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s e m i ☆ f r i e n d s ☆ o n l y


Contrary to the banner, this journal is not friends only. Rather, it is semi-friends only for the reason that I like people to comment before they friend me. Why? Because I don't feel comfortable with complete strangers friending me. It's as simple as that. I don't expect anything fancy and I don't bite- just drop me a comment stating who you are and why you'd like to friend me, and, chances are, I'll friend you back. Fandoms in common help a lot, too. However, if you don't comment on this post, I won't friend you back, simple as that.

I do have a few rules for friending:
☆ I don't friend journals that are linked to twitter/facebook/other social media (so that the majority of the posts are, for example, a conglomeration of tweets)
☆ I don't friend journals that are mostly sales journals.
☆ I don't friend journals that regularly post large images without using an LJ cut.
If your journal contains any of these things, please feel free to friend me regardless; all of my fic, icons, translations, reports, meta, and other fanworks will always be unlocked. I reserve the right to unfriend any journals that begin doing these things after we're friends. It's also simply my policy to unfriend any accounts who unfriend me for whatever reason.

In the case that you happen to stumble across this journal and are considering friending, here's just a bit about me to help you out, a bit more in-depth than my userinfo.

. b a s i c . i n f o .

☆ call me Miranda (pseud. Mirai, Kit, etc)
☆ originally from the east coast of the United States
☆ currently located in eastern Japan
☆ occupationally an English teacher; author, artist, general fan, etc. in my free time

. t h i n g s . t o . k n o w .

☆ In terms of fandom, this blog will be highly centered around BL / slash. If that is not your thing, please be forewarned.
☆ I am a huge feminist. I went to a women's college. I am bisexual. If any of these things bother you, again, this is not the place for you.
☆ While I do post about my daily life, my main focus is fandom, in particular Johnny's & Associates (though in the past I have also focused on various anime and manga series, as well as anime musicals and small Japanese theatre).
☆ I write RPS (that is, fiction of relationships between real living people, usually Japanese idols and actors), as well as other content that may not be appropriate for everyone. Everything I write has warnings visible BEFORE the story is visible. Please read them before viewing my fanworks.

. f a n d o m s .

☆Johnny's Entertainment - Current main fandom. This includes:
→ Hey! Say! JUMP: I currently consider myself a Tobikko ♥
  ↳ Inoo-tan. Chinen is my second favourite.
  ↳ I maintain the dreamwidth Hey! Say! JUMP community here! (Sadly, it's relatively inactive now.)
  ↳tags: hey! say! jump, ultra music power, いいの?, Yuri is a girl's name...
  ↳ Shige ♥♥♥
  ↳ There will be a place in my heart for Kusano forever
  ↳tags: news, it's big news
→ Johnny's Juniors: (not currently active)
  ↳ former Sexy Boyz, etc: Nakamura Reia ♥
  ↳ Bakaleya6: Kouchi Yugo is my favourite
  ↳ Previously a B.I.Shadow fan: Kouchi Yugo was my favourite
  ↳ I maintain a livejournal community for Bakaleya-kumi here! (Sadly, it's relatively inactive now.)
  ↳tags: b.i.shadow, being a juniors fan sucks, okay, sexy boyz, johnny's junior.
→ Sexy Zone: (not currently active)
  ↳ my favourite is Marius, but I love all of them.
  ↳ tags: sexy zone, /時代を創ろう
→ Dramas:
  ↳ Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou: Maya ♥
  ↳ Bad Boys J: Erika, Kenjirou… all of Nights ♥
  ↳ Kamen Teacher: Kinzo, Shishimaru, M4 ♥
  ↳ tags: bad boys j, kamen teacher, shiritsu bakaleya koukou
→ Others: Arashi, Kis-My-Ft2, KAT-TUN, etc.
  ↳ Matsumoto Jun; Tamamori Yuta; Kamenashi Kazuya
  ↳ tags: arashi, arashi arashi for dream, kis-my-ft2, この時代のチャンピオン, kat-tun, 時を超え5stars~

☆ *pnish* - Previous fandom. I still see their shows from time to time.
  ↳ My favourite is Washio Noboru.
  ↳ tags: パニシュが好き!, The Gay One, Leader, Sexyface, 兄貴がなんだろう?!, sparkly gay Indian boys,
  *pnish playverse, Maharaja Mode, Samurai Mode, Secret Box, Panic Age, rps

☆ Bleach - Fandom circa 2010.
  ↳ My favourites include Ichimaru Gin, Kira Izuru, Hinamori Momo, and Hirako Shinji.
  ↳ tags: bleach is admittedly addictive, bleach)

☆ TeniMyu - My fandom for most of my college days.
  ↳ My favourites include Kimeru, Nagayama Takashi, and Aoyagi Ruito.
  ↳ tags: tenimyu, not a stalker

☆ The Prince of Tennis - Fandom circa 2009.
  ↳ My favourites are Mukahi Gakuto and Mizuki Hajime.
  ↳ tags: in which i am a tenipuri fag, tenipuri

☆ Kazuya Minekura works - Fandom from high school; circa 2004-2008, though I've never stopped appreciating her work (and the fact that she's a fan of V6!)
  ↳ This includes Saiyuki, Wild Adapter/Araiso Prive High School Executive Committee, and Bus
  ↳ My favourites include Hazel Grouse, Cho Hakkai, Tokitoh Minoru, and Mishiba Toki.
  ↳ tags: saiyuki, wa, bus gamer

☆ Others: I've been interested in a variety of media over the years.
  ↳ Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, Yuugiou,
  xxxHOLiC, Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon, etc.
  ↳ tags: tsubasa reservoir chronicle, fma, ouran, yugioh, xxxholic

. f a n w o r k s .

☆ Fic - One of my main hobbies in fandom. While I generally try to write things that are socially acceptable, there are inevitably things in some of my works that may be uncomfortable to some readers, so I ask that anyone interested please read the warnings before reading the fic. As with most writers, I like comments a lot if you've read and liked something. (tags: archive, bl, one-shot)
☆ Translation - Most of my translations anymore are news reports, Oricon charts, etc, but there are also occasional magazine articles and Jwebs and the like. (tag: translation)
☆ Graphics - I make icons, friends only banners, desktops, etc. Also something I do fairly often. (tags: icons)
☆ Art - I used to do sketches and drawings more when I was into anime. (tags: art)
☆ Cosplay - I used to cosplay for conventions fairly often and will do photoshoots from time to time, which are be posted here. (tags: cosplay)

. e l s e w h e r e .

I also have some rules for conduct within my journal:
☆ This is a safe space. Please refrain from language that is derisive or discriminatory.
☆ I understand that slang is different in all countries and cultures, but please try to remember that something that might not be offensive to you may be offensive to someone else. In particular, I know that the word "Jap" is not considered a racial slur used to refer to someone of Japanese heritage in some countries, but being American (and living in Japan knowing Japanese people who find it very offensive), I ask that you don't use it in the comments on my journal.
☆ Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect the opinions of everyone who comments on my blog. I try my hardest to engage with all commenters in a polite and respectful manner. That being said, please respect my opinion and, in the long run, understand that this is my blog and I will post in accordance with what I feel and believe. If you're offended by it, please simply don't read it.
I reserve the right to delete any comments that I feel violate these rules.

That all being said, if you still wish to be friends, please, comment away! ♡

Or, if what you're interested in is my writing:
Fic ArchiveJohnny's Entertainment Fic Archive

If anything I write makes you feel uncomfortable, please let me know in any way you feel comfortable (pm, comment) and I'll do whatever I can to rectify the situation. I do my best to warn for any possible triggers in my works, but sometimes, I make mistakes. I want my journal to be a safe space for everyone.

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  • Otakon 2009!

    HAY THAR FLIST~ I'm back from Otakon~ Whenever I get the pictures, there shall be a con report and posts of our shoots and whatnot else, but for now…

  • HAY GAIZ...

    I'M DONE. WAI, WAI~~~~

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