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more tako-chan :P

Ahahaha... how did this happen again?! This is really a short pointless fluffy drabble as requested by fencer_x! Also not beta'd, so I apologize for the plethora of typos that I'm sure I didn't catch.

Title: Pillow Talk

Disclaimer: Seriously, I have no idea what to write here.

Rating: PG

Pairing: TAKO-CHAN.

Warnings: BL, fluff, implied sex and mentions of prostitution

Author's Note: This was prompted by fencer_x! (er, like everything in this "fandom"?)

The last few minutes of the night before he falls asleep are by far Mako-chan's favourite part of the day. Not that any given part of most days is particularly unpleasant; he regularly wakes up around eight to see Tatsuya off to work, tidies up the apartment or goes grocery shopping or generally tries to do something productive with his time, naps from two to five, and then heads out to work at six. Work is work, of course, but for the most part, it's just singing and sitting around looking pretty, chatting up a few particular customers if he's told to do so, maybe, or else helping out the bartenders. He rarely takes private clients anymore; work may be work, but he can't stand the thought of being with someone else, fake as it may be, while Tatsuya is waiting faithfully for him at home, and so he forgoes the extra few hundred dollars a week for the freedom to fall asleep beside the man he loves. It sounds stupid and cliched, but it makes Mako-chan happy, and in the end, he's come to realize, that's more important than the money.

And so most nights he gets home around one or two in the morning, tired and hoarse and smelling of cigar smoke. Some nights it's earlier, but since he's basically withdrawn entirely from selling his services outside of the bar, he can't really afford to take any fewer shifts; he doesn't want to become reliant on Tatsuya, doesn't want to be a burden. He's told Tatsuya time and time again not to wait up for him, but most nights, Tatsuya does all the same, slouched over their small kitchen counter, a wrinkled, worn, obviously well read newspaper in his hands and a full ashtray beside him. Really, it's become habit now; Mako-chan slips inside quietly and slides out of his heels before padding into the kitchen and placing a kiss on Tatsuya's cheek. "You didn't have to wait up," he always tells him, but "I wanted to," Tatsuya always answers, and he always kisses him back before they head to bed together.

Mako-chan really hates to keep Tatsuya up so late, but Tatsuya is always intent upon it, and really, Mako-chan can't say no when they get so little time together during the day, he simply doesn't have the willpower. But by three, they really are ready for sleep, most of the time, and it's at this time that, since they so rarely get to speak beyond hello and goodbye during normal hours, they tend to chat for a few minutes, holding onto the night before they're torn apart again the next morning.

"What are you doing on Saturday?" Tatsuya asks drowsily into Mako-chan's hair, his fingers making lazy circles in the small of Mako-chan's back. It feels good, and sleep is so tempting, but Mako-chan doesn't want to let go of the feeling of comfort, of being here in Tatsuya's arms just yet.

"Not work," Mako-chan responds simply; he never has plans, only work or no work, and when he's lucky enough to have a day off, of course, he doesn't need to say that his only obligation is to spend as much time with Tatsuya as possible. He peels one eye open to look up at Tatsuya, who looks absolutely adorable with a sated expression on his face. "You?"

"Hmm," Tatsuya hums, apparently just as sleepy as Mako-chan feels. He considers dropping the issue and letting both of them get the rest they need, but before he can rescind the question, Tatsuya continues, "I was thinking of going golfing, but if you're free..."

"I'll come along," Mako-chan offers before he really thinks about it. He himself knows nothing about golf outside of the fact that it makes Tatsuya happy, but really, that's enough for him. He's never had any particular interest in sports in the past, considering how little free time he usually has, but if it's something in which Tatsuya is interested, he's interested, too, and besides, he'd feel guilty if his staying home forced Tatsuya to change his plans.

Tatsuya opens his eyes slightly now, blinking down at Mako-chan in the dark. "You don't have to," he says carefully, but Mako-chan can tell when he's hiding his excitement, and shakes his head.

"I'd like to, so long as you don't mind teaching me..." He smiles up at Tatsuya sweetly; there's nothing Mako-chan enjoys more than making him happy. He's just so earnest and real and honestly excited that it's endearing in the way a child or a puppy is endearing, except that Tatsuya is a grown man, which somehow only makes it more adorable. When he smiles, Mako-chan can't help but smile too, and perhaps his excitement is contagious, because it makes Mako-chan's heart beat just a little faster, as well.

And now is no different; Tatsuya's face lights up like it's Christmas morning, and, sleepiness suddenly forgotten, he clasps Mako-chan's hand tightly in his own, grinning back at him. "Of course I don't mind! It's easy-- and you'll be great-- I know you will!" He's so excited he's interrupting himself, even, and though it's adorable, it also isn't productive in reducing the sleep deprivation that they both have to function under with their current schedule.

And so, gently, he leans in and quiets Tatsuya with a kiss, still smiling at him as he draws back to rest his head in the crook of Tatsuya's neck. "I'm looking forward to it," he murmurs soothingly into Tatsuya's neck. "Now get some sleep, hmm? We can't have you getting sick before Saturday."

Tatsuya laughs at that, but nods, wrapping an arm around Mako-chan's waist again and bidding him good night before falling asleep almost immediately. He really is cute, and his embrace is warm and comfortable, and as Mako-chan begins to drift off, as well, he's sure-- this is definitely his favourite time of the day... but that doesn't mean that he isn't looking forward to Saturday, too.
Tags: *pnish* playverse, bl, one-shot, trenchcoat mode, パニッシュが好き!

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