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Santies, part the first!

Yesterday evening, I saw Santies (Moriyama Eiji and Washio Noboru's two-man show as the oldest two members of *pnish*) for the first of three times :D I'm going to post about most of the actual content of the show later, but for now, some of the AMAZING things that happened to me at the show today!

First of all, yomimashou, aurorn, and I got there super early since we were worried about getting lost! Luckily, it was easy to get to the theatre, and we waited around outside for a while. A few other Japanese girls and women accumulated, and, jokingly, I noted that one of them across from me had a Happy Pani 8 cell phone charm, hypothesizing that she might be one of the two big name fans in Japanese fandom. I'm not honestly sure where this guess came from, and we forgot about it, reminiscing about Tuti's event last weekend and generally chatting about *pnish*.

But then, when we went inside, the woman who we'd noted outside followed behind us, and walked up and asked me...

"Are you Miranda-san?

Yes, that's right. She apologized for eavesdropping on our conversation, but she had been on our bus going to the event and remembered me! I asked what her name was, AND SHE INTRODUCED HERSELF AS THE GIRL I HAD GUESSED SHE WAS. WHAT. JUST.

So, after yomimashou and aurorn had bought their merch (we're each buying the towel a different day because we want a chance at winning the awesome prizes every day XD), we went back over and I chatted with her. It was fun, and it turns out, she's going to be at every Santies, so we're going to meet up again tomorrow! I'm looking forward to it.

But at that point, we were let into the theatre, so we mosied on up to our seats to discover we were on the aisle- awesome :D So we chatted away... until who should walk right past us but NAGAYAMA TAKASHI? He was all pretty in his pink cardigan and white-brown gingham pocket blossam shirt, hiding under his fedora... but really, with that outfit, who was he fooling? And just as we were done fangirling that, TECCHAN strutted right on in, as well... with some disgusting facial hair that made him look not-eight. XD;;; He came in with someone whose face I couldn't see (but who I reallllly want to be Besshi.)

Skipping ahead (I'll go over the things that happened in all of them at the end), Thane was the guest for this show! He looked absolutely ridiculous in the suit that they had him in, and he had a silly fedora and sneakers to boot. XD; Eiji made fun of him for his shoe choice, since both he and Wasshi we wearing dress shoes. I'm not sure if they're going to be wearing the same thing every night, but Wasshi looked really hot and Eiji looked really ridiculous. XD;; Wasshi's suit was a dark grey-blue colour, and he had a silver vest (looking snazzy!) with white pinstripes and a silver tie. Eiji's suit was grey with both horozontal and vertical stripes making a grid pattern which SPARKLED (they must have had some sort of glittery thread or something) and a purple shirt with a turquoise tie. His hair is pretty long now, too (not like On4 long, but longer) and he had it sort of coiffed in this ridiculously hideous way. However, during one of the video segments, we discovered why: there's a sizeable bald spot on the back of his head D: Why is all of *pnish* balding?

Back to Thane, he watched the videos and made commentary with them, and then it was time to do the "Impro" segment of the show. They explained what "Impro" meant first, and Thane decided to show off his English skills by showing them exactly how one pronounced "improvisation" in English... AND THEN TURNED DIRECTLY TO OUR LITTLE GAIJIN CORNER OF THE ROOM AND GRINNED HUGELY. Apparently, he had seen us in the crowd, and knew that we would be amused by this. Win. XD;;;

Then they explained how the segment would work: to pimp "Impro...", *pnish*'s recent TV show, they had the audience fill out anketto before the show with a scenario and parts for Eiji, Wasshi, and the guest. They drew one of the forms from a box to select it, and their selection was frankly... completely ridiculous. XD; Eiji was to be Wasshi's father, and they were to be on a pier fishing and get into an argument. Over what? The fact that Wasshi had decided to become a host against Eiji's wishes, of course! And what of Thane? He was to be A FISH. Of course, since it was Thane, he went the whole nine yards, holding his hand up to be a fin on his back, bending over, and making a fish face the whole time. XD; Meanwhile, Wasshi's "child" (how much of a child is he if he's a host? XD;) voice was absolutely adorable... it was like his girl voice only more nasal and somehow completely not feminine. XD; They only had 3 minutes to do the skit, and it ended when Wasshi caught Thane, and Thane, being a large fish, flopped up against Wasshi, flailing and slapping him XD;; Wasshi fell, and Eiji had to subdue fish!Thane only to discover that Wasshi was dying because of his fish wounds. It ended with Eiji crying out "Noboruuuuuuu!!" all sadly (and honestly, all the fanservice in the show was almost enough to make me want to ship these guys XD;; It was just fanservice, obviously, but still. XD;)

That ended the guest segment, and they thanked Thane before sending him off. Now it was time to draw lots for the prizes! There were 3 categories of prizes: ticket lots were drawn using seat numbers to win a number of signed... something XD (I think there were 5? I'll count tonight.), lots were drawn using the tickets people were given for buying the towel at the shows to win a hug (again, I think 5 girls won this too), and then one lucky towel-buyer would win the grand prize and have a choice from 4 things on the "menu!" Wasshi was to read said menu, and was incredibly embarrassed by it, but Eiji seemed rather pleased with the choices, and urged Wasshi to just go ahead and do it. XD; So, the choices were:

A) A massage from Santies
B) To go to karaoke and sing a duet with Santies (there were 6 song choices but I didn't recognize any of them)
C) To go for a drink with Santies
D) "囁き" ("Whisper" in Japanese)

When the audience wanted to know what the heck "sasayaki" was, Eiji demonstrated using Wasshi-- he came right up behind him, put his hands on Wasshi's shoulders, leaned in really close, and whispered in his ear: "愛してる" ("I love you"). Wasshi, for his part, looked absolutely adorably blushy and sweet (and god, the fanservice!), but then they went on to draw the winning lot! Eiji seemed awfully hopeful that the lucky girl would pick the massage (while Wasshi seemed awfully hopeful that she wouldn't...), but then it was time to see who the winner was. And the winner was...


Yes, some guy, who appeared to be there with his girlfriend and was the only male in the room NOT in the last row with the important people was the winner. I understand him being there with his girlfriend, but then: 1) WHY WAS HE BUYING MERCHANDISE? or 2) WHY WAS HE CLAIMING THE PRIZE FOR HIS GIRLFRIEND'S MERCHANDISE? I don't know, but Eiji and Wasshi thought it was hilarious, and Eiji went all fanservicey again, informing the guy that "all the choices were still open to him" and "If he chose the duet, he could even choose whether he was the girl or the guy." I have to say, Eiji doing sexyface at a guy was NOT something I was planning on seeing!

After that dramatic moment, they put on a video pimping Western Mode (and I got to squeal at some footage of MahaMo and Samurai Mode XD) before Wasshi and Eiji came back out in different, more casual costumes to perform their song! This year, it was a duet, as far as I could tell; they sang equally for the verses and sang together for the chorus. And in between the singing... THEY TAP DANCED. As a tap dancer myself, it's always amusing to me when actor-types decide to tap in shows (such as in DL4), because usually, people are impressed by very little in tap. True to this pattern, Eiji and Wasshi's tap skills were not much to write home about, but since they did really, really simple stuff, they had clean sounds and it sounded and looked good. So while I was giggling when they looked all proud of themselves for doing running flaps, the rest of the audience, I'm sure, was wowed (or simply laughing at them for tap dancing in the first place...) Still, it fit with the song nicely, and I enjoyed it AND the song (and Wasshi's gorgeous voice), and that was the end of the show!

We were to be let out by row, since there was a handshake after the show, and since we were in the 6th row, we were near the end (after the mad rush for the door by everyone special but Tecchan, who had left earlier. XD;). But it wasn't a long wait (...since we were only in the sixth row), and after my new acquaintance pointedly waved to me on her way out, making me feel special again, we got to head out to the lobby where Eiji and Wasshi were waiting for us.

Wasshi was closer to the stairs than Eiji, so, of course, I was starry-eyed at getting to see him first. His hands are HUGE (and sexy, if not as much so as Tuti's), and I said my "お疲れさまでした" and was in the process of telling him how much I had enjoyed the show (he was still holding my hand, mind you... it's not like I was taking forever) when I noticed that the person in front of me was done and Eiji was sort of leaning towards me. Not wanting to hold up the line, I smiled at Wasshi and had to pull my hand from his (TT____TT) before taking Eiji's hand. Eiji, however, decided it would be appropriate to lean in close to me, give me sexyface, and say "Sankyuu~" all (what I'm sure he thought was) smoothly. I told him "お疲れさまでした" as well, and then figured I was done... but he was still holding onto my hand, and I swear as I was moving away that he glanced down towards the rather sloping neckline of the shirt I was wearing. Eiji, you perv. >___<;;

After that, giggly an gleeful, we headed out into the night to go home! And thus ended our first Santies experience... I'm excited to be going back today and tomorrow! And the best part is, tonight is Kime's night as the guest... it's going to be AMAZING.

For now, I'm off to a Kitty Guys event with fencer_x!
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