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Gekijouban Bad Boys J Summary!

Finally, here it is! A birthday present for you all on my birthday! This is my summary of the Bad Boys J movie! I want to disclaim completely that there are probably some details that are a little off. As I've mentioned before, because the characters almost all speak in some degree of Hiroshima dialect, it makes it pretty hard for me to follow. Especially Shigeoka Daiki, who chose to mumble through the entirety of this movie (not really sure why he chose to do this, as I can usually understand him fine on TV, Kansai dialect and all), made it hard for me, especially since he was a pretty pivotal character. But! I'm generally confident that this is mostly right. So... please enjoy!

Warning! This is a complete summary of the movie, so there are spoilers!! Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled before the DVD comes out (which will probably be sometime in May of 2014, if I had to guess).

The movie opens with a set of gates opening and Keita (Shigeoka Daiki; Kansai Johnny's Jr.) walking out of them in the pouring rain. As he walks away, the sign on the gate, which says "Juvenile Detention Center." Down the street, Nao (Shiraishi Mai; Nogizaka46) is waiting for him, and they walk away together.

Meanwhile, back in the Hiroshima gang scene, the top members of Beast, Nights, and Gokurakuchou look on as Danno, Hiro, and Tsukasa prepare to have a three-way face-off. Danno is frustrated that word on the street is that Tsukasa is stronger than him; Hiro is pissed off that recently, all the girls he's hit on have been Danno's fans, and Tsukasa is angry that apparently Hiro has been flirting with Kumi, only Hiro denies it. Tsukasa doesn't believe him, and they begin to fight as their groupmates watch on and make commentary. However, the fight ends abruptly when Hiro suddenly has a cramp in his leg and asks Tsukasa to help him stretch it. Tsukasa asks Danno for help, but Danno is annoyed and socially awkward and walks away.

Later, Tsukasa, Eiji, and Hisa are eating at Tami-chan's Okonomiyaki while Youji is at work for his part time job, and it turns out that Hiro was not in fact flirting with Kumi, but rather that she had been talking on the phone to a female friend named Hiroko, and Tsukasa had overheard and mistaken the situation. They heckle Youji for a while at work, and hypothesize about his relationship with Kinoshita (Ikoma Rina; Nogizaka46) before Mika shows up and distracts them (or at least Eiji). Meanwhile, Kinoshita asks Youji if he's thought about the manager's offer, and Youji says he's still thinking.

After Youji's shift is done, he and Tsukasa are walking around like cool kids together (and have a wonderfully reminiscent scene to the Bakaleya movie in which Tsukasa remarks that Youji doesn't seem well and Youji says he's fine) when suddenly, someone calls Youji's name from behind them. Turns out that it's Keita, and Youji is surprised and happy to see him. He asks when Keita got out, and Keita responds that he's been out for three months. Youji asks why he didn't contact Youji sooner, and he shrugs it off and asks if this is Kiriki Tsukasa, and adds that he heard about him "inside." Tsukasa is confused, but Youji introduces him to Keita and explains that Keita used to be in Gokurakuchou. He asks Keita if he's planning on coming back to Gokurakuchou, but Keita shakes his head and says he's with a new team now, Eden. He's acting very secretive and mysterious, and says he's glad he could meet Youji for the first time in a long time, and then turns to go, but Youji seems preoccupied, and says goodbye to Tsukasa before running off after Keita.

Youji and Keita then go stand on a roof together and talk, and Youji asks why Keita isn't coming back to Gokurakuchou. Keita says he felt like he couldn't return to the gang scene and wanted to get a job, but then he couldn't because of his criminal record. He says the guys at Eden are helping him out (maybe? Disclaimer: I found it incredibly hard to understand Shigeoka Daiki because of the way he mumbles/slurs his words, so I'm a little vague on anything that he was saying in his exposition). Youji seems to become very conflicted by this. The scene cuts to Youji approaching Tami-chan's late at night, presumably related to the manager's offer.

Meanwhile, as per usual, Nights are having a group-date in a karaoke box. The "ugly guy" from STP seems to have joined Nights and actually gotten to go on the group date as Hiro promised in the last episode of the series, and everyone seems skeptical of his presence. He's very excited to do a lot-drawing game, and says 3 and 5 have to eat a stick of pocky together, and so to speed things along, Kenjirou hops up saying that he's 3, and asking who's 5. It turns out 5 is Jun, and the two are surprised by this for a moment before shedding their jackets and going for it. They're about an inch from kissing when suddenly, Kenjirou's phone rings. He becomes visibly upset, and he, Jun, and Hiro all rush off. They come to some sort of abandoned parking garage (?) where they see Kenjou (Shimekake Ryuya; Johnny's Jr.) with some of his followers. They ask him what the heck he's planning, and he says he's found a gang stronger than Nights and is switching gangs. They say he promised not to betray them again (because apparently even after episode 6-7 they let him come back to Nights??) and he screws with them, wondering if he really said that and laughing at them. Hiro decides he's not worth their time, and the three turn to leave, but then Hiro asks what the gang that Kenjou is joining is called. He replies that it's Eden.

Back at Gokurakuchou headquarters the next day, Youji is sitting by himself when Tsukasa arrives. Tsukasa cheerfully asks what Youji wanted to talk to him in private about, and teasingly asks if it's about the girl at his part-time job. Youji is serious, however, and suddenly bows to Tsukasa (in Japan bowing all the way to 90 degrees is a srs bsns bow, so it alerts Tsukasa that something is really off) and asks Tsukasa to allow him to quit Gokurakuchou. Tsukasa is alarmed and asks why, and Youji replies that he's going to start working seriously in all his free time at his part time job, and while Tsukasa is sad, he says since it's what Youji really wants, of course he'll allow it. Youji asks Tsukasa to please take care of Gokurakuchou and protect the group, and Tsukasa promises before watching Youji leave.

Later Tsukasa tells Eiji and Hisa what happened, and both are upset by the news. Tsukasa says they'll still be friends afterwards, but they don't accept that. Eiji demands to know why Tsukasa didn't stop him, and Tsukasa says he couldn't exactly stop him since it was something Youji wanted to do, and as his friend, he couldn't really say no. Eiji storms off, and Tsukasa moves to go after him, but Hisa says to leave him be, and asks in the mean time what Tsukasa plans to do, since without Youji, it seems like it will be hard to maintain their position as number two in Hiroshima. Tsukasa tells him not to worry, and that he'll protect Gokurakuchou, because he promised Youji that he would. He then comments that something feels off, though, and when Hisa asks him what, Tsukasa replies that Youji didn't even really seem that happy about his choice…

Later, Tsukasa goes on a date with Kumi, and asks her if she knows anything about Youji quitting. She doesn't respond, and he laughs, saying of course she wouldn't know. They're walking through the tall grass by the river, and he starts rambling about their date at the very end of the series even though Kumi clearly isn't listening. It turns out, some kids randomly showed up and started watching them last time, and so he didn't end up kissing Kumi after all. Since the movie seems to take place sometime around September, they've apparently been dating around five months and still have difficulty holding hands, and haven't kissed at all. However, when he finishes talking, he realizes that now could be a good opportunity, and tries to pump himself up to kiss her. Before he can make a move, though, she suddenly says his name, and he's startled. She says that she wants to go to a university in Tokyo, so she's going to focus on her studies, and asks Tsukasa if he's properly thought about the future. She says she likes him, but recently, it feels as if they're drifting apart and as if Tsukasa is in a "different world," and she doesn't know what to do. Tsukasa doesn't know what to say, and Kumi asks him to please think about the future.

Meanwhile, in Eden's hangout, Keita and a mysterious guy with a hood covering his face show up with the flags of two other schools and say they defeated them. The leader of Eden, Sakaki Masato (Kakizawa Yuuto), throws darts at a large map of Hiroshima's gang territories on the wall of Eden's hangout, and tells Keita and his companion to do Beast next. Keita and the other guy accept the order and turn to go.

The next day, Tsukasa comes into Gokurakuchou's handout to see everyone crowded around a newspaper. It turns out that Yutaka won some boxing title, and everyone is happy for him. However, talk of him making something of his life makes Tsukasa start thinking and worrying about what Kumi said to him again. Meanwhile, Danno is also reading the newspaper, smiling happily to himself to see his best friend succeeding. However, there's a commotion outside, and when Kazu goes to investigate, he sees a hooded figure finishing off a group of Beast guys. He runs to the guy, confused and trying to figure out what's going on, and when he catches the guy by surprise, he catches a glimpse of the guy's face and discovers that it's none other than Youji. Kazu hurries back inside to tell Danno what's happened, and they contact Gokurakuchou. Tsukasa, Eiji, and Hisa meet Danno, Kazu, and Kazunari (Morohoshi Shoki; Johnny's Jr), and Beast asks Gokurakuchou what this is about and why they attacked. The Gokurakuchou guys say they don't know what the Beast guys are talking about, and Kazu says that Youji attacked them. They say they didn't know anything about it, and that Youji had quit Gokurakuchou in order to work. Kazu says something along the lines of "that's what he said…?" and at this, Tsukasa freaks out and runs off.

Tsukasa runs all the way to Tami-chan's, where he meets Kinoshita and asks her if Youji took the job. She says that the manager had offered it to him, but he had quit instead. Tsukasa continues to freak out and goes back to Gokurakuchou headquarters, where he tells Eiji and Hisa what he's learned. He also mentions that earlier, Youji had run into Keita, and that Keita had said he joined Eden, and that Youji had acted funny, and when Hisa and Eiji react with surprise that Keita was "out," Tsukasa desperately asks what they mean by "out" and what the story between Youji and Keita was. The other two solemnly explain that Keita had been in juvie, and that Youji had been the one at fault for him ending up there. They say that in the past, Youji was really aggressive, and as a result, he made a lot of enemies with other gangs. One day, a bunch of guys teamed up on him to get revenge. Youji was getting beaten to a bloody pulp when Keita showed up and saved him. Keita managed to beat off the rest of the guys, but he was badly enough injured that he couldn't walk anymore. Youji and Keita heard sirens in the distance, but Keita told Youji to run, and Youji ended up escaping while Keita was taken to juvie.

Meanwhile, Youji and Keita are walking around together, talking. Keita talks about how he has some sort of debts (again, Shigeoka Daiki didn't enunciate at all, so between that and the Hiroshima dialect, he was the next thing to impossible for me to understand…) that he can't pay because he can't get a job because of his criminal record. However, Eden is possibly helping him out? At any rate, Youji feels guilty for making it so that Keita ended up in juvie, and he abruptly bows, saying that he's sorry. Keita taps his shoulder to get him to stand up and informs him that he never once blamed Youji while he was in juvie for getting him in trouble. He then changes the subject, telling Youji that Nights are next.

Elsewhere, Hiro and Erika are on a shopping trip. Hiro is in trouble with Erika, and is trailing after her carrying her bags. However, they're interrupted when Jun and Kenjirou run up, saying that Nights has been attacked. Hiro shoves the bags off on Jun, and runs away with Kenjirou, leaving Jun to bear Erika's wrath.

Youji and Keita return to the Eden headquarters after doing Nights, dropping photos to show proof that they defeated many of the members. Masato praises them, then throws another dart, showing that Gokurakuchou is next. Keita seems shocked and alarmed, but Youji keeps a straight face, saying that they'll do as ordered.

Back at the Gokurakuchou headquarters, the members of Gokurakuchou are worrying over the situation. Eiji says he looked more into Eden, and it's a new gang led by a freakishly strong guy who appeared out of nowhere. Tsukasa adds that he thinks the only answer is to try to talk to Youji. He says that he'll contact Youji and ask him to come back to Gokurakuchou, but if anything goes wrong, he'll single-handedly protect Gokurakuchou, because he promised Youji that he would defend Gokurakuchou no matter what.

Just as they're talking about Youji, however, he walks in the door. Everyone is shocked, and Youji himself seems surprised that only Eiji, Hisa, and Tsukasa are there. But, he says, no matter; he's from Eden and he's challenging Tsukasa to a man-to-man battle as Keita appears to stand beside him. Tsukasa agrees because he doesn't have much choice despite being clearly emotionally torn up, and they go out into the warehouse area. Youji immediately starts to beat up Tsukasa, but Tsukasa doesn't fight back, saying that he can't hit his friend. This seems to make Youji angrier, and he hits Tsukasa more as flashbacks of their friendship play. Eiji and Hisa try to intercede, but Tsukasa tells them no, and continues to let Youji pummel him, all while beginning to cry. Finally, eventually, he catches Youji's punch, sobbing by this point, and chokes out an apology, saying that he's sorry he won't be able to keep his promise to Youji to protect Gokurakuchou because there's no way he can hurt his friend. Youji moves to punch Tsukasa again, but there's no impact, and Tsukasa looks over to see Youji's fist centimeters from his face, stopped midair before Youji crumbles to the ground, also crying. He says he's sorry, but he just can't hurt Tsukasa anymore. Tsukasa drops to the ground as well, and both cry tears of overwhelming emotion and relief that the ordeal is over.

Before they can really reconcile, however, suddenly, all of Eden walks through the door, headed up by Masato. He says he's disappointed in their new member, and asked if Keita didn't say he was going to defeat Gokurakuchou. Youji wants to know the meaning of this, and suddenly, Nao appears, telling Youji he's stupid and gullible for believing Keita's story about debts. Actually, Keita was lying to Youji all along and tricking him into turning against Gokurakuchou. While all of Gokurakuchou is still in shock, Masato gives the order for his guys to beat up Gokurakuchou. Youji tries valiantly to defend Tsukasa, saying it's the number 2's job to defend the top, but especially with Tsukasa in a weakened state and them all emotional from Youji's betrayal, they're outnumbered and quickly lose. In a final blow to Gokurakuchou's pride, Masato rips their flag off the wall and leaves with Keita and the flag.

After the fight, Gokurakuchou all lay in the grass together by the river and regroup. Youji apologizes for his betrayal, and Tsukasa says it's fine, they forgive him. They decide that for now, they have to recover, and then they'll go back to reclaim their flag from Eden.

Back in Eden, the number 2 and 3 guys are heckling Keita for not doing Gokurakuchou himself, but Masato says it's fine, because Keita will work to make up for it. They say that they'll defeat the rest of Hiroshima's gangs in one go (though I'd like to point out that even if they beat every other gang in Hiroshima, their territory wouldn't even begin to compare to Beast, so I feel like their plan had a flaw here.)

Hiro, Jun, and Kenjirou become unfortunate targets of this attack, and are cornered in an underground pass by Eden's members. The Eden guys ask if Hiro is the head of Nights, the number 3 gang in Hiroshima, to which Hiro responds that he's actually number 1 in Hiroshima. Kenjirou tries to tell Hiro that now might not be the time for bragging, but Hiro is completely enraged when one of the Eden members calls him busaiku (outstandingly ugly). Despite Hiro's indignation, however, he, Jun, and Kenjirou are outnumbered and easily defeated, and just as Eden is about to leave, Keita walks up, looking down at Hiro, who's laying on the ground. Hiro asks isn't he with Gokurakuchou, and Keita gets very angry, saying that he's NOT a member of Gokurakuchou anymore.

Eden is having a wide effect all over Hiroshima, and with rumours of Nights and Gokurakuchou being defeated going around, even the Beast ladies are concerned. But they feel assured that Beast, at least, is safe (and this is probably true lol).

Back at the Gokurakuchou headquarters, Youji stares unhappily at the spot where their flag used to be when Tsukasa arrives. Tsukasa says he's ready to fight Eden, but Youji urges him not to make any rash decisions, and tells him that revenge can only happen once he's better again. Tsukasa insists that he's fine, though, and Youji tells him he'll confer with Hisa and Eiji and then get back to Tsukasa on the plan. However, he is shown not to talk to Hisa and Eiji, but instead to stand around by some wall with "Gokurakuchou" spray-painted on it and look torn (presumably this spot is meaningful, because I forget when but you see Keita look emotional at this spot at some point in the movie too), and later, when Tsukasa asks Eiji and Hisa about talking with Youji, they say they never talked with Youji. Tsukasa explains what Youji said, and then suddenly, they all realize that Youji must have gone back to Eden to reclaim the flag himself. Hisa and Eiji run out, and Tsukasa is about to follow them when Kumi calls to him, saying she heard what happened to Nights and begging Tsukasa not to go, afraid he'll get hurt. Tsukasa says he has to go, but hugs her (super awkwardly) from behind and says he'll definitely come back. The camera then cuts back and forth between Youji walking slowly into the Eden headquarters and Hisa, Eiji, and Tsukasa baywatch slow-running towards where Youji is.

Meanwhile, Hiro is in the hospital. Outside his room, Jun and Kenjirou get hotheaded out of stress and fight briefly before Kenjirou stalks off. Jun asks where he's going, and Kenjirou says it's none of Jun's business. Jun watches him for a moment before calling after him and running to catch up.

At the Beast headquarters, Kazu comes up to Danno and Kaori to tell them that Gokurakuchou is on the move to get revenge from Eden. They ask if Danno wants to do anything, but he says it's not related to them.

Elsewhere, Keita is beating up yet another gang, who asks if he's with Gokurakuchou. Keita yells that he's not with them anymore, taking out his anger on the guys, but when he leaves the scene, he runs into Nao, who says he's acting strangely and she misses the old him. She asks if he can't forgive Youji, and he gets angry and storms off.

Back at the Eden hangout, Youji arrives and says he's back to claim the flag. Masato makes fun of his pride and loyalty to Gokurakuchou, but Youji replies that Gokurakuchou is everything to him, his family and his pride, and he'll do anything for Gokurakuchou. However, he's no match for Masato, and gets taken down fairly easily. Masato is ruthless, beating Youji mercilessly, but Youji won't give up, getting up again even when he can barely support himself.

Meanwhile, somehow, Hiro heals miraculously fast and gets out of the hospital. Erika is there waiting for him, and they exchange knowing looks before Hiro walks past her, going straight back into battle. She sighs but doesn't try to stop him.

Youji continues to get beat up until he can no longer stand, and just when things are looking really bad, Keita and Nao arrive back to the headquarters. Keita sees Youji, and something clearly snaps, because he hurries to defend Youji, fighting against Masato himself. However, it's clear that he also will be no match for Masato.

Outside, Eiji, Hisa, and Tsukasa have managed to make it to the Eden hangout, but they have to fight their way in. They're outnumbered but hold their own, and run into Jun and Kenjirou, who have also come to defend Nights' honor. The five of them struggle to fight off the huge number of enemies. Meanwhile, on the way there, Hiro gets jumped by more Eden guys, but the new Nights member from STP fights them off, and Hiro arrives at the Eden headquarters just in time to save Jun and Kenjirou. Feeling more confident, Hisa, Eiji, Jun, and Kenjirou tell Hiro and Tsukasa to go ahead, and so they do, but they don't get far before Hiro's leg cramps up again, and Tsukasa is trying to help him stretch when they get surrounded by a bunch of Eden guys. Right when they think they're in trouble, though, Danno, Kazu, and Kazunari show up, and Kazu and Kazunari stay back to fight the guys, telling Hiro, Tsukasa, and Danno to go ahead.

Meanwhile, back at the coffee shop, Kumi is sitting around feeling sad when suddenly, Erika arrives, asking if Tsukasa has gone off to fight as well. Kumi says that he has, and then Kaori arrives as well, saying that she's in the same position. The three girls sit down, and Kumi explains how conflicted she feels, saying she doesn't want Tsukasa to get hurt. The other two explain that when you're dating the top of a gang, you just have to wait and hope for them to be safe, and Kumi agrees that if Tsukasa didn't fight, he wouldn't be Tsukasa. Kaori compliments her "sounding more like the girlfriend of a top," and she seems comforted.

Back at the Eden headquarters, the three tops first encounter the Eden number 3 guy, who happens to be the one who called Hiro busaiku. He insults Hiro again, and Hiro says that he'll fight him, and insults the guy back before the two peel off to fight one-on-one. Next, they come across the number two guy, who attacks Danno, and Danno fights back, getting excited at the prospect of a strong opponent. He tells Tsukasa to go on, and fights the guy one-on-one, as well.

In the main room, Keita has been defeated as well as Youji, but Youji won't give up. He struggles to go grab the Gokurakuchou flag, and Masato continues to beat him up, laughing cruelly and asking if Youji wants to die. Just as Youji is in trouble, however, Tsukasa arrives and takes on Masato himself to protect Youji and Gokurakuchou's pride. Naturally, in cut scenes, Hiro and Danno win, and then Tsukasa also wins, beating Masato down and saving Keita and Youji and Gokurakuchou's flag. Everyone emerges victorious and in one piece.

After the fight, Youji asks Keita if he won't come back to Gokurakuchou, but Keita says he can't come back, and has to go his own way. Youji nods and says he understands, but tells Keita they'll always be friends. After Gokurakuchou has left, Keita turns to Nao and explains that as soon as he got out of juvie, he tried to go back to Gokurakuchou, but saw them all carrying on without him, and suddenly felt like he couldn't, but now he knows he'll just have to make his own way (or something like that… like I said… Shigeoka Daiki was incomprehensible to me…)

Some time later, Kumi and Tsukasa are on another date, but Kumi seems angry at Tsukasa. He asks if she's upset, and she snaps that he went to fight even though she told him not to. He becomes flustered, and she says she has a request: she wants him to quit Gokurakuchou. This makes Tsukasa even more upset, and he splutters while she looks on before laughing and saying "That's what I was thinking about saying." But then, she realized that actually, all she wanted to say was "come home safe." Tsukasa responds that he has thought about the future, and suddenly blurts out that he wants to get married. Kumi looks shocked, and he backs up explaining that some day he wants to get married, and he just wants her to understand that even if they're separated, he wants to stay together. Relieved, she agrees, saying she wants to stay together even if they're separated, too. For once, Tsukasa is a little bold, and he takes her hand, and they walk off happily together.

Meanwhile, Danno waits for Yutaka someplace where Yutaka goes jogging, and they meet. Danno tells Yutaka to keep doing his best, and Yutaka replies that Danno better keep doing his best, too, and that he heard Tsukasa was stronger than Danno. They share an awkward cute moment.

Youji goes back to Tami-chan's and tries to get his job back, and the manager says he has to do the apprenticeship over again. Kinoshita gives him back the nametag that she saved for him, and he seems happy.

Elsewhere, Nights is having yet another group date, and the STP guy has gotten surprisingly popular with the ladies. Hiro, meanwhile, tells some girl that he has a terminal illness and will die in three months, and he just wants to make good memories while he's still alive. She agrees to sleep with him, but when she turns to look at the drink menu, Erika shows up, elbowing her out of the way and asking Hiro if, rather than three months from now, he's okay with dying right now. Hiro cries out an apology before making a break for it.

Meanwhile, in the darkened Gokurakuchou headquarters, Youji asks Tsukasa if he's serious, and Tsukasa says he's serious. They lean in and kiss… only to have Kumi walk in, saying she got off work early. She's shocked to see Tsukasa kissing Youji, and yells that he's an idiot before storming off. Tsukasa tries to explain that it was just practice, and looks like he's about to cry as he chases after her, but for some reason, Youji seems gleeful at this result and is laughing.

As Tsukasa runs down the road mopily trying to find Kumi, he runs into Danno, who says he wants to fight, seemingly agitated that Yutaka thinks Tsukasa is stronger. They also run into Hiro, who probably has just suffered Erika's wrath, and end up having another three-way fight as their number 2s and 3s watch on. Gokurakuchou speculate on the fact that Kumi and Tsukasa fought, Jun and Kenjirou are stuck up as usual, and Kazunari says a line for the first time in the whole series. Hiro claims that he stretched beforehand, but as the camera pans up at the end of the movie, he can be heard crying in pain and asking for help stretching his leg.

THE END! But after the ending credits roll, there's a hilarious music video of Gokurakuchou as a band playing Bad Boys. Kento is the sole vocals, and the video has Tsukasa singing and playing a guitar, Eiji playing the bass, Hisa playing another guitar, and Youji on the drums, and it's pretty great. XD; And that's actually the end!

All in all, I actually enjoyed the movie much more than the series. I felt that where the series lacked in any dynamic character elements or character development, the movie actually accomplished that in about 1/6 the time. For the first time, I felt like I actually understood the characters' thoughts and motivations, and was able to see them respond to plot points, grow, and change. So while it wasn't as good as the Bakaleya movie, it was way better than the series, in my opinion, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
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  • Samurai Mode!

    Back from Tokyo, and from seeing Shounentachi for a second time, and also the saien of *pnish*'s Samurai Mode! I'm going to try to write up…

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    Er, also, out of some morbid curiosity, I was going through my really old entries, and came across this meme, which turned out pretty amusing.…

  • third post in one day?!

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