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TeniMyu fic~

Oh my god, guys, I actually wrote fic. XD; It's just a short, fluffy, pointless Tuti/Nagayan fic, but it's something, right~?

Title: Forgetfulness

Disclaimer: Tuti and Nagayan most certainly don't belong to me~

Pairing: Tuti/Nagayan, hints of Shirota/Yanagi

Rating: PG

Warnings: BL, a bit of language, RPS (obviously)

Author's Note: My first Tuti/Nagayan fic! \o/ I hope it's passable and I didn't skewer their personalities or something. @___@;

As much as Nagayan fussed at being called forgetful, he seemed to leave an awful lot of things at Tuti's apartment. Tuti, naturally, poked fun at him for it, but he didn't see why it was such a big deal when he was always at Tuti's, anyway, and could pick whatever it was up whenever he wanted. Beside, did it really matter if one scarf lived at Tuti's for a few weeks, anyway? He had a whole drawer of clothes that he kept there for obvious reasons, so why did his leaving one article of clothing from the previous day warrant so much teasing? It just wasn't fair, and Nagayan informed Tuti of this regularly, despite the fact that it seemed to have no impact on how often he got teased.

However, despite all the fuss, occasionally, there were times when Nagayan left something of relative importance at Tuti's apartment, and, of course, it always seemed to be these times that Nagayan had plans and would not be able to retrieve the item immediately. It was times like these that Tuti always recalled when teasing Nagayan about the little things, and it was times like these for which Nagayan cursed the forgetfulness he refused to openly admit.

Today, of course, was one of those days. He has spent the night at Tuti's, which was far from unusual, and had been on the subway en route to the concert hall before he realized that he had left his keys in the pocket of the pair of pants that were currently still in a pile at the foot of Tuti's bed. Shit. Not only was he never going to live this down, but, when he got home tonight, he was going to be locked out.

And, of course, there was no way to avoid getting teased when it was Tuti's apartment at which he had left them, and so, grudgingly, slouching in his seat on the train, he pulled out his phone and emailed his boyfriend with his dilemma. Tuti was prompt in his reply, and, despite his scowl at the first few lines of the email, which were, indeed, making fun of Nagayan's forgetfulness, he couldn't help but smile. Despite all the teasing, Tuti was a sweetheart; the next line of the email offered to meet Nagayan for dinner in order to return the keys.

It was awfully tempting, but Nagayan had previously made plans with Kimeru and Yanagi for the evening, and so, regretfully, he emailed back to say that that wouldn't work out, and he'd have to crash at Kime's or something and come by to get his keys the next day. It was a pain in the ass, but it was his own fault, and when Tuti didn't email in reply, he figured that would be the plan and began to think on ways to broach the topic with his best friend, who was also bound to make fun of him. After all, two rounds of teasing, on top of being without his keys, would be just unbearable.

Luckily, considering it was the day of a performance, Nagayan didn't have much time to think on the problem after that, and it slipped from his mind as he met up with Kimeru in the dressing rooms and readied for the show. Nagayan wasn't one to let fretting get in the way of a show, after all, and performing took all of his energy and attention. And then, as per the plan, directly afterwards, he was whisked away with Kimeru to meet up with Yanagi and Sakamoto-kun, the absolutely adorable boy who was played Ryoma with the fourth generation of TeniMyu. Kime was very enthusiastic about the whole ordeal, and it had been a while since they had been able to get together with Yanagi, and Nagayan loved hanging out with friends no matter who he was with, really, and so the evening flew by until, at eleven, keys entirely forgotten, Nagayan found himself with Kimeru being led by Yanagi to some restaurant he liked, having lost Sakamoto-kun to curfew an hour previous. It wasn't until they were halfway through their meal, had taken various cell phone pictures for their respective blogs, and were deep in conversation about Yanagi's lovelife that Nagayan was reminded again.

Kimeru had been in the midst of heckling some story involving Shirota and and Starbucks out of Yanagi when Nagayan's cell had beeped, informing him he had received an email. Loathe to miss the juicy details of the story Yanagi was so hesitant to tell, he ignored his phone through a few more beeps, until finally, Kimeru gave him a look of annoyance, to which he pouted but dutifully checked his phone, entirely with the intent to silence it and check his messages later. When he saw that the mail was from Tuti, however, flipped his phone open despite himself, displaying the message.

In the mail was a picture of Tuti, obviously self-taken, if the obscure angle and less-than-artist positioning spoke for anything. The room was dimly lit, but upon closer inspection of the cell phone screen, Nagayan realized that the picture had been taken in his kitchen, and it was his counter against which Tuti was leaning. This was not unthinkable, as Tuti, of course, had keys to his apartment, but why he would be there, especially at without Nagayan there as well, was baffling.

But then something else in the picture caught his eye- sitting next to Tuti on the counter was something shiny, but it wasn't anything Nagayan remembered leaving on the counter... his kitchen was a bit of a mess, but he honestly couldn't think of what it could be. The cell phone picture was small and pixelated, and it took Nagayan longer than it should have to realize what Tuti had done, but when it dawned on him, a grin spread wide across his features, and he couldn't bite it back. Sitting on the counter next to Tuti were Nagayan's keys. Beneath the picture was the message, "I'll be waiting. Love you."

Of course, Nagayan's loving, bubbly tranquility was broken when Kimeru made a sudden dive for the phone, snatching it from Nagayan's hands and handing it off to Yanagi, who made a show of pretending he was going to read the message out loud, and Nagayan was once more distracted by the formidable task of retrieving his phone from his friends, but he couldn't help but grin still the entire time and think that maybe, the next time Tuti poked fun at him for being forgetful, he wouldn't fuss quite so much, after all.
Tags: bl, one-shot, rps, tenimyu

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