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03 June 2010 @ 06:54 pm
...Nothing stupid happened. I'm amazed. Even if it's likely something stupid may happen in the future... nothing stupid happened. HALLELUJAH (Goodbye)!

Also, THE MARSHMALLOW ALIEN IS NO MORE! I wasn't expecting him to de-marshmallow-ify, actually, so that was a surprise. XD; And a good thing! I'm not sure how I feel about the new mullet thing, though... :| Or the Hollow eyes. I want to know what the eff Aizen is right now. Since, back in the good old days of Soul Society, he claimed he was trying to outdo the bounds of a Shinigami form by bridging the gap between Shinigami and Hollow, but then he never said he was going to be Hollow-fied (did he say specifically that he wasn't? I can't remember anymore, his Generic Villain-ness is rather easily forgetable...) but now he has Hollow eyes. So... is he a Vizard? Or... whatever Tousen turned into? (what the eff did Tousen turn into?) I really hope Gin doesn't do any Hollow business (not that I think he will, honestly; Gin's just in it for the shits and giggles, as far as I can tell XD) because he would look ridiculous and nowhere near as Gin-ly wonderful as he is now. :x

...That's about all I have to say about 406. Wow, that was a short entry for how much I usually rant about new Bleach chapters. XD;

I'm still tired from work, but I swear I'm going to try to get that fic done tonight. @___@
Current Mood: surprisedsurprised
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