whether he out to run away or say something else, but now that he had met the boy's gaze, he somehow didn't feel like he should break it. Biting his lip, he fidgeted. Who was this boy, anyway? With his unkempt black hair and dark circles under his eyes, he didn't look like a student, but he couldn't be old enough to be out of high school... it was just odd.

"Uh... is something wrong?" Gakuto tried again when the boy still did not look away. He fingered the hem of his shirt uncomfortably, feeling suddenly like an animal in a menagerie. He was startled, however, when, in a very awkward, sudden movement, the boy stood, his gaze never leaving Gakuto's. He was still hunched over, but even so, he stood a good head taller than Gakuto, and Gakuto felt his breath catch in his throat as the boy moved so that they were only inches apart, still staring intently at Gakuto.

"Hey-- what's your problem?" Gakuto attempted to ask indignantly, though it came out more breathy and less strongly than he had intended.

The boy did not respond, but took a step forward, considering Gakuto for only a moment longer before suddenly wrapping his arms tightly around Gakuto's shoulders, pulling him into an awkward embrace. Gakuto tensed immediately; he could feel the boy's breath against the back of his neck, could feel the boy's frame relax around him, as if, somehow, he was the only comfort to this boy he had never met before. It didn't make any sense, and it was just weird, and Gakuto didn't know what was going on. He opened his mouth to speak, but he couldn't even figure out what to say, and was still struggling to get his brain to function properly when he heard the boy murmur, just audibly, "You remind me of someone."

It was not at all what he had been intending to say, but Gakuto felt himself saying it nonetheless. "Who?" The boy's arms tightened just barely noticeably around his neck, and Gakuto's muscles relaxed just slightly despite himself. Sure, this was really, really weird, but something about this boy... something seemed a little sad, somehow, and Gakuto didn't know what it was or why, but he didn't really mind providing the comfort that this boy obviously found in him. But, then again, this was really weird, and he was supposed to be meeting Ryou, so he really ought to try to slip away, somehow...

As Gakuto was contemplating, there was a moment of silence before the boy spoke again, his voice still only a low murmur. "She left. I won't see her again," he answered, which really wasn't an answer at all, but it made something inside of Gakuto melt just a little bit, and he pulled back slightly, looking into the boy's eyes. They were just as unreadable as they had been when they had first met with Gakuto's, but now, it seemed, maybe he could see a little bit of sadness there that wasn't readily apparent. Swiftly, before he even realized what he was doing, really, he leaned in and pressed a chaste kiss to the boy's cheek before taking his hand and pulling him back down to a sitting position. The boy hunched as he had before, looking at Gakuto inquisitively, as if he didn't quite understand.

But Gakuto only sat beside him and smiled. Ryou could wait. Getting back to campus could wait. It didn't even really make sense to him, but Gakuto knew what it felt like to need love, and giving love where love was needed certainly wasn't much of a burden. "I'll stay," he explained softly, holding still to the boy's hand.

The boy studied him for a moment, looking at their joined hands before meeting Gakuto's gaze again. He didn't speak for a few long minutes, only looked, as if he could somehow deduce what Gakuto was thinking just from looking. And maybe he couldn't Gakuto didn't know and didn't really care, he only half-grinned back, softly, somehow. It was a smile he didn't know he possessed until now, but then again, he'd never felt this strange, warm feeling before, either, and he'd certainly never been in a situation as bizarre are this. But it didn't matter, Gakuto didn't care, and the smile came easily, like it was meant to be there, all along.

He was beginning to think the boy wasn't going to say any more when he finally did speak again. "I only have a day left," he explained, though, honestly, it wasn't much of an explanation, and Gakuto wasn't quite sure what he meant by it. But it didn't matter, Gakuto was sure of that, he so he only shook his head. "I'll stay," he repeated, meeting the boy's eyes and smiling one last time before softly resting his head on the boy's shoulder.

There was a moment before he felt the boy relax again, and slowly, he felt the comforting weight of the boy's head against his own, resting a little awkwardly but there nonetheless. And somehow, it felt like a better triumph than any win against Ryou, just that boy's head against his own and his hand wrapped tightly in his own, the two of them together, even just for today, in the perfectly warm, sunny, pleasant afternoon.
Tags: bl, death note, one-shot, tenipuri

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  • Happy Birthday, love

    Here's your birthday art~ Percy is stylin' XD; That's all. Hope you're having a great birthday~

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