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Yesterday morning, I woke up at 4 am to head down to Nagoya with fencer_x and yomimashou to go to Tuti's event at Meijimura! Seeing as I am not at all a morning person, the early wake up was harsh, but I made it to me 5:40 Yamanote train and met up with fencer_x to head down to the Shinkansen at Shinagawa. There, yomimashou found us, and we got to our train in plenty of time. The Shinkansen was super easy, painless (except to my wallet), and fun! On the way there, we watched a few episodes of NaiPani to gear ourselves up for meeting Tuti! We had gotten a Shinkansen that would get to Nagoya station plenty early so we could find the meetup place and gather ourselves a bit before hand, and so, after scoping out the bus terminals, we wandered around the station where NOTHING was open and therefore there was nothing interesting to do. Alas.

When we found the group at 9:30ish, we checked in and bought our goods, and then were generally waiting around for the time when we were supposed to leave. We weren't expecting Tuti to come out to Nagoya station... but it turns out, we were wrong. Sure enough, Tuti arrived and directed the first group to their buss. We were on bus 2 (out of 2), and were bitter that we didn't get led by Tuti, but as it turned out, HE WAS RIDING OUR BUS TO MEIJIMURA. Score. We filled out anketto about Tuti (some interesting things were said, so if you want to have a more detailed report of the event and not just my awesome experiences, check out fencer_x's report, to which I will link when she posts it) and then played the Tsuchiya trivia maru/batsu game. Naturally, since my Japanese is below par, I was horrified, since I wouldn't be able to understand half the questions, not to mention choose whether it was true or false. Tuti explained that the winner would get a prize that he would explain later, and then we began!

The questions were really random. XD; Some of them you had a shot at knowing if you knew Tuti's works really well, but most of them, there was really no way. They ranged from being trivia about work he's done (he's never done a kiss scene before!) to trivia about things that have happened to him (Thane informed him that T-U-T-I-Y-A was not the correct way to spell "Tsuchiya.") to things you had no chance of ever knowing (Tuti thought of the questions the night before the event XD;) However, I surprised myself by understanding at least the gist of most of the questions, though that still didn't help me in knowing some of the things. The game kept getting down to two or three people, and then all of them would get out at the same time, so we'd have to start over, and eventually, he ran out of questions and was making them up on the spot about things we had no way of knowing XD; He asked about his sister and her profession (the question on which yomimashou got out), he asked about his shoe size (the question on which fencer_x got out), and then asked if he had drunk alcohol the night prior. "Yes" seemed like the obvious choice to this, but apparently some poor people got out, leaving the remaining people as... me and one other girl. I was sort of freaking out at this point, since I was one of the only two left... and the question was whether or not Tuti had drunk white wine the night prior. Having no way of knowing whether this was true or false, I guessed yes... and the other girl guessed no. SO IT WAS DOWN TO THIS.

Naturally, Tuti decided to draw it out and leave us in suspense for as long as possible, and first asked our names before going on about how MAYBE I WAS RIGHT, MAYBE THE OTHER GIRL WAS RIGHT, MAYBE I WOULD WIN, MAYBE THE OTHER GIRL WOULD WIN. He then asked the other girl what she thought he was drinking, which made me positive that I had lost. But then, it turned out, the correct answer was... MARU. I WAS RIGHT. I WON. So it turned out, the prize was "special treatment over the course of the day," and I wasn't really sure what that meant, but I was sort of freaking out like crazy, and so when we got to Meijimura, Tuti turned to me and asked "Daijoubu?" ("Are you all right?"). I... don't actually recall how I responded, but I think I at least nodded, because we disembarked and has arrived at Meijimura~

We got our goods when we got there, and then sort of sat around and waited for Tuti for a while XD; But then he showed up to be our tour guide! While we were walking, he asked if I was here (calling for me by name and all), which happened to be while fencer_x had been filming me and interviewing me about winning XD; So I sort of flailed, but I guess that proved that I was in fact there... He showed us a few buildings and talked randomly to some guy in bad Tuti!Chinese (and asked if I was daijoubu again) before we went to the place where we were going to have lunch.

Our lunch consisted of a bentou and green tea, which were pretty good in my opinion, so long as you like bentous XD; We all sat around in assigned smaller groups of 8 or so, an Tuti told us about the goods. The fan has a map of his hometown, and the towel (...thing. It wasn't really a towel) had things people had said about him. One of them has to be Nagayan, we just have to figure out which one... XD; People were allowed to ask him about things on the towel and he would explain them (though he failed to explain the one that said "Don't do that, people are watching!"... XD;) while we ate our bentous. Afterwards, we were told that for the rest of the day, in or groups, we would each get assigned a Meijmura attraction to get show around by Tuti, and we would meet there at a specific time. He asked me where I wanted to go, to which I managed to be flustered and make a fool of myself again before saying the hotel, which is the grand attraction of Meijimura... but it turned out my opinion didn't matter, because he drew the choices at random. My group was assigned the post office, which I was a little bummed about it first but which turned out awesome. XD; THEN, he announced that on the bus here, I had won the Maru/Batsu game and that I was receiving "special treatment" for the day, and that the first group would play on the way back. He then told everyone to check on the bottom of their bentou, because one person had also won the chance to walk alone down some path in Meijimura with Tuti! It was none of us, unfortunately, so we headed off with our group to amuse ourselves until we got Tuti.

Our group was really nice, and one of the girls spoke English after having lived in Michigan for a year. This meant that we had to watch what we said around her, but also that yomimashou and I could communicate with her more effective than we could with the others. Most of the girls wanted to try Denkiburan, which was some form of alcohol, so we went to this cafe where they had it. I was informed that it was "pretty alcoholic," so, not wanting to be drinking hard liquor in the middle of the day, I passed, but Akiko, the girl who sat at a table with us At the cafe, got one and let me try some, and it was super tasty. It was probably better not to get dehydrated mid-day, but damn. XD; Akiko was really nice (and called me on not wearing green when I told her Wasshi was my favourite!) and we chatted about *pnish* and things while we drank our drinks... and then, lo and behold, Tuti showed up with another group of girls. We had heard his laugh off in the distance earlier (and all giggled to our delight, since Tuti's laugh is definitely one of his charm points) but hadn't registered that this was one of the places he was meeting a group. He kind of stared at us funny, but we snuck out without having to walk past him again, luckily. XD;

We then headed to the post office to hang out, since we were the next group. We were supposed to buy postcards, but we failed at knowing this and didn't, but luckily, Akiko was super nice and gave us each one of hers. Tuti came (asked me if I was okay) and then wrote each of us a short message and signed our cards. I'll get to posting my pictures eventually, but mine is cute; it reads "Special day Miranda!" XD;;; He asked how to spell my name and everything. And since I was special, I was the only one who got my name written~ It was hilarious, though, because when yomimashou was asked where she lived, the woman working there suggested "America?" to which yomimashou responded, "Chiba..." At this, Tuti was so shocked he practically fell over, laughing "CHIBA KA?!" And yomimashou got "Chiba Kai??" written on her postcard. fencer_x also got an English (er, sort of) message; since all three of us were wearing Nagayan's newest Blossam shirt (the one he keeps wearing every single day for like the past month), Tuti apparently noticed, and signed hers with the message "Blossam Kai!!"

After that, he was on to another group, and our group decided to move along and see some other sights in Meijimura. We mosied our way over to a little store selling sweets and things... to find that Tuti was already there. |D; I got another "daijoubu?" out of it, and then we waited for him to leave before, as a collective whole, giggling over and taking pictures of the "Dagashi" sign, since Tuti had mentioned that it looked like "Takashi" in the past XD;;; That being done, we headed to St. Xavier's Cathedral (which had been nicknamed "Zabi" by all of the Japanese people, something which, to our great amusement, reminded us of "Zabimaru"), which was supposed to be on of the highlights of Meijimura. The stained glass was really beautiful, but... once again, Tuti showed up after we had been there for a little while, and this time, we didn't manage to slink out before he asked me if I was okay. XD;;;

After that, we headed to the final destination, the imperial hotel. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and it was pretty cool. You could try on period costumes and take pictures in them, but I was too cheap to do it, and was concerned that they wouldn't have a dress with room for my... figure, so we sort of nosed around until Tuti showed up again and asked me if I was okay on our way out. XD; Naturally, by this time, I had gotten over the embarrassment and was enjoying the attention, despite the fact that I felt a little bad to be taking attention away from the other groups.

We then moved on to the place we were supposed to meet Tuti again, and he led us to this small church up on a hill where... we were inducted into the church of Tuti. For serious. He gave us a "sermon" of sorts (interrupted once at random to ask me if I was okay) and then we had a moment of silence to "pray." It was... incredibly bizarre. XD; But then we followed him to the Meijimura train to "see him off." He told a silly story about how his hand cramped when he was doing a salute for Joker and was stuck in that position, and so we all had to go this gay wristflick salute to him as he rode away on the train.

We then returned to the busses, sad that the day was done, but luckily, Tuti came onto our bus to see us one more time and pimp some weird car calendar he's trying to sell. XD; He asked me "daijoubu" and "okay?" at the end, which was cute, before going off to board the other bus. On the way back, they played this short clips that Tuti had recorded for the bus, which he clearly had not planned/didn't know what to say for. XD; He pimped Western Mode and Joker, and for one of the segments, sat looking contemplative in silence for the whole thing. XD;;; In one of the last ones, he took out his "Western Mode script" and said he was going to read part of it... and proceeded to exclaim, "Shisui-sama!" XD;; No, Tuti, we don't believe you. Shisui is not going to be in Western Mode.

We made it back to Nagoya station and were told to wait for Tuti to get back, yay! He came and shook everyone's hand before he left with the girl who won the Maru/Batsu game on the other bus, she got to walk with him to a kissaten or something, but though she got to be alone with him for like 5 minutes... idk, I liked having attention all day. During the handshake, though, when he got to me, he, of course, asked me if I was daijoubu, to which I responded that I was, and he asked it again, so I said, "hontou!" to which he laughed and gave me a real genuine smile and sort of held onto my hand for a moment before moving on. It was really adorable, and I'm really pleased. Also, Tuti has a wimpy handshake. XD;;;; He's so limp-wristed.

AFTER THAT, our event complete, fencer_x, yomimashou, and I went to Coco's to get some curry to finish off our Tuti day and then sang karaoke (including our own awesome version of Depend on Me) before catching the night bus back to Tokyo. I have to say, I don't think I've ever slept that well on transportation before. XD;

And... I don't want to go back to real life now. XD; But at least next week is Santies, the Kitty Guys event, AND Kime's live! I'm looking forward to it.
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