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05 June 2011 @ 06:51 pm
cliche Ohmiya fic is cliche  
Second fic I hadn't posted. It's definitely not my best work, but... Oh well. XD;

Also, Archive is updated.

Title: Clean and Honest

Disclaimer: I do not own any member of Johnny's Entertainment.

Rating: PG

Pairing: Ohmiya

Warnings: RPS, BL, talk of sex

Author's Note: I didn't really want to write a Post-Ohno-Scandal fic... but I did, for better or for worse...

The first thing Ohno feels when he sees Nino see the photos is incredibly guilty.

It's not like he should, of course, outside of the fact that he's really fucked them all over, but it's not that sort of guilt. It's not the feeling he gets when he sees Aiba's sad eyes, or Jun's betrayed glare, or Sho's disapproving gaze, it's not the feeling that knots through his intestines when their managers and staff give him the cold shoulder and slouch over their laptops and clipboards in an attempt to find the best way to get through this. It's only the feeling he gets when he sees Nino see, sees nothing in his eyes before Nino turns and sits in the corner and the meeting after meeting after meeting begins. Nino does not meet his eyes, does not speak, does not pout or whine or complain; throughout the whole meeting, he looks at the staff without saying a word, and it's in this seeming indifference that Ohno feels as if, all of a sudden, his whole world is caving in.

He has no reason to-- it's not like there's ever been anything between them. They've done as they pleased as long as they've known one another, giving the girls what they want in public and giving one another what they want behind closed doors. Sure, they've fucked, they've fucked dozens of times, but equally as many times, they've been wingmen for one another at parties or played lookout while the other disappeared into an unused meeting room with any given member of NEWS or Kanjani8 or KAT-TUN. It's not that big of a deal, after all, they're friends, best friends, maybe, even, and that's just how it goes, how it's always gone. Sure, he hadn't honestly told Nino about the whole ordeal, but it's not like he had any reason to, really. He's sure Nino sleeps with plenty of people when Ohno's not around; it's just not an issue. And so it's not as if Ohno has somehow betrayed Nino in any way, not as if there's any reason Nino should fault him personally for what he's done... and yet Ohno wants to curl up and die.

The meeting goes on and on, and once they're finally released, Nino rises and leaves as curtly as he came without so much as a word. Ohno doesn't want to follow, but he does anyway, despite himself, despite everything. Nino's probably pissed because they're in trouble now for their tour, for their next single, for everything. Nino's probably pissed because Ohno didn't tell him he was going to be out partying that day. Nino's probably pissed because he was stuck in meetings for the day rather than at home playing some video game. But whatever the reason, Ohno follows him down the hall and into the restroom, apologies on his lips as the door swings closed behind them. So, naturally, he's a little surprised when Nino pulls him into a kiss right there against the bathroom door.

There's nothing outwardly outstanding about the kiss; they've kissed harder and deeper and for longer, but somehow, it's everything Ohno has ever wanted and yet not nearly enough at the same time. When Nino pulls back, Ohno opens his mouth to speak again, but he cannot find the right words, and in an instant, his chance is gone, replaced by Nino, who firmly tells him, "Don't."

Ohno's reaction time is slow, made sluggish by thoughts, so many thoughts. Why is Nino behaving like this? What's going on? What is he missing? But after a long moment, the words tumble out, disorganized: "But-- why...not?"

A smile quirks at the corners of Nino's lips, and he shakes his head, replying easily, "You have to apologize to everyone else, but you don't have to apologize to me."

It should mean, Ohno thinks, that Nino's only saying that he doesn't judge Ohno for what he did, that Nino doesn't feel hurt or betrayed by Ohno's actions. But somehow, the light catching his eyes just a little and the way he's almost, almost smiling seems to hint at something just a little bit bigger, and so Ohno drops his head to Nino's shoulder without another word, breathing in his scent and relaxing more than he's been able to since the beginning of this whole ordeal. Nino smells good-- like soap and tap water and faintly of cigarette smoke. No cologne, nothing extra, just clean and honest and right, and Ohno knows in that instant that he should be apologizing, he should be apologizing for a lot more than just a few photos in a trashy newspaper.

But instead, he simply says, "Nino," plain and easy, and as he listens to Nino breathe, right there in the entrance to the bathroom, he thinks that just maybe something good has come of this whole ordeal after all.
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アリシャ: Ohmiya: holding handsflourfairy on June 5th, 2011 09:50 pm (UTC)
As you know, I think this one is cute. Also it reminds me of Love Story- the whole being in love means never having to say your sorry bit (not that I agree with it).
ミランダ (大丈夫): Ohno: happinessfaded_lace on June 5th, 2011 10:17 pm (UTC)
I'm glad :D And yeah... don't agree with the sentiment but do agree with Ohmiya! XD;