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02 January 2010 @ 03:04 pm
Yet another meme...  
I've been looking for this meme for quite some time XD;; I'm glad I found it. I know I've been posting a lot of memes recently, but... uh... humour me? XD;

Ask any character (or actor) you think I might be able to manage a question, and I'll reply in-character as them with an answer (or possibly reply as myself going 'WHAT THE HELL, I CAN'T DO THIS'). Feel free to ask either as yourself or as another character.

Ask away! (You may, if you wish, ask multiple questions (perhaps of multiple characters) or attempt to engage the characters in extended conversation.)

[Characters/people that I'm comfortable with, as most people are probably aware, are Ryoma, Gakuto, Mizuki, Rin, Kime, Nagayan, Hakkai, Hazel, Sanzo, Ed, Tokitoh (though I'm really not up to date on WA...), Fye...and many others, so just ask if there's not someone you see on the list. XD;]

Yes, yes I am a dork.
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