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21 October 2013 @ 12:09 am
[translation] Wink Up November 2013: Sexy Boyz  
Another translation! This time I translated the Genki, Jinguji, Kishi, Reia, Amu, and Fu article from the latest issue of Wink Up. They talk about 3 or 4 "essential" keywords to their life right now. Senpai like A.B.C-Z, Domoto Koichi, Kikuchi Fuma, and Nakajima Kento also appear! So, if you're interested, enjoy~

Iwahashi Genki x Jinguji Yuta x Kishi Yuta x Nakamura Reia x Haniuda Amu x Takahashi Fu
In this talk with the theme of "keyword talk of essential words to explain yourself," the guys chose keywords and freely talked about them.

Iwahashi Genki
【music】I really love listening to music, so when I'm in transit, I'm listening to music almost 100% of the time. The first time I got a music player was when I was in 6th grade, in elementary school, if I remember correctly. Everyone else around me had one, and only I didn't have one, so I asked my parents for one. I chose an orange one, because that's the color of my favourite team, the Giants. Even though it's a new type right now, I also put it in a case with my beloved Giants' image character. Right now, there's about 1000 songs on it, but I'm not particular about the genre. The thing that I'm picky about is the speakers, and the sound. I have subwoofer speakers in my room, but if the noise gets too loud, my parents get really mad (laugh). Recently, I've been choosing CDs that seem like they'd be played at a cafe, or someplace like that.
【baseball】 Naturally, this. I've exhausted everything I can say about it, so it's okay if I don't go into detail, right? (laugh)
【stageplays】 Ever since before, I've always had an interest in stageplays, but since I was in "Johnny's World," and then in the summer I went to see "PLAYZONE~", those feelings caught on fire even more. I got to experience how amazing Tsubasa-kun expectedly was in person, and when I watched Yara-kun and Yuma-kun dance together in "Mizu no Kaeru Basho," I got goosebumps. Right now, my dream is to stand on a stage on Broadway!
【A.B.C-Z】 I want to become someone who has real talent, like the members of A.B.C-Z. While they have the glittering feeling of The Johnnys, they also can do dancing and acting and acrobatics. When they perform on year-end music shows, at the time of A.B.C-Z's performance, they always cause a commotion at the venue and everyone claps their hands. Isn't that amazing? Moreover, towards their kouhai, they're really kind, and at times, they really look out for us. They're really perfect people, I think.

Nakamura Reia
【extreme】It seems like I'm the "can't do anything in moderation" type of person (laugh) Because of that, I'm bad at any sort of work or craft that requires fine details. Also, in stage rehearsals, the choreographer will say things like "more to the outside!" right? At a time like that, moving over by one step would be good, but I always move way out, and then the choreographer will say "You did too much!" and get mad (laugh) Additionally, basically, I really like things to be pretty and neat, but occasionally, my room becomes really messy, and when that happens, I'll suddenly get rid of about half the stuff in one go, without stopping. I, myself, think "I'm really an extreme person, huh."
【rough appearance】Sometimes, I'll wear tight pants or skinny jeans, but by and large, I like to wear clothes that are easy to move in, like loose jeans or shorts and sandals. About one year ago, I really liked a slim, slender look, but over time, it started to feel too tight and restrictive. Out of the people around me, the people who I think are fashionable are Fuma-kun and Kento-kun. Those two are exact opposites. Fuma-kun likes loose-fitting stuff, like me, while Kento likes shirts that fit just so and slender pants, and that sort of more neat style. I'd like to become the sort of guy who looks good in either style.
【Haniuda Amu】 I've hung out with Haniuda longer than you'd think. It's been more than a year since we started doing stuff together in particular, and we're often partners in choreography. At last, recently, I feel like I finally am beginning to understand what sort of person he is. The closer I become with someone, the more I'll tease them and be a tsukkomi* to them, but recently, I've been able to do this more to Amu, too.
*tsukkomi is the "straight man" out of the comedian duo in Japanese manzai routines. The tsukkomi stereotypically says something along the lines of "what the heck?" or "you must be kidding!" with the implication being "why would you do something so stupid" and hits the "idiot" partner.

Jinguji Yuta
【I love anime】Even thought I don't look like it, I love anime! Naturally, I know popular titles really well, and if you want, I could explain something complicated like Evangelion in great detail… that's how well I know it. (laugh) People have told me that the role of the leading man suits me, and I always think stuff like, "if they made a live action movie of that anime, it would be great if I could play the lead…" (laugh) As one would expect,* now I can't go, but I've been to a bunch of figure shops in Akihabara when I was in elementary school. It's because when I was in elementary school, all I did was seclude myself at home and read manga, huh. Because of that, if I'm talking to someone who likes anime, the conversation never ends!
【I'm so good at mood-making that it's astounding】My friends all say stuff like, "Wow, you're really good at mood-making," and I'm the sort of person who can ride on the atmosphere wherever I go. I'm so good at mood-making that I could get people doing karaoke for 24 hours… it seems like that. (laugh) Because it's fun if everyone's really excited, right? However, when I'm working, I don't try to work everyone else up. I think it's important to have that sort of distinction between "on" and "off."
【perfume】I have a smell fetish, so I own a ton of perfumes. I only have one body, so what am I going to do with all this perfume… it's that level. (laugh) I first started having an interest in perfume when I was in my first year** of junior high school, which was pretty early out of the kids in my class. I change what fragrance I'm wearing depending on my fashion and the mood of the day, and I have a variety of types, like sweet and citrus scents, and in addition to men's, I also own ladies' scents, too. But if the fragrance is too intense, then it's no good, so I consider the strength of the perfume and apply the amount accordingly. But recently, even if I take a bath, the fragrance doesn't fade completely. It seems like I've become the sort of person who, even without applying perfume, smells good through his whole life (laugh).
*Jinguji uses the word "sasuga," here, which usually has a really positive connotation, like "As one would expect, you scored well on the test, because you're so smart!" So it seems to me that Jinguji is implying here that he's so famous that of course he can't just go to Akihabara. XD;
** First year of junior high school in Japan is 7th grade in America.

Takahashi Fu
【milk】On days off from school when there's no school lunch, I always drink milk. I know there are people who hate milk, but to me personally, that's unbelievable! But when they're first born, doesn't everyone grow up drinking their mother's milk? If you don't drink milk, you're below the level of a baby (laugh). Speaking of which, When I was in elementary school, the kids who hated milk would all give their milk to me, so it was lucky for me! (laugh) At most, I got seven bottles … so I drank 1.4 litres sometimes, but good children shouldn't try this at home… it was to that level (laugh).
【Kishi-kun】Recently, I went to go see "Shock" in Osaka, and even though there was a lack of Kishi-kun… it was okay! What, why do I like Kishi-kun so much, you ask? It's the fault of Kishi-kun, who was nice to the sweet and innocent me when I first got into Johnny's Juniors (laugh). I admire a lot of things about him, so when I watched him dancing, I couldn't help but be influenced by him. Therefore, if at all possible, I don't want him to dance in front of me! (laugh) Really, I get pushed around by Kishi… which is to say, right now, I'm freely pushing him around* (laugh).
【lyrics】I'm the type of person who reads into the lyrics while I listen to a song. Earlier, when I read the lyrics to Moriyama Naotarou's "Ikiteru koto ga tsurai nara," in the middle, there are the lyrics "I'd rather die a little bit." I pondered what various things that could possibly mean. To be able to make people imagine various things from one line of lyrics like that is a real skill. I have an interest in writing lyrics, but I don't think I have the sense for it. I've practiced the keyboard (piano) for six years now, though, so there might be a chance I can learn songwriting.
*I think what Fu means here is that he's teasingly saying Kishi teases him… which is funny because in saying that, he's teasing Kishi.

Kishi Yuta
【Domoto Koichi-kun】 I know I talked about him before, but I love Koichi-kun so much that I could talk about him for one year straight! What are Koichi-kun's cool points? Maybe this is a maniac point, but his appearance in a grey bathrobe in the dressing room is so cool! Out of all the people in the whole world, Koichi-kun is the most suited to a bathrobe! I'm dazzled by the thought that maybe one day in the future, I can be like him in a bathrobe (laugh). In summer, when I went to see "PLAYZONE~" on the first day, Koichi-kun was there! Moreover, the person he was with was Takizawa-kun, and if I had to describe them in one sentence, I would say, "dazzling two-shot," and if I was going to say it as a colour, I'd say it was sequined, sparkling red… it was that sort of feeling (laugh) While I was faltering without being about to think from that amazing two-shot, I heard Koichi-kun's voice saying "Oh! Kishi!" I was super, super happy.
【check pattern】There's probably an 80 percent chance that I will be wearing check on any given day. If you were to gather eyewitness information about me, there's a high probability that if you would think that if it's not check, it's not me (laugh). By the way, today there's check on my shoes. I'm particular about my check pattern, and the theme is "a classy, adult-like check" or "stylish, celebrity check," or to say it in another way, "check that has a wow-factor"… no matter how I explain it, it turns out hard to understand (laugh). But I don't really own any gingham check, or cute types of check.
【fingers】My fingers are really narrow and long, so I often hear people say, "You should become a hand model." However, every once in a while, people will say, "your hands are like an alien's!" (laugh) In my personal opinion, I sometimes think my joints are a little big… My fingers are useful, though. For a long time, I've been good at crafts with small details, like drawing pictures, and I was better than would be expected for my age at toys like building blocks. When I'm dancing, please check out my hands, too!

Haniuda Amu
【stubbornness】I don't want to be washed away to the outside. Therefore, I think I have a little bit of a stubborn streak. It's fine if people think, "That guy just doesn't understand," about me. "That's Haniuda Amu," is what I think, and so… I want to have that sort of strength of heart. Especially in this job, "normal" isn't good enough, I think. But it's not that I'm stubborn towards everything. By and large, I'm pretty easy and not precise about most things (laugh).
【American】My dad has lived in Los Angeles before, and on family vacations, I've been to Los Angeles a ton of times, so I've been interested in it from the beginning. When you go to the super market, right? The worker at the register will be messing with his phone, just like it's normal! (laugh) That would be seen as a problem in Japan, but people in America are really big-hearted and magnanimous. When your eyes meet, everyone will say "Hi!" and greet you. Also, even if they don't know the person, everyone will say "God bless you" if someone sneezes near them. That means "God breathed on you," and I think it's really thoughtful of them. If you did that in Japan, there's a pretty good chance it would be awkward (laught) but I want to become a person who can achieve that sort of easy, lighthearted communication!
【doing things properly】In this sort of interview, I feel like you have to take responsibility for your words. For example, when someone is asked, "What sort of hairstyle do you like on a girl?" they might answer "long hair," or "short hair," depending on their feeling that day, but then people who are fans will think "But which is it?" won't they? We can't forget the important fact that we have an influence on people's feelings!

Wow, I'm really glad I translated that. For some of them more than others, I feel like I learned a lot about them. Also, recently, I feel like I've been able to translate a lot without looking up words, which makes me happy. I'm going to keep working hard to get better at translating!
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/yararanger on June 16th, 2014 07:02 am (UTC)
When I was in elementary school, the kids who hated milk would all give their milk to me, so it was lucky for me! (laugh)

How is he real T___T too precious T___T also Kishi x Fu ♡♡♡♡♡♡

and Kishi's Koichi fanboying is ADORABLE *snorts* bathrobe... XD;;

...awh and Amu's feeling of responsibility is super cute ;; and hehe Reia tsukkomi'ing him X3 ♥

oh hey and thanks for the comment on the YaraYuma song, Genki ;o; ♥

edit I should also say thank you to YOU for the translation, shouldn't I |D;; yes |D;;;; thank you!

Edited at 2014-06-16 11:02 am (UTC)
ミランダ (大丈夫): Kishi: (o u o)faded_lace on June 16th, 2014 07:15 am (UTC)
He's cuuute. And he thinks Kishi is cuuuute XDD

Ahaha yeah, Kishi was obsessed with Koichi for a while, and probably still is XD It's cute, but I have to wonder what Koichi thinks about Kishi following him around like (o u o) |D;;

Reia is a good tsukkomi because everyone around him are idiots |D;;;

Yes! Genki appreciates theatre stuff a lot, which is really sweet.

Ahaha no problem~ ♥