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13 August 2006 @ 09:34 pm
First choose a CD without reading, then answer the following questions pertaining to it. List both the song and the pairing in the answer.


First song: Pick a person who's personality matches the song, whether it be the tempo, lyrics, or music. Explain how they match, then the person you would pair them with.
Second song: Pick a pairing you support that you could write a story about based on the lyrics (not a song fic).
Third song: Pick a pairing in which one person could possibly be singing the song to the other person.
Fourth song: Describe a storyline of a fic you could write to it. Then pick a pairing that would fit into the story well.
Fifth song: Pick a pairing you don't support that would fit with the song in a fic.
Sixth song: Would the song make a better cuddle fic or smut fic? What pairing would fit well with it?
Seventh song: Pick a pairing you rarely see/have never seen written that would match the song.
Eighth song: Pick a pairing you don't fangirl, but someone else you know does that would fit if it was written into a song fic.
Ninth song: Pick a pairing that you can't see fitting with the song at all. Which song on the album would they fit with, if any?
Tenth song: Would the song be a better fluff or character death fic? Pick one and a pairing that you would write, if making it into a song fic.

Should that album exceed 10 songs, repeat from #1.

After completing, post so that other may do the same for you

Album: The Spirit Room
Artist: Michelle Branch

1) I have to say Marie (lj user="untangle">). Although I doubt this counts, she shows up all over the place in my nets. XD
2) I'm thinking KuroFye.
3) 39. xD S-chan and I were just talking about that.
4) It would probably be a drabble about one person sacrifising something for the other person. The pairing would absolutely have to be TouyaYukito. :D
5) Hm...this song makes me think of Kanan for some reason. EWWWWWW. >_<
6) Um, it would probably be a good angst fic, but if it had to be one, I'd say cuddly. You know, someone goes away and then comes back and it's all yay. Actually, it would be a good post-series RoyEd fic. One of those ones where Ec omes back.
7) Pfft! BarryFalman, of course! After all,"Seet Misery" describes Falman perfectly.
8) Hm...don't know really. "If only she knew"...rrrrrrrr...I really don't know.
9) AlxWrath. Maybe "You get me" would fit...maybe.
10) Character death. The song is "Goodbye to you" XD It would be a good AlxWrath, too, actually...huh.
11) SKIPPING TO NUMBER 2 SHHHHH. 58 yaaaaaaaaaay.
Amichiachiaamichan on August 13th, 2006 10:19 pm (UTC)
Album: Every Time We Touch
Artist: Cascada

1~ Ka-chan! Heh, she's always so upbeat, just like the song! Not so much the lyrics though.
2~ *thinking* ...RathWil (FE 7)
3~ Albel sings to Fayt! Bwahaha
4~ *grumblemumble* Someone tries desperately to get the other's attentions, either to no avail, or to a suprise success. Even if the song says "I want to be your girl" I'll have to say RoyEd.
5~ Er...EdWin...more like angstWin though...probably post season.
6~ Smut fic...GreedEnvy, or Kimbley x anyone
7~ *stuck in a rut* MirageAlbel. Major angst on Mirage's part...
8~ Maybe Tringhamcest..? I can't think of any pairings other than PeppittaRoger, and I support that...

Ami will post the rest later...since I've been banished for now...
ミランダ (大丈夫)faded_lace on August 13th, 2006 10:21 pm (UTC)

XD KimbleeAnyone.

Also, hee, you chose a pairing I support. Yay~ What's the song?
Amichiachiaamichan on August 14th, 2006 10:17 am (UTC)
9~ CliffMirage. Song 1 would be better...
10~ Fluff, written with HeathPriscilla
11~ Totally EnvyGreed!
12~ AlbelFayt AU, probably where Fayt is taking Nel's place in the war
13~ JuliBlue! Even though nobody else knows that pairing...
14~ Skipping, 'cause it's the same lyrics as #1.

For reference, Kit, number 8 is 'Kids in America'
momoiro_usagi on August 13th, 2006 11:39 pm (UTC)
OK, I'm going to have to do Linkin Park, since I think this is the only CD I own where I know all the songs! O_O

Album: Hybrid Theory
Artist: Linkin Park

First song: Papercut- Roy, because he's always haunted by his past...it makes me think that the face under his skin would be Winry's from her parents' photograph...
Second song: One Step Closer- DantexRose...oh, the mindfuck! XD
Third song: With you- totally Ed singing to Al, especially during the tme of the movie!
Fourth song: Points of Authority- someone is enraged by the superior attitude of someone above them, and tries to take control. I would say DantexEnvy, but I could also totally see EdxRoy!
Fifth song: Crawling- good god, I pretty much support every single FMA pairing, but I'm not too fond of things with Kimbley, and I could totally see a "Kimbley giving Roy a guilt trip" story line for this song!
Sixth song: Runaway- It has to be smut! (Can fluff ever come from Linkin Park? O.O) I'm saying ScarxLust for this one!
Seventh song: By Myself- I can really see AlxWrath (since I've never wrote that one before! :P) but I guess I also see a little EdxRose in the "forgetting the past" theme
Eighth song: In The End- RoyxRiza...I hate the pairing, but some of my friends like it, and it does seem to fit the song
Ninth song: A Place For My Head- Elricest...they'd fit just about every song on the album, but not this one! O_O It's all about bad feelings and break-ups and selfishness, and that's just not them at all!
Tenth song: Forgotten- ooooooh, this would be a great song for DantexHohenheim!! So I guess I'm going with Hohenheim death fic...or Gate fic, actually! XD
Eleventh: Cure For the Itch- this song has no real lyrics, so I'll just skip it ;)
Twelve: Pushing Me Away- I don't really support RoyxHavoc, but it fits the song really well!

That one was really, really fun! I have to repost this!!
olorwen: PP Remus/Sirius Puff (by potterpuffs)olorwen on August 15th, 2006 10:33 am (UTC)
Album: The Waking Hour
Artist: Vienna Teng

I'm going to use all Harry Potter pairings, because there are 50 bajillion and I know them best! Though there are a lot of het pairings in HP, and a lot of het in these songs.

1: The Tower - Lily could fit this so well. I've always been the tower but now I feel like I'm the flower trying to bloom in snow.
2: Momentum - OOOH this could completely be really really sweet Snape/Remus fic. It'd have to be under kind of extreme circumstances, though, like imprisoned together with no one else, because they would never get together otherwise!
3: Gravity - Well, it's Harry singing it to someone. I mean, these are the scars that words have carved on me. Come on. To whom? I wanna say Draco. Because that pairing would create just enough outside drama for this song to take place!
4: Daughter - It'd be a drabble, where Remus is visiting memories in a pensieve and reflecting on what could have been. Now, he has a couple loves who he could be reflecting on. I'm trying to imagine it with Sirius, but he got with Sirius (imho), so it makes more sense with Lily.
5: Between - Harmony. I mean, it's so, so, so perfect. And it'd be a Harmony breakup fic. HA!
6: Say Uncle - It's about the other person dying! And the singer talking to the dead person! OMG SIRIUS/REMUS FIC! Technically cuddly.
7: Drought - Lucius Malfoy/Molly Weasley. Lucious Lucius is such a homewrecker...
8: Enough to go by - Harry/Ginny, with Ginny singing it. Probably after book 7, and Harry's never quite recuperated from it, and she shows up at his door, and it ends up fluffy and happy after the angst. Watch it go canon, I swear...
9: Unwitten Letter #1 - Fred/George. I don't think anything here could really fit them, unless they got less happy and hyper than they are.
10: Eric's Song - This is completely a fluffy song. Strange how we fit together. This would be cool for a Remus/Tonks fic.
11: Soon Love Soon - This makes me think of Dumbledore and his unending faith in human good.
12: Lullabye for a Stormy Night - The only pairing that I really support that could work here is Remus/Tonks. Like, when Tonks was a little kid and it was the first war against Voldemort.
13: Decade and One - This is Sirius singing about the night Lily and James died. He could be singing it to anyone, I suppose, but singing it to Remus would make sense.

I wonder what Vienna Teng would think if I told her I could write Harry Potter fics to her entire first album. Would that be too creepy? Should I find out?
olorwen: Vienna Sleep Well Tonightolorwen on August 15th, 2006 11:08 am (UTC)
Actually, too creepy would be to already have written fics to it. If I didn't like her so much, I would do that. I might write them anyway.