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Dream Live 6th

This is not going to be a very coherent entry, but... these are my thoughts on DL6 XD; Obviously, spoilers are beneath, and my icon is reflective of my mood at the end of the musical, when everyone graduated... Anyway!

Okay, so... is this seriously the last dream live? That can't be serious... there's a dream live every two shows and there's two more shows to come, so, shouldn't there be at least one more? And... and they can't stop making Tenimyu! TT______TT;;; That would just be cruel and wrong. *hides in a corner*

I... for some reason thought that Fourth Cast graduated last Myu. XD;;; So I was really surprised to see them in this one. But happy! And their Do Your Best did not disappoint at all. I actually cried when Sakamoto sang Yanagi's part ;____; I was sad that they didn't do the whole song, but this myu is ridiculously long anyway, so I suppose it's necessary. I've gotten really attached to fourth cast... it's sad to see them go. ;____;

Katsu no wa Hyoutei, however... I think I'm scarred for life. @______@;; I really can't stand the new Gakuto (Fukuyama Seiji, I think?) at all. He's just... not Gakuto. Like, he's too... not-bitchy and not-prissy and not what Gakuto is supposed to be. Like, that was my thought watching IP 5B, was that he didn't understand that there's a difference between bitchy and just annoying, and it's definitely been proved here. He just... I don't want to use "masculine" because it's not that Gakuto's supposed to be feminine, but... he comes off too... like, brusque or something. I don't know how to describe it, but it's wrong to me. I want Ruito back. ;____; And I know this is a dumb complaint, but I want Rui's wig back, too. This wig is like... weirdly purple. And I don't like Akiyama either; he's just not Yuushi to me. Like, nothing against him as an actor, but Yuushi is supposed to be suave and sexy and have that like, air a sexiness to him. And, above all else, Yuushi has to have the sex voice! And Akiyama doesn't have any of those things. He's just too awkward to be Yuushi or something. I don't know. And he and Fukuyama have ABSOLUTELY ZERO chemistry, which is just painful after Saitou and Rui because they were so in love it hurt, and it's just sad without them.

On the topic of Hyoutei, I didn't dislike Kubota as much as I did in IP, but he's still not Katou... I have to admit, that Choutarou is growing on me. He's pretty cute. But the new Shishido just... isn't KenKen, and despite the Silver Pair moment being really cute, it's just that KenKen, like, IS Shishido for me and I can't get used to it any other way. I kept thinking how much better it would have been with the original Hyoutei... *le sigh* But kudos to the choreographers for keeping the original choreography for Koori no Emperor, that was a nice touch. The way they mixed it in with Hyoutenka no Jounetsu was kind of weird, but whatever. I think the cast performed Hyoutenka no Jounetsu like >9000 times better than they did Koori no Emperor, but I guess since it's their song, it makes sense. Basically, I want my old Hyoutei back. ;____;

One thing I've really come to appreciate with this musical is just how loud they have to scream in order to be heard over the masses. Like, I know they all have mics and stuff, but I never quite gave them credit for like. How much they have to yell. It's not so much their fault that the quality of sound is terrible when they're screaming over like a million screaming fangirls. XD;;

Um... I'm just not a huge fan of Shitenhouji's song, but they performed it well. The part where Koharu was flirting with Chiquita was really cute. And I like how Ecstasy was basically like... sex. XD;;; Harukawa really is a good Shiraishi, and I love how he like, creeps on Kintarou in the myu. XD; I'm sad we didn't get any Go Go Fuji, but whatever. Yuuta was freaking adorable, so it's all good.

Also, Kanesaki Kentarou is a fucking amazing singer. *____* I can't wait to see Rikkai final match now!!

OMG LUKE. C. OMG OMG OMG. You need to stop stuffing your pants and yet I love you for it~ ♥ I was so hoping they were going to do that song and they did and YAY. *____* And Kite got to wear the cute outfit and everything! Oh god, the one part right at the beginning, where he was putting the jacket on but it was only on one shoulder and his back was to the camera... I want to make an icon of that so bad. I'm such a Luke. C fangirl, it's sad. XD; It's also sad that Yasuka wasn't in this show. ;____; Blondie!!

The Tez-montage made me go ;___; Even if I was like SHIROTAN'S ON TV! 8D for a second. XD;;; Even if I love Shirota, though, Watanabe is definitely my favourite Tezuka. He just... is Tezuka for me. Still, I think I like Shirota's version of Yudan Sezu ni Ikou better, just because like... I don't know. Imperial Match was my first Tenimyu and like, I have this weird emotional attachment to it. It's not that he didn't sing it well, I just... still have flashbacks of Shirotan in DL3 before intermission trying to sing and just crying... TT_____TT

I REALLY want to know what the whole Seigaku exchange was starting with Fuji taking Taka-san's racquet. It was cute, but then I want to know what he said to cause Taka-san to go cry on Momo's shoulder. XD;;; And then when he goes and creeps on Ryoma and Ryoma's like "Kowai..." XD;; WHAT WENT DOWN THERE?

I'm noticing some obvious Tez → Ryoma favouritism here... XD;;; But that was like, the cutest performance of Samurai ever. Sakamoto is so fucking adorable, and his dancing with Kanesaki was just... aww. XD;;; Weird pairing, but it was so cute. XD

AND THEN KOORI NO SEKAI. OMG. I kind of had a feeling it was coming, but I still squealed anyway. I still a little bit wish it was Katou because I maybe secretly ship him with Sakamoto after seeing the Tokyo Finale backstage but Kubota really did fine. I love that song possibly more than I should... the part where he puts his racquet to Ryoma's throat... Eeeeee~ ♥ I need to make an icon of that, too. XD; And then Ore wa Moeru... *____* I love the part where he says "Omae no kokoro wa miete kuru~" and puts his hand to Atobe's heart... and then when he puts his head on Atobe's shoulder... this is totally making me remember why I love Royal Pair-- it's hot and adorable!! (even if Pillar Pair is kind of canon...)

... and then Ueshima had to come onstage. And so a weird body roll/grinding thing with Sakamoto. Yeah. Those two do creep me out a little bit.

Speaking of Pillar Pair, though. XD; I really don't like Seigaku no Hashira ni Nare (which I've always thought was a shame... since I love that episode and reference it all the time. XD) but Sakamoto and Watanabe's performance of it was absolutely lovely. It was so filled with... I don't even know. It was beautiful, though. I just wanted to smoosh them together or something. XD; When they looked each other in the eye... oh my goodness. Also, has Sakamoto grown, or was he always almost as tall as Watanabe? XD;

It is my official opinion that the yakiniku part was way better in the musical than it was in the anime. XD;;; That part was brilliant. Just like... all of it. XD;;; The TakaFuji part was adorable~ And Luke. C is super fabulous, of course... and though I dislike both Fukuyama and Akiyama (erm, their names are similar. XD) the Dirty Trio part with the Inui Juice was just adorable. Akiyama's face, oh god. XD; It was cute. And I have to admit, this new Silver Pair do have good chemistry together... they're pretty cute, too, even if it's not KenKen and Date. And the part with Kenya and Zaizen was just aww. I really wish you got to see more of those two, and that you got to see them play doubles... they really seem cute. And Yuuji being Fuji was nice... and what the fuck was up with the part where Yuushi was like "SEX AND THE CITY!" XD;;; That is what he said, right? I was really confused. And, of course, Hamao was adorable... he's really grown on me a lot, even if he can't carry a tune to save his life. So yeah. It was definitely better than in the anime. XD;

So, I'm not sure why, but though Koharu and Yuuji really get on my nerves in the anime, I find them adorable in the myu. XD; Their song always gets stuck in my head, too XO; (I'm going to be walking around going "I'm sooooooorry, atashi no shouri" for the rest of the day...) But anyway, I'm in love with the sparkly Shiten uniforms... I want one XD;;; And the rest of Shiten dressed up all gay... I totally love it. I wish you got to see them onstage for longer so that I could oggle their outfits... XD; Shiraishi looked absolutely fabulous, and Kin-chan was adorable, and I want that sweatshirt that Zaizen was wearing. XD;;; Chiquita looked really questionable, but... XD;;; yeah.

I'm kind of of the opinion that Hirata and Makita are in love. XD; Because they like, give one another loving glances even when it's not supposed to be MomoKaidoh fanservice. XD;;; But that aside, Bukiyoussu Kara has really grown on me since I first saw it... it's a really catchy song. XD; Even if I don't ship Momo and Kaidoh just their actors... it's still really fun. And seriously, Hirata and Makita were making cute faces through the masks at one another. XD;; Also, the Shiten people who were wearing just the face masks, like Shiraishi and Kin-chan, looked like the Jabbawockeez. XD;;;

You know, I was fearing the appearance of Rival na Futari because the track is listed as "Kikumar v. Fuji~Rival na Futari" but like, it was really just a part of the doubles part. XD;;; How strange for them to use that as a doubles song. I don't understand why they didn't sing Synchro except for that Golden Pair doesn't actually sing it, people sing it about them, so they couldn't really do a doubles number with that, but the part with Silver Pair and Shiten D2 was cute anyway. But seriously, Rival na Futari was really adorable. I totally squealed when Piyo and Gakkun came on together (I officially think I ship that pair equally with Dirty Pair now... huh, when did that happen? XD), and there was more TakaFuji love~ Though nothing really beats Kotani and Aiba in DL3... it was cute. And, of course, Good Combination... I was really glad they used that song again, because I don't really like Golden Pair as a song very much (Though Golden Pair II in MTL is adorable... they should do that in a Dream Live, though I don't think anyone could pull off the loving gazes of Tuti and Nagayan...) and I was irked that they didn't do Depend on Me and Juuden Kanryou as a set... ANYWAY, ignoring that tangent. XD; Oh my fucking god, Zaizen and Kenya were fucking adorable together. Like, I did ship them before, but seeing this made me squeal with joy. And I was glad they got to dance together and no Zaizen and Chitose, because everyone knows Zaizen and Kenya are the REAL doubles pair, and Chitose didn't even really play doubles, anyway. And the ichinen love was adorable... I wonder why Ueshima so ships Kachirou and Katsuo, considering they don't even play doubles. XD; And I think the Silver Pair chemistry is really making the Shishido grow on me... XD;;; And, of course, Golden Pair was really freaking adorable. Nothing will beat DL3 Good Combination for me, but this definitely, definitely came close.

The flying part was really cute. I liked Seigaku and Shiten pretending to be the ones working the wires... XD; and, of course, Shiraishi threatening Kin-chan with the hand~ ♥ I really do love that pair. There should be more of it in existence. Or, if there is and I'm missing it... someone should point me in the general direction of fic. XD;

Um... the awkward gay adventures of fabulous!Tachibanana and Chiquita was really funny. XD;;; Awkward, but cute. I like, screamed when I saw the wig on Tachibana. Seriously, I've been dreaming of that hair appearing in TeniMyu since I knew of the existence of that hair. XD;;; *rolls* But honestly, the Chiquita Banana part was one of the cutest things ever. The crying part, and the choreography for the song, with them back to back, and then when they put their arms around one another's shoulders when they walked offstage... it was beautiful. ♥

Um yeah, about how that thing with Taka-san and Akutsu is STILL the most awkward thing on the face of the planet. -____-;; Seriously. I'm just awkwarded out by it. I was glad they had Taka-san on a wire for that part, though... he did a good job of flinging himself up the steps in the musical, but it looked painful o____O; So I'm glad he didn't have to do all the work in this... Still, though. The part where he like, awkwardly had a moment with Akutsu at the end... just... awkward.

Speaking of awkward pairings, I've never understood the whole Momo/Yuushi thing... not in the anime, not in the actual myu, and not here. XD; And I don't particularly like Pokerface Fighter, so I'm bitter that this got in and not Sekkachi. > 3 >

As much as I don't like the cast, this Hyoutei's performance of Remember Hyoutei wasn't so bad. It's a shame they don't have as many of their own songs and have to sing the better other Hyoutei's songs not as well as the first Hyoutei did them... also, Kubota seriously looks like death. His face shape scares me. XD; And I honestly can't get past how much this Gakuto really ISN'T Gakuto for me at all. Like, he doesn't look like him, doesn't act like him, doesn't sound like him... I want Ruito back. ;______;

Heavy Rain was nice... it's a good song and Yuuta is gorgeous... I think they did his hair perfectly for this myu. It's just right now. I just wish it had been Katou and not Kubota, because there's just something about Kubota's voice that doesn't sit right as Atobe for me. Like, he's a good singer, it's not that he's not, it's just that... I don't know. HIs voice doesn't work for me for the part. But Yuuta is beautiful and I'm so going to miss him! His ballet before Challenge was really nice, too.

Speaking of Challenge... I never liked that song. Why did they have to bring it back? XD; Though any time Luke. C is onstage is okay with me...

Generally, my least favourite part of Dream Lives is when you get around close to the end and they have a bunch of songs they want to get in before the ballad and the crying and everything, but I kind of didn't see Ore-tachi no Aikotoba coming. And yes, I cried. And I fucking hate when they play movies of auditions and rehearsals in the background, because it gets me every fucking time. I don't want to see these guys go!! It's so sad. TT_____TT; The last graduation on a Dream Live was Second Cast, and man did I lose it then... but seriously, this was almost as bad. ;______; On a less sad note, I want to know what their blazers say... and does anyone know the kanji for "Aikotoba"? :x What does that mean? Because it seems like ai and kotoba put together, and while I know that's probably not true, it would be cute if it was.

... I couldn't bring myself to watch the speeches, firstly because I didn't want to lose it all over the place and have my family asking me what was wrong, and secondly because I want to wait until they're translated and I know what they're saying and what I'm crying about. So... forgive me, but I just couldn't make myself. Because I've seen Dream Live Third like 5 times and I STILL cry every time, so... yeah.

Now and Forever was so sad though. ;_____; Seeing Watanabe all over the place and Sakamoto crying and everything... it was so sad. Every time Ueshima touches Sakamoto, it still makes my skin crawl a little bit... but yeah, that was so super sad. ;_____; I can't begrudge fifth cast for how much I'm sobbing over fourth cast right now... I'm sure they'll all grow on me with time, but right now I just want to cling to fourth cast like crazy. TT_____TT

As for the fifth cast's performance in this... it was fine, I think. I don't really have much to say. The new Fuji is a good dancer, but I suppose that's to be expected. I suppose we'll just have to see in Final Match.

The last few numbers seemed to drag, as they always do for me, but I wasn't even particularly fond of the songs they chose to do for those last few numbers. As always, songs from newer musicals appeal to me less than the old ones that I know well and love... maybe after a few more watches I like them, but for now, I was kind of feeling the way I always feel at the big finale of Dream Lives (except Third), which is pretty much that I'm just waiting for On My Way and F・G・K・S. Also, Ueshima should not talk so much. > 3 > But Refresh was really cute and sweet, and those two songs are always lovely, so they cheer me up at the end, and did, again cheer me up at the end of DL6. And then it was all done and I was sad.

Um... I feel too overwhelmed right now to give my overall feelings... I just want fourth cast to come back... but this was a lovely Dream Live. Basically, I hate that GradMyus make me so sad, because then I stop being able to enjoy the greatness of the rest of the myu ; Now I'm all sad and the good mood from squeeing over everything is all gone. ;___; But it was a great Myu and I basically am going to have to skip the end when I watch it from now on until it gets subbed, and then I'll watch the speeches once and never watch them again. XD;;; Alas, such s life...

But overall, DL6 was a great musical! I'm glad I finally got the chance to watch it... @_____@
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