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31 December 2009 @ 02:43 pm
The Very Belated Christmas/New Years/Holiday Post!  
SO. Now that I'm back in the USSR home, I can finally post as I had intended/always do after Christmas.

It was nice, if bit rushed, since we had to go to the airport by 9 am on the 25th, but we always do Christmas on Christmas Eve, anyway, since it's a Scandinavian thing, and I'm Scandinasian. :3 And I got a good haul this year~ :3 The highlights of which being:
❄ The Ubran Decay Book of Shades Vol. II! I'm so freaking happy. I'm so in love with this thing. X3 We should have another model get-together type thing so I can do everyone's makeup again!
❄ A new iPod! I named him Kimeru and I'm going to get him a beautiful sparkly case or something of hat nature.
❄ A sweater dress which is warm and pretty.
❄ A new bathrobe so I won't be cold in my cement prison of a dorm
❄ An iTunes gift card so that I can buy Discover on iTunes!
❄ Quite a bit of money which is always appreciates
And lots of other great things~

And now, for my traditional New Years meme:

In your archive, find the first post for every month of 2009, and copy and paste the first sentence here.

January: Here's the obligatory New Year's Meme...[How many years have I been doing this meme now? XD;]
February: SICK I AM. [The rest of this post is so typical of freshman year for me. I'm glad I stopped wasting so much time making gaia avatars. XD;]
March: So, I wrote some porn of everyone's favourite St. Rudy boys! [Wow, drastic shift between February and March, there! I forgot that mid-February was when I became a TeniPuri fag. XD;]
April: So, episode 71 was just so awesome it got its VERY OWN CAPS POST. [Aww, I miss caps posts. XD;; Fun times, those were. I should go back and do them again... too bad I got too lazy halfway through the series...]
May: THIS. Is Awesome. And SaiRui is ttly canon er... in existence. [Ah, and we've come to my first ventures into RPS. Life is good. XD;]
June: So, I know there's things I ought to be writing on, but I had to get this out of my system. XD; [This was a fic based on Fuun Shounen Atobe... fun times. :3]
July: So I did all those memes that yomimashou did. XD;;; [Um... let me disclaim that the title of this post is "I'm a lame-o" XD;;;]
August: Me? Post? Neverrrrrrr. [This was kind of a point in the summer where I really did never post. XD; My year this year went really opposite of the previous; I posted a lot during the school year and not really at all during the summer. Huh.]
September: So, about how I've totally neglected this journal in favour of my RP journals. Hahahaha. Sorry about that... [Ah, yes... this is right after lion_crest came into my life...]
October: I am ridiculously happy now. [I had just figured out how to get syndicated feeds on my flist... XD;]
November I need to start actually posting again @_____@;;; lion_crest seriously has eaten my life. [This is a common sentiment in a lot of my posts this fall... XD;]
December: Thanks so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! [Thanks again, everyone, for giving me a wonderful birthday~]

Well that certainly was a kick and a half. XD;;; This year was so, so different from last year, but it was good! Going back and looking at these old memes makes me laugh a little, but I'm really grateful and happy for all the great people who have made my life fun and wonderful for the past years. ♥

As for New Years' resolutions... Post to my LJ more! XD; Also, as was my resolution last year, lose weight. Though, since the gym is temporarily closed and I don't really have the time anymore, anyway, it will probably have to be more on the "eat right" front, since dining halls are the bane of my existence. *sigh*

Well, my sister is bringing her puppy home for good in the near future so... I better go steel myself @_____@;;;
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