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[report] Dream Boys JET, September 29th at 1 pm (maeraku)

Sorry that it took so long @___@ but here it finally is, my Dream Boys report! I have to admit, having never seen it before and not knowing what to expect, I didn't catch every word perfectly, so there are parts that might be a little vague. Nevertheless, I think this is a pretty comprehensive summary of the plot. ^^; I'm told it's similar to past Dream Boys, but with some distinctly different elements (including Matchy and racing, rather than boxing XD). So... enjoy!

The play opened with a medley of Matchy's music over the years. Snowman were the featured dancers, but there was a huge cast of Juniors, including both an older tier (people like Anderson Casey and Masuda Ryo), a middle tier (Jinguji Yuta, Nakamura Reia, Iwahashi Genki, Kishi Yuta, Haniuda Amu, etc), and a youngest tier (Hashimoto Ryo and Tamamoto Fumito's age group). Matsukura Kaito and Matsuda Genta were also there… not sure what age bracket to put them in XD; At any rate, they did a few songs as an opening, and then Matchy talked about himself for a bit (in a way that came off as really self-important imho, but I'm not a huge fan of Matchy). From there, he introduced the KisuMai members, who appeared on rollerskates and sang Everybody Go before the show moved into the plot.

The actual story started in an audition for a movie that was being made about Matchy's life. I'm not sure if the character version of Matchy was ever an idol (almost all the characters had the same name as their actors, which makes it a bit tricky XD), but the movie was being made about Matchy as the head of a racing team and famous racecar driver. Miyata and Senga did well in the audition (for reasons unknown, given what's about to be explained about their characters…) but the woman running the audition, the movie's producer who everyone calls "Madam," suddenly introduces a final auditionee: Tamamori Yuta. He wows everyone with his amazing dancing, and is chosen to play the part of Matchy in the movie.

From here, we learn about the character's background (while a tiny Junior sang American oldies in the background, idek, but Gengen got to dance during this bit, so I was happy~). It turns out that Tama, Miyata, and Senga were all friends from Junior Racing School. However, before they graduated, somehow, Tama disappeared, and then reappeared later as a famous idol. Tama explains that he can't remember his past and has amnesia, but Senga didn't know what became of Tama after racing school and is bitter about being left behind. Senga graduated top of his class at racing school, but Miyata decided not to be a racer after all, and instead became a top mechanic.

Miyata was always sad that their little group of friends got broken up, and sees the movie as a big chance to rekindle Tama and Senga's friendship. However, on set, things don't go so well. The movie is to be a big, fancy production, and one of the earlier scenes involved Tama in a sparkly racing suit riding a motorcycle. In the middle of filming the scene, Senga angrily storms onto the set, saying that this isn't suited to racing at all and all this sparkly, fancy stuff is just wrong. Senga's posse, made up of Iwamoto Hikaru, Sakuma Daisuke, and Watanabe Shota, agree with him, picking a fight with Miyata/Tama's posse, which was comprised of Fukusawa Tatsuya, Miyadate Ryota, and Abe Ryohei. Miyata tries to explain that it's a movie, so of course it will be a bit different, and there are racing scenes later, but Senga takes out his anger on Tama, who explains that he's just doing as directed. Senga says that he should have gotten to play Matchy, because he's a real racer, and Tama and Senga both leave the set angry and upset. Right after they've left, a little boy named Satoshi (he was so far away that I'm not even sure who was playing Satoshi, but possibly Kaneda Yousei?) runs up, asking Miyata if "Yuta" is there. Miyata says that Tama's already left, and asks the boy if he was at the hospital that day, too. The boys answers that yes, his heart is too weak, but he really wanted to come see his beloved Yuta at filming. Miyata tells him to come back later, and encourages him about overcoming his medical condition.

Meanwhile, Tama is on a foggy bridge feeling sorry for himself. Matchy comes to find him and gives him words of tough love, telling him that being a racer is about overcoming challenges and that it's what's in the heart that's most important. He mentions something about Tama's necklace, which I think was given to him by his parents who he doesn't remember (I was a little unclear on this XD). Just then the producer shows up and asks Tama to come back to the set, but Tama brushes her off, bows to Matchy, and then runs away again. Matchy and the producer then talk; it turns out that Matchy is her ex-husband and they have a troubled history in their relationship together that ended in divorce. However, they have come together again to make this movie, and they sing a duet together.

The next day, Miyata and Senga each sing a song about their positions, backed up by the juniors (but for some reason Reia got shafted and while all the other kids in his group were up in front he was in the back dancing with a mop, idek >__<) Miyata then excitedly tells Fukka, Miyadate, and Abe about the engine he made. It's apparently a really awesome engine, and Fukka jokingly says he's going to sell it and split the money three-way among the Snow Men, leaving Miyata in the cold. All joking aside, Tama returns to the garage to find Senga and beg him for another chance to play the lead in the movie. Senga is cold at first, but Tama continues to plead, and finally, Senga says that they'll decide who will play the lead in a race. Miyata ardently insists that this is crazy, because Senga is a top-notch pro-racer while Tama is just an actor hired to play the role, but Tama agrees.

Once the race has been decided upon, Tama and Senga leave, and Miyata is approached by the producer, who asks him what "down force" is. Personally, I know nothing about racing, so I'm not really sure if this is even a real thing or not, but Miyata explains that it's something to do with how the car slows down, and if there's not enough "down force," it will be a very serious problem. The producer listens, then takes Fukka aside while Miyata continues to worry about Tama and delegates the different Snow Men to do different tasks helping out either Tama or Senga.

Later, Tama is in the park sitting on a bench with Satoshi, who has finally caught up with him. This part was partly improvised, and since we saw the maeraku (the show before the last show), all the improvised bits were all to do with the show ending. Satoshi told Tama that he wrote him a letter, and read it out loud to him… only it became clear from the message gushing about how amazing Tama is and how hard he's worked over the past month that it was actually written by Miyata. This was confirmed when Satoshi read the signature, and Tama couldn't help but laugh, saying "That wasn't written by you at all! It was Miyata!" Satoshi then asked Tama to make an "a i u e o poem" or poem about Miyata starting with each syllable of Miyata's name (Mi, Ya, and Ta). Tama (who is clearly not the best at thinking on the fly) got flustered and fumbled for a moment before replying "宮田は ヤバイぐらい 玉森が好き" ("Miyata wa / yabai gurai / Tamamori ga suki" or essentially "Miyata loves Tamamori so freaking much") XDD

Then, they went back to scripted lines… or rather, they started to, but then suddenly Satoshi got flustered, and Tama asked what was wrong, saying "You messed up your lines, huh?" The kid was clearly embarrassed, but Tama just smiled at him and said, "Let's try again from the beginning," which was really sweet. The kid took a deep breath and they started over, and this time, they didn't mess up. XD;

Tama asks after Satoshi's health, and Satoshi explains that he has a heart disease, so his heart might give out/stop beating at any time. Tama encourages him, saying he has confidence that Satoshi will beat the illness, and Satoshi gleefully adds that then he can spend all his time with Tama (and possibly live with Tama? idk). The scene ended with a musical number with the younger and middle-tier juniors, during which I watched Reia the whole time, because seriously, he's an amazing dancer and just a delight to watch perform. However, I did notice Jinguji being pouty and fixing his hair the whole time, too. XD;

When the day of the race comes, Snow Man and Miyata are waiting anxiously by the cars. Miyata is confident that he's checked both cars and that they're both in tip top shape, and makes idle conversation with Snow Man. Fukka comments that he was surprised to see Tama at the garage the night previous, but before they can talk about it much more, suddenly, Senga appears to the roar of the crowd (played by the younger juniors). Tama soon arrives as well, and the two get in their cars and the race begins!

The race was done with Tama and Senga in fake cars that were attached to turntables so that they could swivel freely, and then the race track itself "moved" on the screen behind them, sort of like a Disney ride. However, during the race, I mostly ended up paying attention to the juniors on the sidelines. During this bit, Reia was near the front of the cluster, while Jinguji was near the back. However, partway through, Jinguji elbowed through some of the smaller kids to get to the front, and started talking to Reia. Reia sort of shooed him away to the back again, where he pouted and fixed his hair for a while before trying again, this time putting his arm around Reia and talking to him again. Apparently this successfully distracted Reia, because then somehow he and Fu and Jinguji all got into a conversation and were sort of ignoring the fact that they were onstage… XD

In terms of the plot… the race stays neck-in-neck the whole time, with both Tama and Senga pulling ahead at times. Senga keeps remembering how it used to be in their childhood while racing. At the very end, Tama was in the lead, but Senga was catching up when suddenly, his car spins out and bursts into flames. Tama stops immediately and leaps out of his car, pulling Senga out of the burning (one can only presume from the dialogue; the car did not actually burst into flames, obviously XD) car and to the EMTs who had shown up. Senga gets taken to the hospital while Miyata panics, saying he'd made sure the car was in top form and there was no way something was wrong with it, so how could a pro racer like Senga have crashed? Fukka is quick to point out, though, that there must have been something wrong with the car, and points out a bad "wing bolt" (not sure what this is or if it's actually a real thing in racing…), which means that there wouldn't have been enough down force, causing Senga to crash.

Tama has seemingly been in a state of shock since Senga was taken away, but at this point, Fukka turns to him, remembering how he'd seen Tama in the garage the night before. Iwamoto jumps in to add that he too saw Tama at the garage, and Fukka adds that he thought Tama was just too nervous to sleep, but now it seems like Tama must have fixed the race! It's his fault that Senga almost died and may never be able to race again! Snow Man begin to close in on Tama, who tries to explain that he just couldn't sleep, and he would never do anything like that to Senga's car, but the others don't believe him, even as Miyata attempts futilely to get everyone to calm down. Just when it looks like a brawl is going to break out, the producer shows up out of nowhere and puts a mask on Tama, saying she's sending him to the "world of masks" and starting a dream sequence.

At the start of the dream sequence, masked-Tama is attacked by a bunch of guys in cloaks and masks, and seems lost and confused. Soon, the masks all go away, and the producer and Satoshi appear, both wearing tuxedos, changing the scene to a gym with people skateboarding and some kids in clown costumes (???) and some of the older juniors standing off to the side in purple satin vests. Most of the skateboarders were younger kids (the 10-12 age range) but they were led by Reia, who was wearing the most adorable shirt, a pale blue tank top with "レ イ ア" ("RE I A") written in sparkly katakana. I don't know why (it seemed like most of them were wearing their own clothes from home, tbqh) but it was super adorable.

Before the next part of the dream sequence could begin, suddenly, Miyata appeared, holding another letter. This one was congratulating the producer (played by former Takarazuka otoko-yaku or male-role-actor, Otori Ran) on a run of successful shows, and then asked her to do her Doraemon impression. She did, then made Miyata say a line from Takarazuka in return XD; After that, Miyata left again and they went back to the scripted play XD;

Tama is sitting on a skating ramp (the kids with skateboards had been using it this whole time) and says that this is a gym that he used to come to as a small child. He always loved skating, and while he doesn't remember his mother at all, he remembers that she gave him his first pair of skates. Tama performed Dancing Star (and fell during the dance |D). From there, suddenly, a "black" team appears to challenge Tama, who has become part of the "white" team. The black team is led by Senga, while the white team is led by Tama and Miyata. They then have a skating battle (with Reia and the kids still skateboarding in the background XD) and lo and behold, the white team wins! At the end of the dream sequence, they introduced all the skateboard kids and the white/black team people on roller skates, who turned out to be Snow Man! I was really impressed with their skating.

Out of the dream sequence, Tama has run away from Snow Man and their accusations, and is in some run down part of town. Suddenly, Satoshi comes running up, and apparently had been so worried about him that he came to find him. But before Tama can talk to Satoshi for long, suddenly, Iwamoto shows up, clearly enraged at Tama for hurting his admired "Senga-san" (Iwamoto, Sakuma, and Watanabe all called Senga "Senga-san" and it was adorable XD). Tama tries again to say that he didn't do anything to Senga's car, but Iwamoto is too angry to believe him, and pulls out a knife and attacks Tama. Tama struggles with him, knocking the knife out of Iwamoto's hand, and Satoshi runs and grabs it, trying to keep Iwamoto from using it on Tama. However, Iwamoto comes at Satoshi, and in a brief struggle for the knife, accidentally ends up getting knifed himself.

Satoshi is terrified, and Tama, in a panic, grabs the knife from him and tells him to run away. Satoshi is too afraid to do anything, though, as Sakuma and Watanabe appear, soon followed by the police, to find Tama with a bloody knife in his hand and Iwamoto laying on the ground with a huge knife wound in his stomach. Sakuma and Watanabe desperately try to help Iwamoto, and the police arrest Tama, which scares Satoshi enough to make his heart condition act up and his heart stop beating. He collapses, and it's in the midst of this chaos that the first act finishes.

After a fifteen minute intermission, we see Tama running through the town trying to evade the cops; apparently, he managed to escape arrest and now is on the run. Meanwhile, Miyata comes to Satoshi's hospital room to check on him, and tells Satoshi he quit his job as the mechanic for Senga's racing team. When Satoshi asks why, Miyata says that someone had to take responsibility for what happened, and since he was the one who wanted to bring Senga and Tama back together, he decided he should. Satoshi doesn't want him to, but Miyata tells Satoshi not to worry, and that somehow, they'll make everything right again. Matchy then comes to the hospital room with a get well present for Satoshi, and says that it looks like Senga will make a full recovery. Miyata is relieved, but then alarmed a moment later when some Snow Men come running in and say that Senga has broken out of the hospital and is now somewhere in the town. Miyata realizes Senga must be out for revenge on Tama, and, scared for what will happen, leaves to go find him. Satoshi wants desperately to go help Tama, as well, but can't escape his hospital room.

Miyata fairly quickly finds Senga, who is in pain but otherwise doing incredibly well for someone who was in a serious auto accident earlier, on the streets. Senga says he wants to find Tama and help him, and that he realized now that Tama was a good person all along. He tells Miyata that the faulty wing bolt wasn't why he crashed-- he's a pro racer, so he figured out that that was off early on and was already adjusting for it. He just made a mistake, and the crash was his own fault, he says, and he might not have made it out alive if Tama hadn't risked his own life trying to save him. He also says he remembers now why Tama disappeared from racing school-- Senga was racing him, and Tama crashed, allowing Senga to win the race and graduate at the top of their class. Tama, however, ended up in the hospital and got amnesia. So, Senga feels indebted to Tama now, as well as guilty for what he let happen years ago, and he wants to find and help Tama, as well as apologize to him. Miyata is moved, and apologizes to Senga for thinking he wanted revenge. Senga and Miyata make up, and Miyata helps Senga, who's having trouble walking because of the pain, on his quest to find Tama.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, Matchy and the producer are talking about all the bad things that have suddenly happened because of their production. The producer is in tears over the fact that she seems to have brought only pain into the lives of her two sons… Tama and Satoshi. Matchy tries to convince her that it will be okay, but before the conversation can get much further, Tama suddenly appears, having overheard the exchange. He's horrified to find out that the producer and Matchy are his parents, and blames them for everything that's gone wrong. The producer begs Tama to forgive her, but he says he won't, and she despairs, worrying that Satoshi's condition will get worse because of her, too. When Matchy asks if there's anyone else who could help take care of Satoshi, the producer says that Satoshi's father has died (just to clarify, apparently Tama is Matchy and the producer's son, but then Satoshi is the producer's son by a different father after she divorced Matchy). But before the family issue can be resolved, the cops and Snow Man appear, having finally caught up with Tama. Matchy tells Tama to run and hide in his garage, but Tama freezes up, and when the cops try to shoot him, Matchy takes the bullet for him. Snow Man, apparently moved by this gesture and not sure what's going on, hold back the cops as Tama tries to save Matchy but eventually is forced to run. However, before he goes, he seems to have warmed to the idea that the producer and Matchy are his parents, and warmly calls Matchy "dad" while Matchy dies, saying he's happy to have been able to finally do something for Tama as his father.

As he escapes from the police, Tama suddenly hears his name being called and sees Satoshi at the top of a tall building! Apparently Satoshi had escaped the hospital and wanted to save him, but ended up at the top of the building and is now scared and can't get down. Tama tells him to wait and that he'll come save him, and climbs up to where Satoshi is, trying to protect him. But before he can get to Satoshi, he slips and falls.

Suddenly, Tama finds himself in an unfamiliar place filled with mist and clouds. He's surprised to see Matchy, and asks his father where he is. Matchy answers that they're at the gates of heaven, and tells Tama not to go in, because he can never come out again. He tells Tama that Satoshi and the others need him, and gives him a box to take back to earth with him, telling him that no matter what, he needs to take that box to Satoshi's hospital room. Tama promises, bids his father goodbye, and then leaves heaven with the box.

Back on earth, Snow Man, Miyata, and Senga are all still looking for Tama. However, they run into him at the same time as they run into one another, and Senga hurries to explain to Snow Man that it wasn't the wing bolt that almost killed him, it was his own mistake in driving. He also tells them that Tama saved him by pulling him out of the car. At this point, Fukka, who has been acting guilty up to this point, steps forward to admit that actually, he was the one who meddled with the wing bolt, and it was his fault that Tama had almost been killed. However, before anyone can blame Fukka, the producer appears, saying that actually, she put Fukka up to it, because she wanted to get revenge on Senga for Tama's amnesia, so it wasn't Fukka's fault after all. Overjoyed that he's not guilty, Fukka and the other Snow Men who had been on Tama's side make up with Senga. Iwamoto also reappears, announcing that he recovered and is now fine. Then, Tama tells everyone that Matchy has donated his heart after he died to Satoshi, and now that Satoshi has had a successful heart transplant, everything will be okay and his medical condition is cured! With his last dying act, Matchy had saved Satoshi. The producer is happy to have both her children healthy and back in her life, and says she's going to quit her job and take care of them full time now. Tama also seems happy to finally have a family again, and at the prospect of living together with his little brother Satoshi. Then, he turns to Senga and Miyata, and tells them that he wants to be a family with them again, too, and everyone is happy. Reunited with all his friends and family, Tama also sings one last duet with Matchy, who comes down from heaven just to see Tama one last time.

After the finale of the part of the play with a plot, we also got a sort-of mini Kis-My-Ft2 concert~ The three Kisumai guys performed a bunch of Kisumai songs with Snow Man as their main backup (though at first all the middle and older juniors were there). I don't remember all the songs that they did, but they performed a few songs as a group before each member did a solo with two Snow Men as their backup. Then they all came together and sang one more at the end before the curtain closed!

All in all, I really enjoyed the show. I'm sorry I didn't report on what songs they sung; I honestly forget most of it because I don't know much of Matchy's music. Still, I really, really enjoyed the show! I was sad that I couldn't see it again, actually. Here's to hoping for a DVD and a similar show next year!
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  • Charter...

    First off, I'd like to say that I'm so, so proud of these Charter faculty for doing what they felt was right. I know some of them were you-know-who…

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