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an rps pairing manifesto of epic proportions!

In the past few days, I have discovered the best, most beautiful RPS pairing in the whole world ever.

Washio Noboru/Sano Mizuki.

...Since probably everyone reading this is wondering what the hell I'm smoking, I'm going to start on a slightly backwards note and mention the reasons why this doesn't not make sense. Or rather, why this is perfectly reasonable in the world of RPS. XD;;; Let's compare to an extremely popular RPS fandom, TeniMyu:
① Many popular TeniMyu pairings are based entirely off of the pairing the characters play. For example, many Shirota/Aiba fans I have encountered primarily ship Tezuka/Fuji, and have clearly stated that this is the reason why they ship Shirota and Aiba. As in, unrelated to the actors' behaviour backstage or out of character.
② Many popular TeniMyu pairings are based entirely off of backstage material from one or two musicals, without any blog references or continued interaction to the knowledge of the viewer. For example, Saitou/Ruito was a popular pairing, and while the two spent a lot of time together in various musicals, they don't appear on one another's blogs, nor do we have any hard evidence that they spend time together outside of musicals.
③ TeniMyu is a much larger, much more fanservice-oriented fandom than *pnish*. I'm just going to leave that statement hanging. XD;
(Not that I'm criticizing TeniMyu fandom! I'm just using these paradigms as an example to prove that I'm not coming entirely out of left field here, and that this isn't as much of a stretch as it might seem.)

So, keeping all those things in mind , please read on! :D

The majority of the reasoning that I have for this pairing, honestly, comes from the backstage interviews for 2006's Wonder Box. Yes, I know 2006 was a really long time ago. Please bear with me.

On the Wonder Box DVD, along with the show and the backstage, as per usual, there was an interview with every member of *pnish* and one of the guests. The pairings seemed awfully arbitrary, and the first interview was the actor of the main character of Wonder Box, Sano Mizuki and... Wasshi?

Naturally, being who he is, the first thing Mizuki does is ask the question that's on all of our minds: why is he paired with Wasshi? Daiki's the leader, Eiji's the fuku leader... and well, Mizuki points out, Wasshi's pretty much at the bottom, isn't he? Wasshi, being who he is, nods along (and god, Mizuki is so kuuki yomenai... I don't really know how to explain the idiom in English, but it directly translates to "unable to read the air"... in Mizuki's case, anyway, it means he doesn't know when to shut up and is completely tactless XD;), and Mizuki seems to think he's hilarious... and comes off as a complete jackass (which, not going to lie, he really is.) But once you get past that, you'll notice that Wasshi seems awfully flustered by Mizuki's teasing-- way moreso than he usually is when *pnish* members try to say he's leaving *pnish* (I can now name four instances offhand when this has happened...) or something like that. Mizuki also keeps leaning into Wasshi, who's trying to be professional and look at the camera, and this also seems to make him awfully awkward.

As the interview progresses, Wasshi talks about how he'd always really wanted to work with Mizuki and how he was really upset that they'd had very few scenes together. Mizuki... seems a lot less phased, but Wasshi really seems to care a lot about getting to be onstage with Mizuki. In fact, apparently, they'd been joking about it before they even got the script-- which means that this is apparently something that had been on Wasshi's mind a lot!

As the interview goes on, Mizuki continues to be an asshole (what's new?) and complains about rehearsals and the script and whatnot, and then decides to reenact a time when he'd tripped. I'm pretty sure I knew what tripping looked like beforehand... but Mizuki felt the need to show in great detail...

... on top of Wasshi. Wasshi, for his part, is clearly thinking "OH GOD NOT NOW."

But Mizuki, wonderful as he is at reading the atmosphere, plops right on top of him in something akin to a hug. Wasshi seems some combination of mortified and horribly awkward... which is a bit telling, considering that, while what Mizuki is doing is pretty weird and definitely personal-space invading, Wasshi doesn't usually seem the type to make THAT much of a fuss, especially when he spends most of his time putting up with the rest of *pnish*. XD; However, after Mizuki pulls back...

...Wasshi is incredibly giddy and giggly. Come on, you can't say that's not adorable.

And just, a lot of Mizuki's obnoxiousness comes off as like, high school boy flirting. Wasshi has a paper with topics to discuss on it, and Mizuki keeps trying to read it or point out things on it, leaning over Wasshi to look at the paper, and Wasshi keeps having to say "please stop, please stop!" It comes off... cute, more than anything, honestly.

In the Wonder Box backstage itself, there isn't much of them-- there's not a lot of backstage footage, and Wasshi isn't ever very prominent in these things because he's not an attention whore like the rest of *pnish*. However, in both Samurai Mode and Wonder Box, Wasshi and Mizuki seem to constantly be next to one another in the circles that everyone does together before the show.

Moving along to Samurai Mode in 2008, the next *pnish* show Mizuki was in, again, there's not all that much in the backstage-- a lot of it is things that happened onstage filmed from the back of the theatre. However, at one point, one of the other actors, Taizo, mentions something about becoming a member of *pnish*, to which Mizuki immediately steps forward and turns around, pointing to Wasshi, who was standing next to him, and announcing, "Busaiku" (made of fail, basically XD;). He then points to Eiji, Daiki, and Tuti, and calls them each busaiku respectively, and then goes on to say that if Taizo joined, the busaiku level would go down a little. Having made this oh-so-hilarious comment about which none of *pnish* seem all that amused, he pops back into line at his spot next to Wasshi and grins at him, nodding his head all proud of himself.

It's not really something I can easily take a cap of, but take my word for it. XD;;; This is another excellent example of Mizuki's kuuki yomenai tendencies-- if this had been Tuti, somehow, it would have been so much less offensive and assholish than Mizuki made it sound. XD; But regardless.

Mizuki then goes on to say that he'd like to do another show with *pnish*, to which Daiki responds, "Better hurry up, Wasshi won't be here much longer!" Yes, this is one in the long tradition of joking constantly that Wasshi's going to quit *pnish* (you'd think it was Panic Wasshi, rather than Panic Eiji), but... let's pause a second and consider why Daiki felt it was an appropriate comment in response to Mizuki doing another *pnish* show. Why, really, should Mizuki care about Wasshi in particular? Why did THIS seem like such an ideal moment for Daiki to make a "Wasshi's quitting *pnish*" joke? Hm, I wonder...

And yes, that's basically it. But let's take a step back for a moment and look at the people involved.

Wasshi is a shy, quiet person. He keeps to himself when he's not playing a role. He's not attention-seeking like the other members of *pnish*, and therefore rarely ends up the centre of attention in backstages or candid film like TobePani. He updates his blog much, much less frequently than the other members of *pnish*, and he never takes pictures of people he isn't with for a certain reason. For example, during Shuffle, he took photos with the female lead in the show with him backstage, but never outside of the theatre or rehearsal hall. He doesn't even post pictures of other members of *pnish* outside of work. We know nothing of who he spends his time with outside of rehearsals and shows simply because he keeps it to himself.

Mizuki, on the other hand, is a Johnny's boy. He probably wants to share his life with the world... but he's not allowed. He's not allowed to be in blog photographs or almost any sort of photographed material without permission first, and he's not even allowed to do demachi-- he gets taken away in a cab. While Daiki occasionally mentions on his blog that he's gone out to dinner with his Aniki, we never get a photo. So we have no way of knowing what Mizuki does with his spare time, either.

And then there's the fact that Mizuki has likely known Wasshi since 1997 or 1998-- that's more than ten years now. Wasshi became friends with Daiki before Daiki met any other members of ShiroxKuro or *pnish*, and it's known that they did spend some time together-- there's a photograph of them together from when Daiki was 18, thirteen years ago, making Wasshi 20 at the time. Though Wasshi was definitely not at the most attractive stage of his life at that point, it still stands that he's known Mizuki a hell of a long time and clearly looks up to him in some respect, since he was so invested in getting to perform with him.

And that's really it. XD; I know I'm bizarre, but I'm actually quite enthralled with this, so don't be surprised if I put out fic. ♥ I just want Wasshi to be happy and have somebody to love~

And, of course, I'd love to hear any thoughts on this beautiful essay (if you can even call it that... XD;;;)! I'd prefer, naturally, if you didn't comment PURELY to tell me that I'm a crazy bitch, but if you have any thoughts on what I've written or any questions of where I come up with this stuff... discussion makes the world go 'round :D

...I should probably go to bed now. XD;;;
Tags: meta is fun!, not a stalker, the gay one, パニッシュが好き!, 兄貴がなんだろう?!

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