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17 January 2014 @ 11:55 pm
etc etc etc  
Heading to Tokyo tomorrow for tonitoni world~ If you told me at this time last year (when I was dying with the flu x__x) that I was going to be this excited to see Johnny's World, I'd have told you you were insane XD; But I really am genuinely looking forward to seeing it, and hopefully getting down some notes to write a report! And also getting some stage photos... and also not getting soaked. XD;;

Then once I get back... hopefully I'll get the photos from winter break soon. >__>; My mother was supposed to send me the photos from Hawaii, but decided to send me a CD with them on it in the snail mail instead. XD;;; Not that it makes a life-ending difference to anyone, but I wanted to post some photos from my trip, since Hawaii was really beautiful.

But for right now, off to bed! I don't want to end up with the flu like last year. XD;
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Sexy Zone//Real Sexy!