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Wasshi fic :D

Haha... after watching Oota Motohiro flirt tirelessly with Wasshi last night at the little cooking show after the show last night, I couldn't help but write a little something :3 Enjoy~

Title: Generation Gap

Disclaimer: Not mine~

Rating: G

Pairings: Wasshi/Mizuki, Oota Motohiro→Wasshi

Warnings: RPS :D BL and all that jazz.

Author's Note: Based on the fact that Oota Motohiro was totally flirting with Wasshi in the after-show of Amadan~ Because Wasshi deserves some Tenimyu boy loving as well as some Johnny's boy loving? XD;

Amadan is turning out to be a particularly tiring show for Wasshi. It's not the show itself, of course; Wasshi's part is relatively small, and his blocking and lines aren't anything compared to an On or honkouen. But being in a show with such a younger set of actors, kids who aren't even in their twenties yet, who are up-and-coming Tenimyu boys, still in high school... somehow, that's exhausting in and of itself. It's not that they're not nice kids, all of them, but Wasshi just doesn't know how to interact with a group so young, so not at all in the same stage of life that he is, despite the fact that they share a profession. And they're always laughing, joking, poking fun at one another in a way that is somewhat familiar to Wasshi and yet somehow different in just such a way that Wasshi feels incredibly on the outside. It's not really a bad thing, nor is it unexpected, but having most of his daily companions for the duration of a play's rehearsals and run be more than ten years younger than him is mentally tiring, if not physically.

And then there's the matter of Oota-kun. Oota-kun is the oldest of the younger set, just under twenty-four, almost exactly ten years younger than Wasshi. Of course, he's still definitely of a different generation, and fits in perfectly fine with the other boys who are a few years his junior, joking and laughing along easily even with the teenagers in the group. But there are times, too, when he separates himself, instead seeking out Wasshi's company, making conversation where none is strictly necessary and then hanging on Wasshi's every word as if it's the most interesting thing he's ever heard. It's not that odd, necessarily, for cast members to make small talk amongst themselves, and at first, Wasshi didn't think it was so out of the ordinary, but as rehearsals go on, it slowly becomes obvious that Oota-kun isn't just being polite. He spends far less attention on Masuda-san, and it doesn't take Wasshi long to pick up on the way Oota-kun pinches his voice a little more when he's talking to him, the way he cocks his head to the side a little and smiles as he asks, "What about you, Washio-san~?" and "How are you today, Washio-san~?" and "Can I sit with you at lunch today, Washio-san~?" By the time rehearsals are well underway and in full swing, it's entirely clear to Wasshi that Oota-kun is flirting with him. And he has absolutely no idea what to do.

It's not that he's never had someone flirt with him before, per se; Wasshi has been to his fair share of uchiages with his fair share of drunken actors, but it's never been anything like this. Wasshi had assumed that, after the first few rehearsals, his newness would wear off, and that Oota-kun's attempts would drop off, but even when rehearsals move from the hall to the theatre, his attentions don't fade in the slightest, despite the fact that Wasshi is doing absolutely nothing to encourage them. In fact, just the knowledge that Oota-kun is so much younger than him is enough to put Wasshi a little outside his comfort zone, and while he's generally able to handle any sort of attention (negative or positive) relatively graciously, he's almost afraid of accidentally encouraging whatever it is Oota-kun sees in him. It's stressful, trying to be polite but not encouraging, to be nice while still conveying that he's not interested. It's at times like these that he wishes he were like Tsuchiya, who can just go out to some bar with Takashi-kun and post a bunch of photos to his blog as a less subtle assertion that he's happy with his current situation. But even if that were Wasshi's style at all, there are all sorts of contractual issues between him and anything of the sort, so he's left dodging advances right and left even as the show approaches, an additional stress on top of work that leaves him feeling drained at the end of the day.

On the bright side, Mizuki has had an abundance of free time recently, and, over the past week or so, has been spending more time in Wasshi's apartment than anywhere else. Though Wasshi wonders if he ought to be doing something more productive with his time, knowing that he's coming home to someone waiting for him after long rehearsals all day is keeps his spirits high even through his fatigue, and he appreciates the company more than Mizuki probably even really understands. Mizuki has never been the most obliging or hospitable person, and it's not as if he ever makes dinner or goes out of his way, but just listening to him talk endlessly about the minor details of his day is a comfort that Wasshi (and probably no one else) enjoys, and even if he wakes up with all of his covers stolen, falling asleep next to Mizuki has always been something that Wasshi looks forward to more than almost anything.

And so, despite a long day of rehearsals, despite being sore from having to carry around props and tired from early mornings and long commutes all week, despite frustration from fending off the advances of his young cast mate, the day before the show opens, Wasshi wears a small smile on his features as he lets himself into his apartment to find Mizuki sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. "I'm home," he greets quietly, toeing off his shoes and dropping his bag in the genkan before dropping into a chair beside his boyfriend.

"Welcome back," Mizuki replies automatically, eyes lingering on the paper before folding it closed and glancing up at Wasshi. "Took you long enough, geez. I'm starving."

Wasshi's smile grows slightly at the complaint; at surface level, it's obnoxious, of course, but the fact that Mizuki took it upon himself to wait for Wasshi to eat is far more relevant, and, with a bit of a sigh, Wasshi rises again, peering into the refrigerator briefly before settling on instant ramen. "Sorry to make you wait."

Mizuki waves him off, though, turning in his chair to face Wasshi as he puts water on to boil. "How were rehearsals?"

"Fine," Wasshi replies easily, setting the kettle on the stove before rejoining Mizuki at the table. "Those kids have endless energy, so the runs went quickly."

Mizuki laughs. "I can't believe you're doing a show with kids half your age," he comments, as if this is the most hilarious thing he's heard all day. Wasshi smiles too, and doesn't point out the fact that Mizuki, himself, if affiliated with a group consisting of prepubescent boys. "Does it make you feel old?"

At this, Wasshi really does laugh a little, because that's Mizuki for you, but again, Wasshi refrains from mentioning that Mizuki is three years his senior and instead shrugs. "A little," he admits. "I'm just not up on the things that they're into. And it seems like they'll flirt with anyone these days..."

Mizuki raises an eyebrow at him. "What does that mean?"

In retrospect, Wasshi realizes that that's something he probably shouldn't have brought up, but he shrugs again. It's not a big deal, after all, it's not as if he ever reciprocated Oota-kun's advances, and it's not like he has anything to hide. "One of the boys, Oota-kun-- he was in Tenimyu with Tsuchiya and Eiji this year-- has been flirting with me since the beginning of rehearsals," he admits, looking down at the table and flushing slightly and laughing it off. "I don't know what he sees, honestly. It doesn't make much sense."

He's expecting to be made fun or, or at least poked at, but when he looks up again, he's confused to see that Mizuki looks surprisingly serious. "Mizuki-san?" he asks, slightly concerned, as Mizuki crosses his arms and shifts in his chair, looking considerably affronted.

"How long were you planning on waiting before telling me?" he asks after a moment, his tone sounding almost hurt. Wasshi is slightly alarmed, and leans towards him, offering a bit of a laugh to show that it's not really anything worth getting upset over.

"I... didn't think it was such a big deal...? It's not as if he's really... done anything," he explains awkwardly, licking his lips.

"Except flirt with you," Mizuki cuts in, not seeming assuaged in the least.

"It's only chatting, really," Wasshi backtracks, wondering what exactly the big deal is. "He hasn't done anything out of line... I didn't realize you'd care."

"Some pretty young thing is flirting with you," Mizuki practically spits, "And you didn't think I'd care?"

It doesn't make any sense for him to be this upset, but then Wasshi suddenly realizes-- Mizuki is jealous. And suddenly, it makes sense... as much sense as Mizuki ever makes, at any rate, and Wasshi could practically laugh. He feels a little bad for upsetting Mizuki, though, of course, Mizuki really is being ridiculous in the long run, but the though of anyone being jealous over him is something Wasshi would have never expected in a thousand years. He doesn't understand what Oota-kun sees in him, but, he supposes, whatever it is, Mizuki must see it, too, and so he rises, taking Mizuki's hands in his own and pulling him out of his chair and into an embrace. "I'm sorry for making you worry."

Mizuki makes a face but relaxes into his arms nonetheless, shrugging and pouting in a way that lets Wasshi know he's made up for his transgression. Slowly, Mizuki puts an arm around him, dropping his head to rest on Wasshi's shoulder. "You better tell him that if he keeps it up, he'll have an angry boyfriend to deal with."

Wasshi really does laugh at that, because it's completely ridiculous; for Wasshi to spread around that he happens to be dating a member of Johnny's Entertainment is just asking for trouble, but he nods obligingly, pressing a gentle kiss to the top of Mizuki's head. "Will do."

Mizuki hums his agreement, and they remain in silence for a moment before he adds, "Besides, I don't think any pretty young thing would want to wait around all night just to eat instant ramen with you."

The kettle begins to whine, signaling that the water is boiling, and, with a sigh, Wasshi pulls back to grin at Mizuki, catching his eye. "It's a good thing I have you, then, isn't it?"
Tags: bl, one-shot, rps

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