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Santies, part 3!

I'm so sad Santies is over. TT____TT;; I want to go back! And I want to shake Wasshi's hand again >>;; Now I just have to get these reports done... I'm so slow. @___@;; I'll get them done eventually, I promise!


On Friday, I saw my final show of Santies, and to my surprise, this was an Eiji show! Since the other two shows I had seen were Wasshi shows, it was surprising to get to see a different opening video! Whereas for the others, the show opened with a video of Eiji driving a car and Eiji and Wasshi singing along to the radio, this one opened with the two both fiddling with camera and filming one another at the same time. XD;

After the opening, they introduced the guest for the day, Tsuda Kenjirou! He was the voice actor of Inui in Prince of Tennis, so he knew Eiji from that. His voice... sounded a lot like Inui's in real life, which was pretty amusing. He was strangely amused with Wasshi's name, and said WASSHI! randomly a few times before he was asked what his ideal vacation was. He said that what they did sounded good, but he'd have to wait and see, and with that, the cued up the video!

Both days (Eiji and Wasshi days) featured the two guys wakeboarding, and the audience got to enjoy Eiji being naturally much better at it than Wasshi and constantly heckling Wasshi about his lack of wakeboarding skills :P Eiji's a jerk. But while on Wednesday and Thursday evening, we got to see Wasshi show his cooking prowess and make some delicious smoked foods and beef stew, on Friday, we got to see Eiji make steak and some sort of rice dish called paella (パエリア). In between the two videos, after a beautiful reenactment of how to wakeboard by Eiji and some more making fun of Wasshi's wakeboarding skills (or lack thereof), Tsuda decided that his ideal vacation would actually be to sleep for 20 hours of the day. Wasshi and Eiji wanted to know if he would eat during the period of time, be he seemed to think that just sleeping would be enough. XD; Eiji then regaled us with an adorable story about how, one time, he went to Daiki's and Daiki was going to cook for him. Daiki was apparently very serious about it all and cooked away, but after he set the plate in front of Eiji, he said that, wait, he needed to make sure it was good... and then decided that it was and proceeded to eat half of it. XD;;; Sounds like Daiki to me. After that, Tsuda made fun of Eiji for his cheesy announcement (at the beginning of the show, Eiji asked everyone to turn off their cell phones and alarms, and then proceeded to slowly and "sexily" ask the audience to wait just a moment) before they went on to the third video.

The third video continued with Eiji's cooking adventure, and showed that while his steak was delicious, the paella was... not so much so. XD;;; As revealed in the discussion afterwards, it turns out that Eiji actually had never tried to prepare it before, and had looked it up in a cookbook since it "sounded cool" and attempted to memorize the recipe. Not only that, but since Wasshi had had a few ingredients left over, he also tried to mix those in. And he didn't know how to make rice without a rice cooker, so he simply added more and more water if it seemed too hard. AND he said, for some reason his was white when it was supposed to be yellow, but his was white. Tsuda asked him if he put in saffron, a key ingredient in paella, and Eiji replied, "What's saffron?" Good going, Eiji!

In the Eiji video, they also showed the guys colouring their pictures, as well as wakeboarding again, something that wasn't in the Wasshi videos, and then, at the very end, there was a short segment with the guys in a hot tub together. XD; Wasshi looked... so WHITE next to Eiji, who makes me wonder if he goes tanning or something. They talked about their adventure, but all the while, Eiji was kind of rubbing his eyes... until Wasshi looked at him, laughed, and announced, "You have a contact on your face." Apparently, one of Eiji's contacts fell out while they were being filmed and he was trying not to let it show. XD;;; He then tried to put it back in a couple times despite Wasshi's protests, but failed, and, despite Eiji's bemoaning that he could only look out one eye or that other one, they concluded the video. XD;;

It then came time for them to show off their model gundam and artwork, and Tsuda asked, out of curiosity, since neither of them were really the model-doing sort, why they had chosen to do a model. Wasshi picked it, and admitted that... he really didn't have a reason. XD; He said that there wasn't enough room in the tent to do much else, and a model seemed like it would pass the time well. Tsuda and then Eiji joked about how it would have been cooler to play chess... even though Eiji doesn't really know how to play chess. XD; Tsuda suggested mahjong, but Wasshi pointed out skeptically that they didn't have 4 people, and it would have been stupid for them each to play two sides, at which point the other two relented.

And then it was time for the Impro corner! This time... well, we were all waiting for it, and we finally got it: WASSHI AS A GIRL! That's right, Eiji was to play a boyfriend to Wasshi's girlfriend... but Eiji was also to be having an affair with a third party, Tsuda. The anketto specified that he could be a guy or a chick as to his own choosing, and this seemed to give Tsuda a very tough decision... be a HOMO or a CHICK? OH GOD, WHICH IS WORSE??? The setup was the Eiji was with Tsuda when Wasshi arrived at his apartment to visit him, and after picking sound effects, they began!

When Wasshi (Noboko :D) showed up and asked who Tsuda was, Eiji told him/her that Tsuda was his sister... to which Tsuda asked, "You have a sister?? Where?!" Eiji said that she was in the bath, so Tsuda went off to find her, leaving Wasshi in the lurch. Since Tsuda was obviously not his sister, Wasshi demanded to know who he/she was, and after attempting to get out of the situation, Eiji reluctantly explained that they were both his girlfriend. At this point, Tsuda replied that, despite having used "あたし" (the feminine form of "I") the whole time, he was actually a guy! Wasshi got to slap Eiji around (after getting killed both Wednesday and Thursday night, sheesh) and Tsuda's sound effect was "matsuri," meaning that whenever he let out his girly scream, the sounds of a matsuri started up, completely randomly. XD; It ended entirely randomly when the three could think of nothing else to do, which was really lame, but Tsuda made up with it with random Engrish afterwards: he couldn't pick between "男 OR 女" (male OR female) so he went with "男 AND 女" (yes, these are his exact words. XD) But then the guest segment was done, and Tsuda was big farewell.

(...At this point in my notes, I've accumulated a bunch of notes on the general 気持ち悪い feeling of Eiji's appearance, so I'll relay that his suit was bad and either didn't fit him very well or he really IS gaining weight, his hair is moving towards On4-style grossness with 80's chick bangs coiffed away from his head, his hair was basically in a glorified combover, since his part was on the far right of his head, and since his hair is thinning, despite the fact that he covered his baldest spot, at his part, his hair is still obviously thin. His vest also had a bizarre, large patch of turquoise embroidery that was rather fruity, and the stripes on it sparkled. Now, don't get me wrong, I think Eiji can be very attractive in his own rite, but this was NOT his look at all. Again, all this is my opinion, so feel free to ignore it... but I couldn't ignore how uncharacteristically bad Eiji looked in his costume/suit.)

And then it came time for the raffle! I... didn't win again! But there were amusing bits, regardless. XD; While reading the segment about the people who would win a hug, Eiji seemed so pleased, emphasizing his words and nodding and putting on sexyface, while Wasshi looked so incredibly uncomfortable. XD And when some girls were skeptical about the massage option, Eiji defended it, pointing out that "IT'S A CHOICE, YOU CAN PICK SOMETHING ELSE IF YOU WANT." XD;;; Eiji, you're not doing a good job of not looking like a creep! XD; Unfortunately, we got no fanservice for the sasayaki. D: But then it was movie time and dance time!

Since it was an Eiji day, they did Eiji's song... which was painfully a lot of rap. Like Wasshi's, they did it pretty evenly as a duet, and they tapped for this song, too. Again, Eiji messed up the para-para type dance bits, and again, he stared at his feet the whole time he was tapping, but he was pretty darn cute about it. And there was a bit in the song where Eiji was singing about doing ADULT type things (you know, like camping and wakeboarding) and Wasshi piped in with an ADORABLE "一緒に!" ("together!") from the back. It was honestly adorable.

And after that, it was time to go home! Since it was my last time, I had written a short letter to give to Wasshi, which he thanked me for and promised to read, leaving me without the powers of speech for a good moment, especially when coupled with the adorable smile he gave me. After wishing him "otsukaresamadeshita," I assured Eiji that yes, I would be back next year before heading home, a pleased fangirl.

I hope these reports have been helpful! If there's anything I didn't mention that you were curious about, feel free to let me know. ^^;;
Tags: adventures in wonderland, close encounters with pretty people, report, sexyface, the gay one, パニッシュが好き!

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