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Ohmiya + Jun/Aiba fic

I have a few fics that I've written that I haven't posted but about which I'm not confident enough to post them to communities, so... I figured I might as well slap them up. ^^;

Title: Sick

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone.

Rating: PG

Pairing: Ohmiya, Jun/Aiba

Warnings: RPS, BL, language

Author's Note: Because Jun seems to have trouble seeing from points of view that aren't his own. XD;

Ohno and Nino have been Ohno and Nino almost as long as Jun can remember. Of course, Jun knew Nino before he really knew Ohno, back in their junior days, back in M.A.I.N., but as long as they've been Arashi, anyway. Nino and Ohno have always had this thing, even when they were all awkward and new to one another, that just clicked; while Masaki was struggling to bring the other out of their shell and Sho was struggling to make everything go smoothly and Jun was struggling to prove himself, Ohno and Nino were sitting in their respective antisocial corners and communicating with their eyes. Or something like that. But at any rate, they've always gotten one another in a way that simply couldn't fly under their managers' radar, in a way that was sure to get them far ahead in the world of Johnny's entertainment.

And so it started slowly. Touches on the shoulder, hands clasped together, legs brushing against one another on TV appearances. Arms slung around the other's shoulders in photoshoots. Hinting, directed comments in interviews. It was innocuous enough, to Jun's outsider's eyes, at any rate, but naturally, the thing got the girls giggling and talking and buying, and so it had to grow, had to snowball out of proportion altogether. It didn't used to be so bad, but these days, Jun can't get away from it, from the fanservice. He keeps thinking it can't get any worse, after all those kisses in concert, after the sparkling gold and silver costumes and suggestive dances and photo after interview after variety show. But it doesn't seem to even be slowing down, this phenomenon that has been dubbed "Ohmiya SK," and so Jun has to cringe away during VSA filmings, has to deliberately turn his back during group photoshoots, has pray that they keep their hands to themselves in the fucking dressing rooms, because, honestly, Ohno and Nino make Jun want to be sick.

Of course, they're allowed to do whatever they want with their lives, and Jun knows that they do. The thing is an act for the fans, and when they're out at clubs or parties, Jun's seen both of them with various girls and occasionally boys, too, mostly their Johnny's compatriots, and Jun's really not one to judge. Being an idol doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to have a good time, and Jun's had his own fair share of hookups and one-nighters. In fact, if that was all they were doing, it wouldn't bother Jun. Fanservice is a part of work, and Jun's cuddled up with both of them on camera for the sake of their job, but it's the fact that they take it with them everywhere. It's all fake, and yet they feel the need to hold hands as they wait off-set for lighting to be ready, they feel the need to lean on one another in hair and makeup, much to the chagrin of the staff, they feel the need to flirt endlessly in the dressing room, the goddamn dressing room, where there's no one but the five of them. Jun doesn't understand it and something about it give him a bitter taste in his mouth, stinging in his throat a little bit and making him feel the need to brush Masaki away when he comes to Jun's side, completely innocently, seeking honest affection.

It's not that he doesn't want to be with Masaki, of course-- in the end, he always lets him curl in close, nuzzling his head in the crook of Jun's neck or resting his slender frame against Jun's shoulders, and the nature of their relationship makes it all the easier to take the necessary photos and all. But Jun will never overdo it, and though Masaki is openly affectionate by nature and shares skinship with all of Arashi, Jun is fairly certain he feels the same way. After all, the fact of the matter is that they love one another-- Jun loves Masaki, and he could never sell that. He could never parade his feelings for Masaki around for all the world to see, not because they're tender or he's ashamed, but because it's what they share between the two of them, and there's something sacred about that that Jun could never make a part of work, could never make part of the package deal. He would never dare ask for a pair act with Masaki, would never aim for bit parts on Masaki's shows for the sole sake of making fangirls squeal and screencaps show up all over the internet. It's not something for their managers to put a price on, it's not something for the higher-ups to market. It's something for the two of them and the two of them only, and that's why, when he sees Nino swat Sho away and claim the spot next to Ohno on the couch as his own with a pleased smirk, twining himself around Ohno's form as he goes back to playing his DS, it really, honestly makes Jun want to be sick.

After all, he's pretty sure Ohno and Nino have slept together at least a few times, maybe more, and Jun doesn't doubt that they like one another, if not as friends or bandmates, then as something only definable by the two of them. So why they keep up their little farce whenever they're around one another Jun cannot understand, and he finds it more than distastedful, almost insulting to any real relationship that might or might not be able to flourish between any given band members. It seems cruel, really, to sell feelings as something that they're not when they're based in something real; it's one thing for one to prostitute one's body for money, but when it's real feelings, the only things that seem possible to protect in an industry like theirs, Jun cannot fathom marketing those, too, as if they were nothing. He's an actor, and he can act, he can pretend to be madly in love with any girl starring opposite him in a popular daytime drama or create sexual tension between himself and a male rival for the sake of a camera, but what he has with Masaki, he would never sell, not for anything.

But it's not like Jun can tell Ohno or Nino how to live their lives, not like he can tell them what to do in any way shape or form when he's sure they probably have some opinion, too, on the choices he makes, and so even though it bothers him every time they're together, like a festering just beneath his skin, he says nothing and simply looks the other way for all their cutesy acts and smiles and less than subtle touches. He holds Masaki's hand just a little tighter when he feels the need to pick something up and throw it at them, he laughs a little more at Masaki's jokes when he feels the need to shout. It works, at least, as well as it can, and so Jun keeps on biting his tongue and looking the other way.

And then one day, Ohno is sick. It's nothing serious, only a head cold, by the way he's coughing and sneezing, but they have a photoshoot to do, and so he shows up to work looking pathetic and doped up on cough medication and even less aware than he is regularly. Of course, Nino is all over him, even more so than usual, really, rubbing his back and patting his shoulders and acting more like a mother with a sick child than his usual fifteen-year-old-boy mode, and Jun can only roll his eyes and hang off to the side with Sho and Masaki, complaining that he doesn't want to get sick.

They take their turns getting photographed. Jun ends up last because he's to take one extra photo-- the magazine editors figure he's the one girls want to see the most, he's pleased to hear-- and he's just finished his last pose when he hears what can be described as a scream coming from the direction of the dressing rooms. It's too juvenile-sounding of a voice to be anyone but Nino, and Jun's brows furrow as he's dismissed and heads out to investigate.

When he arrives at the scene, just outside their dressing room, Masaki and Sho are already there, staring down to where Nino is crouched on the ground over what appears to be their Leader's body. He's in too awkward of a position to have gotten there purposefully, and fear seizes up in Jun for a moment before he notices that Ohno's eyes are open and he's blinking up at Nino vaguely, seemingly not in much pain.

"Fuck-- fucking hell-- Don't do that to me," Nino is gasping out, palms on the floor, bracing him over Ohno. "Fuck-- you scared the shit out of me, you know, passing out like that-- shit--"

Ohno looks back at him for a moment before asking vaguely, "...Why am I on the floor?"

A laugh cracks Nino's mantra of obscenities, and without hesitation, he pulls Ohno close, wrapping his arms so tight around the other man's body that it looks almost painful to Jun and burying his face in Ohno's hair. It's not pretty, really; it's messy and awkward and Nino's eyes look red and his nose a little runny, and Ohno is limp in his arms, his head leaning against Nino's neck comfortably like it fits there despite the fact that it's not supposed to. But there's something about the smile of utter, sheer relief on Nino's face that makes Jun's breath catch in his throat; it's not something that could be promoted, not attractive or fan-friendly, but it's real as he rocks a little, fingers pressing indents into Ohno's back as he mutters, "God, don't do that to me, don't scare me like that," and it takes Jun a long moment to realize he's staring and shuffle awkwardly back into the dressing room.

Masaki's humming as he packs away his things, and Jun can't help but smile absently at him as he drops into his seat beside him, pulling back his hair and beginning to take off his makeup. After a moment, Masaki smiles over at him, commenting idly, "Nino's sure worried about Leader being sick, isn't he?" and it's really in this moment that Jun realizes that maybe Ohno and Nino's relationship is perfectly healthy, after all.
Tags: arashi, bl, one-shot

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