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Mini report: Snow Dome no Yakusoku, Tokyo Dome, Saturday 11/16

As promised, this is a write-up of my experiences at the KisuMai Snow Dome no Yakusoku concert at Tokyo Dome on Saturday November 16! There are a lot of international fans who went, so I don't really feel like I need to make a report with every single detail (and honestly, I'm not sure I remember it all that well anyway... being in the arena of Tokyo Dome was sort of overwhelming) but I do want to post about what I was excited about~ So... if you're interested, read on~

The concert started a few minutes early with a cluster of juniors on the center stage, with all the lights still up and everything. It was sort of like when Yasui and Hagiya went around talking to people before the JUMP Dome concert, only much shorter, and they were doing a dance with penlights to the background music for Snow Dome no Yakusoku. The center stage was far enough from us that I couldn't really see anything, but the first face they showed up on the big screen was (you guessed it) REIAAAAAAAA~! I was happy to hear that I was not the only one freaking out and screaming, but the girls behind us were very invested in figuring out if "Jinchan" (it's what they called him XD) was there. Sadly, he was not XD;

Eventually the lights went down, though, and then KisuMai came out performing Luv Sick. They started out just standing on an elevated platform above the stage, but then eventually got onto these 6 turntable-things on the front of the stage. Fujigaya didn't do any of these parts for some reason. They were attached to metal poles, and the flat part would swivel on a ball-joint, so the members were sometimes held completely horizontal, parallel to the ground. It was pretty cool, and most of the members would bend really far back with the choreography, but Tama seems hesitant, and when they zoomed in on his face, he looked sort of ill. I think he was really exhausted even before the concert began, so I hope he got some rest afterwards!

Eventually the juniors came out again, and yomimashou was very excited to see Vasayegh Hikaru in their midst. Sadly, Gengen was not there, and we didn't really see many more unexpected people, but then all of a sudden at the end of the concert, Matsukura Kaito appeared. I swear I hadn't seen him before that, but there you go. XD; Vasayegh Wataru was also there... and why does that kid have so much hair?? XD; And then of course Snow Man, as well as KisuMai's regular backers, including Yasui, Hagiya, Juri, Casey, etc.

Soon, KisuMai began skating around the catwalk as to be expected, and since our seats were literally 6 people's width away from the catwalk, we got to see everyone who came by us up close and personal. Pretty soon, Tama came out way, but every time he encountered an upward incline, he seemed to forget that he was supposed to be skating up it, do nothing to attempt to increase his acceleration, hit the ramp, begin to roll back down backwards, and then struggle to run up it on the toes of his skates. It was adorable, but I also made me worry about him a bit |D; Since he literally did this every time he came by us through the entire concert. However, all worries about Tama aside, it was really nice to be right next to the ramp, since we saw everyone who came by really closely~

At some point, they did a segment on the center stage with "Mini-My-Ft2" which was comprised of 6 Juniors dressed in KisuMai's colours and on skates. I don't remember who was partnering with who, but Hashimoto Ryo, Kaneda Yosei, Inoue Mizuki, and Tamamoto Fumito were four of them... and I forget the rest, oops. |D;;; At this point, Reia and some other people (one of them might be Kakuta Yusei?) did skateboarding in front of them, between the center stage and the back stage (the stage by home plate). Sadly, Reia fell off his skateboard at one point D: But he's perfect, so he just brushed it off and continued. ♥

At the MC, Yokoo brought their water bottles onstage, and they began to talk about how Yokoo has everything in his bag... apparently, at some point, Kitayama was going to ask for a mask, and he stated saying "Do you have a ma--" and Yokoo cut him off, just handing the mask to him. XDD And then another time, Nika didn't have a toothbrush, and of course asked if he could borrow someone's toothbrush |D;;; Ew, Nika! But Yokoo had one he hadn't used. XDD They also talked about the 7-11 lottery... apparently Tama bought 700 yen worth of stuff two days in a row, prompting the others to ask him way, and he claimed it was just because he always bought the same things. XD;; And Senga played the actual lottery (the 500 yen one) and managed to draw himself... but the cashier didn't even notice it was him! XDD This whole time, Tama seemed tired and out of it, and had been toweling himself off, but suddenly, someone (Kitayama, I think?) said STOP!! and Tama immediately stopped, looking up with this (º Д º)?? expression on his face. It was so adorable XD They pointed out that he had gotten a string from his towel in his hair, and Miyata ran over to pull it out. Tama sort of winced like it was somehow going to hurt when Miyata pulled out the string, still making the cutest lost, pathetic (ø A ø) face ever, and he didn't even react when Miyata asked "So can I take this home with me?" XD; They also announced that the show would be on DVD sometime in 2014, and that they would be releasing a new single and album sometime at the beginning of 2014, also~

Next up they did a mune-kyun game section, where Kaneda Yosei was the judge, and it was a running joke that whenever they said "Judge!" he would say "Kaneda desu," ("I'm Kaneda") back to them. It was actually pretty cute, even if that kid gets too much attention these days. The theme was "your girlfriend says she's cold, so warm her up." I don't really remember most of the mune-kyun lines, because they're usually really stupid, but some of them were funny. Tama's was him blowing on the girl and rubbing her back. |D That's seriously it. There were no words involved... because Tama is adorably stupid. XD; It was really super cute, and not at all mune-kyun-ish at all. |D;;; And then Senga's was like "What? You're cold? Well then... LET'S DANCING!" And he suddenly broke out into a dance |D;;; Nika thought this was hilarious, and was doubled over in laughter the whole time.

At the beginning of the second half was the junior segment, and I was happy to get to see Snow Man all perform together, as well as getting to see Reia be special (he was one of three featured Juniors out of the middle age group). Some time after that, the juniors all were distributed around the catwalk, and it was a strange mingling of old and young. But we ended up with Sakuma Daisuke right by us, and I was happy to watch him while KisuMai were really far away, because he's an amazing dancer. I possibly thing he's the best out of all of Snow Man. He's just. *___*

They stayed in the same spots to perform Shake It Up, though the KisuMai guys spread out around the catwalk, so it was 2 Juniors paired with one KisuMai guy. We had Masuda Ryo, Sakuma, and Miyata. Watching Miyata and Sakuma do silly otaku moves together was cute~ And Sakuma continued to be amazing at dancing. When the KisuMai guys began to walk, Miyata was walking away from us and Tama was walking towards us. Miyata help up a hand to do a high five, but Tama totally rejected him and ignored him XD;;; Poor Miyata.

During Kitayama's solo, he pretended to run outside, and they showed a video on the screen where he ran down the hall of Tokyo Dome and ran into... Danno, from Bad Boys J. It was adorable XD; They took a two-shot together, and acted like they were friends. I sort of want to write Danno knowing Kitayama into a Bad Boys J fic now. |D;;;; But then he went and bought flowers from Miyata, and "came back" to Tokyo Dome... to see all of Snow Man sitting by the Kankeisha holding what I think was Yokoo uchiwas. XD He was highly offended by this, and they soon replaced them with uchiwas with holes cut in them, so it looked like they were holding uchiwa of their own faces. XDD Then, he went to the actual kankeisha... and said, "What?? Marius???" APPARENTLY MARIUS CAME TO SEE THE SHOW. At this point, I was dying, because yomimashou and I had been joking that Marius would come to see, and he did. It was glorious. He was there with Sou, and then Jesse and Takada Sho and some other people I don't remember were also there.

When the rest of the guys came back out, Fujigaya and Tama eventually got into carts with skate ramps and were carried around the arena on them. The cart was a little shaky, but since he was wearing skates, Tama seemed terrified, and clung to the side of the cart the whole time. XD; It was really cute. He then proceeded to be the worst ever at skating (I don't care what they say about Miyata XD) and failed to do any of the tricks the others were doing. Oh Tama. ♥

They performed Snow Dome no Yakusoku to close out the show, and the juniors demonstrated when we were supposed to change out penlight colour, so it was really cool to see the entire audience changing at once. They also talked a little about how they appreciate their fans and how they feel like they've come really far and are going to keep trying their hardest, which was really cute. But of course, this wasn't really the end, though they did take their sweet time changing before the encore. XD;

The first encore started with a video of Nakai on KisuMai Busaiku, and then Busaiku performed Tana kara Botamochi on the center stage. It was really great to see how excited and into it the crowd was, and I was really happy for them. They all seemed to be having a great time and enjoyed just being goofy and stupid, and while I had been confused and having mixed feelings about Busaiku before, I'm really happy for them now. If they're happy, and if they like it, and if they don't feel offended, then I want to support them. It seems like they realize that the whole thing is just drawing attention to how ridiculous the split is, anyway, and that it's not a reflection of them in any way. The fans all really liked it, too, and hey, I'm not going to argue with screaming "TAMA TAMA TAMA TAMA" at the top of my lungs. |D;;;

After that, all of KisuMai got letters to put on their backs, and then turned around to show that they spelled "Kis-My-Ft7." XD; Poor Nika |D;;; And then they performed their new 7-11 single. They all got on the big cart together, but it was a little shaky, and while everyone else seemed to be fine, Tama made a big deal of clinging to the side and eventually falling over when he tried to move |D;;;

And then they left and came back eventually for the second encore, this time wearing the tour sweatshirts and towels. It was sometime during the second encore that, while walking around the catwalk by us, I was waving at Sakuma and he saw me! Despite the fact that I didn't have an uchiwa for him or anything, he saw me and did a gun motion (this is pretty normal for concerts, it usually goes with the "バンして" uchiwa messages) for me. While I was still recovering from the excitement of this... Marius has come up onstage! Fujigaya skated over and picked him up and twirled him around, before holding his hand and skating slowly around the catwalk hand in hand with him. It was adorable~ I may or may have hyperventilated a little and almost passed out. |D;;; Oops.

And then they shot gin tape at us (and we didn't get any... BOO. The girls behind me literally shoved me out of the way to get some. >__<) and said their goodbyes. There was an earthquake sometime around this point, which was sort of exciting (yomimashou always makes a Tama-face when this happens. |D) but the guys didn't even seem to notice. After that, we called them out for one more encore, because it was the last show at this venue, and they came out informally and sang Snow Dome no Yakusoku one more time before the show ended for real~

And that's that! It was a lot of fun, though I have to admit some of it was thanks to the juniors |D;;; Our seats were pretty awesome for seeing the front stage and the one stretch of catwalk by us, but the center stage and back stage were so far that it was impossible to watch them. Still, it was good to get a new angle on Tokyo Dome! So far, we've learned that if we get stands for Gate 11 or 25, we'll just sell them because they suck so badly, and that outer arena is okay, center arena would be better, middle-arena (halfway between the outside and the center stage) would probably suck unless you were close enough to the front stage. We're thinking we might try for lower stands next time, to see that angle, too. ^^

And now... back to having nothing to look forward to. =____=; We'll see Johnny's World at some point... and you can see how enthusiastic I am. Well, at any rate, less than two weeks until my birthday? And then on to Hawaii~
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  • Winter vacation

    It's kind of depressing that this is always what I end up posting to LJ for, but the past few months have been really busy for me, so... that's life,…

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