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porn :D

...I totally blame fencer_x for this one because 1) she introduced me to this song, and 2) Trenchcoat Mode is her fault to begin with. XD;;; Damn you! XD You cause me to write chairsex.

In case you missed it, Tenchcoat Mode is the awesome AU thing we made up that she's now writing in fic format :D Take a look... since this fic isn't going to make much sense unless you know the characters and the situation. XD;;;

But, um, enjoy? XD;;

Title: Backstage Intermission

Disclaimer: Um, these characters actually kind of do belong to fencer_x and I? But the actors, obviously, don't.

Rating: NC-17! Not for the kids!

Pairing: Isaka Tatsuya/Uenobori Makoto as their characters from Trenchcoat Mode!

Warnings: EXPLICIT M/M SEX. With dirty talk. And in a semi-public place. ...And there's some language and stuff. But mostly the sex.

Author's Note: This story is best read to the dulcet tones of Black Cherry by Acid Black Cherry. I have no other excuse besides this song. XD;; Also, it's set pre-canon by about a year.

Even though it makes him incredibly uncomfortable, and even thought Mako-chan has told him dozens of times that he doesn't have to, four months into their relationship, Tatsuya is still coming to see him perform at the bar. It's not, of course, like he can make it every day; he has overwork sometimes, or Mako-chan's shift is too early, or else so late that he knows Mako-chan will be angry with him if he's out when he has to be up at eight again in the morning. But he makes a conscious effort, at least, to come a few times a week, because eve though Mako-chan tells him it really isn't the same thing at all, if his boyfriend were an actor, Tatsuya would come to his plays, and since he's a lounge singer, Tatsuya naturally wants to come hear him sing.

And it's not as if he doesn't enjoy it. Mako-chan has a beautiful voice; he claims that he's not very good, of course, but Tatsuya's absolutely positive he's better than all the other boys, and, in his opinion, a lot of the singers on the radio, too. And he's stunning to watch, besides; all decked out in a slinky gown slit thigh high and elbow-length gloves and lacy garters and silk stockings and sleek stiletto heels, he's truly a sight to behold. It's what he looked like, of course, when Tatsuya first met him, and though he's quite fond of the way Mako-chan looks in the trousers and shirts and vests he wears during the day, he can't help but be drawn to his stage image as well, all powdered and painted and far too beautiful to be real. And it's not just his appearance; when he sings, he performs, the sweetest coy smile on his lips as if he's divulging a secret just to you (and the rest of the audience) as cups the mic up close in both hands. He doesn't dance, really, but he moves, swaying his hips back and forth in time to the music, sometimes adding hand gestures to go with the lyrics, and he's captivating, enthralling. And then, sometimes (rare as it is), he'll make eye contact with Tatsuya and wink ever so flirtatiously, and Tatsuya's seen him do it to other audience members dozens of times, too, but knowing that when it's him, it's really just for him, he can't help but want to keep coming back night after night.

That's not to say, of course, that Tatsuya approves of the institution where his boyfriend is forced to work; it's still a sleazy little bar filled with sleazy older men, and it still makes Tatsuya uncomfortable. More than once, he's been approached by other singers offering "personal services," that he had to decline, much to his horror, and he's seen one too many drug deal to accept drinks from anyone except for the few bartenders Mako-chan is friends with. And Tatsuya has seen the way the other singers are treated, has seen other boys just like Mako-chan cornered by questionable men in suits or carted off in taxis with nothing but an address and rate of pay on a slip of paper. It's a terrifying place, in all aspects, but it's where Mako-chan sings, and no matter what, Tatsuya wants to be there to support him.

And it's not so bad, really, because once he's comfortably seated at his little table at the front of the audience, he can forget about everything around him and just focus on Mako-chan, at least for a little while. The only problem is when, as is warrant to happen relatively frequently, the lyrics to Mako-chan's songs are suggestive enough to remind Tatsuya of just where he is, or worse, make him wish he was someplace else altogether.

Tonight is one of those nights. It had begun harmless enough, with a round of slightly suggestive showtunes, but as time went on, the songs became more and more promiscuous, until, around one in the morning, they became downright sexual. It's all part of the job, Tatsuya knows, and he's heard all the songs at least a few times before, but this one, really, seems like one of the most obscene of the lot, and watching Mako-chan, sweet, beautiful Mako-chan, smile out at the audience as such filthy, filthy lyrics come from between his painted-pink lips is practically unbearable. And how is Tatsuya supposed to feel as Mako-chan sways those perfect hips, fabric of his skirt slipping to the side to show just a bit more of the pale skin of his thigh, and begs some unnamed person to come inside of him? It's practically painful by the end, and, as Mako-chan slips off the stage to the hoots and hollers of the crowd, Tatsuya feels himself rising from his seat, dazed, and, without hardly thinking about it, heading in the direction of the dressing rooms as well.

Of course, it's completely against the rules for anyone but the performers to be in the dressing rooms or anywhere in the backstage area, and Tatsuya, being the good, clean cut guy he is, usually obeys. But a few times in the past, when Mako-chan had wanted to see him, they'd come to an agreement with the doorman. And so now, as Tatsuya shuffles his way towards the door marked as off limits to the side of the stage, he nods to the man, and fumblingly retrieves his wallet from his pocket, hands trembling as he hands the doorman a worn dollar bill. The man nods him through, and he hurries as if he might be denied in a second, practically tripping over his own feet until he arrives at the door with Mako-chan's name scrawled on a piece of paper taped to it, knocking hesitantly.

After what feels like far too long, Mako-chan answers, peering around the door hesitantly before realizing the identity of his guest. A smile grows on his face, and he opens the door, ushering Tacchan in before closing it behind him. "You didn't have to come back here," he chides gently, catching Tatsuya's hand in his own gloved one and brushing a butterfly kiss across his cheek. "What's up?"

Tatsuya licks his lips, finding his mouth suddenly dry. It's always strange seeing Mako-chan up close when he's dressed for stage; it's as if he's able to touch something too perfect to be touched, and Tatsuya longs to touch. But he's a good boy and keeps his hands to himself, shrugging as he tries to find the right words. "I... I wanted to see you," he replies with a shrug, offering Mako-chan a hesitant smile.

Mako-chan smiles back, pecking him again, this time on the lips, and sliding an arm around his waist. "You're sweet," he informs Tatsuya, looking up at him lovingly, and god is he beautiful, is Tatsuya lucky to have him. "I'm working until two tonight, though, so you'd better head home. Don't wait up for me, okay?"

At times like this, Tatsuya always wants to protest, but he knows that Mako-chan is right in the long run, because he does have work in the morning, no matter how much he wants to cling to the time he can be with Mako-chan. But now... he feels so dazed that he has trouble even thinking that far ahead, and nods vaguely, shifting awkwardly but not turning to go. Mako-chan hesitates, looking up at him and placing a hand on his shoulder, a look of concern washing over his face. "Is something wrong, Tacchan?" he asks, worry clear in his voice, and Tatsuya shakes his head quickly-- his problem certainly isn't something Mako-chan needs to be worrying over.

"Sorry," he replies quietly, trying to get ahold of himself-- he's being stupid, really, but with Mako-chan so close, the temptation is so much worse. And just one little kiss wouldn't be so bad, would it, he considers to himself, and maybe it's just an excuse, but before the rational part of him can talk him out of it, he's wrapping an arm around Mako-chan's waist and pulling him closer still and pressing a kiss to his lips, long and deep and much more urgent than he really wanted to let show.

When they break apart, Mako-chan's face is flushed and his lips are slightly swollen and he's breathing hard, and the fact that, on top of his dress for stage, he looks slightly debauched shouldn't be as alluring as it is to Tatsuya. He's trying to garner the will power that it's going to take to pull away now, but then Mako-chan is grinning at him in a way that makes his stomach flip-flop and pulling him closer again to whisper in his ear, "I guess you can stay a little longer."

Tatsuya is still having difficulty processing what that means when Mako-chan practically throws himself at him, kissing him hard on the lips again, and Tatsuya decides that he doesn't care. Wrapping his arms around Mako-chan's slender form again, he pulls him flush against his body a little more forcefully than he intended, but Mako-chan simply melts into him and mewls into the kiss, and god, Tatsuya thinks, he must be the luckiest man on earth. But then Mako-chan is rolling his hips up against Tatsuya's, and the thought falls from his mind simply because he can't think anymore, not beyond how much he wants Mako-chan right here and right now, and he can't help but break the kiss to let out a low groan at the sensation.

When he feels Mako-chan's hands at his collar, loosening his tie and deftly undoing the first few buttons, though, his eyes open as he grapples to focus on what's happening. "...here...?" he manages to ask incoherently; despite the fact that he wants Mako-chan so badly, he's a fairly straight-laced guy when it comes down to it, and the idea of being intimate so far outside of any appropriate location is daunting even in this state. Mako-chan chuckles in response, pressing his lips up to Tatsuya's ear as one his his hands slides lower, over the front of Tatsuya's pants to lightly squeeze the sizable bulge that's grown there. Tatsuya flushes deeply and tries to stifle another groan, and Mako-chan giggles again, his breath hot against Tatsuya's skin as he murmurs, "I want to take care of this, don't you?"

Tatsuya can't do much but swallow and nod dumbly, but he's surprised when Mako-chan slips out of the embrace, moving to arm's distance and taking Tatsuya's hand. At his questioning expression, however, Mako-chan gives his arm a short tug and pulls the chair away from his dressing table, and then vaguely, somehow, Tatsuya understands. He stumbles over and lets Mako-chan push him back into the chair before slipping off his gloves and climbing on top of him to straddle his lap, inelegantly pulling his skirt up and casting it to the side. It's a transfixing sight, really, this perfect, beautiful doll flushed with lust and clearly eager, and when Mako-chan disclaims quietly, "We don't have much time," almost as if it's an apology, Tatsuya is shaking his head practically before he finishes speaking and pulling him in for another kiss.

It's intoxicating, having Mako-chan so close and real after an evening of watching him from afar, and though he knows he needs to remember where they are, his noises of appreciation are growing louder with Mako-chan's hips pressed snugly up against his own. He doesn't want the kiss to end, but this time Mako-chan's the one to pull away as he adjusts himself slightly to pull open Tatsuya's button and zipper and free him from the confines of his pants. Tatsuya flushes but Mako-chan smiles, leaning over to grab a bottle of lotion from his dressing table and empty quite a bit into his palm. Tatsuya opens his mouth to offer to help, but then Mako-chan's hands are wrapped around his cock, and any words that he had are gone, replaced by bitten-back grunts at the feeling.

Tatsuya can't help but let out a short groan of complaint when Mako-chan moves his hands away, but, "Soon," Mako-chan promises, his voice throaty and thick as pours some lotion into Tatsuya's palm in a silent command before throwing the bottle carelessly back into the counter. He braces his knees on either side of Tatsuya's thighs and clutches on to Tatsuya's shoulders, rising up onto his knees over Tatsuya. He gives Tatsuya an expectant look, and it takes Tatsuya a moment to realize that he has a task at hand. He fumbles with the lotion before carefully sliding a finger inside of Mako-chan, always hesitant to hurt him. Mako-chan, however, raises an eyebrow at him, and when he adds a second, Mako-chan rolls his hips backwards, forcing Tatsuya's fingers deeper inside of him with a breathy gasp. It's too much for Tatsuya, and before he can stop himself, he's impatiently adding a third finger, something which seems to please Mako-chan, as well.

But then Mako-chan is pulling away again, grasping Tatsuya's wrist in one hand and positioning it at one of his own hips, and he catches Tatsuya's eye with what looks almost like a grin as he lines himself up and slowly lowers his body, pressing Tatsuya's cock inside of him. Tatsuya can't help the moan that the sensation wrings from him, but Mako-chan cuts him off a moment later with a kiss as he seats himself in Tatsuya's lap, unmoving for a moment, and it's all Tatsuya can do to keep from rolling his hips, and yet, at the same time, he wants this moment to last forever.

He doesn't have to wait long, though, because a second later, Mako-chan breaks the kiss to raise his body, and this time, Tatsuya doesn't have the patience to wait. He rocks his hips up to meet Mako-chan on his way down, and the resulting cry of pleasure that escapes Mako-chan's lips is almost as much a reward as the sensation itself. Mako-chan doesn't hesitate, though, rocking himself against Tatsuya as they establish a rhythm, soft gasps and cries punctuating their heavy breathing the only other sound in the room. Tatsuya can feel his fingertips digging into Mako-chan's hips, but he can't help it, not with Mako-chan riding him the way he is, and he can feel Mako-chan's own fingers pressing into his back to steady himself. It's overwhelmingly good, but somehow, in the haze of pleasure, Tatsuya remembers Mako-chan needs, too, and moves one hand to the front of his body, wrapping it around his cock.

Mako-chan cries out at the sensation, clearly surprised, and speeds up his pace even more still, almost frantic in his urgency as he thrusts Tatsuya deep inside of him again and again. It's so much, and Tatsuya is already nearing his edge when Mako-chan leans in closer still and whispers breathily against his ear, "Come inside of me, Tatsuya," and really, how can Tatsuya refuse? Seconds later, he's fulfilling Mako-chan's request, and then Mako-chan is following suit before dropping his head to rest on Tatsuya's shoulder, panting.

They remain unmoving for a second before Mako-chan hums softly, sounded contented. "What time is it?"

Tatsuya glances to the clock on the far wall, taking a moment to process the information as his brain comes back to him. "One-thirty." In a delayed reaction, he suddenly realizes why Mako-chan is asking, and quickly adds, "Do I need to go?"

Mako-chan shakes his head, though, straightening slightly to plant a lazy kiss on Tatsuya's lips. "I'm on again at one-forty-five, so we've got a few minutes."

Tatsuya nods, pleased that he can stay even a few moments longer, before glancing down at Mako-chan and flushing slightly. "Um... sorry-- your dress..."

But Mako-chan only laughs, finally getting to his feet to examine the damage. Shrugging, he gestures towards a closet door. "I'll just put on something else for the last number. No one's going to notice."

Relieved, Tatsuya nods again before quickly straightening himself up and doing up his pants again, a bit of a blush still lingering on his face. "If it's only until two, I can wait until you're done?" he asks hopefully, standing as well.

Mako-chan shakes his head, though, smiling fondly at Tatsuya over his shoulder as he busies himself looking through a row of dresses in the closet. "You have work in the morning. We can't have you getting sick, can we?"

"But--" Tatsuya begins to protest, but Mako-chan cuts him off.

"No buts..." He smiles, selecting a pink dress and laying it over the back of the chair before unzipping the one he's currently wearing. Giving Tatsuya a flirtatious grin as he slides one strap from his shoulder, he adds, "Besides, if you're a good boy and are all ready for bed when I get home, maybe I'll give you a little reward."
Tags: *pnish* playverse, bl, one-shot, trenchcoat mode

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