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More MahaMo fic!

So. yomimashou and I play this really cool game where we make a spinner with the names of certain persons or characters and then spin two names and write a drabble about them. XD Or rather, I write a drabble about them, and yomimashou slides with drawing a short stick-figure comic or thinking up a fic scenario... but I love her anyway. ♥ We've played once before with a *pnish* members and friends spinner (and perhaps I'll post the legit drabbles from that, too...), and then last night we created one with almost all the characters from *pnish*'s Maharaja Mode, which was totally awesome. I'm not going to post the weird pairings like Shusai/Parvati, because they make absolutely no sense, but I figured I'd type up a few of the vaguely sense-making pairings. XD;

Title: Want

Disclaimer: Maharaja Mode belongs to *pnish*!

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Niganda/Adis

Warnings: BL, drabble

Author's Note: This pairing is so canon. XD;;;

He wants it so, so badly, with every fiber of his being, through every inch of his body. He's wanted it for years, now, practically all his life, it seems, but now that Niganda-sama is actually here, in the body of his lord, now that Adis can actually see him, touch him, really serve him... the desire is overwhelming, like an ember that had always existed within him and suddenly burst into flames and is now threatening to completely envelope him. Adis won't, can't let it get in the way of his service, but it's just so hard sometimes when he wants it so badly...

And then, all of a sudden, once he's sent that fool Nataraja away to fetch them Parvati, it happens. He's not expecting it at all, not when Niganda-sama is so intent (and rightfully so, of course) on regaining his body first, but then there's a forceful hand on his shoulder turning him around and pushing him back against the wall, and before Adis can even react, Niganda-sama is kissing him hard on the lips and demanding entrance that Adis is only too willing to give and practically devouring him right then and there. Adis can't think; his mind has all but shut down entirely, but even if he could, he wouldn't want to. He's melting beneath Niganda-sama, clutching at his shoulders as his knees threaten to give out, and he doesn't want this to end, he doesn't want this to end--

--But then Niganda-sama pulls away, a smirk on his lips, and murmurs, "No more until I return to my body," and in that moment, Adis swears to himself-- he will not lose.

Title: Positive Procrastination

Disclaimer: Maharaja Mode is not mine.

Rating: PG

Pairing: Shiva/Shusai

Warnings: BL, vague hints of sex

Author's Note: Well, there's no good pairing for either of them, after all. XD;;

Shiva wasn't cut out for stressful things like running countries. After all, he was the second son; it had never been in his destiny to rule by any matter of means. By the time he was old enough to remember, Vishnu wasn't even around anymore, was already off with their father learning to be a leader, and while Shiva loved and idolized him, he didn't envy his position. As the royal baby boy, Shiva was pampered and spoiled all his life, allowed to run free and play as he pleased through his childhood. Even as he grew older and gained a few responsibilities her or there, for all it seemed to drive Pasupata crazy on occasion, he rarely had a care in the world. Most everything was taken care of for him, and Shiva wouldn't have it any other way.

So now, now that he was required to spend all of his time and energy on a task for which, prior to this, he had been entirely unprepared, he was not only confused and frustrated but stresses and tired seemingly all of the time, which was something with which Shiva just didn't know how to deal. He was becoming more and more worn out and snappish with each day, almost to the degree that Nataraja was avoiding him altogether and Pasupata was barely speaking to him, but that didn't stop him from being delighted (and much more pleasant) when his brother arranged to have the masked acting troupe put on a play at the royal court for his benefit. After all, not only did Shiva enjoy the entertainment of almost any variety, but he was friends with the masked acting troupe, so it was bound to be doubly fun.

And, indeed, it was, and Shiva, in an attempt to keep the work tomorrow would bring from coming any sooner, invited the troupe to stay for drinks afterwards. Almost immediately, Zachou congratulated him on his current ruling, which was touching, despite the fact that Shiva was trapped into listening to a long-winded story about the time that Zachou played the role of a king in a play afterwards, but he was disappointed that, over the course of the evening, Shusai never approached him. He kept his hopes up; Shusai had been, in his opinion, the cool one of the two, and Shiva had really liked him. He had thought that Shusai had liked him all right, too; he had seemed so happy to see Shiva when he had returned to the acting troupe during the big fuss. But even as the troupe were preparing to leave, Shusai had not even approached him, and Shiva was starting to feel sullen when it struck him-- he was running this country, he could do whatever he wanted, right?

And so, with that in mind, he caught Shusai's shoulder as he was heading for the door, offering him a grin. "Stay a little longer?" he asked, careful not to phrase it as an order, but Shusai grinned right back at him before replying, "I never thought you'd ask."

And so Shiva is hesitant to get out of bed the next morning, but for entirely different reasons than the ones he was anticipating the night before.

Title: Reality

Disclaimer: Maharaja Mode belongs to *pnish*

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Vishnu/Parvati, Shiva/Parvati

Warnings: BL, hints of sex, infidelity? XD;

Author's Note: I can't even write Vishnu in a flattering manner, it seems. XD; I'm going to have to give it a try one of these days. I don't dislike him as a character, really! He's just easy to make into the creep... XD;

It's funny, Parvati thinks, when he remembers back to his youth, how hesitant he had been to break from his station when he had first met Vishnu-sama. Naturally, it had been the right thing to do, and, had Parvati managed to hold out, perhaps he wouldn't be in the position in which he was currently. But Vishnu-sama was just too wonderful, too handsome and smooth and perfect, and, of course, Parvati grew weak and gave in... and losing had never been so beautiful.

At the beginning, after all, it had been like a dream - he was around Vishnu-sama all the time, and Vishnu-sama gave him flowers and bought him gifts and treated him as if he weren't only a lowly shrine guardian, and Parvati couldn't have been happier. Certainly, the gifts made him a little uncomfortable at first, as did living in the palace and behaving as if he belonged there, but none of that mattered. Anything paled in comparison to Vishnu-sama's attention, Vishnu-sama's love, and really, it was more than Parvati could ever have asked for.

But, as sure as Parvati should have known, the real world had to come back into being, and when Vishnu-sama had a country to run and a son to be grooming and six (other?) wives to be paying his attention, Parvati couldn't really expect that kind of attention to last. And so now he's left all alone most days, desperate for attention, longing for any sign that Vishnu-sama remembers he exists. At the very least, he has the distinct advantage that, being male, he can and does live in the palace, and therefore, he is convenient, but still this only earns him about two visits a week, at least one of which is is almost always quite brief and after dark. It's still a much more lavish life than he ever could have asked for, but he can't help but wonder if he wouldn't have been happier staying as a shrine guardian instead.

But it's not as if he can go back to that life, and so, instead, when the loneliness and isolation get to be too much, he seeks affection from the best source he can - Shiva-sama. True, the thought still disgusts Parvati with himself sometimes, but Shiva-sama is kind and sweet and, next to Vishnu-sama, really the best he could do.

It takes come convincing, of course, to persuade Shiva-sama that it would be all right, because, of course, Shiva-sama is deathly loyal to his brother, but once that barrier is broken, things are pleasant, really. Parvati is warmed internally by Shiva-sama's puppy-like demeanor and affectionate mannerisms and the way he calls him "Paru," as if "Parvati" were too long or too difficult to pronounce, just as he is warmed physically by Shiva-sama's body beside his own, arms wrapped tightly around Parvati's slender form, on the nights that Vishnu-sama doesn't come. And, really, it could be worse, Parvati thinks, but he still can't help but wonder at the ease with which he pulled away from Vishnu-sama's attentions-- the same attentions for which, now, he would do practically anything-- so many years ago.
Tags: *pnish* playverse, bl, maharaja mode, one-shot

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