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Sexy Zone in Yokohama Arena!

I made it back in one piece from the Sexy Zone concert in Yokohama last weekend! It was exhausting seeing a concert two days in a row, but it was amazing, as well, and I'm definitely glad I did it! Despite having seen two other concerts in Yokohama Arena last year, this one was yet again different, and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever have any idea what's going on with goods and lines at that place |D; But anyway, I figured I'd write up a little report about the con and the high points for me! A word of warning... this isn't going to be a complete report of what everyone did and what the setlist was and everything, this is what I enjoyed and what I remember, so... I hope it's amusing one way or the other XD;

The first show was saw was the evening show on Saturday; it started at five, and since our lovely friends had already gotten us goods in advance, we took a leisurely lunch and didn't head to the venue until around 3:30 for the 5pm show. The one thing we wanted to get was the venue limited CD; we had been hoping that like in past occasions, the CD table would be separate from the goods, but... it wasn't. And instead of the line going in front of the arena, for some reason, it was circling around the building, so we ended up getting to see all angles of the arena building as we waited in line. |D; But we didn't have anything better to be doing, and we got our CD, so... hurrah.

Afterwards, we headed inside to check out our seats-- we had "arena" seats both times, which, in Yokohama arena, means lower stands. They're usually halfway decent seats, though, and for Saturday, we were in C-block, which meant we were at the end of the catwalk, opposite the stage. It meant the stage was really far away and the people on it were basically specks, but when they performed at the end of the catwalk, we had an amazing view! We were in row 8, too, so very close to the end of the catwalk. Once we were in our seats, we had a chance to look through our goods, and I was thrilled to see that Marius looked a little less awkward in the goods; he's been so bad at posing in the past and generally gangly and awkward, so I was happy to see him looking more cute and natural! I was alarmed, however, at yet the newest Sexy Boyz shuffle; it seems that Jinguji, Iwahashi, and Kishi are the golden three(???) now, and Reia occasionally gets in when they need a fourth, but Amu and Kaoru got the boot, and a few new kids seem to be the hangers-on. Frankly, I don't have the stomach for Iwahashi, and I'm a bit off-put by the "W-Yuuta" stuff when it seems like Kishi would prefer to be with Fu and Jinguji's best friend is his own face. Jinguji is amusing enough, but I liked him better with Reia, Amu, and Kaoru (even if Kaoru was a bit young), and I'm especially concerned, since Reia has been working hard in Johnny's for a long time and seems to be starting to get slighted again. Poor baby... (; A ;)

But goods aside, soon, the concert started, and we were thrilled to see all five members present! And all seven (?) Sexy Boyz, as well, of course. They opened with a few of their older singles, and during Sexy Summer (the song that's inappropriate at all times of year!) Kento and Shori definitely upped the fanservice ante. Where in the past they've only looked at one another, Kento ignored the choreography and put a hand around Shori's head while doing their little bit at the beginning, and before they broke apart, he pulled Shori quite close to him, as if they were about to kiss! *___* Shori looked surprised but pleased by this, and it was definitely more than at the New Year's concert. On another bright side, Shori seems to have stopped saying "You are sexy" at the whisper part of Sexy Zone, and instead has gone back to "Sexy Rose," which... silly as it is, is a definite improvement. And during Lady Diamond, Fuma kept ruffling Marius's hair affectionately, which was really cute.

During the Saturday show, sadly, Reia didn't come near our part of the audience that often, but Amu came by quite a few times... and derped around so much that he almost fell off the side of the stage at one point |D;;; While Iwahashi, Kishi, and Jinguji got to wear special costumes, at least Fu, Reia, Kaoru, and Amu got featured more than some more recent upstarts (Hayashi Ippei, Matsuda Genta, and Okamoto Kauan come to mind >___>) so I was as pleased as I could be. Plus, seeing Jinguji be harassed and grumpy was exceptionally amusing-- Kento's solo was an amusing bubblegum pop with a "candy" theme which would have been entirely inoffensive if it weren't for the fact that he wanted us to yell "love Kenty" during the chorus. His narcissism seems to know no bounds (to say nothing of how ridiculous "Kenty" sounds) but it was really hilarious when he tried to get Jinguji to demonstrate how the audience was supposed to chant. Jinguji kept claiming that it was "embarrassing," but really, he just looked pissed that he was being forced to play into Kento's huge ego... since it was hurting his own huge ego |D;; Kento kept patting him on the head and stuff, and Jinguji looked like he was really pissed off. XDD I was amused. However, Reia looked adorable dressed in candy pink and dancing with a lollipop, so... that was definitely the high point of it all (^___~)

After Kento's solo was the MariSou/Sexy Boyz segment, and then they performed Bayside Elegy and Kimi no Tame Boku ga Iru, and then it was time for the MC! It was really long and we weren't sure why-- about a half hour. They talked about all sorts of things, like Pokemon and Marius's Hello Kitty voice role, and teased Sou about his dancing in the dressing room... which turned into Sou making fun of Fuma's dancing. XD; Marius struggled more than I was expecting; I had gotten the impression that he had gotten a lot better at Japanese, but in actuality, I think he's gotten better at planning what he wanted to say before saying it. When he tried to talk on the fly, he still seems to get pretty lost in terms of grammar and vocabulary, and the others begin to feel awkward when they lose what he's trying to say and eventually change the subject. Still, they were kinder and less teasing about it than they had been in the past, and I think things are still definitely getting better. They also talked about seeing Marius's family in the audience when they come to see him, and complimented his white skin... because, you know, he totally decided to be half and have paler skin than the rest of them |D;; They also randomly started doing Memeshikute by Golden Bomber... only they don't seem to know any of the words, so they were sort of yelling "lalala" to the tune while doing the dance. XD; It was cute. They also showed a clip of Bad Boys J in which Tsukasa seems to be kissing Youji, and after it was done, Kento launched into the story of kissing Iwamoto Hikaru only to be cut off by Fuma yelling "BBJ is turning into BLJ!!!!" Oh Fuma, so hilarious, so trolly. They also talked about their Music Station performance with One Direction, and Kento proudly proclaimed that he'd hi-fived Harry... and that Marius's brother looks like one of the members, but he can't remember which one. |D;;;

Like at the New Year's con, they performed a ballad right after MC (Namae no Nai Omoi and Kimi to Milky Way), and we stayed seated for those. Then came the Junior segment, and we stood again, to be greeted with V6 covers galore. Also, what the heck is up with that song "Dancing in the Secret," originally by NEWS? XD I can't help but laugh every time I hear that title. After that was Fuma's solo, which was a little too rap style to be to my taste, but he performed it well. And then came the last spurt... because the concert was super lopsided and way shorter after the MC? I don't know who plans Sexy Zone concerts, but they suck at it. At any rate, they shot silver tape at us as always (there had also been things falling from the sky during Kento and Shori's solos-- foam candy confetti from Kento and foam stars from Shori) and for once, we were close enough to get a lot of it! Yay. And somehow, when they introduced the juniors in the encore, I became one of those screaming Reia fans.... sorry I'm not sorry |D;;; Since again there were no T-shirts, Sexy Zone wore the muffler towels during the second encore, again rocking the hot pink goods~

However, the most exciting(?) thing that happened during the encore was that, of all people, Okamoto Kauan saw, waved, and blew a kiss at me. I'm absolutely positive it was me, because I was close enough to the catwalk to realize awkwardly when I happened to glance at him that we were making eye contact. I hadn't been looking at him... in fact, I don't really like him, so I was surprised when I glanced in his general direction and saw that he was looking right back at me. He waved, and then, presumably since my uchiwa said "CHUして!" ("do a kiss!") he blew a kiss in my direction. I... feel sort of bad since my facial expression was probably some mix of shock and confusion, but I assume he must have spotted me because I, like he, am half. I always hope that I get spotted by the half guys... so I guess it's sort of nice?

And that was it for day one of the con! We were exhausted after the show (and my feet were killing me after wearing heels to boost my pathetically short height), so we headed back to Tokyo, watched Bad Boys J, and went to sleep to rest up for day two of the con!

The second day, we were more than all set for goods, so we headed to the arena only half an hour before the show, and got to our seats with about ten minutes to spare. This time, we unfortunately were in the 18th row, but we were in the F-block, which is right next to the side of the stage, and we were able to see what was happening on the stage quite clearly! I've never been so close to the stage at an arena con, so it was really nice to be able to see the choreography and stuff, rather than just the guys going around the catwalk or on the center stage. We were also surrounded by a better crowd-- the people around us hadn't been that excited or screaming about much the first day, but on Sunday, we were surrounded by squealing teenagers, which was, surprisingly, a definite improvement.

This time, in the opening, Kento and Shori toned it down a little, smiling cutely at one another rather than seemingly going in for a kiss, but Shori seemed really happy to have Kento's hand on his head and to smile at him. It was really sweet! Also, when they got onto the moving platforms and were moved to around the arena, Fuma got brought right next to our section, maybe five feet from me tops. He was so cute and happy, and his blonde hair looked just as great up close as it did far away! Also, we saw something new-- an earring! Seems as if Fuma's the newest Johnny to get an ear pierced, and it looked really good on him~ He ruffled Marius's hair again in Lady Diamond, too... ever since he stopped being quite so depressed last summer, he's seemed so sweet and happy all the time, and I'm really happy for him ♥

After the first segment, Fuma, Kento, and Shori performed Bad Boys, and while Kento and Fuma were doing their best to seem badass, Shori seemed to be having the time of his life. It was adorable watching him grin as he did the choreography, as if he was really enjoying the opportunity to pretend to be on the wilder side. It was adorable ♥ After Bad Boys, the did If You Wanna Dance, and Fuma was really cute, enjoying doing the rapping segment. And then, it was time for Kento's solo... and Jinguji looked just as grumpy this time. XD;; I was really enjoying watching him suffer, not gonna lie. Also, it was really nice; after Kento's solo, the staff members walked along the aisle with handfuls of the confetti, so that people who were too far away could grab some. Since usually the staff seems really disgruntled and harassed by the crazy fans, it was really nice!

Next was Bayside Elegy, and the gimmick that they did for this number was pretty cute, in my opinion. They gave three cameras connected to the large screens to Marius, Iwahashi, and Jinguji, and had them film Kento, Shori, and Fuma as they performed the song, mostly posing or sitting in chairs. Reia, Amu, and Kishi were in charge of making sure the cords didn't get tangled as the cameramen moved around. It was cute (though Marius sucks at using the camera), but the high point for me was when Amu, who was in charge of the cord to Iwahashi's camera, tripped over the cord himself |D;;; Oh Amu, never stop being derpy. Kento decided to ruffle Jinguji's hair again and force some cuddles on him, and Jinguji looked even more annoyed than before... but worse was Shori, who seemed to not know how to feel about Kento's sudden obsession with Jinguji. Poor Shori... I hope Kento doesn't break your heart. D:

Next up was the MC, and they announced that since it was Children's Day, they had a surprise press conference! A bunch of news reporters came and took pictures, and they did a brief interview segment. Marius continued to blunder his bad Japanese, poor baby, but it was fun to watch the TV segment get recorded. The reporter pointed out that there were quite a few male fans in the audience, especially one in the front of the arena with a Marius uchiwa. Marius ran up and waved, saying thank you and blowing a kiss... only realize this was a little odd a second too late, and blushing in embarrassment. It was adorable~ As the press were leaving, Fuma announced that he spotted the "making camera" and that if we bought the DVD we'd get to see this in the making, also! After the surprise press conference, they once again showed the clip of Bad Boys J, and Fuma once again made the remark about BL, which led to Shori annoyedly saying not to talk about it. Poor Shori seemed jealous of any attention Kento was giving to other guys, but Kento assured everyone that it was just a drama, and that they didn't have to worry about being in a pinch in terms of their love for Kento... which let Fuma to start singing Hey! Say! JUMP's Over (pinchi wa chansu nanda my friend~) XD;; Fuma also talked about his college life, which was cute~

By this point, Kento was obviously losing his voice, and it was sort of hilarious to watch him lip-sync the rest of the concert while most of the others sang live a lot of the time, though when they performed Knock Knock Knock in the last spurt, it was amusing... because they were clearly lip-syncing, because none of them sound that way anymore |D;;; We were on the side of the stage with Reia this time, and I got to enjoy seeing him cutely pose and pander to the crowd~ He's such a great dancer, way better than a lot of his peers, since he's been around so long, and I was quite impressed ♥ Ah yes, I've turned into one of those Reia fans, for sure |D;;;;

They sang Kyou wa Arigatou as the last song, as usual, and on Sunday, Shori started to cry during this number (; A ;) It was so sweet and sad, he always takes work so seriously. They also developed their own end call and response; in the past, they'd sort of copied Hey! Say! JUMP's, but this time, they called "We are~" and the crowd responded "Sexy Zone~" which, I think was really nice. It's good to see them settle into their own group~ And then when they announced the Juniors, Genki randomly picked Jinguji up bridal style/ohime-sama-dakko, and Jinguji looked pissed off again |D Poor Jinguji, can't get a break.

And then during the second encore, Sexy Zone were giving out Children's Day kites to the littler kids in the audience, and Fuma seemed to be having a ball, finding small kids and patting them on the head and stuff. Fuma's love of kids is adorable~ ♥ And he found one kid who must have been 3 or 4 who fell asleep in the audience, and took his towel off his head, putting it over the sleeping kid. Of course, it was probably covered in his sweat... which is sort of gross... but it was really cute, anyway!

And on a last note... Okamoto Kauan found me again. Yes, he found me... I know it sounds ridiculous, but again, I wasn't looking at him, and then again, I glanced in his general direction and he was pointing at me. I was really shocked, and pointed at myself, confused, but he nodded, and then put his hands together and did a little sort of nod-bow thing that people do in Japan when saying please support me or something, and I was left in shock yet again as he walked away. Besides Takaki being terrified by us at a JUMP con once, this is the only time I've been acknowledged by someone and this time, I was actually acknowledged, rather than just causing a double take. And so... despite the fact that I think he's getting way too much attention for someone who just joined in 2012 and hasn't been around long enough to be getting pushed, I was pleased, nonetheless.

And with that, we headed back home and are taking today to recover! Seeing the concert twice was exhausting, but definitely worth it!
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  • Shounentachi fic

    Well, I wrote fic for Shounentachi, because I'm ridiculous, lol. I don't know if anyone else has seen the movie, but if you have please come talk to…

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