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27 December 2013 @ 06:43 pm
New Year's Meme!  
So, I usually do this meme on January 1st every year, but since I'll be recovering from ARENA SEATS FOR COUNTDOWN WOOOO on January 1st this year, and I'll be pretty busy around that time, since I'm free for tonight before packing up tomorrow and heading back to Japan, where I'll be spending 4 days in Tokyo. So... sorry for wrapping up the year four days early!

So, without further ado~

In your archive, find the first post for every month of 2013, and copy and paste the first sentence here.

January: In your archive, find the first post for every month of 2012, and copy and paste the first sentence here. [Yup, this post was my first post of the year XD]
February: In random but exciting news, Wasshi has been cast in the new Kuroshitsuji musical! [This was mostly a life update, which were longer back when I didn't post so frequently XD]
March: Another Fuma translation! I attended the New Year's concert, so I was interested in what Fuma had to say about it~ [This was, obviously, a translation XD]
April: jentfic_remix reveals happened today! So now I'm free to post my remix, yay. [This was my spring remix! I'm really proud of it, so if you're interested in KisuMai, check it out. ^^]
May: Long time no see, LJ! I don't know why I sucked at updating in April. I guess it was probably the start of the new school year; a lot of things have been changing or up in the air while things are still getting settled with the new students and new teachers, and despite the fact that my personal contract starts and ends in July, I've sort-of gotten a fresh start with the new school year, too. [This was another life update, right before I went into my month of many concerts. Sad that I don't have a lineup like that right now XD]
June: yomimashou was kind enough to cap the NYC boys and Akuma na Koi DVDs for me, so I made some icons! It's been a while since I've made icons, but wow, I wasn't expecting to make 95! Sheesh! All of them were such cute babies back then, I couldn't resist (* u *) [This was, obviously, a bunch of B.I.Shadow icons XD]
July: Somehow, another month passed and I didn't write much fic... alas. Why am I so lazy >__< back in 2010 I wrote more than 50 fics, and now I can barely write 20 in a year. Ugh. [I seriously don't know how I managed to write so many fics in 2010, but I'm doing my best now!]
August: I made it back to Japan in one piece! I had all these delusions of things I was going to do while in America, but naturally, I spent all my time lazing around and watching Murder She Wrote with my parents |D;;; [This was right after I came back from America XD]
September: Somehow, I'm sick. Again. I don't know what it is about this country, or about Gunma, or what, but I really want to stop getting sick every few weeks. [I don't know why I get sick so much, but it really sucks.]
October: Another shiritori fic~ This time it's Hikaru and Inoo... being Hikaru and Inoo |D; [Gotta love Hikaru and Inoo XD]
November: My next shiritori. I don't love it, but... it's just shiritori, so what are you going to do. XD; [Suddenly these all became fics XD]
December: Yesterday, I went into Tokyo with yomimashou and met up with britkit27 to celebrate my birthday a few days early! Sadly, unlike last year, there was no Johnny's World this year XD [This year I had a really awesome birthday~]

And that's a wrap for 2013! Only a few more days, and then 2014! I think that I've improved myself and my life a lot in 2013, and a lot of awesome things have happened. Here's to hoping that the last four will be awesome, too, and that 2014 will be even better!
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ミランダ (大丈夫): Chinen: musingfaded_lace on December 27th, 2013 06:07 am (UTC)
Counting JE Hols, I think it's 35, so I feel pretty accomplished. That's 10 more fics than my goal! But I still want to keep trying and get back up to an even higher number, if I can.