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[translation] Wink Up February 2013: Jinguji, Haniuda, Nakamura, Kuramoto

New translation! Of a very, very old article. XD; I wanted a crosstalk with the old Sexy Boyz, and this was the most recent one I could find. |D;;; This was supposed to be a talk about what type of variety show they want to do, but turned into a lot of everyone picking on Reia and stuff, idk. XD; In the photos, they were all adorably wearing cat ears, but I don't have a scanner. D: At any rate, enjoy~

Sexy Boyz
If this TV show existed, wouldn't it be purr~fect?
These four had a karuta* tournament while wearing headbands with cat ears and socks with cat paws and showing their cute smiling faces! A battle with an unexpected climax! (laugh) The topic was, "We want to try doing a this sort of TV show with the 4 of us."

Jinguji Yuta x Haniuda Amu x Nakamura Reia x Kuramoto Kaoru

I also have been thoroughly studying math and social studies!

Kuramoto: Hey, hey, they said the theme for this month is "If we had our own TV show"! What sort of think would you want to try?

Haniuda: Oh, nice~! I want to try a lot of various things!

Nakamura: For now, the host would be Haniuda, huh. The person to move along our discussion couldn't be anyone but Haniuda!

Jinguji: But he doesn't raise the mood much, so there's the chance it would start having a really serious atmosphere, like an NHK announcer (laugh)

Nakamura: Definitely! When we did the TV documentary "Johnny's Jr. no Shinjitsu," he was totally formal and stuff!

Kuramoto: Even the staff were saying, "It's too formal!' It's the first time I've seen something like that. They got mad because he was being too serious. Even though they get mad at us, saying, "You're fooling around too much!" (laugh)

Jinguji: What's this? The angle of Haniuda's neck is quickly starting to point downwards…**

Nakamura: No, but because he knows a lot of words, and he does things properly, I think out of the four of us, he's the most qualified person!

Haniuda: No, it's not that I'm depressed. I just was planning a chance for a return attack, that's all (laugh). (In a condescending tone of voice) But yeah, that seems right. Out of the four of us, when you think "who's the right man to play the MC," you'd probably think of me. Speaking of which, I definitely have the confidence that I could do it calmly and professionally!

Jinguji: Actually, if I knew more words, I also want to try being the MC~

Nakamura: No, it's best if you just put on a sexy face and sit next to the MC (laugh)

Kuramoto: In that case, Jinchan (Jinguji) could be the person who gets made fun of*** by the MC. He's always saying stupid stuff, anyway (laugh). What character would I be?

Nakamura: It would be good if you were the one who makes everyone feel better.

Kuramoto: What's with the vague answer!

Jinguji: Actually, among the four of us, I hear that he's actually the one who does things the most properly.

Nakamura: To say it in a way that's easy to understand, he's incredibly direct.

Kuramoto: That sounds awful! Well then, let me say this: Reia-kun is a cute, sweet little angel!✝

Jinguji: Definitely, he's really cute and sweet.

Nakamura: Uwaa… Yeah, it's often said about me that I'm cute and sweet. Since I did activities as a part of Snow Prince Gasshoudan ever since I was really small, the feeling that I'm a cute little kid hasn't faded~~~ (laugh)

Jinguji: It's because you were in Johnny's since you were in elementary school, huh. The rest of us have had "normal school experiences," so as people, we have huge possibilities!

Nakamura: Huh? Isn't the direction of your talk a little strange? What do you mean by "huge"? As people? (laugh)

Haniuda: Yeah, yeah, it's because when we were in elementary school, we properly studied math and social studies, and created a solid foundation as humans, then joined Johnny's.

Nakamura: I also have been thoroughly studying math and social studied! (laugh)

Kuramoto: I'm not sure what to do in this conversation. For the time being, I'm still an elementary student… And I'm in the middle of making my foundation and puffing out my chest… But I guess I'll just do my best not to become like Reia-kun!

Haniuda: Okay, what a good kid!

Nakamura: Hey, hold on a second! Why did you turn into the sort of character who makes fun of me today!? (laugh)

Therefore, at that time, as a person, I was already ready.

Jinguji: Because you're all so cute and sweet. (laugh) The reason you guys joined the agency was probably something like "older sister and parents sent in the application," or "a relative sent it" or something like that? For me, I really wanted to do it, so I sent the application myself. What's the difference in my consciousness, you ask? I means that I had a sense of self-awareness towards my junior activities!

Haniuda: Oh, well then, when you say that sort of thing, it makes me not want to say anything! (laugh)

Kuramoto: Huh, I was saying I wanted to join Johnny's from when I was in the second grade of elementary school. My mom said, "Bear with it for now and at least wait until you're in fourth grade." Then, when I was in fourth grade, my older sister said, "Just about now is fine, right?" and sent in my application for me. Therefore, I'm the same sort of "I wanted to do it, myself!" type of person.

Haniuda: I was the exact opposite~ When I was small, it couldn't be helped that when the people around me would say "what about joining Johnny's?" I thought it was gross. But then I watched dramas and stuff, and slowly, I started to have interest in the people in Johnny's. Then, my younger sister sent in the application. I thought I'd give actually being in Johnny's a try, and then surprisingly, I really liked it and got into it. (laugh)

Nakamura: It's hard to say it in the middle of this sort of flow, but to this very day, I have no idea who sent into my application. After I had gone to my audition and returned home, my parents said, "What will you do now? If you join Johnny's, you'll have to quit swimming." I wanted to keep swimming, but I also had interest in Johnny's, and I wanted to give it a try, so…

Kuramoto: And then, soon after, you were in Snow Prince Gasshoudan! Amazing!

Jinguji: And then you became a cute, sweet human, huh. (laugh)

Reia: Right? At first, I was the type to get frustrated easily. Even now, you can sometimes tell (laugh) But recently, my consciousness has changed a lot.

Jinguji: Right? If it wasn't like that, we couldn't make you the butt of the joke this way. (laugh)

Haniuda: When I was little, I did kendo, and so at that time, I was worked appropriately hard. Therefore, at that time, as a person, I was already ready.✝✝

Everyone: (All at the same time) Don't say that about yourself!

Haniuda: But it's true… (laugh) Rugby, swimming, tennis… I did a lot of different extracurricular activies when I was a kid.

Kuramoto: Me too, I also did kendo really seriously!

Nakamura: Unexpectedly, the four of us have a variety of abilities, huh.

Jinguji: I think everyone is good at talking, too, so should we think about a variety show that uses our whole bodies?

Kuramoto: Wow~ That sounds fun! I want to do that, I want to do that!

Haniuda: The problem is, maybe when we're in front of the audience and the cameras, we won't be able to talk (laugh) But I think it would be great if one day we could do this sort of TV show!

*Karuta is a Japanese children's game where cards are laid out with hiragana, or Japanese phonetic script, written on them. Someone who's not competing reads a poem or saying, and the players search for the card with the first syllable written on it. The person who finds and touches the card first gets to take it, and at the end of the game, the person with the most cards is the winner. You can see this game being played in Hey! Say! JUMP's JUMParty 2.
** Jinguji is saying Amu is starting to look down on them, or thinking of himself as above them.
***Again, this section is a reference to manzai. Kaoru says that Jinguji could be the one who gets made fun of by the MC, who would be the tsukkomi.
✝ Kaoru describes Reia with an onomatopoeia (which is pretty common in Japanese) that's not really easy to translate, but it generally describes something soft, effeminate, sweet, unthreatening, pleasing to the eye, and almost angelic (think fluffy bunnies or "ideal" women) in a really diminutive way. In the English translation, it reads as if they're complimenting him, but in Japanese, it reads more like they're teasing him.
✝✝ I think what Amu is trying to say here is that because he did kendo as a kid and his kendo practices were really strict, he was mature even at a young age.
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  • Happy Birthday, love

    Here's your birthday art~ Percy is stylin' XD; That's all. Hope you're having a great birthday~

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