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Last of the old TeniMyu fics :D I'm actually really happy with this one. So... if you're going to read one of them, read this one XD;

Title: Morning Coffee

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. I swear.

Rating: PG

Warnings: RPS~ Angst, BL, extremely vague sexual situations

Author's Note: I really want Starbucks now. XD;;

He stayed up way too late last night, way too late, but at least this time he has a more legitimate excuse than video games, Yanagi thinks to himself as he tries to force himself out of bed. He'll get scolded if he's late for rehearsal again, and if he doesn't get up now, there won't be time for Starbucks, and that really will be a tragedy, but Yanagi's eyelids are heavy and his head is pounding slightly with this extension to his his sleep-deprivation, and he mulls over last night as he tries, somehow, to work up the will power to face the day.

He knows everyone goes easy on him in rehearsals, he knows they have to, but it doesn't make it any easier for him, didn't make yesterday any easier, when, after failure upon failure, they sent him home early with those patronizing smiles as if he were a child, told him to get some rest and they'd go over it again tomorrow. He hated it but did as told, hanging his head as he dragged his feet to the subway station. He moped all the way through physical therapy and dinner picked up at a convenience store, cursing himself every time he moved awkwardly, stiffly, because even though he can't fix it, can't do it right, he can tell, and that's the worst of all.

After eating dinner alone in his apartment, he was considering calling Araki over to complain to him, but before he could gather the energy, there was a knock on the door, and so he rose to get that instead, surprised by the person on the other side. "Yuu?"

Shirota smiled back at him, holding up a bag. "I brought you something to eat. Can I come in?"

Yanagi's expression softens into a smile, and he nods, ushering his boyfriend inside before closing the door behind him. "You don't have to bribe me to let you in, you know."

"I know," Shirota replied with a smile, following Yanagi into the living room, "But I like to make you happy, so I do anyway."

Yanagi grinned up at him for a moment before dropping back onto the couch unceremoniously, motioning for Shirota to do the same. Shirota was a little more dignified about it, setting the bag aside before sitting beside Yanagi and gathering him into his arms. "C'mon, cheer up."

Yanagi began to protest, but Shirota mussed his hair with a slight shake of the head. "I know you were having trouble today, I could see you beating yourself up about it." He offers a half grin, prodding one of Yanagi's cheeks with a finger affectionately, trying to coax out a smile. "I came to cheer you up."

With a sigh, Yanagi sat up a little more, adjusting himself to lean against Shirota's shoulder. From this angle, he couldn't see Shirota's face, which was just as well, because he didn't like talking about this. "I'm fine. It's just hard sometimes. And I hate that it takes me so much longer than anyone else to get anything... like I'm holding everyone back. I know I just need to practice more, but... I'm so slow now..."

He was surprised when, all of a sudden, Shirota took his hands in his own. "Why don't we practice now, then?" He stood, pulling a surprised Yanagi with him. "Come on, I'll help you out."

Yanagi raised an eyebrow. "Right here, now?" This seemed like a recipe for disaster, as Shirota could barely stay serious for an entire rehearsal at the studio; in a private setting, Yanagi doubted he could ever get anything done.

"Sure," Shirota encouraged, however, and Yanagi shrugged and Shirota put him in place and counted in place of the music. Surprisingly, he was very serious all of a sudden, and when Yanagi wanted to pause, he paused, and they went over steps, notes, lyrics, slowly at first, working up to full speed. Shirota was patient, but somehow in a different way than the director, the choreographer; patient without being patronizing. Together, they worked through the entire show, sans the parts Yanagi was not in, and it was only on the second time through that Shirota began to goof off, doing dramatic imitations of other cast members and poking fun at the characters. He never fails to make Yanagi giggle, sometimes all out laugh, and the whole thing made him feel better about himself, about the prospects for rehearsal tomorrow.

When the time came, before Echizen's final match with Hiyoshi, for Tezuka to remind him that he was now the pillar of Seigaku, Shirota put on an overly serious pained expression, which sent Yanagi into a small giggle-fit as Shirota dropped to one knee and clasped Yanagi's hands in his own. "Echizen... I love you!" he proclaimed with all the emotion of a daytime soap, looking up into Yanagi's eyes.

Yanagi fought back his giggles, trying to stay in character. "Buchou..." he trailed, in his best Echizen-like manner. But he wasn't necessarily sure what Echizen would do if Tezuka suddenly confessed love to him, so he gave up, leaning in and kissing Shirota instead.

One thing led to another, but that was most definitely the end of practicing. Still, Shirota didn't end up leaving until nearly three in the morning, and though Yanagi hadn't even wanted him to go then, he was forced to admit that it was probably a major factor in the fact that he really doesn't want to get out of be right now.

A glance at the clock, however, reminds him that he really needs to get a move on. He's lost his chance at coffee, now, if he wants to make it rehearsal on time, and with a dejected sigh, he rolls out of bed, dressing hurriedly despite the low throbbing in his temples. Glancing around his room and giving himself a once-over in the mirror, he decides he's passable, though not much more, and makes his way with another heavy sigh into the kitchen.

He doesn't have much time to eat, so he grabs a granola bar for the train, setting it on the kitchen table and looking for his cell phone. Only when he fails to find it does he realize that there's something he doesn't remember being there on his kitchen table, a folded piece of paper. Curiosity causing him to forget his hurry, he picks it up.

Something slides from the folds of the paper and Yanagi's reflexes aren't good enough; it clatters to the ground. It sounds as if nothing's broken, however, so he ignores it for a second, glancing over the two short sentences written in English on the note: Do your best. I love you. It was only signed "Y," but of course Yanagi knew who it was from, and he realized that Shirota must have set it out last night, before he left. Touched, he set the note aside and bent to see what he had dropped. It was a thin, brightly coloured, rectangular piece of plastic, and when Yanagi flipped it over, he couldn't help the grin that spread across his features; it was better than winning the lottery, it was 1500 yen to Starbucks.

Well, Yanagi thought, putting the card and the note both into his wallet, locating his cell phone on the kitchen counter, grabbing his duffel and heading for the door, perhaps, if he hurried, there was time for coffee, after all.
Tags: bl, one-shot, rps, tenimyu

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