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Santies, part 2!

I KNOW I'M REALLY BEHIND ON REPORTS but I'm working on catching up, I promise. TT___TT;;;


Thursday night, I saw Santies again, and this time the guest was none other than Kimeru! Since Kime is one of my favourite former TeniMyu boys/fabulous, fabulous girly men, I was delighted, and considering all the stuff that went on during first cast Tenimyu, I was interested to see how he would interact with our own Moriyama-san after so long! I was super pumped... But it definitely lived up to all my expectations!

So, the opening video and things were the same-- as it turns out, there were two versions, but since they alternated and there was a Thursday matinee, we saw the same one again. Wasshi and Eiji were, of course, adorable, but then they called out the princess of the show.

Kime was wearing quite the ensemble: A black scarf, a loose grey vest (one of the ones that are trendy nowadays) a fitting grey vest with rhinestone buttons, a black shirt with a wide neck that was very carefully situated so that it was off one shoulder and on the other, very tight grey jeans, and black leather cowboy boots, with matching shiny black nails and a crystal beaded bracelet. His hair is sort of reddish these days; I liked it better when it was auburn, but he was definitely beautiful.

He was introduced and it was mentioned he was recently in TeniMyu DL7th with MoriEiji (to which Kime responded, "I haven't watched the DVD yet" XD;) and that the only thing he'd done with Wasshi was that he was in *pnish* room 5 once. XD; After that, Eiji mentioned the recent BuriMyu party that Kime seems to have invited himself to, because apparently, it isn't a party unless Kime's there. XD;;

They asked all of the guests what their "ideal vacation" was, since the videos were all about Eiji and Wasshi's ADULT vacation, but Kimeru's response was definitely pretty far removed from what Eiji and Wasshi had done. XD; His ideal vacation apparently would be to go to a 南の島 (southern island, like Okinawa or Bali or Hawaii or something), get a massage, lay out in the sun, and drink tropical fruit juice. XD;; Eiji seemed very interested in pretty much everything Kime had to say, and it became more and more obvious that Eiji was absolutely intent on getting Kime's attention throughout the whole show. He was constantly trying to say things to impress Kime and was hanging on his every word, only to usually be shot down completely. XD; Kime, for his part, seemed vaguely amused that Eiji was continuously flirting with him, and would make fun of him if he ever did deign to give Eiji some of his attention. XD; It was an interesting dynamic to be sure. While they were talking, Eiji was trying to explain something and was using large hand gestures, and Kime cut him off to say "What's with all those hand gestures? Was it really like that?" and made fun of Eiji's gestures with his own flouncy gay ones, ending in a wrist flick. XD

During the video segments, the guests's chair is next to Wasshi's, and the videos for that evening, since it was a Wasshi show, generally featured Wasshi. There was a lot of footage of him failing at wakeboarding, and he did the cooking in that video. Since Eiji was naturally more well balanced and better at wakeboarding, on the video itself, he was constantly making fun of Wasshi for his fail!wakeboarding skills, and Kime felt the need to smile prettily and inform Wasshi that he thought he was doing a good job, or that he was obviously trying hard, or that it looked difficult (Kime mentioned earlier that he had tried snowboarding once and was terrible at it XD). Wasshi, for hiw part, blushed and generally seemed to get flustered whenever Kime would flirt with him, which was really, really adorable. Meanwhile, when Eiji would have the occasional fail, Kime would giggle at him, much to Eiji's dismay.

Between the second and third segments, they talked to Kime again, and this somehow segued back into his ideal vacation, and Eiji, doing sexyface and the whole nine yards, asked Kime who he'd take with him on his ideal vacation, and without batting an eyelash (which was strange for Kime!), he replied, "The author of Prince of Tennis, Konomi Takeshi-sensei."

Now, if you've been around my LJ long enough, you know how I feel about Kimeru's relationship with Konomi. XD; Ever since this post to his old blog about he went to Paris with Konomi, which was around the time Konomi was doing album art for him, it's seemed awfully suspicious. He's posted to his blog about Konomi since then, too (though don't feel like fishing through his blog...), and generally gushes about how amazing he is, which I found pretty suspicious, but this definitely tops all of that. He said that he loved going places with Konomi, and then starting talking about Paris, and how Konomi flew them business class and bought him nice things and they went places just the two of them, and then they would come back to the hotel and have deep, meaningful conversations that only the two of them and no one else would understand. Eiji and Wasshi were quite floored by this, and were just sort of like "Oh, wow... that sounds awesome." XD; And then the conversation drifted back to Kime's infamous hour parties from first cast TeniMyu again. XD;;;

The second video involved more of Wasshi's cooking, and Kime continued to flirt with him, which was adorable. Then came the time that Santies put together a model gundam for funsies in their tent, and Eiji was skeptical at first but decided by the end that the thing was adorable. XD; Kime, however, felt that this made Eiji a super dorky nerd and made fun of him for it. He also remarked, "Oh, like Daiki-chan," in reference to the model, which made me giggle, since Kime has absolutely no reason to know Daiki as well as he apparently does. And he calls him "Daiki-chan," to boot. XD After the video, they asked Kimeru about his cooking skills, to which Kime responded that he had none. XD; He's such a priss, he wants to have everything prepared for him. Eiji tried to wax eloquent about food for Kime's benefit, but Kime was not impressed, and raised an eyebrow, saying, "What was that?" XD;;; Shot down again, Eiji! Kime also mentioned that wakeboarding really didn't seem like much fun and if it was being in water, he'd prefer an onsen. XDD Eiji brought up the model again and said he didn't watch anime and wasn't a huge nerd but making a model was surprsingly fun, but Kime sort of raised an eyebrow and said he supposed if he had a friend who was having fun doing it, he'd watch them.

It was time for the guys to reveal their hideous artwork, and not surprisingly, Kimeru thought Wasshi's was nice and immediately was extremely harsh about Eiji's. XD; He called it "気持ち悪い" ("giving a bad feeling," roughly "unpleasant" or even "gross" XD) He pointed at various things in the picture and asked what they were supposed to be before announcing that he couldn't tell at all. XD;; However, Kime was then to be embarrassed when, trying to be helpful, he pushed the cart that had held the pictures to the back of the stage before Wasshi came and moved it forward again to put the drawing box for the Impro corner!

britkit27, yomimashou, and I had come up with an awesome situation, and we were hoping ours would be drawn, but one that was almost as awesome got chosen. XD; Eiji was the main character, Wasshi was the main character's best friend, and Kime was a friend of the main character who had an impossible love for the main character XD Kime made a huge deal about not knowing what to do and almost immediately asked, "Is it all right for me to be a girl or a guy?" XDD They had to choose sound effects (they would choose a sound effect and a trigger phrase, so that the sound effect person would know when to use said effect), and Kime made a big deal out of that, too, not knowing what to pick. XD; But finally, they started!

The scene was at a bar, and Eiji's character was really drunk. XD; Kime was hilarious being a girl: he was exactly the same as always, with his high pitched nasaly voice and his effeminate mannerisms, but the only addition to show that he was a girl was that he curled his hair around one finger the entire time. XDDD Kime tried to flirt with Eiji, but Eiji was so drunk that he accidentally punched Kime. XD;; Kime made a huge deal of falling to the ground dramatically, of course. After that, they conversed for a while... which led to Wasshi confessing his true love for Eiji. WHAT? That came out of nowhere! But before Eiji could even respond, Kime called out to him and asked if he really was in love with Eiji. Wasshi replied that yes, he truly loved Eiji, and Kime answered that that was too bad, since Kime was also in love with Eiji. And then, he drew out a gun, struck an incredibly effeminate pose with his hip popped and everything, said, "Sayonara" (his trigger phrase) and shot Wasshi. (WHAT.) Eiji immediately ran to Wasshi's side, asking if he truly did love him, and Wasshi said he did... and then Eiji punched him :P And then said he was sorry! But Kime decided this was too risky and came over and shot Wasshi again, making sure to kill him before Eiji wrapped an arm around Kime's waist, said, "Come on, Kime-chan~" and then the two of them left together.

Afterwards, Kime was quite pleased with himself for killing Wasshi. XD; But then it was time to bid Kime off, and so he pimped his concert (the one I attended today!) before saying goodbye to Santies and leaving. I was a little sad that he didn't sing, but... alas. As soon as he was off, Eiji announced, "That guy sure is an interesting one, huh~" with a bit of a sigh, and then proceeded to reenact the shooting of Wasshi. XD;;;;

From there, they segued into the raffles for the prizes which, alas, we did not win again. But, again, they enacted the "sasayaki" prize with Eiji whispering in Wasshi's ear, and, at first, naturally, they were playing up the fanservice for the audience. But when Eiji got in close, he added more on than he had the night previous, saying, "Washio-kun... I have something to tell you..." and such like before finally getting to the "愛してる" XD; At first, Wasshi was doing his part and playing the excited, flustered girl, but as it went on, it seemed like he really did get sort of flustered and embarrassed by Eiji. Hmm... I know it's fanservice, but *_____*

After that, it was movie time again, and then the song! Since it was a Wasshi day again, they sang Wasshi's song, and... Eiji messed up the dance again. XD; In the same place as last time. He also consistently stares at his feet when he tap dances... silly Eiji, 前見て!(Wasshi was looking down during the wakeboarding segment and Eiji was harassing him to look up constantly. XD;) They mentioned that they had learned tap for this, which was adorable... and then it was the end!

At the handshake that day, I took my time with Wasshi and didn't let Eiji's leering take me away, but when I did get to Eiji, I mentioned that I would be back again, and he replied, "OH, YAY!" in his horrible English. -_____-;;; I'm glad you're enthusiastic, but the leering at me on Wednesday was still creepy.

That's all for now! I'm going to try to get the final report, the one with Tsuda Kenjirou as the guest, done as soon as possible! I also am planning on writing a report on Kimeru's live that I went to today (Saturday, the 25th), and maybe the Kitty Guys event from Thursday, so... hopefully I'll get those done eventually XD
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