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I started this before I left Japan and only just now got it done... oops. XD;; Anyway, there's not much to it in terms of depth, so, uh... enjoy? XD;;;

Title: Talented

Disclaimer: Samurai Mode =/= mine

Rating: NC-17!

Pairing: Shisui/Saiga

Warnings: PORN. Yes, as always, explicit m/m sex and kissing and loving and all that business. And probably some language and stuff.

Author's Note: This is a followup to Out of Line, though it's mostly just porn. XD;; Young!Shisui and Saiga are cute! I do like writing them before they were so war-scarred and laden with responsibilities and stress and the depression that comes with losing so many of their men... It's nice to see them be really happy together, I think.

As much as he'd never admit it aloud, Saiga is one of the most talented people Shisui has ever met. After seventeen years of training, he has been rendered unable to lift a sword in a matter of moments, and yet, somehow, months before his nineteenth birthday, he has already proved himself a force to be reckoned with with a gun. Musket or handgun, one barrel or two, it doesn't matter; Saiga has the best aim in the whole domain and probably the country, too, Shisui'd bet if he had to. Not only is no other member of their army nearly so skilled with a firearm, but no one has learned to use one so well in such a short period of time-- it's clear, Saiga is a prodigy. And somehow, in watching him go from a boy playing with guns for amusement in his spare time to an expert marksman in a matter of months, Shisui can't deny it-- Saiga os amazing.

But Shisui's attitudes about Saiga have been changing a lot recently, and not just in terms of his fighting abilities. Ever since their encounter with the assassins and Saiga's near-death experience, Shisui has been seeing him as less and less of a nuisance and more and more as something else entirely. He still wants to beat Saiga, he still sees him as a challenge, and even though Shisui was one of the few Saiga allowed to see him struggle as he recovered from his injury and became the marksman he is now, Shisui can't possibly think of his as weak. As the past few years have gone by, rather, Shisui has found himself inexplicably attracted to Saiga in ways he can't fathom or explain, as if by some magnetic force, and when, just before Shisui's eighteenth birthday, Saiga caught him by the hand behind the storehouses and pulled him into a kiss, Shisui was surprised to find he wasn't at all upset by the development-- even if Saiga's smirk afterwards was absolutely intolerable.

And so, as time went on, Shisui and Saiga grew up and grew stronger, but somehow, they also grew closer together, grew interdependent. It's as if neither of them are anywhere near as strong separately as they are together, but instead of being a weakness, as Shisui might have thought it would be, it seems to only help them improve, as a whole. While Shisui is loathe to admit it, the "foresight" that Saiga had always claimed to have has really developed into something, such that Saiga can always be one step ahead in a fight, but can also tell Shisui when he's going to be late to dinner, something that annoys Shisui to no end. On the bright side, Shisui's natural speed, too, has grown past anything natural to the point where Saiga swears up and down that he can stop time altogether, and despite the way he rolls his eyes, Shisui is secretly pleased that he insists on calling it some silly name he made up, "shukugan," or some such nonsense. But whatever it is, they're definitely unique amongst their peers, and rise through the ranks of the clan's militia easily, always together, always the two of them.

But unlike in his rash teenage years, Shisui is glad now, glad to always have Saiga by his side. They work well together, they fight well together, and honestly, Shisui enjoys Saiga's company. Whether sparring, out riding, eating together, or just talking, Shisui would rather be with Saiga than anyone else, and though he has no plans to say anything of the sort aloud, he has a hunch his feelings for Saiga run a lot deeper than companionship, than simple friendship.

Then again, he hardly needs to say anything when his actions do a lot of the speaking for him. Like now, while they have the horses tied by the riverbank, giving the animals a necessary break in a long journey--that is, the horses make a good excuse, but it isn't as if Shisui hasn't been looking forward to a break as well, and if the hurry with which he tethered the harnesses a few moments earlier was any indication, Saiga has been, as well. But Shisui doesn't want to wait and find out; Saiga barely has the things tied before Shisui is pulling him into a kiss, wrapping a strong arm tightly around his waist. Saiga smirks that aggravating smirk against his lips, but makes up for it a second later, parting his lips before Shisui has even thought that far ahead and throwing his arms around Shisui's neck in clear abandon. Shisui supposes it's helpful to be with someone who can see the future, even if it's sometimes infuriating, as well, and he focuses on the positive as he deepens the kiss, invading Saiga's mouth with an urgency he'd never show to anyone else. But Saiga understands, Saiga kisses back with all the same passion, pressing their bodies closer together still and very pointedly rocking his hips in just so, such that Shisui is made very aware of the growing bulge beneath his hakama.

They may be adults, but one area of patience Shisui has yet to master is that related to hormones, especially when Saiga is involved, and the little reminder goes a long way towards unravelling him entirely. With a grunt, he breaks the kiss, pulling Saiga to the ground and moving to straddle him, pinning him down. Saiga, however, seems to have no complaints, and simply grins, grabbing the collar of Shisui's kosode and pulling him back into another open-mouthed kiss as he tugs at the garment, pulling it from Shisui's shoulders. He whines, however, when he's impeded by the waistline of Shisui's hakama, and tugs a little harder, as if to remind Shisui that he needs to do some of the work as well, but Shisui has never taken very well to nagging. He knocks Saiga's hands way with a growl, nipping at Saiga's bottom lip, and then at his jaw and his neck to remind him who's in control at the moment before yanking open Saiga's own kosode with such force that the thing pulls far enough out that Saiga can slip his arms free. Saiga only has a moment to smirk at his victory, however, before Shisui is biting and sucking at his collarbone, his chest, wringing a satisfying cry from Saiga and wiping that smug expression right off his face.

Shisui doesn't hesitate, though, not now that Saiga's got him started, and tugs at Saiga's hakama, cursing under his breath at the various ties to be undone. His hands are almost trembling with anticipation as he works the knots free, but then finally, finally the thing comes loose and he pulls it from Saiga's body with relish, pleased with his victory. He only has a moment to gloat, however, because then Saiga is pulling him back down into another kiss, deep and desperate, and he can feel Saiga's hands fumbling at Shisui's own waistband. Shisui's hands join him quickly, and in some miracle of teamwork, the manage to get the thing undone in record time, and if Shisui were more coherent, he would probably be embarrassed at his own lack of patience, but luckily, he's not. And besides, they've done this enough times now for him to know that if he's too slow, Saiga will whine, and if he's too hesitant, Saiga will tease, and Shisui doesn't want to take that from him, if he can avoid it.

But then, "Shisui--!" Saiga grinds out, looking up at him impatiently from under long lashes and arching up against him, and Shisui can't help but grin predatorily as he presses a knee between Saiga's legs, spreading him out beneath him, and kissing him again, hard. Saiga squirms, however, finding Shisui's hand and pressing a small bottle into his palm, and Shisui can take a hint. He has to admit, as he takes the thing and pours some of the liquid inside into one palm before tugging away Saiga's fundoshi, he's impressed that Saiga thought far enough ahead, but then again, with that foresight of his, Shisui thinks, maybe he's seen this coming for hours. It hardly matters, though, and Shisui doesn't care enough to ponder further, opting instead to spread Saiga's thighs further and press one, two fingers inside of him, slowly but without hesitation, intent on his task. This, after all, is the only thing keeping Shisui from his goal, and, as Saiga would definitely testify, Shisui has always been very goal-oriented. And so, when Saiga gives him a sharp nod, he adds a third finger for a few moments before withdrawing completely, shoving what remained of his own garments out of the way and slicking himself in preparation.

"Hurry--!" Saiga whines beneath him, but he certainly doesn't have to ask Shisui twice. Before Saiga can open his mouth again, Shisui is lining himself up, pressing inside with determined slowness, clenching his jaw to keep himself from slamming into Saiga's body without mercy. Shisui isn't used to any sort of tenderness, really, but it's one of those things that Saiga has acclimated him to, he supposes, and so he pushes forward steadily but gently until the front of thighs are pressed against the back of Saiga's and he's seated all the way inside. Saiga is grimacing slightly beneath him, and somehow, the expression moves Shisui when not much can, and he leans forward, pressing a reassuring kiss to Saiga's lips while one hand finds its way to Saiga's cock, stroking lightly in an attempt to coax him into relaxing. It only takes a moment of adjustment, however, before Saiga is urging him to move in a hot, breathy gasp against his ear, and Shisui obeys easily. He slides out slowly, smoothly, almost all the way before thrusting back in in one quick, clean movement, and earns himself a tight, punctuated cry from Saiga. If Shisui wasn't sure whether it was positive or negative, however, Saiga's nails digging into his shoulder, tugging him closer clear things up pretty easily, and so Shisui repeats, a little faster, a little less carefully, and this time, Saiga rocks up to meet him, his vocalizations growing less restrained as Shisui begins to pick up his pace.

And then Shisui tightens his grasp on Saiga's cock, stroking him in earnest now, and Saiga lets out a surprised yelp of pleasure, spreading his legs farther and rolling his hips at the sensation. The change of angle allows Shisui to thrust just a little deeper still, and then Saiga's crying out again, "Right there-- god," words strained between gasps and moans. Shisui only grunts in response, but if the increase in the volume of Saiga's vocalizations is any indication, he's doing all right as he slides in to hit that spot, to coax more cries out of the man below him. He isn't sure how he used to think Saiga's voice a nuisance; though he's not particularly vocal himself, the way Saiga moans is one of his favourite things.

And right now, certainly, Saiga is indulging him, his gasps and groans continuing unhindered as Shisui drives into him again and again, with less and less restraint as he gets closer and closer to his edge. It's Saiga, however, who comes first, arching up against Shisui and throwing his head back in the grass, crying out Shisui's name as he spills his seed over Shisui's hand. He's so hot and so tight and, though Shisui wouldn't call himself a romantic, he's so beautiful, all spread out beneath Shisui that it's too much, and then he's coming too before collapsing, rolling off to the side beside Saiga in the grass.

They lay for a moment without speaking, heavy breathing suddenly the only sound in the air around them. After a moment, though, as always, Saiga rolls onto his side, grin on his face as he tucks his head into the crook of Shisui's neck and throws an arm over his chest. Normally, Shisui would roll his eyes, but at moments like these, he secretly appreciates the closeness, and so he lets things be, opening his eyes to peer down at the man beside him. After a few minutes, Saiga meets his gaze, his smile softening as he kisses Shisui on the cheek and hums his contentment.

"Good?" Shisui asks, though it's more of a grunt, as he allows himself to finger a strand of Saiga's hair idly. Saiga chuckles softly and nods, pressing a little closer still, and though they'll have to rise soon and continue with business, Shisui lets him for the moment.

"It's always good," Saiga murmurs contentedly with a sigh, and Shisui can't help but smile a little, too. Saiga may be a genius, may be the most intelligent, quick, bright person in the clan, but when it comes to Saiga, Shisui thinks that maybe he's a little bit talented, too.
Tags: *pnish* playverse, bl, one-shot, samurai mode

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