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Sorry for the whiny post earlier! I'm hear to make up for it with fic? ^^;;;

Title: An Understanding

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone~

Rating: G

Pairing: Wasshi/Mizuki

Warnings: RPS~ BL, a couple kisses, all that.

Author's Note: Figured I'd better get this out before no one even remembers Wasshi's beard. XD;;; I'm afraid I agree with Mizuki on this front...

"That," Mizuki says out of the blue one evening, gesturing vaguely in the general direction of Wasshi's face with his cigarette, "needs to go."

Understandably, Wasshi is confused. He and Mizuki sit a a small table off to the side of a crowded fast food restaurant, talking face-to-face for the first time in a while. Rehearsals for Amadan have started up for Wasshi, just days after Western Mode senshuuraku, and now that he's a few weeks in, he's finally getting a chance to breathe. Mizuki's show, too, had just ended a few days prior, and though, as per usual, he'd regaled Wasshi with every minute detail of his day via phone email throughout *pnish*'s stay in Kobe and Nagoya, they hadn't spoken much since before their respective shows had started in the end of October, which, now that it's mid-November, was far too long ago. Expectedly, Wasshi had been the one to suggest dinner one night, and Mizuki had chosen the location, but that's simply the way things have always worked, and if the grin Mizuki was trying to fight back into a smirk when they met up meant anything at all, Wasshi is more than happy to eat burgers until the end of time.

The conversation had been going relatively normally up until this point-- Wasshi had listened attentively to Mizuki ramble about every aspect of every performance of his show before offering a few highlights about Kobe and Nagoya (Naoto-kun had been so excited, he knocked over one of the extras during maeraku, and Taito-kun had fallen straight off the stage at senshuuraku). Inevitably, anecdotes like that always remind Mizuki of "this one time" from his extensive performing experience, and he launches into some story of a Johnny's Junior catfight which may or may not have included someone threatening someone else that he'd push him off the stage, but Wasshi always listens dutifully until Mizuki has talked himself out before picking a new topic.

However, when Mizuki's verbal stream has run its course this time, he pauses, examining Wasshi, before waving his cigarette at Wasshi. "That needs to go."

"...what?" Wasshi asks, completely lost. As far as he can tell, this has nothing to do with anything they've talked about, and he isn't sure if Mizuki is making some sort of joke and he's just missing the punchline or what.

"That," Mizuki replies insistently. "That thing on your face. It needs to go, like, right now."

And then suddenly Wasshi realizes what he's referencing and puts a hand to his chin self-consciously, gingerly touching the offending facial hair. He's had the beard for quite some time now, starting before Western Mode, and though he's been planning all along to shave it after Amadan, he's been getting used to it, almost. And though he doubts Mizuki means "now" as in "right now in the middle of dinner," his insistence is a little disheartening, and Wasshi slouches a little into his chair, looking down at the table with a bit of a shrug. "The comments on my blog say it looks good..."

Mizuki sighs as if he's the most put-upon soul in the whole world, rolling his eyes. "Wasshi, they're your fans. If you tattooed your face, they'd tell you it looked good." Leaning forward and resting an elbow on the table, he blows smoke in Wasshi's face, tapping his cigarette on the edge of the ashtray. "I'm not kissing you with that thing there," he adds for effect, probably a lot louder than he ought to have, and Wasshi flushes, his gazed fixed on his lap.

"I'm supposed to keep it for Amadan," he admits quietly, shrugging and forcing a small laugh. "I'm going to shave after that, so don't worry."

This seems to placate Mizuki, and he nods, going back to his food and starting in almost immediately to another story. Wasshi listens dutifully, of course, he always has and he always will when it comes to Mizuki, but even now that Mizuki seems to have forgotten all about it, he doesn't quite know how to feel. He's sure that Mizuki didn't mean anything by his comment; Mizuki's never been one to be polite or tactful about his opinions, but that's something Wasshi had always understood, always been able to deal with. Out of all of *pnish*, after all, he's the tolerant one, he's the understanding one, and in comparison to all of Mizuki's attributes, really, his tactlessness isn't much of a drawback. Naturally, it's not the first time his blunt criticism has thrown Wasshi a little off or rattled his already-unsteady self-confidence, and usually, Wasshi has no trouble setting the comments aside. But perhaps it's because he's tired, perhaps it's because he's stressed, but he just can't brush the comment off, can't shake the knotting feeling in his stomach.

But whatever the problem is, he's in the process of trying to hide it and pretend everything's fine when Mizuki cuts off mid sentence, blinking at him. "Wasshi, what's wrong?"

Startled, Wasshi furrows his brow, looking around. "Nothing's wrong-- sorry, was I spacing out?" It isn't like Mizuki to notice anyone else's mood, not to mention say anything on the subject, and Wasshi wonders if he's offended that he had been lost in thought for the moment. He offers half a laugh as Mizuki leans forward, studying him, but then, suddenly, Mizuki rises, walking straight out of the restaurant.

Alarmed, Wasshi jumps to his feet and hurries after him in an instant, now more worried than before. Mizuki has a tendency to be impulsive, but something like this has never happened before, and Wasshi calls after him as they make it out into the chill of the night. Mizuki doesn't respond, however, walking briskly down the street as Wasshi does his best to catch up. Luckily, Wasshi's legs are much longer than Mizuki's, and before too long, he's by his side, apologies on his lips.

But before he can even open his mouth, Mizuki is grabbing him by the arm, pulling him off to the side, standing up on his toes and pressing a firm kiss to Wasshi's lips. Shocked, Wasshi's eyes widen, and even as Mizuki pulls back, he's left speechless-- what's going on? Wasn't Mizuki upset just a second ago? How had he gone from angry enough to walk out of the restaurant on Wasshi to kissing him in a completely inappropriate location?

But Mizuki smiles, shaking his head slightly and running a hand along the side of Wasshi's face. "Look... as long as you get rid of it eventually... it's not that big of a deal."

Wasshi almost laughs from relief before he even process Mizuki's words, but as he realizes what brought this whole little episode on, his breath catches in his throat in disbelief. "Mizuki-san..." he breathes, "Did you... realize that I was upset...?"

Mizuki blinks back up him, as if this isn't surprising at all, and shrugs. "Sure. Why?"

And then Wasshi really does laugh, pulling Mizuki a little closer, just for a moment. "I'll shave just as soon as Amadan is over."

Mizuki laughs as well, kissing Wasshi briefly again before replying with the utmost seriousness, "You'd better."
Tags: bl, one-shot, rps

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