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Kyou wa dame demo...

Though my claim hasn't been accepted yet over at 1sentence... I wanted to post this anyway, and if, for some reason, I don't get accepted... XD; oh well. Most importantly, I did this for yomimashou, because I love her so ♥ Feel better, darling!

Title: Mirai wa Bacchiri

Disclaimer: I do not own Kimeru or Nagayan, and even if I did, I couldn't control them :P

Rating: R

Warnings: RPS! BL, angst, vague solo

Author's Note: This was harder than I was expecting it to be. XD; I hope they aren't terribly cliche, anyway... As far as I know, the title translates roughly to "The future is in order"... in the sense that things will be right and correct in the future, so to speak.

1) Comfort
More than anything else in the world, Kimeru will always be comforted by the sound of Takashi's voice.

2) Kiss
When Takashi kisses Kimeru, it's chaste, on the cheek, fleeting, and though Kimeru pretends to do the same, with every kiss he gives Takashi, he always, always means it.

3) Soft
The softness of Takashi's breath against his face is the most wonderful sensation to which Kimeru has ever awoken.

4) Pain
"Of course you have my blessing," Kimeru lies through his smile as he watches Tsuchiya take Takashi's hand in his own, and that is what hurts the most.

5) Potatoes
When Takashi professes love to Kimeru's stew, he receives a bento every day for the rest of their rehearsals together, and then some.

6) Rain
He knows Takashi is forgetful, but Kimeru is selfish, and never brings an extra umbrella

7) Chocolate
"I like to make you happy," Kimeru explains to Takashi's bewildered expression when he hands his best friend a small, wrapped parcel on Valentine's Day.

8) Happiness
When Takashi blushes and hands him a wrinkled, poorly-wrapped package on White Day, Kimeru is sure that he will never be happier.

9) Telephone
Takashi deletes photos as soon as he posts them to his blog, but Kimeru can never quite bring himself to delete Takashi's image from his own cell phone.

10) Ears
"His singing is horrible," Takashi jokes about Tsuchiya, and Kimeru finds himself bitterly wishing that Takashi would choose his lovers by ear.

11) Name
His manager has told him a thousand times no, but when Takashi asks, Kimeru divulges the truth in a hot, thick whisper against Takashi's ear without a second's hesitation.

12) Sensual
When Takashi emerges from the shower, hair dripping down his neck as he fingers it out of his face, Kimeru is fairly certain that he has never seen something so sensual, so beautiful before in his entire life.

13) Death
Kimeru would never, ever wish ill on Tsuchiya, not when he makes Takashi so happy, but 'til death, he thinks, is an awfully long commitment.

14) Sex
He's never wanted something so badly in his life, but Takashi is drunk, and even though he won't remember it in the morning, Kimeru tells him no and puts him to bed, instead.

15) Touch
It's so simple; palms pressed together, fingers intertwined, wrists barely touching, but yet, to Kimeru, it's everything.

16) Weakness
Kimeru is terrified that in a moment of weakness and stupidity, he'll tell Takashi that he loves him.

17) Tears
The times Kimeru feels closest to crying are the times he sees Takashi in tears.

18) Speed
Four generations and seven years have passed, but when Kimeru closes his eyes, he can still see Takashi smiling, assuring him "ashita wa ok," as if it were yesterday.

19) Wind
Kimeru always secretly hopes Takashi will say, "I want you to keep me warm," but until then, he will continue to lend him his jacket.

20) Freedom
Kimeru doesn't think Tsuchiya will ever fully appreciate the freedom that he has, the freedom that Kimeru so desperately desires.

21) Life
Kimeru would more willingly change anything in his life than remove Takashi from it.

22) Jealousy
His throat is tight and his chest burns, but when he sees the smile on Takashi's face as Tsuchiya kisses him, Kimeru knows that there are things more important than his own jealousy.

23) Hands
Takashi's hands are beautiful, just like everything else about him, but they hold a special attraction in that they are the one part of his body that Kimeru can safely touch.

24) Taste
No matter how enticing it is, Kimeru values his garden of Eden far too much to taste its forbidden fruit.

25) Devotion
Takashi laughs when Kimeru says he would do anything for him, and Kimeru laughs too, but it's the truth, all the same.

26) Forever
"But of course we'll be best friends forever," Takashi proclaims, and Kimeru isn't sure whether to be comforted by promise or cry at the sheer, brutal honesty.

27) Blood
Sometimes, Kimeru wishes he was related to Takashi, because it would make holding back easier, and he would have a legitimate reason to demand more attention than Tsuchiya.

28) Sickness
Only Takashi, Kimeru thinks as he smiles fondly at the photos on his friend's blog, could make a medical mask look adorable.

29) Melody
"I wish you'd write a song for me," Takashi pouts as OATH IN THE STORM plays in the background, and Kimeru has to bite his tongue to keep from replying, they're all for you.

30) Star
During Tanabata, when he's forced to make written record of his desires, Kimeru always wishes for Takashi's happiness and never more, but sometimes, when it's between him and the night sky, he allows himself to be selfish with his wishes.

31) Home
"Make yourself at home," Takashi urges, but since Takashi has moved in with Tsuchiya, Kimeru can never quite let go.

32) Confusion
"Come on, I promise I won't tell!" Takashi insists in regards what he's dubbed Kimeru's "secret crush," and Kimeru doesn't know how to tell him that that's not the problem.

33) Fear
Kimeru is hyper-aware of cars when he is with Takashi; the incident with Yanagi was terrible enough, and Takashi he cannot bear to lose.

34) Lightning/Thunder
"I'm not afraid!" Takashi insists, but he squeezes Kimeru's hand a little tighter all the same as the sky lights up once more with the evidence of the coming storm.

35) Bonds
Kimeru smiles as Takashi shows off the shiny new gold band now resting on his ring finger, but no matter how much Takashi treasures it, it will always be a manacle to Kimeru.

36) Market
Sometimes, Kimeru wishes Decossam items didn't sell quite so well.

37) Technology
When Takashi posts pictures of himself that are so beautiful that Kimeru's mouth becomes dry and his fingers are frozen on the keyboard, he can't decide whether to curse or bless the person who invented the internet.

38) Gift
"A barrette doesn't really count as a gift, Kime," Takashi points out when Kimeru has forgotten to tie his hair back for rehearsal, but Kimeru thanks him and treasures it, all the same.

39) Smile
The fact that he can be counted upon to make Takashi smile, Kimeru thinks, is one of Tsuchiya's redeeming qualities.

40) Innocence
"You're my best friend; of course I love you, too!" Takashi replies, and his innocence is darling but heartbreaking.

41) Completion
Kimeru bites back Takashi's name on his lips as he leans, panting, against the shower wall, pretending, for the moment, that he isn't alone.

42) Clouds
"That one looks like an elephant!" Takashi proclaims, and, "I see," Kimeru replies (even though he doesn't see at all), because Takashi said so.

43) Sky
Kimeru has always considered himself a fairly realistic person, but when Takashi takes his hand and smiles at him just so, he really does feel as if he could touch the sky.

44) Heaven
Sometimes, when he watches Takashi sleep, beautiful, peaceful, perfect creature that he is, Kimeru thinks that he must be a stray seraph fallen from heaven.

45) Hell
But then, when he's all sweat and bare skin and sweet laughter after a performance, drawing Kimeru close into a congratulatory embrace, Kimeru is fairly certain he's the worst temptation of them all.

46) Sun
Regardless of the weather, Kimeru is amazed at Takashi's ability to brighten his day.

47) Moon
"Let's go for a walk," says Takashi, even though it's nearing on midnight, and Kimeru bites back the need to comment that moonlight strolls are usually considered romantic, not because it wouldn't be amusing to tease, but because it hits a little too close to home.

48) Waves
Kimeru has never been overly fond of the sea, but when Takashi announces, "Let's go to the beach, just you and me," how is Kimeru to refuse?

49) Hair
When Takashi gets the bowl cut for Rock'n Jam Musical, Tsuchiya laughs at him, but Kimeru tells him, completely honestly, that he's adorable.

50) Supernova
Kimeru knows that, should he ever give in, it will be like a supernova: beautiful, explosive, spectacular, and then afterwards, there will be nothing.
Tags: bl, one-shot, rps, tenimyu

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