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sometimes I can't believe myself.

I... have no excuses. This just happened. I blame... uh... the Tokyo weather. It's making me insane. :P

Title: Confidence

Disclaimer: er... these characters belong to *pnish*, I'm only a weirdo who's writing about them XD;

Rating: G

Warnings: Yuri! Sort of! XD;; Just the fact that I wrote fic for this skit at all, I guess.

Author's Note: Well, someone had to do it at some point. And man, do I love these characters. XD;

Ki-chan never meant to become a blonde. It was all an accident, a horrific accident proving Yuko right, that she really ought not to try to dye her own hair, but going to the salon was so expensive, and it looked so easy on the package...

And it hardly mattered, anyway. Ever since Nocchi had started spending all of her free time with that stupid transfer student Moriyama, Ki-chan had begun caring less and less about her appearance. She rarely ever bothered with makeup anymore, or doing her nails, and it was getting to the point that she wasn't even styling her hair in the morning. It wasn't as if it would have made a difference anyway, though; stupid Moriyama didn't even wear contacts, and somehow still had bested all of Ki-chan's hardest efforts without even trying. So what was the point in making herself pretty when no one cared in the end?

Yuko, upon noticing the change in her friend, had suggested a new look; it wasn't as if Ki-chan could make her hair much shorter than it was, but a dye job was sure to say "I've moved on" like nothing else, right? Ki-chan wasn't so sure that a hairstyle change could convince her heart to stop throbbing painfully in her chest whenever she saw her idol and that dork eating lunch together or chatting in the hall or walking home hand in hand, but she supposed it was worth a try. Yuko suggested a salon to her, but Ki-chan, ever independent and self reliant, decided it would be cheaper and easier just to do it herself.

The instructions on the bleach didn't make it look that hard. She had wanted to go a few shades lighter to a nice reddish brown, and it couldn't be that hard just to bleach it a little, right? After all, she had taught herself the rules of badminton and how the knit without much problem, so how could a little hair dye stand in her way?But apparently, it could and would, because very soon, she was looking more akin to a skunk than anything else, and, not knowing what to do, she was simply was forced to bleach it all.

It looked horrific, and after she had finished, she cried into her bathroom sink, wondering what had become of her life. A few short weeks ago, she had been optimistic and cheerful and hopeful for the future, and now... now what did she have to look forward to? She couldn't bear to go to the badminton club games anymore, and it wasn't as if she looked forward to school work. Even spending time with Yuko was depressing, because they had always fawned over Nocchi together, and now that that was gone, neither of them went about anything with quite the gusto they used to have. Neither of them bothered going to club much, anymore, and though they still ate lunch together and hung out after school, it wasn't like it used to be. Yuko, for her part, seemed to be taking the whole thing a lot better than Ki-chan, but despite her efforts to cheer her friend, Ki-chan's spirits simply wouldn't be lifted, and now, this hair disaster was the final straw. She locked herself in her room for the rest of the evening and refused to emerge until school the next morning, dreading being seen by the other girls, and, most of all, Nocchi.

The walk to school was abysmal. Yuko did try her best to cheer her up, but Ki-chan was not to be consoled, especially after Yuko's stupid little brother had the gall to say she looked like a banana died on her head, and would have cut school altogether if Yuko hadn't forcibly dragged her the last leg of the trip. It wasn't fair, she thought bitterly, Yuko still had long, beautiful, curly black hair, not overly bleached white-blonde hair, she didn't have to face the ridicule that Ki-chan was certainly going to have to face. She wasn't going to get stared and pointed and laughed at all day--

But somehow... Ki-chan didn't. For the first time she could remember, people complimented her on her hair, called her stylish, and one or two even went as far as to say cute. She simply couldn't comprehend it, but in some way, this accident had gone right. Despite what she had thought, apparently, people thought this looked good, and, of course, she wasn't going to argue. Where, at the beginning of the day, she had dragged her feet and stared at the floor, by the end of the day, she was striding towards the gate, chin raised and a smile on her face. It felt good-- after so long, it felt good, and even one of the girls from the tennis team had gone out of her way to compliment her, a fact which still had Ki-chan bubbling and pleased. She hadn't felt this happy in a long while, and she was so lost in her own world that she didn't notice almost passing someone by on her way to meet Yuko to walk home.

Actually, it was Nocchi who spoke to her, not the other way around- for the first time in how long, or ever, for that matter, Ki-chan didn't know, but even now, he breath caught in her throat and she turned just a little too fast, offering a nervous smile. She had no idea what Nocchi would say; after Yuko's and her own feelings had been brought into the open and then completely ignored, Ki-chan hadn't a clue what Nocchi thought of either of them. But here she was, smiling sweetly in that way that was just so perfect and so wonderful, and it was all directed at Ki-chan.

"Your hair looks pretty," Nocchi offered, her voice soft and honeyed as it always was. "It suits you."

Ki-chan couldn't help but blush, but managed a smile and a nonchalant shrug. "Thanks."

Nocchi hesitated a moment, as if gathering her thoughts, then continued, voice a little softer still. "I was wondering if you'd want to get lunch sometime."

Ki-chan's eyes widened, but before she could simply fall apart, something else came from inside of her, and her smile widened a little bit. "I'm free on Sunday. Call me." And with that, she turned on her heel in a whirl of skirts and walked towards the gate as if nothing had happened at all. Certainly, her stomach was doing flips and her heart was racing and some her mind was telling her that it was stupid not to just say yes, but there was something else, too, like a small warmth in her chest spreading to the rest of her body. Let Nocchi come to her this time. Ki-chan certainly was too smart to let her heart break a second time, and besides, that girl from the tennis club was awfully cute.
Tags: *pnish* playverse, one-shot, yuri

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